If You Knew What Is At Stake Would You Keep Doing What You Are Doing?

For those interested in educating themselves. The following article came into fuition as a result of watching the following video that was published on facebook by Dr. Eric Nepute on January 16, 2021 at 9:36 am. And is written to assist those to wake up to reality by shining “a light” of truth into the “darkness” so that we ensure freedom and financial abundance for … Continue reading If You Knew What Is At Stake Would You Keep Doing What You Are Doing?

How To Avoid Unwanted Vaccines!!

Once ie/I (mind, spirit, body/eternal soul, infinite awareness) awakened to the fact that nothing of this world is as it appears life has been very challenging. The following information is valuable yet prior to reading this we would suggest that you first ask yourself, “who is the ‘Prime Minister/Administrator” of my trust and my estate?” Why have the people in the goverment assumed to have … Continue reading How To Avoid Unwanted Vaccines!!

What is in the Z-I-P code?

Thought you should know the information herein and before ie/I get into the Z-I-P Code information ie/I thought it pertinent to share some information first! We can go our entire life time without realizing that nothing is as it appears to be. What about those that have an Esoteric Experience/Awakining/Self-realization and come to wee the reality for what it is? Where are we supposed to … Continue reading What is in the Z-I-P code?

Facts Dispell Lies!!

The information published here is extensive and not meant to be a quick read. It is up to us to educate ourselves and open our minds and heart to allow for the direct experience of the Multidimensional Self. ie/I have had many Esoteric Experiences/Awakenings/Self-realization which has given me a good foundation and comprehension of the Human Design and it is years of research that unveiled … Continue reading Facts Dispell Lies!!

Do You Know What You Are Wanting As An Experience Of Life?

Why It is said, “All the worlds a stage”?!!Who is the writer of the script?Who is the “State Manager”?Who are the “Actors”?Yes, Life is a “game” and we have made it a “chore”. Games are meant to be fun and there does not have to be a winner and a loser. Are you aware that there is a small group of interlopers called the “Dark … Continue reading Do You Know What You Are Wanting As An Experience Of Life?

Are You A Regurgitator Or A Conscious Creator?

The following inform is purposefully written to “Educate” not “Entertain”. Please read this information thoroughly if you are truly interested in “Being The Change We Wish To See In The World”!!!! Honesty is always the best policy!!! Nothing of this “Realty” we are waking up to every “morning” and are experiencing is as it appears!!! The time to admit that we are experiencing a “Matrix … Continue reading Are You A Regurgitator Or A Conscious Creator?

What Is Fake News?

That which plagues mankind cannot be killed. Ignorance (lack of awareness), stupidity, and “blind belief” can only be overcome with awareness, intelligence, and knowledge. Turns our news broadcasters are considered entertainers. They are not really reporting on the news. This is why ie/I have decided to call them out when they report statistics that have not been varified. Colleeen has been working as a “Conspiracty … Continue reading What Is Fake News?


The following is from the website: https://www.thepagg.com/how-to-fight-judicial-and-government-corruption.html The website is going down and ie/I wanted to make sure ie/I had access to the information!! HOW TO FIGHT JUDICIAL AND GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION Thanks to Jack for sending me this. When I discovered that I was being victimized by judicial corruption, I decided to fight. I am not an attorney, and I am not giving legal advice. This … Continue reading https://www.thepagg.com/how-to-fight-judicial-and-government-corruption.html

Join 1 Million V-star Children Meditating For Peace!!!!

Our body is a frequency receiver, generator, and transmitter. That which plagues the earth cannot be killed, the lower density interdimension entities (malificent beings) hung up on anger, fear, and raging on life can traverse time and space. They are a menace to themselves and to the rest of us. “They know not what they do”. It is up to us to lift all to … Continue reading Join 1 Million V-star Children Meditating For Peace!!!!

Claim of Liability Sent!

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