All entities working for Government Agencies are Murderers!!

What is most surprising about this whole CovID-19 fiasco is the fact that the people in government are still free to report their misinformation and is why we have sent the information to the following people. —– Forwarded Message —– From: sophia_tania we do not use a last name <> To: <> Cc: Action4Canada <>; <>; […]

What Does Freedom Look Like?

We have war because soldiers are willing to follow illegal and unlawful orders for a paycheck…. It would benefit the people of this world that are still calling themselves “a citizen” of this world to wake up to the fact that they have been enticed to create the world from a mental construct. If you […]

Nothing of This World Is As It Appears!

It is said, “Yaldabaoth is the mentally imbalanced creator deity in Gnosticism, also known as the Demiurge. It has also been said, “He was born from the Goddess Sophia and her emanations with aspects of the divine”. It is important to note that nothing is as it appears and that there are many that lie […]

End Medical Murder-Freedom For All

This article is inspired to expose the criminal conspiracy taking place worldwide and to bring to light why it is being pushed forward. It is now coming to light that the people in all governments worldwide are members of a “Private Organization” known as “The Legal Society”, and nothing regarding this organization is as it […]

How to Detect a Liar!

The following is a republished article, source link is at the end: A Former FBI Agent Reveals 3 Techniques to Detect Deception Here’s how to look out for liars–without being too obvious. I want to believe salespeople when they say the product they are selling really does what they say it can do. I want to believe […]

Ending Chaos!!

#endchaos #endconflict #endwar #endkarmicrebound  #endtobiowarfare #restorewealth #endaddictions  #restoreharmony #restorehealth  #restorejoyoflife  #restorelovingrelationships Spirit has revealed to me that it is important to rise above the chaos and look for a cure and share it. When we are being guided by the “Divine Design” we are being guided to put an end to polarized and conflicting ideas in our mind/aura. These polarized and […]

Remedy For All Situations That Are Troubling!

“When man knows his own powers and the workings of his mind, his great desire is to find an easy and quick way to impress the subconscious with good” Florence Scovel Shinn Casting the Burden Impressing the Subconscious ◄ Revelation 21:1-2 ► A New Heaven and a New Earth “1 Then I saw a new […]

Revealing Banking Deceptions!

Carl CollicottI. ENFORCEMENT ACTION PROCESS Request for a Letter of Determination. It is my intention to secure prompt aid and assistance from this office and all staff subject to the Comptroller of the Currency, (O.C.C. hereafter), guidance and administration, or failing that, to exercise my standing to bring complaint and claim.There can be no misunderstanding […]

Who Is Cashing In On The Birth Certificate Scam?

Are the people born of this world ready to wake up to reality and actually begin taking steps towards autonomy and sovereignty while building a sustainable world? It is up to us to live by the actual law and not the “Color of Law” and demand equity? Are people realizing that we are registered as […]

When Will We Be Given The Facts of Life?

We all have a unique way of perceiving the world as a result of our experiences. If we have never had an esoteric experience or experienced an altered state of consciousness we are limited to what we are being told by those in our immediate environment.  Have you ever wondered if your thoughts are your […]

Money & Tax Fraud 101!!

Have you woken up to the fact that “nothing of this world is as it appears”?!!!! The great “money” myth deciphered in the “Money Talk Class” on Lawful Living Community!! The information we never learned in school shared here: It is up to us to recognize how we have been deceived!! Are you willing to […]

End The “Propaganda Machine”

It is odd that we do not see how we are “perpetuating” the “Propaganda Machine” when we do not have spiritual insight. and choose to ignore foresight before we think, speak , react or respond to the moment! We encourage you to watch the following video titled “The Plot to Steal America” and just sit […]

The Legal Name Fraud Shenanigans

It is odd that we would continue to play in a fictitious world, a world built on a “constructive fraud” and think that is will yield freedom Do we have the ability to think beyond the environment we are born into? Jessica ShorterFriends In Law July 17 at 8:20 AM  · 07-18-21Hello, my mother was arrested yesterday morning and asked that […]

Arrest Warrants Issued for Australian Politicians

Below is information first written and published by Teresa van Lieshout describing the arrest warrants issued for men and women acting as politicians for australia When will we see arrest warrants here in canada and in the united states like is happening in australia? Teresa van Lieshout Arrest warrants issued 13th April, for the following […]

Notice of Criminal Complaint; Notice of Trespass; Criminal Negligence Causing Bodily Harm; Dereliction of Duty With Liability; With Intent To Sue served to all “Public Servants”

Affidavit of Service  Claimant(s)/Declarant(s)Libellant(s) #1 and #2 (ie, we, us, our) as a man and a woman respectively come together as husband and wife in holy union as king-raymond-dale-zelan-queen-sophia-taniah [shackeford-borgeson], and do affirm that we served the said listed “Public Servants” with Notice of Criminal Complaint; Notice of Trespass; Notice of Criminal Negligence Causing Bodily Harm; Dereliction of […]

Notices Served in Response to Illicit Actions by Officer(s)/Agent(s)

#notices This article is inspired to expose the criminal conspiracy taking place worldwide, and as a way to publish the documents we have created and served to various people working under the business created to traffic in mankind and known as “”The Crown Corporations” for “Canada” and for the “United States” as a result of […]

The Land Shall Not Be Sold Forever!!

