What is in the Z-I-P code?

Thought you should know the information herein and before we get into the Z-I-P Code information we thought it pertinent to share some information first!

We can go our entire life time without realizing that nothing is as it appears to be. What about those that have an Esoteric Experience/Awakining/Self-realization and come to wee the reality for what it is? Where are we supposed to turn with those in Government Agencies are either recruited to keep the lie going or are completely blinded by their participation in the destruction of the Human Genome and the Sterilization of Life?

Still with those that believe themselves to be awake there is still some confusion about what is transpiring before our very eyes!!! It maybe difficult for some people to realize just haw badly we have all been duped People still believe that we have a Governing Body for the people. We have never had a democracy under an Oligarchy System. The “Crown” has always siphoned off of the energy of the people and it does not matter who is in the Oval Office the system itself is based in fraud, embezzelement, entrapment, and extortion. When will be be completely honest with ourselves?

We have not cracked the “code’ with regard to the “Postal Code” and we would like to know if anyone has decipher the “Postal Code”?

Why can the postal code be converted to a zip code yet not visa versa? “The Post Office was created as a federal department in 1867. Although postal operations in Canada date back to 1755, postal services were under the control of British authorities until 1851. In 1981, the Post Office ceased to be a government department and became a Crown corporation. The mandate of the Post Office is to establish, operate and maintain a full range of postal services in Canada. To achieve this objective, the corporation’s functional activities are divided into the following:corporate affairsoperational servicesmarketingfinancepersonnel and administrationsystems and engineering”Read more by following this link:


Please watch the following vidio called, “The Secret Covenant- Luciferian Blood Oath Pact” and ask yourself, “can ie/I afford to keep doing business as usual?”

It was disturbing to realize in 2015 that the courts are not what they apear to be. Being counsels of Black Magick and allowing for many crimes to be committed against the “citizens” of the world.

How can we keep voting and paying our taxes knowing that we are participating in the corruption of the Human Genome and supporting the Sterilization of Life?

So, you see, what is happening in the United States and around the world is not “Socialism”. It is Fascism, Neonazism, it is Terrorism, imposed using Medical Tyranny. It really is time to take back our mind!!!

People really must accept that they have been bamboozled by the Spirits (Gods) in the lower astral plane that has been controlling our minds for eons. People have never had rights under the Constitution. Do you really know how the Courts work?

The “Founding Fathers” were/are rapists, thieves, and murderers being pirates of the worst kind. They were/are Dark Occultists/Sorcerers/Luciferian/Satanists. The “we the people’ in the constitution only pertains to the signatories of this diabolical document!!

Free your mind of past programming by taking the steps to open your 3rd eye and Awaken Your Heart!!

We have not done ourselves or our children or any future generations any favors in not speaking the truth and standing up against tyranny, including yet not exclusively to Medical Tyranny.

Has it been beneficial to our children to ignore the violence of our world?

Why has creating a Healthy Environment for our children before we give birth to them, not been our priority? Do the majority of parents have the Spiritual Awareness as to know what is driving their behavior or why they act the way they do? Do they have the desire to self examine their emotional, mental, and spiritual state?

We have over eons supported our own disfunction. Have we created a Healthy Environment for our children to grow and thrive in the truth of the Oneness of All Life? We have been taught to be selfish, self-centered, and materialistic consumers and have accepted that we have been put into the category or “debtor” or “creditor”. How is this system that thrives on the profiting off of the labors of others been beneficial to life?

Even though putting a monetary value on the earth’s resources is a fraud we continue to support it. We have unconsciously accepted putting a monetary value on our child’s life.

Do you know we are registered into a Satanic Cult through the Birth Registration and according to the “Ruling Class” we are their “Subjects” and is why they can get away with raping, torturing, and murdering those registered as “citizens”?

Do you really think we should be bringing children into a world that will ignore the fact that we are in the process of Sterilizing Life?
The majority of the public are suffering from trauma-based Mind Control and have no desire to see how they are supporting their own demise. Their corrupt emotional and mental state and Spiritual Bereftness is preventing them from acknowledging the truth of the lies they are living. And people keep voting for the system knowing that the Government is a Criminal Organization known as a Mafia.

The Government is a Foreign Satanic Occupying Military Force operating their businesses on stolen lands thus are illegally and unlawfully stealing the people’s wealth.

