Default Notice Served May 23, 2021

Do you know that the courts should be accessed only after you have completed the “Private Ministerial Action Process?”

Revelation 21:5“And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful”

Notification of liability is the first essential element of “Due Process of Law.” As silence is acquiescence under the law, silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a lawful or moral duty to speak, or where an inquiry left unanswered would be misleading, whether intentionally or not; and,

Law and justice concept – Them is statue, judge hammer and books. Courtroom.
Time for Equity!!

We sent out an email yesterday to a number of people. This is a Default Judgment. The information provided in the document and the attachments should be thoroughly read by every “Policy Enforcer” world wide!!

<a href="To: <>; American Military News <>; The White House <>; Royal Canadian Mounted Police <>; GOV.UK Email <>; <>; <>; <>; Taylor – M.P. <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Donald J. Trump <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Rob – M.P. <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Tako – M.P. <>; <>; Patrick – M.P. <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Lisa Pauley <>; <>; <>; sophia_tania we do not use a last name <>,,,,justin.trudeau@parl.gc.caand 31 more…Mon., May 24 at 4:17 a.m. 

To: <>; American Military News <>; The White House <>; Royal Canadian Mounted Police <>; GOV.UK Email <>; <>; <>; <>; Taylor – M.P. <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Donald J. Trump <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Rob – M.P. <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Tako – M.P. <>; <>; Patrick – M.P. <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Sent: Monday, May 24, 2021, 02:37:23 a.m. MDTSubject: Fw: Time-Sensitive Estoppel Conditions Apply, Action Required

This Electronic Transmission
Has Greater Force and Effect Than If Read in
the Supreme Court of the United State of America
and/or in
 the Supreme Court of Canada
and/or in
The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
In and By Our Own Supremacy and Authority
Done in Good Faith
Office Found
Within the Maxim of Law
Ignorance of the Law is no excus

Notice To Agent(s) of the Crown Is Notice to Principal; Notice to Principal Is Notice To Agent(s)of the Crown

Attention:Public Servant(s), 

Whereas you have been served with this Notice of Default, Notice of Trespass, Theft of Property with Liability, Acceptance of Oath, Notice of Criminal Activity of Officer(s), Notice of Claim Regarding the Administration of Property Without Right, Notice of Pretrial Discovery under the Freedom of Information Act with Intent to Sue with Request for Admissions

Use this link to access the document and read it and the attached documents thoroughly:

If you have received a copy of this document and you are not a “Public Servant” we consider you a witness to this serving of Notice to the men and women that have neglected their fiduciary duty to the people born to earth. 
without recourse, respectively 


This is not a commercial instrument!

Nothing in this message is intended to constitute an electronic signature unless a specific statement to the contrary is included in this message. 

Confidentiality Note: 
This message is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed. It may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, transmission, dissemination, or other use, or taking of any action in reliance upon this message by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited and may be unlawful. If you received this message in error, please contact the sender and delete it from your computer.
Please click this link to access the document that you are required to read 

May the truth be known by all people!
White Doves art print birds flying out of open cage sunset image 0
The cage has always been a”mental prison”!!
The Freedom of Love!!
Is your heart as light as a feather?

2 responses to “Default Notice Served May 23, 2021”

  1. Hopefully this scares them and forces them into corrective action. God bless.

    1. if we do not see immediate changes then we will contract the courthouse here in Penticton… it was brought to our attention that there wer inconsistencies in the information. We amended it today and will print it off tomorrow and send it again…and we are now working on the same notice to be served to The City of Penticton and the Local Health “authorities”(tongue in cheek)

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