Facts Dispell Lies!!

The information published here is extensive and not meant to be a quick read. It is up to us to educate ourselves and open our minds and heart to allow for the direct experience of the Multidimensional Self.

ie/I have had many Esoteric Experiences/Awakenings/Self-realization which has given me a good foundation and comprehension of the Human Design and it is years of research that unveiled many occult technologies and information that many of us have been ignoring.

The first noticeable Life Altering Experience that expanded the knowledge ie/I had about Myself happened as an Out of Body Experience that took place when ie/I was 9 years old and then nearly a year later ie/I had an Inbody Experience and witness of the Ascension of My Light Body. In 2000 during a 3rd eye and Heart Awakening which came in the form of a Life Review ie/I revisited these experiences and was given the gift of seeing with the eyes of My Child-self and also seeing through the eyes of the Higher Self.

Image may contain: text that says 'Only you can ascertain your own True Will; no god, no man, no institution or nation surpasses your Holy Authority over yourself.'

In order to align with our Higher Self, there are some deliberate steps that need to be taken, and before we can take appropriate action to shift our outer reality we must do the internal energetic excavation and the external energetic excavation. And when we are faced with a problem we cannot keep doing things from the same level of mind and state of consciousness that created it. We cannot keep doing “business” as usual and expect different results.

We must be honest and tell the truth. The systems created by the Dark Occultist/Satanists/Luciferians do not respect life. Putting a monetary value on the earth’s resources and one our children and ourselves is a fraud. The imposed class-cast system has corrupted our very nature as an expression of the Oneness of All Life!! Do you really think the Source of All Life would choose one Group of People or a Lineage over another? This idea of a “Ruling Class” was imposed and is the foundation of the Profoundly Sick Society we find ourselves born into!!

People that still believe that source would favor one group of people or lineage to “Rule Over Others” are Spiritually Bereft!!

The Systems Driving this profoundly Sick Society we are born into are founded in Illegitimate Claims and Fraudulent Contracting. A Society based in lies, deciet, and fraud is why we find ourself in this Global Pandemic!

It is said, “The truth will set you free”. What truth are we speaking about? Knowing the fact about the use of Occult Symbolism and the use of Seals and Flags designed to bind the mind is part of the Lifting of the Veil of Illusion. Exposing the fact that the deceived have become deceivers is necessary if we are wishing to Restore Life. Exposing the lies and being honest with oneself is necessary for the healing process. For the continuation of life, we must restore our relationship between the male and female aspects of life.
The Ultimate Truth is necessary for a “Free and Open Society” and necessary for the expression of our Spirituality as the Source of Life!

Peter Lenz made a very good point when he posted the following commet on Facebook, “What do we call a society with no outrage about missing children & pedophiles, but is outraged about those who don’t wear masks?

The Ultimate Truth is necessary for a “Free and Open Society” and necessary for the expression of our Spirituality as the Source of Life!

Some of us have activated our Spiritual Insight better than others. The people in Government and MSM have never told the truth. It is the emotionally, mentally, and spiritually bankrupt that would shame someone into doing something that is harmful to their Body’s Wellbeing!! ie/I do not willfully participate in Satanic Rituals and ie/I have respect for my Body’s Infinite Intelligence so do not expect to see me in a mask!!!

We are not doing our children, or Grandma or Grandpa any favors when we do not tell them the truth. We are not doing them or our self any favors by allowing them to be disempowered and in fear. ie/I think we are all mature enough to be told the truth! We have been lied to about everything and for long enough! It is not easy to wake up one day and realize those that are supposed to be in a position to protect us are actually perpetrators. It was a shock to realize that the people in places of Authority were deliberately creating technology to destroy my experience of the Physical World. Not only was ie/I not told the truth or supported in My Spirituality ie/I was being attacked on many fronts.

The perpetrators have gotten away with their dysfunctional behavior because we have allowed ourselves to become complacent and disempowered. How many children are afraid to come forward because the perpetrator has convinced them that their family members would be harmed if they said anything? Why have the lines of communication been broken and our children feel they cannot come to us when they have a problem to solve?

It is disrespectful to lie and not loving to decieve!!