Let me say it again, “The Governing Body is a privately owned Corporation doing business illegally and unlawfully on stolen lands….they are pirates”.

We are illegitimately registered into this Satanic Cult with the Registration of Live Birth. None of their claims are valid, it is all based in Black Magick word spells, unadulterated sorcery, and is why the “Aristocrats” you know, the ones that gave themselves titles they had no right to procure can get away with torturing and killing the so-called “citizens” of the world. Their Courts are designed broken and the Agents of these Courts are members of this Satanic Cult!!

Everyone working in Government Agencies has been put under a “Gag Order” basically held in a Satanic Contract. and if they happen to discover the truth, then their life is threatened and because they control all Agencies the ones that discover the truth have everything taken from them and if they squeal or try to get the truth out they get suicided!!

The following webpage has some beneficial videos and information for those interested in self-empowerment:

Please go to the following link and read the information on the following page and do your own research on these matters!! It states in the bible “do not murder”, and according to a John Hopkins study, the 3rd highest cause of death is by medical intervention. Why is death by medical intervention including vaccines not seen as murder? Why do the “authorities” not see the vaccine as a lethal weapon?


The most important information is the knowing of the self!!!

Before taking any action take pause and thoroughly research within and without!!

Freedom must happen in the mind!!

Life is simple it is the nature of evil to create complex ideas and systems.

True freedom comes when we open our 3rd eye and Awaken our Heart to the truth of the Oneness of All Life!!

A truly Awakened Being has the ability to see!!!

We were born as Sovereign and Autonomous Beings of light and love and the expression of Source Energy. Illegitimate claims to our expression were placed upon our flesh, our blood, our sweat, and our tears, and upon the fruits of our labors. We were illegitimately claimed by the Satanic Cult known as Government with our Registration of Live Birth.

It is time to examine what we have accepted as “normal”! Wearing masks is not normal. Killing each other on a Battle Field, is not normal. Dying from Medical Intervention, is not normal.

We do not have to claim Sovereignty or Autonomy this is our Natural Born Right all else is sorcery!!

It is said “A Z-I-P Code” is a postal code used by the United States Postal Service (USPS). … The term Z-I-P is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan; it was chosen to suggest that the mail travels more efficiently and quickly (zipping along) when senders use the code in the postal address”.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZIP_Code#:~:text=A%20ZIP%20Code%20is%20a,States%20Postal%20Service%20(USPS).&text=The%20term%20ZIP%20is%20an,code%20in%20the%20postal%20address.

About ZIP Codes
US ZIP codes are a type of postal code used “#withinthe” United States to help the United States Postal Service (USPS) route mail more efficiently. #ZIPcodes near me are shown on the map above. Some still refer to ZIP codes as US postal codes. The term ZIP stands for #ZoneImprovementPlan. The basic 5-digit format was first introduced in 1963 and later extended to add an additional 4 digits after a dash to form a ZIP+4 code. The additional 4 digits help #USPS more precisely group mail for delivery. Though ZIP codes were originally developed for USPS, many other shipping #companies such as United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express (FedEx), DHL, and others make use of ZIP codes for sorting packages and calculating the time and cost of shipping a package (the shipping rate). https://zipcodes.org/

Yet, do we really know the “hidden” meaning of this “Code”?

It is said there is an “Adhesion Contract” behind the “Z-I-P Code”. Is a contract valid if there is no meeting of the minds? Who decides if a contract is valid?

It should be noted that there are many presumptions and assumptions behind the Postal Service” all founded in sorcery!!

Understanding and Eliminating the “Adhesion Contract” of the “Z-I-P Code”the none staff- Use of the “Z-I-P Code” invokes Federal Jurisdiction –

