Protocol For Self Empowerment; Restoring Youthfulness, Radiant Health, and Wellbeing!!

Good day, dear friends

There is information below that ie/I first shared when ie/I activated a 21 day yoga and meditation challenge to assist people with PTSD and other disharmonic states as a result of trauma. Know that the body can heal itself when we give it the tools to do so. Mostly we must get out of the old thought patterns that have limited the body’s expression.

Experiences in life can move us into a rut of thinking in a way that is not beneficial to what we are wanting it is called brain entrainment. It is up to each of us to recognise this state for ourself. No one can do it for us. It is up to us to choose to be our own programmer. Below you will find links to inspirational and educational material that will benefit you greatly in life. It is up to you if you desire real change or if you wish to remain in the same rut.

You will find an 18 minute video designed to assist in resolving “negative” thought patterns and you will find videos published by our good friend Raphael to assist us in aligning with the New Earth Energies?

It is suggested to choose to set aside an hour for 21 days to get on board with the transition to the uplifting frequencies being broadcasted into the field. .

Will you be committed to your experience here on earth to make it as rewarding and joyfull for you as possible the way it was originally designed?

It is suggested that we all get on the same page with regard to what is going on. The information provided in the links may not be televised so it is up to us to find ways to get the word out.

Will we come together to educate ourselves so that we begin to take steps in our communities to shift the way we are doing life?

It really is time to empower ourselves and each other and end-all assaults upon our experiences of the breath of life.  You really need the information shared in the following article. Watch all videos provided, it is a life-changer!

Remember to speak of what you are wanting. Move into a state of stillness and set your desired outcome.

Please share this information far and wide by adding to emails..etc.

The folks that created the Crown with their B.A.R Rats and the Aristoc-Rats are being exposed. 

It is time to look at why we have been abused and shamed into not speaking up.  It is up to us to stop the abuse and bring forth the means of restoration for the misapplied frequencies This assault and battery and the killing is a result of the unlawful and illegal conversion and mislabeling into a mere thing, a “fictitious person” and is what has “permitted” those that choose violence to cause so much damage . This misapplied conversation and mislabeling has also resulted in misapplied tax levies and interest . The time to be compensated, and restored has arrived.

We are breaking the limitation imposed upon us by those that should know better.  We will soon see the rewards for our dedication to truth.

Loving all the true anarchists that have broken the mold of conformity. And it is nice to see the B.A.R. Rats and the Aristoc-rats being exposed. There are some very informative videos published in the following article.

 ❤🙂 Wishing you a Happy Spring with an eternity of them to come 🙂❤ 

❤ :)will you join me in planting new seeds of intent? ❤🙂 

When you have the time it is important that you open the link below and see the information provided… it is a life changer!!!

 Letting you know that ie/I have been working on documents and following through with action. Getting documents prepared to serve to the man David of the family Eby that sometimes acts as the Attorney General of British Columbia, Canada et al

The following video is a live stream that ie/I did to give people information as to how we are programmed and gives some energy medicine to assist those interested in shifting their own frequency!

May be an image of text
It is important for people to purify their energy and balance their energy centers. When forcing the activation of the kundalini without doing the frequency harmonics and brain balancing psychological problems as in psychosis/mental illness may occur.


Resolving Ties That Bind Us! It Is All About Frequency

Will you join me in this challenge to commit every day for the next 21 days to align with your hearts knowing by dissolving the fears that maybe keeping you out of vibrational harmony with your reason for being?

Will we commit to resolving our fears so that we can come together with viable action steps towards a sustainable world?There is a very effective video below that is designed to resolving our attachments to “negative” thoughts that contribute to our fears.

May be an image of text that says 'The Galactic Centre ONE Heart Entrainment of the ÛNEHEnoesfrat 3 Hearts of Creation Galactic Heart Galactic Centre- Cosmic Gateway Fear Fear Our Heart LOVE Earth Heart Earth Gateway Crystalline Centre'
Fear Robs Us Of OUr Joy!

Please watch the meditation video below at any point during the day.

ie/I have found this video especially usefull in my healing journey!

Guided Meditation for Releasing Negative Thoughts & Emotions (Powerfully Healing)

Do You KNow The Frequency Of Your Energy Field? This is
Your Attractor Field

Once we are aware of the fact that we can rewire our brain for possibilities in 21 days would you invest an 20 minutes a day to achieving this? Would it be worth it to you to take 20 minutes out of your day to self-realize what is driving you to think the way you think, or to act, or even to react the way you do?

The thoughts we think and the words we speak all have a frequency and our body is listening in every moment. Do you have the sensitivity to feel the effect of the thoughts you think and the words you speak on the molecules, particles, quantum, and subconscious particles of your body and that of how you speak?

Raising the Frequency Of Our Thoughts Effects Our Health And Wellbeing

What if it is as simple as listening to an 18-minute video over the next 21 days would you do it?