We have been bamboozled for eons. It really is time to stop giving our power away to a Higher Power. We have given over our body’s innate intelligence over to a God, to Government, and to ill-informed Doctor that know nothing about mind, body, and spirit science. Most Rochelfeller trained Doctors are not educated they are indoctrinated and mind-controlled and nothing more then Legalized Drug Dealers.

We have been blind to those how the Dark Priest Class/ Occultists/Satanists/Luciferians have controled the narrative. We have been born into a Death Culture and no amount of voting is going to change the system.

We have been blind to those who control the narrative. We have been born into a Death Culture and no amount of voting is going to change the system. For those ineested in reading my converstation with Lucifer use the link below. ie/I have been naive and unware how wrd magidk works and made the mistake of titling this Electronic Document “Luciferian/Satanists Control The World” later to realize what ie/I was declaring. Once the light bulb came on ie/I renamed the post to read, “Luciferian’s/Satanists Have Controlled The Narrative” and now ie/I have changed it to “Luciferian’s/Satanists Once Upon A Time Controlled The Narrative But No More!!”


While we hold the light we also must not engage in that which is not beneficial to the health and wellbeing of our body’s psyche and physiology.

People must acknowledge that Satanic Rituals do not just happen in Church Basements or in Deep Underground Military Bases, or in Residential Schools or at Bohemian Grove or at other Occult Locations. The Horrors of War(rape, torture, murder) pedophilia, circumcisions, abortions, bloodletting are all Covert Satanic Rituals designed to corrupt the heart and bind the mind of humanity by casting a shadow. These Violent Acts are known as “Spirit Cooking”.

Why do people not recognize that the coronavirus or Covid19 is a “False Flag” event? “False Flag” does not mean an event is false. “False Flag” means people were set up to be harmed or killed for a political reason just like 9-11 and the Creation of Vaccines.
Odd really that it says in the Bible “do not murder” yet the 3rd leading cause of death is the result of medical Intervention. And no one bothers to think there is something fishy about all this.

Does anyone bother to ask “who is the God that is referred to on the money people spend”? Once you know that politicians are groomed at Bohemian Grove to worship Moloch and Ba’al then it becomes clear that they are a Satanic Cult.

It is everyone’s responsibility, to be honest with themself. Will people have the emotional, mental, and Spiritually Maturity to acknowledge the facts and take steps to end the assault upon the Human Genome and upon Life itSelf? Are people aware of how they are participating in the Sterilization of Life?

It is a fact: we are registered into a Satanic Cult with the “Live Birth Registration”. The Creation of the Legal/Trade Name comes with many assumptions and presumptions that are unfounded and must be exposed. Their Courts are Counsels of Black Magick. These Babylonian Draconian Roman Cult Courts and the Laws of Man were created by Dark Occultists/Satanists. All the Agencies created are designed to compartmentalize the people so they do not recognize how it is all intertwined to hook us into the system of things.

Once we become aware of what is going on it is up to each of us to speak up and begin to take the steps to untangle ourselves and each other fromthis Web of Lies. Once ie/I became aware of the Legal/Trade Name fraud and the fact bankers are committing fraud, embezzlement, entrapment, and extortion ie/I have no problem informing them of such. When asked, “do you want fraud insurance?” ie/I politely inform the Banking Agent, “banking is fraud”. Or if they ask, “do you want identity theft”. ie/I calmly tell them, “My Identity was stolen long ago”. 

We should be absolving ourself of the consciousness that created the idea of war, with its rape and pillage mentality as well as pedophilia, and all phenomenon designed to corrupt the heart and mind of Humanity and designed to destroy the Human Genome and Sterilize Life itself!!

Why have we forgotten the Transformational Power of our light and our love? It is only through Shifting Consciousness can we recover emotionally, mentally, and spiritually from this and other abuses!! We cannot fix a problem with the same level of mind and consciousness that created the problem.

It is time to come together with solutions. It is imperative for me to not get distracted from the mission!! It would be beneficial at this time for people to become aware of their reason for being here now at this juncture!! How many have the presence of mind to be the witness of what is happening around them before engaging?