The use of the Z-I-P Code is voluntary (see Domestic Mail Services Regulations, Section 122.32). The Postal Service can not discriminate against the non-use of the Z-I-P Code (see Postal Reorganization Act, Section 403 [Public Law 91-375]),
The federal government utilizes the Z-I-P Code to prove that you reside in a “federal district of the District of Columbia.” This is why the I-R-S and other government agencies (both state and federal) require a Z-I-P Code when they assert jurisdiction by sending you a letter. Though they claim its use is to speed the mail, it is a well planned and subtle trick. It is also Prima Facia Evidence that you are a “subject” of Congress and a “citizen of the District of Columbia,” who is “resident” in one of the 50 several states. U.S. “residency” was, along with U.S. “citizenship,” established by the 14th Amendment.
The definition of the words “resident” and “inhabitant” mean the same thing (27 Fed. Cas.#16,024 US. v. Penelope (1508)). Since nearly all exercise of jurisdiction by the federal government is “Commerce Clause” based, action by the feds may only be taken upon U.S. residents. A resident is one who opens a store or takes any step preparatory to business. A resident engages in buying and selling, a commercial activity. The “step preparatory” was the “birth certificate” (another subject, for another time).
The receipt of mail with a Z-I-P Code is one of the requirements for the IRS to have jurisdiction to send you notices. The government can not bill an American National, as he is not within the purview of the municipal laws of the District of Columbia. In fact, the Internal Revenue Service has adopted the Z-I-P Code areas as Internal Revenue Districts (see the Federal Register, Volume 5 1, #53, Wednesday, March 19, 1986).
Remember, the Postal Service is a private corporation, no longer a full government agency. It is a quasi-governmental agency like the Federal Reserve System, the Internal Revenue Service, and the United States Marshall Service, Canada, Australia, etc. As private corporations, they are all outside the restrictions of the Federal Constitution. They are all-powerful in their respective areas of responsibility to enforce collection for the federal debt.
Apparently, When you use the Z-I-P Code you are, in effect, saying openly and notoriously that you do not live in the American Republic, but instead, are a “resident” in the “state of the forum” area of the District of Columbia (a federal district). This places you within the municipal jurisdiction of the District of Columbia. Now, what is your status? Are you a “slave” and a second class citizen (so commonly referred to as a “federal or U.S. citizen”) or are you an American National, in the American Republic? Don’t we say: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands…..? Do ie/I really want to be bound to anyone having “dominion” over my energy? As an Awakened Being, would we accept this idea of a “Republic”? Where did this idea originate and who is benefiting from this Creation?
You must decide who and what you are. are you truly a Sovereign and Autonomous Being of Light and Love: The importance of exercising your claim of exemption from use of the Z-I-P Code can not be overstated. This is especially true when litigating federal matters. When you claim the exemption from Z-I-P Codes you show the status of not a U.S. resident. Many people simply leave the Z-I-P Code off, but this just looks like an oversight on your part, not an intentional act of claiming the exemption, and “they” will simply issue the Z-I-P to you.
To claim the exemption from Z-I-P Codes:
1) Write “c/o” before the street address.
2) Use the “postal zone” (follow the name of the city with the last 2 digits of the Z-I-P).
3) Spell out and underline the state.
4) Add the words Z-I-P Exempt
5) Use upper and lower case letters with initial caps only, don’t use all caps [ALL CAPS].
6) Don’t abbreviate street, Highway, Avenue, etc. (optional)
7) never refer to yourself as a “person” or “citizen”!
8) using the Last Name is seen as our acceptance of the label “Slave”.
9) Apparently according to the sorcerers that set up this system using a capitalized letter for the city or the state represents a corporation and the lower case letter represents the landmass.


John Doe 1234 MAIN ST.PASADENA, CA 91101


John of the House of Doe c/o 1234 main street pasadena 01, california Z-I-P exempt

source; http://igps.org/liveround/patriot/zipcode.html

What is a Zone Improvement Plan?
Your #ZoneImprovementPlan is the five-digit number that identifies the area where you live, also known as your "Zip Code." According to the US Census, the average American Zone Improvement Plan (Zip Code) has a combined annual income of over $500 million dollars.

The workings of Government is rather diabolical once you begin investigating how things work in the Actualized World.

U.S. Department of State provides information on diplomatic pouches. Diplomatic pouches are opaque, sealed bags or crates that transport official communications, documents, and articles of the U.S. Government across international frontiers. Authorized personnel has full use of the diplomatic pouch for personal mail. An international mail and package system is operated that ensures the delivery of personal mail and packages to American staff and their families assigned to diplomatic and consular missions throughout the world. The mail and packages consist of letters, catalogs, and mail order purchases. The mail and packages are delivered to a special zip code located at a U.S postal facility in Virginia. From there, the mail and packages are delivered to the Agency’s mail facility, also in Virginia. Upon receipt, the mail and packages are staged, sorted, x-rayed for security purposes, consolidated, and placed in sealed pouches. Once these procedures are completed, the sealed pouches are delivered to freight forwarders for air shipment to various embassies throughout the world.
Virginia Code § 58.1-609.10(4) provides an exemption from sales and use tax for goods delivered to a factor or export agent and destined for foreign export. In 2004, the Virginia Tax Commissioner ruled in Document Number 04-11 that sale transactions involving mail-order purchases between mail order companies and diplomatic and consular staff and their families overseas are not subject to the sales tax regarding the mail order purchases.


