Remedy For All Situations That Are Troubling!

“When man knows his own powers and the workings of his mind, his great desire is to find an easy and quick way to impress the subconscious with good” Florence Scovel Shinn

Casting the Burden Impressing the Subconscious

◄ Revelation 21:1-2 ► A New Heaven and a New Earth “1 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. 2 I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.…”

“And ie-I saw a new heaven and a new Earth, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying. Neither shall be any more pain. For the former, things are passed away.” Florence Scovel Shinn

Ask yourself, “am ie-I acing from fear or faith?”

If a Loved One is Troubled

Do the following exercise:

Invoke a meditative and centered state of mind. Set the energetic intention to align with the zero-point field (the awareness field and launching pad of creation) and the field of light (all though and all thought potential) remember all the times in life that you were feeling happy, joyful, harmonious, invite this feeling to penetrate every cell, molecules, electrons, neutron, every quantum and sub-quantum particle, of your beingness. Say, “ie-I invite this harmonious, joyful, and loving feeling to penetrate all cells, all molecules, electrons, neutron, every quantum and sub-quantum particles of my beingness to be restored to perfection, and ie-I give thanks under the Law of Grace and by the Law of One-the Law of Love that this happens in the perfect way.”

Call forth all wounded aspects or shadows (all fractured aspects held in fear and being expressed in addictions, sadness, resentment, anger, etc., from past experiences that were traumatic) of your loved one, the part of him/her that is sick, depressed, miserable by saying their name. ie-I will give you the example using the name jane. Remember there is no distance in consciousness past, present, future exists in this eternal now moment. When you speak their name think of a picture of them when they are joyful, harmonious, and loving…

jane know that all is perfect in Divine Mind, there is only perfection, completion, infinite supply, For the Mind of God there is no judgement, all is known and comprehended, there is only love therefore all are love in expression and loved beyond measure. jane’s demonstration and this situation is therefore perfect.

Then ask, “is this situation Divinely orchestrated or is it showing up as a Karmic rebound?Then speak outload with great force and great conviction carried on the wavelength of love, “Infinite Divine Spirit we command that jane recognizes how she attracted this situation for her highest and best good in order to resolve all karmic ties or to give her knowledge regarding her Divine Plan…

If this situation is not Divinely guided and has been created from jane’s own misguided imagining when she acted from fear and not faith ie-I now cast the burden of fear on the Superconscious Mind, the Christ Within, and jane is now free from carnal mind to be fully embodied as the Divine Design to be loving, harmonious, and happy. jane’s will, and God’s will be one…

ie-I know there is no separation in Divine Mind, there is completion, love, and infinite supply therefore nothing that is janes by Divine Right can be stolen from her. So, jane cannot be separated from the love and infinite supply and perfect companionship which are Her’s by Divine Right…

Infinite Divine Spirit we call on the Law of Grace and the Law of One-the Law of Love for this situation and everyone involved in jane’s life experience. We give thanks that jane and everyone involved are under grace and under these laws therefore she cannot lose Her right to freedom, to wholeness, to wholesomeness, or lose Her Divine Design as these are Her’s by Divine Right. ie-I give thanks under the Law of Grace the Law of One-the Law of Love that it is done in quickly in a perfect way with grace, ease, and glory

We put this situation and jane’s life experience in the hands of Infinite Love and Wisdom for the best outcome for Her and everyone involved. May jane demonstrate perfect will, perfect health, perfect home, perfect wealth, perfect finances, and perfect life expression.

If it is in accordance with the Divine Plan, we now smash and demolish by our spoken word every untrue record in jane’s subconscious mind and that which has been put to paper they shall return to the dust heap of nothingness for they come from her and those involved own vain imaginings. We now make a perfect record through the Christ within for jane and everyone involved in Her life experience.

Every false prophecy shall come to not.

Every plan the mother and father in heaven has not planned shall be dissolved and dissipated.

The Divine ideal plan now comes to pass.

All beneficial thoughts and ideas of health, wealth, financial freedom, and perfect bodily expression as the original template of love as it was designed to be shall come to pass.

Let the God within, the Divine Infinite intelligence have perfect expression through Her and everyone involved now and retroactively to the beginning of the beginning.

God’s will be done...

ie-I give thanks under the Law of Grace and by the Law of One-the Law of Love that it is already done in a perfect way with grace, ease, and glory...