Are we in our lack of Energetic Awareness are we Being used as an unwitting Energy Frequency Generator and projector to usher into Being that which we are not wanting? Are we supporting that which we are not wanted by focusing on it and reacting to it? Are we aware of how we fuel the flames of discontent?

To fix a problem we must look at the problem objectively. When a mechanic is fixing an engine does he get mad at the engine for breaking down? Can we be a witness as we hold our self in a state of emotional, mental, and Spiritual Maturity?
Are we assisting our self and each other to become emotionally, mentally, and spiritually aware of the Self and then with awareness focusing deliberately on aligning our emotions, our thoughts, and our actions on the reality we are wanting to usher into Being?

Are we holding a vision for what we are wanting and speaking in a way that brings this into being and taking the steps towards this reality?!!

For me, this time is about Mastering Human Emotion and transcending and transmuting all that is keeping me from being the ultimate version of Myself free from past programming. To be that which ie/I came here to Be requires awareness and comprehension of what makes me tick, for me ie/I find benefit in fully grasping the Human Design and how creationism works!!

And ie/I know that there are situations that will present that are challenging, for me ie/I welcome them. ie/I welcome the triggers ( the people, places, and events) that can trigger unwanted feelings and insecurities because ie/I know if ie/I can be triggered ie/I am not free. ie/I see those that pull on my emotions and my insecurities as My Greatest Gift. If ie/I can be triggered ie/I know ie/I am not free and te/I know in these situations that ie/I have given over my power to this person, this place, this thing, this thought. and this experience. ie/I welcome the day when nothing can phase me as ie/I am fully empowered to knowing of myself as the Light of Creation and Creation Itself.

We really must become aware that we are in this together. However, we are all at various degrees of programming, at various degrees of holding on to Religious Dogma, at various degrees of Cultural Indoctrination as a result of previous experiences, and we are at various Dimensions of Consciousness depending on our Knowledge of Self as a result of Self-realizations and direct esoteric experiences of our Multidimensional Self and experiences of the Oneness of All Life.

For me, it is about setting the Energetic Intention of moving into whole-brain thinking and perceiving. Setting the intention of allowing for the integration of the intellectual mind to allow for the mind to expand to be in Vibrational and Harmonic Alignment with a Unified Mind also known as Christ Consciousness.

These upgrades are an integrative process, the Caterpillar making the Morphogenic Changes as it emerges as the Butterfly, the expressing as a Fully Activated Human/God!! Do you really think it is painful for the caterpillar while it is in the Transfiguration Stage?

As a Baby when we were in the womb preparing to emerge into the World of Matter we went through many transfigurations. We did not resist this natural progression as we move through the stages to become our expression as a Human Being!!
Life was never meant to be a struggle!!

There are thousands of well-meaning “Health Care” workers that do not know what is really going on. They are ill-informed and are blind to their Mind Control.
We should be looking at everything from a Spiritual Perspective, not the Rockefeller Medical Model. ie/I was working in the “Health Care” field as a Medical Laboratory Technologist for 18 years when ie/I experienced Spiritual Awakening. This event was a 3rd eye and Heart Aeakening which came in the form of a Life Review and gave me insight into the Human Design and our Multidimensioanl Expression.

We must come to acknowledge that we all have been Socially Engineered by the Sorcerers that have controlled the narrative. Once we are aware of their trickery they have no more power of control.

It was not easy to wake up to the fact that ie/I was born into a corrupt world and registered into a Satanic Cult at Birth. As baby’s and children, we assume the adults in places of authority have our best interest only to realize 40 years into it that these people you trusted are emotionally and mentally bankrupt and spiritually bereft!! It was not easy to accept that ie/I had been born into a corrupt world and registered to a Satanic Cult at Birth!!

And once ie/I came to this realization it was me that had to lift the veil that was blinding me and absolve myself of my ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity. It was me that had to stand strong and become aware of the thoughts and behaviors that were damaging to my spirit and to my physiology and damaging to life itself!

Why would anyone deliberately take steps to destroy life?? When we look around at the madness why do people not take pause to realize that nothing of this world is as it appears? Are people going to wake up to the fact that Government is a Satanic Cult? The people involved in the making of Government are Spiritually Bereft. it was Heart Breaking to realize that ie/I was not only not being supported in evolving spiritually ie/I was being deliberately attacked.

