Nothing of This World Is As It Appears!

It is said, “Yaldabaoth is the mentally imbalanced creator deity in Gnosticism, also known as the Demiurge. It has also been said, “He was born from the Goddess Sophia and her emanations with aspects of the divine”. It is important to note that nothing is as it appears and that there are many that lie to themselves. Nothing of this world is as it appears. The Demiurge are raging lunatics. Their ignorance blinds them. 

It is important to follow your heart. Nothing is as it appears. Yaldabaoth also known as The Veil is born of fear and feeds on fear as he and those like him have forgotten their own relationship with their Divinity! It is up to us to stop feeding our fears…love them instead.

What ie-I have noticed about the Demiurge is that there are many that are motivated by rage towards mankind. It is not even clear to me what has created this rage within them, or what motivates this rage. This rage blinds them to their relationship with all life!! Anger is an inside job no one can make us angry unless we are infected with an Archon.

Be love by being loving !!! Be loving by being kind!!!

Be love by being loving !!! Be loving by being kind!!!

Be love by being loving !!! Be loving by being kind!!!

Actually, love is a frequency, it is the force that holds matter together. Our body knows this frequency and the DNA is upgraded when our body is presented with this frequency. We are here in physical form to experience the breath of life.

When the body loses its life force IT the breath ceases to exist and the life force leaves the body yet the consciousness remains with the matter. Everything has consciousness, consciousness being the field of experience.

When harboring the so-called ‘negative’ thought forms and harboring the emotions of rage, anger, fear, resentment, jealousy, etc. in our attractor field they act like interference patterns to our base frequency of love. Basically, we are out of harmonic resonance with ourselves. These lower density thought forms and emotions will attract lower density entities and experiences and/or open up our field for entity attachment and full-on possession.

Awareness is one of our greatest spiritual gifts. Once we are aware of something we cannot become unaware of it. It is in our awareness that we can take deliberate action such as shifting our focus away from what is causing the discomfort while invoking deliberately the thoughts and emotions that feel better. It is in our awareness that we can notice what is invoking the any experience that causes the body to react in a manner that is not beneficial to it. A though held and observed is made manifest. This is how diseases such as cancers are created in the body. 

Be love!!! Be love!! Be love!!

see with the eyes of love

The loss of will has allowed for many atrocities on this beautiful blue-green planet. This Earthship that is our home was created with everything we need to sustain us in life. This living library is a place for us to experience the breath of life and to experience the joy the body feels when our senses are stimulated. We are here to feel pleasure yet our depravities have corrupted our pleasure centers.

We are a sensitive species, our human design is not made to cope with severe trauma. It is a shock to the system when we drop into a world that is so far removed vibrationally from whence we came forth for the purpose of co-creating. We are here to experience the breath of life to its fullest but we forgot who and what we are! Even if we have had a helping hand in our forgetting it is up to each and every one of us to assist each other in restoring the will so that we can remember our reason for being.

With the loss of will, we lose our minds. We lose our will to fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, greed, etc. which hinders us when we succumb to these emotional states. These states have proven to render us incompetent as human beings as we lose all sensibility and reasonability as we are blind to the harm that we do to our own body and that of others when we are expressing these states.

We loose our will to our addictions which are subconscious beliefs running in our field and we loose our will to parasitic energy that feeds on the substance of our addiction. Awareness is one of our greatest spiritual gifts in restoring the will.

When our behavior and actions are driven by our imbalanced pleasure centers this  makes them vulnerable to whatever action stimulates the pleasure center. An addiction is a behavior or action we cannot stop as we have allowed the thought to control us. The addiction can be psychological and it can be a chemical addiction. It is both internal and internal chemicals that can activate the pleasure center.

With addictions often we find ourselves looking outside of ourselves to full something that is missing inside of us. Or our body has been aroused and have had an endorphin and adrenaline rush resulting in orgasm while participating in a particular behavior. There are far too many that have succumbed to these activities as they are looking for something outside of them to change their internal state. They are motivated by the chemical release and not by the deep intimacy that comes when in a state of grace and love.

It is unfortunate that there are still so many that do not know how they create their personal reality and co-create the collective experience!!

Frequency is everything!! Speaking of what we want is so important. The Universe speaks the language of frequency.

“Your personality creates your personal reality”. Joe Dispenza

To change Your reality YOU must change your personality!!!

To change our collective reality WE must change our COLLECTIVE personality!!!

Why has it been so difficult for us to speak our truth?

Why have we allowed the world to degrade to such depravity?

When did we forget the transformational ability of our light?

When did we in the creative process forget grace? 

Overcome Anything – Dr. Joe Dispenza

We have been negligent in allowing our world to be directed down a path of violence and depravity. Those that are being controlled in these ways have infiltrated every walk of life. They have created systems that are driving our world. All the ‘chaos’ and ‘drama’ in the world is very purposeful. It is up to us to remain calm while we hold a vision of how we want the world to be while we take action steps towards this world.

“What I’m saying is, what do we truly want? Whatever we collectively decide on that we want that’s POSITIVE, then together we visualize this, create it with our minds, and FEEL the positive emotions of it but MOST IMPORTANT is, we OWN it. We KNOW the truth of it existing NOW.

We are Creators and we are this powerful. It is unfortunate that their have been those that have visualized their goals against this planet. When will we counter these visualizing and creating a world of separation built on repression and violence by holding our goals FOR unity and in LOVE of our planet and life upon her.

So, what do you want that is positive for this planet and life here upon her?” Raven White Dove

It is imperative that we expose the capitalized “Legal Name” fraud and the illegitimate contracting running our world and put an end to the Crown Courts based in sorcery and “Black Magic word spells” created and run by the clinically insane.

Who is the deity that the Bailiff from the Kelowna Office is talking about in his email?

Before you watch the following video set the intention to become acutely aware of what feelings arise for you while you are watching it. This is a good exercise to get into as it is in awareness that we come to realize how we are being manipulated. It is always good to be in the habit of deliberate creation. It is well worth the effort to deliberately execute awareness while watching anything and everything whether it be in life or when watching the programs. That which is being shown to us through movies and television is called a program for a reason!!!

If we feel fear arising within us, we can choose to breathe into the fear. We can then choose to intentionally bring up the feeling of love and ask to see with the eyes of the ‘higher self’ while we project the frequency of love into that which is reacting to fear and also project the frequency of love into that which triggered the fear.

Are the “men in black” as seen in the movies actually participating in worldly affairs?

The following video reveals some very compelling new information:

If you are interested in reading more use this link:

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