Do The Rules Of Civil Procedure Apply to a Man or Woman?

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#licensing is a pass to do harm!

#Covid19 is theater!


Why would we use poison on our body(s) (the earth is also our body)?

The skin is the largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it!!!!

What is really making the body sick?

Making the personal choice is one thing, being forced to do something that we know is harmful is another thing altogether.

Awareness and self-evaluation are assets and self-awareness is a key to self-mastery!

Acknowledging my contradictions has been a daunting yet necessary task. Once accomplished proves to be a key on my journey to real freedom! It is rewarding to have the ability to think for oneself and to have the ability to act upon one’s conscience, ethics, and morality. Reacting or acting from a place of fear is disempowering.

What does “being honorable” mean to you?

What would be so enticing that we would give over our sovereignty and give over our ability to think for ourselves and relinquish our ability to act on our own constitution, ethics, and morality? Is the idea of prestige that comes with the idea of money and a fat bank account really worth it? Does having a huge bank account really give use prestige? Does having a large number in a bank account give us security knowing we have no control over this “money”?

It is up to each of us to take the time to educate ourselves so that we can be successful in our obedience to our own conscience and actually experience the life we came here to enjoy.

Do we have the capacity to regain our ability to listen to reason?

Do, we have the capacity to acknowledge what is right in front of us?

#OccultWordMagick is controlling the inhabitants of this world! It is our job to pause and ask ourselves, “is what ie/I am thinking and articulating benefiting what ie/I am wanting”?

We can remain ignorant and illiterate the choice is always ours. It is said, “he who will be deceived let them”.
Do you want to continue to be deceived?

Or will you take the time to educate yourself and once educated will you be willing to take the steps towards corrective action?

It is up to each of us to realize our willingness to self-educate will benefit future generations.

It is time to expose the Phoenicians with their phony phonetics and phony phonics.

A Roman Maxim of their #FakeLaws, “he who will be deceived let them”.

The question we should be asking ourselves, “Do we want to continue to be deceived”? Or will we take the time to educate ourselves and each other, and once educated, will you be willing to take the steps towards corrective action?
It is up to each of us to realize our willingness to self-educate will benefit future generations.

Jordan Maxwell has been sharing “occult” also known as “hidden” information for decades. He provides valuable insights in the following video. What else do we need to know to #breakfree from the “mental prison” we get caught up in?

Do the Laws of “Civil Procedure” apply to a man or woman?

Those that created the #LegalWorld deal with a #FictitiousRealm that only exists on paper and yet somehow they have entangled the #LivingMan into this web of deceit! This web of deceit has “permitted” and “licensed” many crimes to be committed upon the innocent. These people do not have the authority to move courts, they use “weasel words” and “abstract definitions” and a “play on words” to “get away” with their charade. Why it has gone on for as long as it has is a mystery.

Now that people are coming to this information we can move the courts to our advantage. And when moving these courts it is imperative that we realize that the “Legal World” only applies to those that created it. The Magna Carta The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Bible, are all instruments of slavery, and their subsequent charters, statutes, codes, bills, and ordinances, etc. only apply to them and to those men and women foolish enough to take an #OathOfOffice.

“It is time the world is shown that when we are born just moments old a horrific trespass occurs which your parents are not told. A Service Corporation creates documentation to draw to your consciousness for life. Each baby is born in a “hospital” out of sight and unlawfully converted into a legal world without knowing or rights. And it starts with the Birth Certificate without consent or a fight. From Lawful to Legal all done in the dark. This world they created is the world of the dead”. Jesse”

A #LegalPerson is created at the heart of this crime”. They use weasel words to create a play on words and play out their theater at all of our expense. Once born we are killed on paper by design and our freedom, our rights, our property robbed blind. A bond created to further ensure profit from their crime. They add insurance to fictions when all eventually die. Those who created this system maintain and support this foundational lie. With paperwork created to ensure a corrupted state of mind. And done by a Service Corporation masquerading throughout time to ensure our consciousness is compromised for the rest of our lives. It is an illusion of control and the trophy is your mind. The Private Society was created to force and deny.” Jesse”The next stop is the solution that will blow you away. The Universe is wonderous it moves just what will be. It has provided knowledge to mankind and ensures that evil sees that mankind has great knowledge and courage in their hearts.