The people in charge are a Satanic Cult masquerading as an authority which has over time usurped our creativity with their dogma and indoctrinations. The Government is an Occupying Military Force controlling reality with illegitimate claims and fraudulent contracting.

Who in their right mind once they have awakened to themselves as the source of life would continue to support the “Crown” or this idea of a “Ruling Royal Family”. They are glorified pirates living off the energy and labors or others.

The following comments are in response to the following video ie/I just watched titled “DR LORRAINE DAY, MD : THERE ARE NO CONSPIRACIES: THERE ARE ONLY TRUTHS AND LIES”.

What Dr. Day fails to acknowledge is the fact that the Horrors of War (rape, torture, murder) pedophilia, abortions, circumcisions, are Satanic Rituals. Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice are not just preformed in church basements or at gatherings like Bohemian Grove or The Commitee of 300 or The Bilderberg.. If you do not know what Bohemian Grove is then you should do some research!!

Theses deliberate assaults on humanity is for the corruption of the emotional body and is meant to cause fracturing of the ego/personality (spirit). They call it Spirit Cooking!!

The Dark Occultists/Satanists/Illuminazi’s have deliberately done all this to corrupt the Heart of Humanity. They know that people are their own Anti-Christ when they are emotionally corrupt and attached to the intellectual mind. The “Christ” is a state of being not “The Being”.

The thing about illusionists, sorcerers, and magicians they are very good at diversion. These actions are a distraction to keep people from taking the steps towards the “Christ State”.

We are experiencing a holographic reality and we are both the projector and the projected and the awareness field (observer). The thing is the “Illuminazi’s” have/has been feeding us their version of reality. And there are now about 7 billion people all projecting from their limited thinking, from their corrupt emotional body, from their religious dogma and cultural indoctrinations upon the Fabric of Creation.
Dr. Day shares some very pertinent and valuable information yet she is still unaware of how she is not seeing the truth of the making of America.

We must be willing to look at how we are being deceived and being used to support the agenda!! Does Dr. Day realize that she has been trained in the “Rockefeller Medical Model” meaning she has been indoctrinated by these “Illuminazi’s”? Their Hospitals are Counsels of Black Magic.

The Papal Bloodline known as the “illuminazi’s, the Self Proclaimed Luciferian/Satanists, are in all walks of life and are behind the creation of The Vatican, creating Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. They created the idea of Government with all its Agencies and with its Political Structure to keep people in polarized thinking.

The same people that created Isreal also created the United States and the United States of America. The Illuminazi aka Luciferians/Jew created the Banking and Taxation Industry!!

Three have been lots of people knowing all this for a very long time. The Just-us System is driving these crimes!!!

People really must wake up to how they have been deceived and are deceiving themselves. There is nothing that is incurable. Those that are Highly Indoctrinated give over their Bodies Infinite Potential to their programming!!

Anita Moorjani is living proof of the Infinite Potential for the body to restore itself! It would serve everyone to watch Ania’s ted-talk and also to look up the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

There is no “country” the Government is a foreign occupying military force. Canada and The United States or the United States of America and Australia etc. are corporations being traded on the Stock Market. The “Ruling Class” have clamed ownership and have set up these Privately Owned Corporation which are robbing the people of their birthright and their inheritance as a result of word magick!! These individuals are sorcerers and people should not refer to them as “Illuminati” as there is nothing illuminated about them and is why ie/I call them “illuminazi’s”. They are pirates of the worst kind and have been at it for far too long!!

Every business has a President that is the talking head!! They are a Foreign Occupying Force and are stealing the resources of the lands that they seized illegally and unlawfully. They are rogue pirates that do not even follow their own code of conduct.
We are aware that the people at the C-D-C lie it was revealed in the Swine Flu fraud of 1976. Mike Wallace did some very good investigative reporting yet why was nothing done to expose the corruption in the H-S-S and the D-O-J at this time?