ResolutionFor transactions with the destination zip code 20189 in Dulles, Virginia, AvaTax returns tax at the state and local rates in order to maintain compliance with Virginia reporting procedures.To exempt sales to the Diplomatic Post Office in Dulles, you need to select Entity Use Code D – Foreign Diplomats.For purchases made by the State Department for use at the Diplomatic Post Office, you need to select Entity Use Code A – Federal Government. Invoices using Entity Use Codes A or D will be reported as exempt sales on Virginia returns.

As a side note:
Do you really accept the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land?

There is a Higher Court than that of the Supreme Court United States of America or the Supreme Court of Canada etc.

We lost our head when we accepted the Oligarchy System with the “Slave” and “Slave Master” mentality and permissioned the Dark Priests/Occultists/Sorcerers to create their Banking Dynasty.

Sample document!

Legal Notice of Non-taxpayer and Z-I-P exempt

Notice to Agent(s) is Notice to Principle(s), and

Notice to Principle(s) is Notice to Agemt(s)

To whom it may concern,

This transmission is addressed to all alleged benefactors of the “crown” and all city/City, state/State, provincial/Provincial, federal/Federal ” subordinates/”employees” of the “crown”.

This is a Legal Document and not a letter

Please kindly correct your records to show that ie/I Goddess Sophia have come to my senses and now consider myself tax and Z-I-P exempt. Please make the necessary corrections to reflect my status and my standing and my jurisdiction over the fruits of my labours and all the property ie/i am in use of and was in use of that have/has been stolen from me as a result of fraud, embezzlement, entrapment, and extortion ie/I am located at:

c/o 203 dean lane

malvern 04, arkansas

Z-I-P exempt (D-M-M-122.32)

Since the use of Z-I-P codes is voluntary (see Domestic Mail Service Regulations, Section 122.32), the U.S. Postal Service cannot discriminate against the non-use of Z-I-P codes, pursuant to the Postal Reorganization Act, Section 403 (Public Law 91-375)

Apparently, the provincial/state, and federal government attempts to assert jurisdiction by sending letters with Z-I-P codes, when jurisdiction would otherwise be lacking. The receipt and “acceptance” of mail with Z-I-P codes is one of the requirements for the Internal Revenue Service, in particular, to have jurisdiction to send notices. In fact, the I-R-S has adopted Z-I-P code areas as “Internal Revenue Districts”. See the Federal Register, Volume 51, Number 53, for Wednesday, March 19, 1986.

The federal government cannot bill a man because such a man is not within the purview of the District of Columbia, its territories, possessions or enclaves. As a group, these areas are now uniquely and collectively identified as “the federal zone”.

Your immediate cooperation in this matter will be most appreciated.

Signed with explicit reservation of all my natural born rights including yet not exclusively the right of self-determination free from others creations and free from any and all past indiscretions as a result of lack of awareness and lack of knowledge retroactive, ab initio, from the beginning and being authenticated with my right thumbprint.


Goddess Sophia Queen Mother born Lorna Lynne of the House of Borgeson

Non-combative, non-resident, non-subject, non-citizen, being a Supreme Being of Light and Love with respect to city/City, province/Provincial, state/State, and The Federal Zone (District of Columbia, its territories, alleged possessions and enclaves). Restoring The Supremacy of Love, Without Dishonor, Without Prejudice, Ill will or Frivolty, All Rights Reserved, Non-Assumpist, Errors and Omissions Excepted

Attachment: Affidavit of Non-Taxpayer and Z-I-P Code Exempt


please check back still editing the Affidavit of Non-Taxpayer and Z-I-P Exempt

There are information and videos published on the following electronic page for those interested in Self-empowerment:

Do You Know What You Are Wanting As An Experience Of Life?

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