It is widely known that everything is energy expressing in frequency, vibration, and density. So, if you want the universe to work for you we must know how to harness our own energy and align vibrationally with this larger aspect.of self.

Self-awareness is our greatest asset. It is up to each of us to consciously choose to become aware of how we are locking up our own creative energy or putting up our own roadblocks. And if the Universe responds to our frequency then it would be in our best interest to know how to strengthen the frequency of our expression to the same frequency as the Galactic Heart (Unconditional Love).We have been strategically programmed to the “perpetrator” and “victim” mentality. This keeps us in polarized thinking and polarized perceiving.

Once we give up these roles then we can be in the flow and our creative powers are more readily available so that we are truly experiencing the life we always dreamed of.In separation consciousness when we believe we need protection we are actually disempowering ourselves. Can you see that when we know the transformational ability of our light and believe in our love to heal we need nothing outside of the self?Why have we been made to believe we must avoid lower density attacks? This perspective is not serving us. it is our own fear that has us stuck in this perspective. And once we come into vibrational harmony with our contradictions and bring all polarized thinking and actions to the center point we will find our thoughts support our dreams and our dreams are now realized.
Do you know where you sit on the scale of consciousness? Will you join me in this challenge to move up this scale of consciousness?

When we invest in ourselves everyone wins!!!

What is your mission?

“When you see something that is not of love, it is so easy to drop into judgment, discrimination, building a story, and searching for retribution and justice, and “fair play”. This is the old way, the way of victim and perpetrator, the way of duality.

There is always a choice of ego-mind or you can go straight to your Heartmind and ask”How would love to see it?”

Nicky Hamid

Here is an uplifting tranmission for you shared with me by a friend on Facebook.

Every atom, molecule, quantum, and subquantum, particle in my sense field was singing when ie/I read this messagege

 ie/I know all of ya have already gotten it too…. get the booster by reading these words and get the frequency of truth carried, these carrier waves are out-a-this-world!!

❤🙂 What a wonderful Spring Day for planting seeds 🙂❤

From Muthy Muth to our world!!

Sophia-taniah Borgeson-shackelford breath is something you can feel at the front and back of every vortex of light called chakra and the victory comes as you choose to feel the process of transmutation of dark to light and you taste the light platinum group metals as you inhale through your nose the prana of life once you can discern the feeling through recognition of the smell taste sound or sight you too can forge your own unique bridge with the quantum repository that contains the memory seed atoms of light from you family of light that make up your astral hereditary bloodlines based on your natal chart you will be able to draw more specific information using the sense perception known as Clair or your clear senses everyone has at least one of these senses mastered and there are several sub forms but the bottom line is that when you come to the realization of how you best transmute the energy into re-cognition of who you are always you will be able to cognize the Dragons breath as it flows through you and thus you will be able to achieve your desired stage of remembrance through re-cognizing your unique truth as you break the meta of polarization of Good and evil and ascend the karmatic table into the energy of Mastery on your terms as the path of your greatest Good and highest resonation from there you will be able to see the whole truth about how your subconscious conscious and superconscious work to manifest your reality cocreation as a trinity consciousness. The holy trinity is not of a religion for you see religion is just a collection of stories made up by those who experienced the flow of the river of life unique to them for experience happens as you breath embodying the intensions of your conscious frequency fields that transmute the awareness of everything in the now moment, as you are, not the body, into the realization of self as your ultraconscious projection of the adamantine full spectrum iridesent creator light atom that is the omniversoul of Hermes at the exact center point of your universe inside the hole behind your heart where Hermes is revealed as the galactic centeral sun when you open your heart by choosing love for love is not just an emotion but the very essence of our being.❤️ Love has won, Love has one Light has one Water ❤

The Frequency Of Love Is The Key To The Gate!!

Our friend Raphael Fourmon has published a couple of yoga videos to assist us in restoring youthfulness, raidiant health and welbeing to our body matrix.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3Energy Yoga- Ankles, Feet, and Legs

If you are interested in mindful living there is an amazing meditation program presented on Soul Hub

There is a community of highly motivated, highly intelligent, kind, and loving people that are taking steps towards living life lawfully join the community using the following link:

“May life be filled with the joy, glory, and passion of you being uniquely you”. 🙂❤Sending you light and love while simultaneously holding you in my light and in my love.Infinite blessings for a life of joy.goddess sophia-taniah divine motherborn lorna lynne of the borgeson familyand being named in a private, personal, and Sacred Ceremony officiated by Chief White Buffalo in reverence and use of the elements as “the one that flows with water”

Goddess sophia-taniah

Spiritual Alchemist, Meditation Instructor, Educator/Trainer for the New EarthShifting consciousness while waking up the Masses & Transforming lives with the ‘Freedom of Love’.Individual (skype) and Group Sessions

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