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

We end chaos when we help others succeed by wishing them well…

Know that Spiritual Law trumps all and when we are expressing through Spiritual Law, we will see an end to chaos as we will be listening to True Divine Guidance, and we will be following our inner spiritual gps while being ever diligent and alerted to external signs. The eternal and infinite, organizing, intelligent energy that creates and supports life is ever present and running through us and through the cosmos…

Chaos is the result of creating from our mental confusion when we are still perceiving from the illusion of separation. It is the illusion of separation that creates fear.

Chaos pursues when we continue to create systems from this state of mind and state of consciousness. It is up to us to stop participating in the system concocted by people that are still operating from their programmed mind and from their indoctrination. Why would we follow someone knowing they are not aligned with Infinite Intelligence?

Are you or your loved one operating from fear or from faith? Fear is the result of operating from carnal mind and faith is seen when we are operating from our hearts knowing.

Is [name of loved or not so loved one] operating from fear or from faith? wait to receive the answer…

“Infinite Spirit do not let [name] miss a trick or opportunity. Thy will be done this day, today is the day of completion. ie-I give thanks for this perfect day, miracles shall follow miracles and wonders shall never cease for [name], so shall it be…” have them read this over a few time… then get them to close their eyes, drop all thinking, become the observer, and surrender to allow the energy, the frequency of love, to move through them… let go of all ideas of victimization or ideas of a higher power outside of the self… “the father and ie-I are one”.. you are now empowered to be, do, and have what is rightfully/ritefully yours by Divine Right/Rite, the Captain of your own ship…

The following affirmation/incantation is for ending conflict between Nations

Speak the words out load with power and conviction: “ie-I cast the burden of war, conflict, and chaos,etc., on the Super Conscious Mind, the Christ Within” for the people of Ukraine, of the Middle East, of North America, of Australia, of Affrica, and of every country on earth and they each go free and their body is free to be joyful, harmonious, and loving, expressing the Original Template of love, in perfect health, perfect wealth, perfect bodily expression, expressing youthfulness, vitality, radiant health, wholeness, wholesomeness, the way it was designed to be with an avalanche of well-being flooding the inhabitants of earth. We give thanks under the Law of Grace, and by the Law of One-the Law of Love that this is done quickly in the most perfect way…

May every cell in each respective body be released from all attachments to unfavorable experiences…

May each man now smash and demolish by the spoken word every untrue record in the collective subconscious mind they shall return to the dust heap of nothingness for they come from man’s own vain imaginings…

Have each man now make a perfect record through the Christ within. The record of health, wealth, financial freedom, love, and perfect self-expression. The Divine Plan revealed and made manifest. This is the square and circle of life, the game completed. The eternal Godself in expression is now made manifest in a perfect way…by the power of 3x3x3 it is so …

“Man can only conceive that which he/she can perceive. What if there is something more magickal more amazing planned by your Divine Self then you can imagine?

To open to the Divine Plan or your Divine Design you must let go of attachments to the programmed mind and allow for the vision to be received.

Once you receive the vision of your Divine Design it is up to you to not waver from it.

Will you like to align with the members of the Holy Church of Gaia?… this is not a religious organization and not affiliated with any government, not involved in commerce. There is no building, as each member is their own church, we are guided by our true nature, by the Law of Grace and by the Law of One-the Law of Love… harmlessness to self means harmlessness to all others and harmlessness to all life…

Make the decree: “Infinite Divine Spirit ie-I give thanks under grace and by the Law of One-the Law of Love that all are born to fulfill the Divine Plan it is our destiny; all are set free. ie-I retroactively open to allow the restoration of all that has been lost since the beginning of the beginning since Genesis from his-story… we are one… ie-I give thanks under grace and by the Law of One-the Law of Love that the New Earth is ours to experience by Divine Right. the Day the World woke up to Love is ours in the most perfect way…by the power of 3x3x3 ie-I make it so, it is it is done, so be it… do you know how to play the game of life?

Invite all that has been born of fear being lifted from the earth and sucked into the sun to be transcended and transmuted by the central sun…

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ********************************* ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

For Weight Gain or Low Weight, Bulimia, Anorexia, etc. (adjust for your own condition)

State outload and with great conviction the following affirmation/incantation:

“ie-I cast the burden of weight gain and being overweight on the Super Conscious Mind, the Christ Within, and ie-I go free from carnal mind and it’s limitations, and my body is free to be joyful, harmonious, and loving expressing its Original Template of Love, a perfect bodily design with youthfulness, vitality, radiant health and wellness, the way it was designed to be. And ie-I give thanks under the Law of Grace, and by the Law of One the Law of Love that this is done quickly in the most perfect way with grace, ease, and glory…

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Below is an excerpt from Florence Scovel Shinn’s novel “The Game of Life & How to Play It” (1925):

“When man knows his own powers and the workings of his mind, his great desire is to find an easy and quick way to impress the subconscious with good. Or simply an intellectual knowledge of the truth will not bring results. In my own case, I found the easiest way is in casting the burden.