The following information is from the zoom meeting involving the members of the “Lawful Living Community”. On Tuesday and Thursday the members of the lawful living come together in a zoom meeting (log in 838-217-4471) to discuss issues involving everything legal and lawful that the members are going through. The zoom meetings run from noon […]

Default Notice Served May 23, 2021

Revelation 21:5“And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful” Notification of liability is the first essential element of “Due Process of Law.” As silence is acquiescence under the law, silence can only be equated with fraud […]

Law Enforcers Are Supposed To Know “Due Process of Law”!

#RulesoOfCivilProcedure #DueProcessofLaw #Court #CaseLaw #Statutes #Constitution #Charter #NoticeOfTrespass #NoticeOfLiability The information shared herein is intended to assist those that have difficulty finding resolution when it comes to our interaction with the members of the “Law Society”. It is important for us to realize that we have a fundamental right to be free from violence and […]

Certification Is False!!

Kieth the man in these very educational and informative videos one of the main teachers in the Lawful Living Community. We suggest everyone that values life and values their humanity go to and become a member of this loving community of people that are taking action and making real change. Come meet the creator […]

“Notification Of Liability” is the first essential element of due process of law!

#BARGrievances #WhatTo AskIfYouFindYourselfInCourt Ignorance and lack of education or wrongful education and indoctrination and dogmatic beliefs cause confusion!! Information dispels fear as it brings one to a state of self empowerment!! Knowledge is freedom, knowledge can only be attained through the direct experience of a thing. One can gain knowledge by learning from those that […]

How We Should Be Dealing With The Private B.A.R. Society (Cult) Members!!!!

This document can change with out warning!! #Fraud #AmericanTiesToEngland #SocialSecurityFraud #FoundingFathersAristoc-rats #BARRats #UnholyRomanEmpire#ExposeTheCrown #GovernmentFraud #BeatTheBar #EndTheTempleBar It is said, “Information is power”!! Information is valuable as it is empowering, when we are informed anger dissolves providing us the opportunity to align with our hearts’ intelligence. In this alignment, synchronicity happens and the right people come […]

Do The Rules Of Civil Procedure Apply to a Man or Woman?

#FraudInCourts#CommonLawCourtsAreMansCourts#Lawful#Legal #MassiveGlobalAction #PowerInNumbers #WellEducatedAndLiteratePopulaceMakesAllTheDifference #licensing is a pass to do harm! #Covid19 is theater! #HandSantizersArePoison Why would we use poison on our body(s) (the earth is also our body)? The skin is the largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it!!!! What is really making the body sick? Making the personal choice is one […]

No Plate, No License, No Problem

#KnowYourRights#WeThePeople#DividedWeFall Rick #KnowYourRights​ Constitutional Lawyer, Rick Martin shows you not only how to reclaim lost liberties, but offers remedy and recourse for those who have been wronged by public servants who are not serving We The People. Visit​ #WeThePeople​ #DividedWeFall​ #WeTooMovement The following comment was seen on Facebook. My question would be, “why would […]

What To Do With “Debt Collectors”

If everyone watched this video and began to take the steps towards ending the presumtions and assumptions of the B.A.R. members (those that have aquested to the cult of legal ease). THE OCCULT ART OF LAW It is up to us to come together in communities and support each other. We should stop giving out […]

Is It Time To Live Life Lawfully?

Please do not think that the information shared here is just for the people living in the “United States”. Perhaps, you do not fully grasp the meaning of this term, “United States”. All of my articles are designed to inform people so that they can learn from my mistakes and take advantage of my “awakening” […]

Are We Really Choosing When We Are Unconscious Of What We Are Choosing?

The expression of “love” and the exprssion of “fear” have a frequency!! Love is the foundation of life and fear is a learned response to our experiences in life!! Did you know that every “word” that has been thought up, then spoken, and then put to paper have been strategically designed to have us incriminate […]

Are We Sure We Are Informed?

This electornic document was created as a result of studing under the tutoriage of malika from Lawful Living and after watching a video published on Facebook by Derrick Gonzalez  Over the last several months ie-I (biological electromagnetic expression, mind, spirit/eternal soul, infinite awareness) have discovered that it does not matter how awake, illuminated, or enlightened, […]

If You Knew What Is At Stake Would You Keep Doing What You Are Doing?

For those interested in educating themselves. [Edited January 23, 2021] The following article came to fruition as a result of watching the following video that was published on Facebook by Dr. Eric Nepute on January 16, 2021, at 9:36 am. And is written to assist those to wake up to reality by shining “a light” […]

What is in the Z-I-P code?

Thought you should know the information herein and before ie/I get into the Z-I-P Code information ie/I thought it pertinent to share some information first! We can go our entire life time without realizing that nothing is as it appears to be. What about those that have an Esoteric Experience/Awakining/Self-realization and come to wee the […]

Facts Dispell Lies!!

The information published here is extensive and not meant to be a quick read. It is up to us to educate ourselves and open our minds and heart to allow for the direct experience of the Multidimensional Self. ie/I have had many Esoteric Experiences/Awakenings/Self-realization which has given me a good foundation and comprehension of the […]

What Is Fake News?

That which plagues mankind cannot be killed. Ignorance (lack of awareness), stupidity, and “blind belief” can only be overcome with awareness, intelligence, and knowledge. Turns our news broadcasters are considered entertainers. They are not really reporting on the news. This is why ie/I have decided to call them out when they report statistics that have […]

Claim of Liability Sent!

Mass email sent today aat 10:33: Please read!! From: Queen Sophia [last name not applicable] <>Sent: Monday, May 4, 2020 10:33 AMTo: <>; American Military News <>; The White House <>; Royal Canadian Mounted Police <>; GOV.UK Email <>; <>; <>; <>; Bachrach, Taylor – M.P. <>; <>; <>; <>; […]

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