We do not fear evil for once the truth is revealed it is obliterated once this truth is in the light. The solution starts with every man and woman knowing who they are not. From a trespass when born once known when Legal does not apply to a man or woman only Lawful this alone is huge. Our Public Courthouses accessed correctly by man and woman, people not persons, is part of the solution.

Why? While our Public Courthouses all operate under a massive fraud because of the trespass when born and with the solution front and center all along with one question to ask before a jury “do the rules of “Civil Procedure” apply to we the people?

The answer is, “no”. Jessie”

Crowd Cheering, “Choose your side, choose your side, choose your side, choose your side”!!!!

Checkmate! With that one fact, our Public Courthouses can be accessed correctly on mass. This is huge! For the first time, no man or woman can hide behind lawyers in Inferior Legal Courts. These “rules” are used to block we the people accessing moving Claims of Courts outside of the Legal World”. Jesse

“Ma’am you can argue this all day long you are operating this under a Legal Fiction”. Ernie

Judge says, “I’m telling you, you are here on some charges which were filed in ….. number 1”.

Ernie interrupts her, “i do not understand these charges”

The judge goes on to say, “number 1 you keep interrupting me and are going to be charged with contempt of court and you will be going to jail”

“Contempt is spelled C.O. double N, i know that conn very well”. Ernie

“Be quiet” Judge

“Don’t you touch me, do not touch me you ain’t a God, i am a Living Man protected by Universal Law”. Ernie

What they do not show is the judge does abandon the ship by walking out of the courtroom.

For the full video”Raw footage of Ernie Wayne Tertelgte in Three Forks Justice Court” use this link:

The ultimate truth. Jessie goes on to divulge, “September 12, 2020 our world was given a bright light in Fair Common Law Court Claim established. It sits in the Bolton Court House in Ontario Canada waiting for the World to bear witness for all to see. The B.A.R. right now is attacking this filing for it will expose Massive Constructive Fraud enslaving people. This will ensure Judy Mikovits, and other courageous people with truth, will see justice finally served. Today Christopher James and Jesse Perez Casanova united will provide the solution for our World at a crucial time. Together we will lead this world out of darkness as the time has come to battle for mankind. For this knowledge has been hidden and is simple once shown. It is founded on truth that will free every man and woman on this planet. As we hold these Public Court Proceedings around the world the Law of The Land. The Law of The Living Man outside of International Maritime/Admiralty Law. The Law of the Dead [also know as the Law of Money or Lex mercatoria] where these Governments have no Jurisdiction over us. Where We The People have the ability to hold those accountable for this maskial fraud and evil that has been committed against all of us”. Jesse

Sheriff states, “Please be advised that the Judge has abandoned the Court, abandoned Ship and ie as sovereign citizen claim case dismissed with cause and prejudice”We are conducting Public Court Proceedings around the world where we will validate all government activities on basis of fraud. As we plan to bring this light to the world and has the ability to lawfully release us from our enslavement. If you would like to secure your and your family’s future please support these Court Proceedings around the world.” Jesse

There are Doctors that are waking up, honesty is always the best policy!!

“Good evening everyone today’s date is April the 1st 2021 and this is no April Fools Joke”! “My name is Christopher James and if you do not know who i am, the long and the short of it is i have incredible truth that i’m bringing forth to our world. And it is going to save our world and the only thing that is stopping it is that you do not know it. Maybe the people on this call know it but for those of you that are hearing this for the very first time there has been an incredible trespass that happened to you when you were born and once you understand this trespass that occurred when you were born then you will understand who you are; then you will understand the difference between Lawful and Legal; then you will understand that this COVID lie with the further evidence that i have laid out on my website you have been lied to, there is no disease; there is no virus that is going on here; it is all theater that is being unrolled on our world right now and many Doctors are speaking to this fact. Once you understand these 2 core foundational facts then the next question that should come up for you, “where is the solution”. The solution is at our Public Courthouse. How should we say the sharing of knowledge? i have an incredible interview that i did earlier today with Andrew Kauphmen, Doctor Andrew Kauphmen if you do not know who he is you have been living under a rock for the last year. This man has been incredibly moving forward”. Christopher James

Andrew Kaufman is a Doctor, an incredible man, who is based out of New York that has “gone a bit rogue”!He shares with us:

“Basically what i did was to use all my knowledge and skill to try to figure out what is going on with this “Pandemic” you know again i when and looked at actual “Scientific Paper” where they have demonstrated this virus causes disease and such and the fact is all that is quite baseless scientifically”. Andrew KaufmanHe goes on to describe his position as a Doctor under licensing. “i even chose to give up my #MedicalLicense completely because i feel that’s you know the only way to truly be free of that system.