Why has no one revealed how these people can cripple and murder people with immunity and impunity? Their Courts are Counsels of Black Magic. All judges are crooked as they are demented as a result of their conditioning and indoctrination into the B-A-R Association and their subservience to the Deity behind the making of the Vatican. These people are incompetent as they continue to project and act out their perversions. So you see, there are no “good” Judges,, or “good” Lawyers, or “good” Attorneys, or “good” Court Clerks, or “good” Bailiffs as they are all involved in Human Trafficking and numerous other crimes against Humanity.

What many people do not realize is the fact that the Constitution was created by these “Aristocrats” for their own benefit. The “we the people” only pertain to them the signatories of this document and their lineage!!!

Many people are deceived, this or they are willfully being ignorant. ie/I find it odd that people will continue to ignore what is right in front of them and will continue to lie to themselves even with the facts are given.

How many people remember the “Swind Flu Fraud of 1976”?

History has a way of repeating itself when we do not deal with the courts that have allowed this assault upon the human genome!!

In 1976 the Agents for the United States Government primarily individuals working for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC and those working for the United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare launched a Swine Flu Immunization Program allegedly to prevent an epidemic. Allegedly it was to be an unprecedented effort to fend off a Swine Flu epidemic by vaccinating every person in America. After millions of people were unnecessarily vaccinated resulting in the health and stability of their Autonomic System and and Immune System compromised, some cases resulted in severe Neurological Damage and even death as a result of this program with no oversight and with no one checking into the legitimacy or the mental state of the organizers. It is unclear if it was in fact this immunization Program that was spreading the disease. It did result in other diseases being introduced into the human experience. It is clear that there was no one of Sound Mind present at this time to put an end to this assault upon our experience of life.

Robert Siegel, host: “A generation ago, another Swine Flu scare prompted an unprecedented effort to vaccinate virtually everyone in America. The campaign eventually came to be seen by some as a dangerous over reaction. That particular strain of flu virus never grew into a pandemic, but harmful side effects from the vaccine did appear”.

Source: https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=103582555

The Agents for the CDC and for Health and Welfare hide the fact that the Vaccines they use come with severe side effects. The Mass Inoculation of the American people for the CDC’s Swine Flu Program resulted in at least 4000 people acquiring a Neurological Disorder which was named Guillain-Barré Syndrome. There has been no information being published with the actual number of affected people as a result of this deceptive and Inhumane Campaign.

It is stated, “Guillain-Barré is a rare disorder in which your body’s immune system attacks your nerves. Weakness and tingling in your extremities are usually the first symptoms. These sensations can quickly spread, eventually paralyzing your whole body. In its most severe form Guillain-Barré syndrome is a medical emergency”. Most people with the condition must be hospitalized to receive treatment. In the article it states, “The exact cause of Guillain-Barré syndrome is unknown”. (What it does not state is the fact that this disorder was a direct result of the Swine Flu Vaccine. It would be safe to say that the people behind the making of the World Hearth Organization are instrumental in manufacturing this diseases and every other Autoimmune Disease).

What is most surprising is the fact that so few know why this invassion upon our body’s is being permited by “Law”.

Source: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/guillain-barre-syndrome/symptoms-causes/syc-20362793

#CoronavirusHoax#5g#SynagogueOfSatan#Agenda21#AaronRusso The following 60 Minute video with Mike Wallace explains how in 1976 the Swine Flu televised was a Fraud. The video starts with an interview given by Mike Wallace interviewing Vaccine Injured Judy Roberts.

Mike Wallace 60 Minutes Exposes Swine Flu Pandemic Vaccine Fallout of 1976 –

For more information on this please use this link:


Dr. Day’s information proves that the people of this world are perfectly insane as they know that the people hired at the C-D-C lies and the Government is a Criminal Organization yet they are still remain registered as “American Citizens”!!! Odd really that people are blind to their contradictions!!!

Yes, everything about our reality is based on fraud yet people will continue to do business as usual?!!!

Odd really that we are supporting the destruction of the Human Genome. What is preventing us from putting an end to the madness?

It would do us all good to realize that the “Illuminazi’s” created the Freemason Club and created a subgroup to control the people registered to this Club. America was designed by these Humanoids.


The following article is worth reading for the enthusiasts that would like to expend the version of history as taught to us in school!!