A metaphysician once explained it in this manner, he said. The only thing that gives anything weight in nature is the law of gravitation. And if a boulder could be taken high above the planet, there would be no wait in the boulder. And this is what Jesus Christ meant when he said. “My yoke is easy, and my burden is light”. He had overcome the world vibration and functioned in the 4th dimensional realm. Where there’s only perfection, completion, life, enjoy.

He said, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.…”

We are also told in the 55th Psalm to cast their burden upon the Lord, many passages in the Bible state that the battle is gods, not man’s, and the man is always to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

This indicates that the superconscious mind or Christ within, is the department which fights Man’s battle and relieves him of his burdens. We see, therefore, that man violates law if he carries a burden and a burden is an adverse thought or condition, and this thought or condition has its roots in the subconscious. It seems almost impossible to make any headway directing the subconscious from the conscious or reasoning mind as the reasoning mind the intellect is limited in its conceptions and filled with doubts and fears. How scientific it then is to cast the burden upon the superconscious mind or Christ within where it is made light or dissolved into its native nothingness.

For example: A woman in urgent need of money made the light upon the Christ within the superconscious with this statement. “i cast this burden of lack on the Christ within, and I go free to have plenty.”

The belief in lack was her burden. And as she casted upon the SUPERCONSCIOUS with its belief of plenty and avalanche of supply was the result we read. The Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Another example: One of my students had been given a new piano and there is no room in her studio for it until she had moved out the old one. She was in a state of perplexity. She wanted to keep the old piano but knew of no place to send it. She became desperate as the new piano was to be sent immediately, in fact, was on its way, with no place to put it. She said “it came to her to repeat. I cast this burden on the Christ within and I go free.” A few moments later her phone rang and a woman friend asked if she might rent her old piano and it was moved out a few minutes before the new one arrived.

i know a woman whose burden was resentment, she said. I cast this burden of resentment on the Christ within, and I go free to be loving, harmonious and happy. The almighty superconscious flooded the subconscious would love and her whole life was changed. For years resentment has held her in a state of torment and imprisoned her soul, the subconscious mind. The statement should be made over and over and over, sometimes for hours at a time, silently or audibly with quietness but determination i have often compared it to winding up a Victrola. We must wind ourselves up with spoken words. I’ve noticed and casting the burden after a little while. One seems to see clearly.

It is impossible to have clear vision while in the throes of carnal mind, doubts and fear poisoned the mind and body, and imagination runs riot, attracting disaster disease and steadily repeating the affirmation. “i cast this burden on the Christ within and go free.” The vision clears, and with it a feeling of relief, and sooner or later comes the manifestation of good be it health, happiness, or supply.

One of my students once asked me to explain the darkness before the dawn. i referred in a proceeding chapter to the fact that often before the big demonstration, everything seems to go wrong, and deep depression clouds the consciousness. It means that out of the subconscious are rising the doubts and fears of the ages. These old derelicts of the subconscious rise to the surface to be put out. It is then that man should clap his symbols like the jehosaphat and give thanks that he is saved, even though he seemed surrounded by the enemy. The situation of lack or disease.

The student continued. How long must one remain in the dark? And i replied, “Until one can see in the dark and casting the burden enables one to see in the dark.” In order to impress the subconscious, active faith is always essential.

Faith without works is dead, and these chapters i’ve endeavored to bring out this point. Jesus Christ showed active faith when he commanded the multitude to sit down on the ground before he gave thanks for the loaves and fishes. i will give another example showing how necessary this step is in fact act of faith is the bridge over which a man passes to his promised land.

Through misunderstanding, a woman had been separated from her husband, whom she loved deeply. He refused all offers of reconciliation and would not communicate with her in any way. Coming into the knowledge of spiritual law she denied the appearance of separation.

She made this statement, “There is no separation in divine mind. Therefore, I cannot be separated from the love and companionship which are mine by divine right”. She showed active faith, by arranging a place for him at the table every day, there by impressing the subconscious with a picture of his return. Over a year past, but she never wavered. And one day he walked in.