Of course, it intersects with things that you have been looking at because it is the license’s know is really a contract. That says, “The state gives me permission to #BreakTheLaw as long as i do it in the way they want. Andrew Kaufman

“That’s right”. Christopher James

“You know when i say, “#Break The Law” my #licenses actually covered surgery in New York all #MedicalLicensces is for #Medicine and #Surgury. So i could cut somebody open right which is assault humm but i have permission to do that if i follow a #designatedprocedure that #thestate approves, right. Like liposuction for example”. Andrew Kaufman

“That’s amazing Andrew i want everyone to know that the only other Doctor i know that has relinquished their license was Simone Gold but you are that i am actually talking to that has done that. And i really praise you for that because my subscriber base that is learning about the common law is also starting to understand what you so eloquently talked about is licensing”. Christopher James

We invite you to watch and listen to the very important information shared in this awesome and life-changing video.We ask that you share this video far and wide and get on board with this World Wide Action!!!

websites: and


What is not covered in the cases Christopher James is assisting in is the idea of Money. Money is given the notition of value when it really has no Intrinsic Value.

Here is another great interview with regard to “Rules of Civil Procedure”!

Tutorial 3 Rules of Civil Procedure!

Will you make the commitment to live life lawfully?

Life would change very quickly if everyone would watch this video and we all begin to take steps to free ourselves from the presumptions and assumptions of “cult members”:


The following video titled, “You Will Never Learn This About $💰$ in School its Happening Right Now!!!”

It is very entertaining:

It is imperative that we know that we should not be participating in their monopoly game, when we do we are committing a crime. The problem is how do we transition out of this colossal fraud gracefully and without causing any further damage?

There are many ways to “discharge” the so called bills which are only offers!!! We have been duped into thinking we need to pay them.

Check out the information shared on there are many classes, such as Private Ministerial Action Process, BC & SSN, Money Talk, Traffik Blocking, Free Utilities, Mortgage Free, Beat The Bar etc… zoom meetings every Tuesday and Thursday at noon. These are open mic discussions to assist in all things Legal. 🙂❤

Police stop – Travel without license, registration, insurance, or tags….Right to travel success.

Police or better defined as “Policy Enforcers and “Tax Collectors” for the Crown Service Corporation(s). Keith is one of the main educators along with Malika in the Lawful Living Community and does share some valuable insights in the following video. And proves in his argument that in fact #TraffickTickets are a #TaxReciept and all #Licensing and #Certification is False, watch his #argument by clicking on the video below titled, “Traffic tickets – Certification is False”!!!

Richie Sposato shared a post on Facebook

Hello everyone, here’s the legal and lawful argument that PROVE’S you do not need a drivers license to travel on public passageway’s/highways, nor do you need to register your “automobile”.

1. U.S. Supreme Court Says No License Necessary To Drive Automobile On Public Roads.

2. Federal Definition of Motor Vehicle: Used for Commercial Purposes.

3. DMV Response to “Is a Class D license holder permitted to operate a Motor Vehicle..?” Yes, if they’re companied by a licensed driver. You do not need to be companied by a licensed driver to travel around in your everyday automobile, not being used for commercial purposes. Therefore, your everyday car is NOT a Motor Vehicle.

4. Class D license: shall be valid to operate any passenger or limited us Automobile. If you did get a license, you’re only permitted to operate an Automobile.

5. Federal Definition of Driver: Any person who operates any commercial motor vehicle. By definition, every motor vehicle is used for commercial purposes.

6. Therefore, you are not a “driver” and do not need a driver’s license.

7. Federal Definition of Automobile: Household goods. Household goods do not need to be Titled or Registered.8. Registration by owners. No Motor Vehicle shall be operated or driven upon the public highways without being registered. The Automobile you are traveling in is NOT a Motor Vehicle, therefore, it does NOT need to be registered.

The following article presents some very useful information and gives action steps that one can take if one is interested in self-empowerment and interested in restoring youthfulness, vitality, radiant health, and wellbeing.

Cheers my lovelies!!!

Know that ie/I love you very much

Goddess sophia-tania Divine Mother

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