Cracking the Code

Under the Registration of Birth, and as a “Citizen”, our rights have been forfeited as the Humanoids in Government are made to believe that they have Absolute Authority. It is a fact they are all insane!! Only an insane being would deliberately poison the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the food they eat. And any group of people called a “society” that ignores the body’s innate intelligence and will create technologies designed to create disease and that punishes people as a result of their addictions, and as a result of their mental, emotional, and spiritual bereftness is profoundly sick.


We must be made aware that we are the ones bringing meaning to life. The “illuminazi’s” have corrupted Sacred Symbols and Numerology by assigning specific interpretation of these symbols and numbers.

The body’s natural state is to be in Viberant Health and Well-being why would we support the idea that the Body is a Transmitter of Disease? With all that is being accepted it is clear that Emotional and Spiritual Immaturity is the downfall of mankind!!


Mark Passion is very knowledgeable in the occult (hidden information)! The problem is knowledge is just information until it is translated to wisdom through direct experience. If you have never aligned vibrationally with your soul and embodied fully in the truth then your perspective and thoughts are not illuminated.

Hold your frequency high while watching this video!!

Mark has some great information yet he is blind to his own contradictions!!

It is odd that Mark professes to be illuminated yet he completely ignores the fact that vibrations, resonance, density, and harmonics are everything!!

Words and the frequency that the words are carried on do have an effect on matter.

We can never raise consciousness by punishing the emotionally and mentally bankrupt or the spiritually bereft!!

Spiritually evolved beings would never turn to punishment!!

To move into Higher States of Consciousness we must be aware of how Creationism Works.

Honest is always the best policy. Watch the following with an open mind and a loving heart and with awareness. Please be aware of the energetic impact of the words he uses.

As ie/I stated above people must come to realize that the Corona-virus and Covid19 fiasco is another “False Flag” event. “False Flag” does not mean an event is false it means people were set up to be harmed or killed for a political reason, for an “Agenda” just like 9-11 and the Manufacturing of Vaccines. The following video was published on October 1, 2012, revealing that the “experts” knew then that 9-11 was an inside job. Does it seem odd that the majority of people are still not made aware of this? The following video is educational and describes the state of many people. We have over many incarnations subjected to horrific crimes by the “Order Followers” of Church and State!

9-11 Cognitive Dissonance: Why People are Affraid of 9-11 Truths.

Mr. Trump and every other politician are sorcerers, they are pirates of the worst kind. They are members of the Satanic Cult known as Government and are wilfully participating in Human Slavery, Human Trafficking including yet not exclusively Sex Slavery. These scoundrels that have participated in the enslavement of mankind are deplorable. The Government is an illegal and unlawful military occupying force masquerading as an Authority! They have No Authority!!

Mikk Willis is an investigative journalist please read the informtion ie/I have rebublished using the following link:


What now?

The Body was made perfect, man’s thoughts and actions not so much!! So, when are we going to clean up our thinking?

Are we going to wake up and stop the insanity and begin to take steps towards another trajectory?

Self-empowerment is the ability to be the Master of our energy. Having been attacked emotionally and psychologically for years and also having suffered physical trauma so overwhelming that my body went into shock ie/I found it necessary to learn the psychology and physiology of the Human Design. It took me many years to realize that my body was suffering from PTSD as a result of it going in to shock and the organs shutting down. Over the years ie/I have been attacked by government agents and have had direct energy weapons used on me. It was out of necessity that ie/I developed a method of taking control of my autonomic nervous system.
Please read the information and watch the videos published here:


My love and light onto you!!!!

“May life be filled with the joy, glory, and passion of you being uniquely you”.  🙂 ❤ 

Sending you light and love while simultaneously holding you in my light and in my love.

Infinite blessings for a life of joy. 

Goddess Queen Sophia Divine Mother

born Lorna Lynne of the family Borgeson

named in Sacred Water Ceremony with Chief White Buffalo as, “The One That Flows With The World”

Spiritual Alchemist,  Meditation Instructor, Educator/Trainer for the New EarthShifting consciousness while waking up the Masses & Transforming lives with the ‘Freedom of Love’.

Individual (skype) and Group Sessions

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