We are not here to Practice Law, we are here to perfect it!
We are explorers of life and have come forth into physical form as change makers will you join us?

We have come to many realizations through the exploration of our inner and outer world, it is with the direct experience of our inner and out worlds that we open to new thought, new expressions, and new actions motivated by grace and actualized knowledge; and,

Some of these direct experiences are much like what others have described after having a “near dear death” experience, the people that have these “near death’” experiences are healing their ego-personality-mind-spirit thus return to their true nature as the expression of radiant joy; and,

We have noticed that when someone has a “near death” experience or a spontaneous 3rd eye and heart awakening they imprint their carnal-conditioned mind with new thought and new thought potentials and because there is no distance at the dimension of consciousness-spirit these recorded events imprint the entire Cosmos and everything expressing as source energy in manifested form; and,

There are people that believe we are co-creating with “Mother-Father God” the fact is we are source energy co-creating with each other, we are all co-creating from our mental emotional state and state of consciousness we can never be separate from the source of our own creation; and,

The idea that we are separate from the source of creation is a perceptual misunderstanding as a result of our state of consciousness; and

We are coming to realize that we all have dissociative disorder (fractured aspects of the ego-personality-mind-spirit) and are now realizing what is needed to restore these fractured aspects, the alter-ego-personality-mind-spirit held in lower density emotions back to the heart’s intelligence; and,

We are coming to realize what is needed to lift the veil by dissolving the bars that have been strategically placed around our carnal-conditioned mind and as we do the mind expands into the eternal field of the super-conscious mind; and,

It is in this dimensional shift that we awakened the parts of our DNA that have been dormant to fully comprehend what being a true human is all about; and,

A series of events has led us to explore the way the “County District Courts” operate and are look at how these courts get their funding, life events has forced us into becoming Law researchers; we are not Lawyers and do not give legal advice, everything in this website is for sharing our experiences, sharing our ups and downs, and to share our epiphanies,; and,

We are here in service to life, we are living our reason for being, what we do we do with purpose and on purpose and are using this forum to share what we have learned; and,,

A New Heaven and a New Earth

Some of you have discovered that you
are not separate from
the “I Am Presence”
this eternal awareness that
flows through and supports all life is you as you….
Some of you have discovered
this frequency of love
is the intelligent light that
your body is the expression of….
Some of you have discovered
your true nature
as a reflection of nature which is
made manifest as
the frequency of love….
Some of you have realized
the power of presence and
have experienced yourself as
the reflection of the oneness of all life
Some of you have discovered your true power
is in realizing the transcendent and transformational
ability of this intelligent light
and are emanating
this light through
the Holy Innocence of the Original Breath….
Some of you have remembered the
reason and purpose of life is
to be the totality
of all of whom
you are
fully embodied
In love and appreciation
of life itself….
In this realization you
have stepped up and
are in service to life….
Some or you have discovered
your true power is
when all aspects of
your beingness is in
vibrational harmonic alignment
with the source
of whom and
what you are ….
When all aspects of your
muti-dimensional expressions
are in
this vibational harmonic alignment
there is no pain or misery
as you are
seeing with the
eyes of eternal knowledge
In this alignment
you are the perfect human
the perfectly tuned instrument
in the orchestra and dance of life
there is only
eternal peace
eternal truth,
eternal life,
I Am That I Am ~ sophia-taniah

Will you join us on this journey of exploration as we make new break throughs in consciousness?

This is educational material designed for the people wishing to experience life legally and lawfully with the ability to align with the hearts intelligence and choose for yourself as the director and orchestrator of your life experience:

Note: the following notice was created as a remedy in response to anyone in law enforcement who chooses to violate our intrinsic, innate, and unalienable rights that we were born with by the nature of creation and that are supposed to be protected by the Bible, the Bill of Rights, the Constitutions, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and Treaties namely the Treaty of Bern.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do the “Law Society” members aka members of the “B.A.R. Association” believe they have a monopoly on law when we are The Law in expression?”

Note: for those trained as “Law Enforcers”: there is a huge difference between “practicing law” and “living the law”…

This is a self-executing contract, and it is universal, designed, and created by the founding members of the Holy Church of Gaia and is meant to be implemented worldwide.

One can create a True Bill-Invoice [see sample below], using the Fee Schedule and the following template(s), if by chance you are faced with having your rights violated by another man, with a “Person”, and acting as an officer or agent of law enforcement. These people are needing to be educated so that they know the laws and are following “due process” so that they are not acting contrary to what is written in their statutes, codes, ordinances, bills, etc..

“Ignorance of the law does not excuse misconduct in anyone,

least of all to a man who is a sworn officer of the law.”

— In re McCowan (1917), 177 C. 93, 170

It is our wish that they (the people in law enforcement) are no longer creating

liability for themselves…

How many “Law Enforcement” officers,

corporate policy enforcers,

depend on their “Lawyer” without knowing the laws

and statutes, codes, ordinances, acts, etc.,

that they are enforcing?

There is no registration necessary to be a member of the Holy Church of Gaia. This organization is for people world-wide that wish to be self-empowered and experience life by way of their heart’s intelligence.

Everything we need is imbedded as the hearts knowing. Align your heart in harmonic resonance with Gaia Sophia and take the steps necessary so that one is experiencing life legally and lawfully and you will see your life shift in miraculous ways,

When living from the hearts knowing we know what is ethical and moral and are aware that the action we are taking during our experience of life cause no harm, loss or injury, to the spirit or to the flesh and blood of humanity.

The following instrument is a Public Notice and fair warning notice for all people at all levels of government especially helpful if there is a trespass upon our rights and/or a violation of any level of our energy expression. Once we have been violated it is up to us to notice our fellow man and inform him/her of their trespass. Following the public notice, fair warning fee Schedule you will find a universal notice template that can be downloaded to be used to serve the wrongdoer with notice:

A Brother who Sins
16But if he will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’ 17 If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church. And if he refuses to listen even to the church, regard him as you would a pagan or a tax collector. 18Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you lose on earth will be loosed in heaven.…

It would benefit us all if we would learn the Ministerial Action Process and teach it to our children and teach ourselves how to read and to write contracts. Whereas “Notification of Liability” is the first essential element of “Due Process of Law” as silence is acquiescence under the law, silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a lawful or moral duty to speak, or where an inquiry left unanswered would be misleading, whether intentionally or not; and,

1st: if there has been a trespass upon our rights and a direct assault by a man, with a “Person” and acting as an officer/agent, then we serve them with Notice of Liability

2nd: if there is no response to the Notice of Liability then we serve the wrongdoer with a Notice of Fault

3rd: if there is no response to the Notice of Fault, we send a Notice of Default with judgements

4. We follow through and file in a court bringing all our judgments with us and cause of action because we have followed due process and have our judgments in hand the Judge must rule in our favor

the following information published here will bring more clarity:

The following templates have been made downloadable for anyone that wishes to use them:

The following notice is designed to be served following any and all violations of our innate, intrinsic, and unalienable rights and can be downloaded and edited to fit your situation:

If you are interested in seeing other important documents that we have served to Federal Public Servants, then click on the link below

Public Notice: Publicly Recorded Notices Served to People working in Official Positions in all levels of “Government” (freedomdove.net)

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