The subconscious is often impressed through music. Music has a fourth dimensional quality and releases the soul from imprisonment, it makes wonderful things seem possible and easy to accomplish.

i have a friend who uses her Victrola daily for this purpose. It puts her in a perfect harmony and releases the imagination. Another woman often dances while making her affirmations. The rhythm and harmony of music and motion carry her words fourth with tremendous power.

The student must also remember not to despise the day of small things. Invariably before demonstration signs of land. .Before Columbus reached America, he saw birds and twigs, which showed him land was near. So it is with the demonstration, but often the student mistakes it for the demonstration itself and is disappointed.

For example: A woman had spoken the word for a set of dishes. Not long afterwards, a friend gave her a dish which was old and cracked. She came to me and said, “Well, i asked for a set of dishes and all i got was a cracked plate.” i replied the plate was only sign of land. It shows your dishes are coming, look upon it as a bird and seaweed and not long afterwards the dishes came.

Continually making believe and presses the subconscious. If one makes believe he is rich and makes believe he is successful. In due time, he will reap. Children are always making believe and accept ye be converted and become as little children ye shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

For example: i know of a woman who was very poor, but no one could make her feel poor. She earned a small amount of money from rich friends who constantly reminded her of her poverty and to be careful and saving. Regardless of other admonitions, she would spend all her earnings on a hat or make someone a gift and be in our actual state of mind her thoughts were always centered on beautiful clothes and rings and things, but without envying others. She lived in a world of the wondrous and only richest seemed real to her. Before long, she married a rich man and rings and things became visible.

i do not know whether the man was the divine selection, but opulence had a manifest in her life as she had imagined only opulence. There is no peace or happiness for a man until he has erased all fears from the subconscious. Fear is misdirected energy and must be redirected or transmuted into faith.

i am asked so often by my students. How can I get rid of fear? i reply by walking up to the things you are afraid of. The lion takes its fierceness from your fear. Walk up to the lion and he will disappear. Run away and he runs after you. i have shown in previous chapters how the line of lack disappeared when the individuals spent money fearlessly showing faith that God was his supply and therefore unfailing. Many of my students have come out of the bondage of poverty and are now bountifully supplied.

Through losing all fear of letting money go out the subconscious is impressed with the truth that God is the giver and the gift. Therefore, as one is one with the giver, he is one with a gift. A splendid statement is “i now thank God the giver for God is the giver and the gift”.

Man has so long separated himself from his good and his supply through thoughts of separation and lack, as sometimes it takes dynamite to dislodge these false beliefs from the subconscious. And the dynamite is a big situation.

We see in the foregoing illustration how the individual was freed from his bondage by showing fearlessness. Man should always watch himself hourly to detect if his motive for action is fear or faith. Choose whom this day we will shall serve, fear or faith.

Perhaps one’s fear is of personality. Then do not avoid the people feared. Be willing to meet them cheerfully, and they will either prove golden links in the chain of one’s good, or disappear harmoniously from once pathway. [if there is someone that irritates us or that we are afraid of we can do the following exercise; say out loud, “i love myself when i think of [then say the name of the person do this over and over again until you feel lighter and the charge has dissipated]

Perhaps one’s fear is of disease or germs, then one should be fearless and undisturbed and a germ laden situation, and he would be immune. One can only contract germs while vibrating at the same rate as the germ. And fear drags men down to the level of the germ. Of course, the disease laden germ is the product of carnal mind, has all thought, must objectify. Germs do not exist in the superconscious or divine mind, therefore, are the product of man’s vein imagination. In the twinkling of an eye, man’s release will come when he realizes there’s no power in evil. The material world will fade away and the 4th dimensional world, the world of the wonderous will swing into manifestation. And i saw a new heaven and a new Earth, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying. Neither shall be anymore pain. For the former, things are passed away.

“ie- I cast the burden of fear on the superconscious mind the Superconscious Mind, the Christ within and ie-I go free from carnal mind to be fully embodied as the Divine Design to be loving, harmonious, and happy. My will and God’s will be one. ie- I give thanks under the Law of Grace and the Law of One-the Law of Love that it is done in a perfect way.”  Inspired by Florence Scovel Shinn

If interested in mastering yourself and mastering eternal life watch the video below a reading of “The Game of Life & How to Play It (1925) by Florence Scovel Shinn (1871-1940) – Book 1 of 4 (Vox Lila):

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