End The “Propaganda Machine”

It is odd that we do not see how we are “perpetuating” the “Propaganda Machine” when we do not have spiritual insight. and choose to ignore foresight before we think, speak , react or respond to the moment!

We encourage you to watch the following video titled “The Plot to Steal America” and just sit back and observe the content of this video and see if you can “see” and “hear” the lies behind the lies. It requires each of us to take in all the information we have been given over a life time of experiences to recognize how we have been systematically hoodwinked, bamboozled, thoroughly captivated by our indoctrination into accepting and believing in the “matrix of lies”.

What will it take for us to break free from the “Magicians” strangle hold on our sensibilities? Perhaps, like Dorothy we should stand firm in our knowing and click our heals together and say three times, “there is no place like home, there is no place like home, there is no place like home”! 🙂 ❤

This “Propaganda Machine Video” was published on December 20, 2020. Perhaps, with everything that has transpired more people are willing to take pause and realize that we have been lied to about well “everything”. Do you realize not seeing the “Propaganda Machine” is putting your life at risk?

It is all one “Big Performance” and Mr. Trumpster is very much in on it!!

For those of us with eyes to see and the ability to discern can see it “this video”, our children are depending on us having the ability to see that this is “Mind Control” at its finest!!

We should be asking questions and speaking of what we want and standing in the truth:

1. “What do you stand for”?

It really is well over due for “We The People” to wake up to the fact, “We The People” do not have free speech”, and we cannot loose that which we do not have!!

2. Are you ready to open your mind and see clearly so that you actually can think and speak for yourselves so that you truly have “free” speech?

“We The People” of this world has been taken over by the “virus” for a very very very long time”!! This “virus” is the “Propaganda Machine” controlling the hearts and minds of the people and either this man is blind or he is “pretending to be one of the good guys”.

We do not want to have anything to do with their “Republic”.

These people of “power” and “influence” have been meeting behind closed doors from the beginning designing a plan to entrap mankind in a “Mental Prison”. They have controlled the narrative as they have been controlling the frequency and keeping “We The People” in their “False Light Matrix of Lies”. We have made the choice to break from from their “Programming”. It is up to everyone to realize that “We The People” cannot “fight” and “kill” in the name of “freedom”. This is the trap and those that have lead the “False Flag” wars know it. By the way “False Flag” does not mean that an event is false it means people were deliberately set up to be harmed or killed for a political reason . Just like 9-11 and every “pandemic”.

The time is now for each of us to assist each other to “break free” by recognizing the transcendent and transformational ability of our own source code programmed into every cell of our body.
We are putting our line in the sand and saying “no” to “their” Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC) and their “Militarization of Life” and “their” uneducated and ill-informed “Law Enforcers” (tax collectors) that do not know the law.

We are making it known that we are not the “class of person” that supports the trafficking and the genocide of man or animal and we expect everyone to stop lying to themselves and each other!!
If you are seeing this video then you are meant to see it. It is up to “We The People” to open our eyes and ears so that we can see and hear the “Propaganda Machine” designed to mislead and reject it.

“Freedom” first comes with a clear and open mind and comes when we have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the hear to know!! This requires us to be in heart-mind coherence aligned in harmonic resonance with our innate intelligence!

People are beginning to realize with real eyes that nothing is as it appears! More and more people are waking up and seeing reality for what it is and recognizing the “Propaganda Machine” perpetrated by guys like this that have sold themselves out and pretend to be for “We The People”!!

There is a reason that relationships are strained because women have not trusted the men to do the right thing for a very long time. 3. How can women trust men when the “men” continue to support the system built on fraud and violence they claim they are opposed to?

4. Why would anyone with a heart continue to support the trafficking of man and animal?

5. Do people even realize how the system works and how we can make the system work for us?

6. Surely people can see that the “courts” have been corrupt from day one?

7. Why are we allowing the wolves to continue to direct the show?

“They” have been killing us for a very very very long time. “They being the ones vested and invested in the “soul harvest” and vested and invested in “spirit cooking”.

8. Why are you supporting the idea that they can turn off the power grid whereby freezing to death billions of people?

9 Why can they orchestrate and stop the flow of goods thereby starving billions of people?
10. How is it possible for them to orchestrate a world wide campaign to kill billions of people using “the Health Authorities”?

Surely people can see through the “Papal Bullsh*tery”. Either it is the “dirty russians” or the “communist chinese” that are the problem when the problem is right here now under our very noses.

11. Do people know what the “United States” is and what they are “protecting”?

It does not matter who is in the “Oval Office” same “”Papal Bullsh*tery”. They have no right to dictate our life. These humanoids should be institutionalized and treated for their insanity along with everyone else from this lineage and everyone that has gone along with the narrative from the beginning. Telling people to stock up on food and water is pure insanity. It is clear the people in charge of this fiasco lack intelligence and are without a doubt clinically insane and do not care about life.

We should be asking ourselves

12. “am ie/I really awake”?

13. ” Do ie/I have the eyes to see and the ears to hear”?

14. “Do ie/I know the nature of the cosmos and the nature of reality?

15. “Do ie/I have the ability to see how ie/I am co-create this reality”?

16. “Am ie/I really free to think for myself”?

17. “Am ie/I being played because ie/I am unable to see my indoctrination”, am ie/I listening to the impulse of my own heart in alignment with the souls knowing?

We cannot sit back idle while they assault the people and assault the natural world!! They being the imbeciles that have acquiesced and are subservient to the “Crown”. These folks born of the “Papal Bloodline are in every walk of life and in every so-called “country”. “They” are the “Legal Society” and they own the business/mega corporations and control the way the courts are accessed and run!! All of which is based in a “Constructive Fraud”.

We cannot continue to uphold the “Legal Name Fraud” and all the other “Papal Bullsh*tery” that has plagued mankind for 1000’s of years…

18. How can we “stand up” when we are still lying to ourselves and each other?

It is up to us to hold each other accountable and point out how we are lying to ourselves and lying to each other and stop anchoring in the world we “claim” we do not like !!!

19. Are you really interested in “standing up”?

There is a video in the link below that will take you to an article titled “How to Legally Avoid Unwanted Vaccines” and at the end of this article is a video that everyone should listen to!! And for those interested in co-creating a sustainable world lets get organized in our thinking, in our perceiving, and in our actions

It is up to us to be honest with ourselves.

It is up to each of us to see our relationship and oneness with the earth and to take steps to restore our alignment with the feminine aspect and principles of creation.

For the sake of the next generation, It will be beneficial when more people stand in their honor and in their integrity and take steps forward with purpose on purpose with conscious and conscientious intentions for the betterment of all mankind.

20. How many people are still giving their power away to a “Doctor” or a “Priest” and not listening to their bodies innate intelligence?

21. How has and/or is anger (fear) blinding you and keeping you from seeing and hearing the voice of your own intelligence?

If we believe we need a “Medical” or a “Religious” exemption then we are still in the “slave” mentality. Break free from this way of perceiving and thinking! Learn the law and know that you are the law!!! There is a Notice at the end of the following online article for those facing unwanted mask mandates and unwanted vaccines. The time is now to hold them all accountable!!!!

If you support life and support the next generation having the ability to reach their full potential in alignment with their true nature then it will require more of us to stand in our honor and in our integrity. If we want a sustainable world then we must take the steps towards it.

22. We wish to be a benefit to life will you join us? [edited]

How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Vaccines!

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