Revealing Banking Deceptions!

Carl Collicott
I. ENFORCEMENT ACTION PROCESS Request for a Letter of Determination. It is my intention to secure prompt aid and assistance from this office and all staff subject to the Comptroller of the Currency, (O.C.C. hereafter), guidance and administration, or failing that, to exercise my standing to bring complaint and claim.There can be no misunderstanding and no continuance of the legal presumptions. The OCC is best able to address banking corporation operating deficiencies, noncompliance with *laws and *regulations, and unsafe or unsound practices. Furthermore, accepting in full measure its responsibility, which is a law, enjoins the performance of a particular object, and silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a legal or moral duty to speak, or where an inquiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading.


A four day response from the Houston Texas Comptroller of the Currency, a new record!

Carl what a powerful letter OCC has already written me stating That Shellpoint is not a National Bank, WOW.16 Comments

Phyllis Ferraro Amazing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Carl Collicott Phyllis Ferraro Think about it, four days? I’ve never heard of that, I did shut down an office fax machine in California. America, you best understand, the Comptroller of the Currency “charters” these criminals, proof provided below. Now, the O.C.C. knows of their criminal activity, and this is the real party, and we’ll drag their sorry butts into the fray, we will not be victims to this, or lose our property.

Here’s a “Letter of Decision.”Interpretive Letter #1176 January 2021

OCC Chief Counsel’s Interpretation on National Trust BanksJanuary 11, 2021This letter addresses the authority of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) to “charter” “national banks” within the scope of 12 U.S.C. § 27(a). As discussed in detail below, 12 U.S.C. § 27(a) recognizes the authority of the OCC to charter a bank that limits its “operations” to those of a “trust company” and activities related thereto….

• transfer agent (which is akin to a registrar of “stock and bonds”);

• custodian under a uniform gifts to minors act (which is a type of “guardian” of “estate”;

• investment adviser, if the bank receives a fee for its investment advice;

• any capacity in which the bank possesses investment discretion on behalf of another;and

• any other similar capacity that the OCC authorizes pursuant to 12 U.S.C. § 92a.6 There are numerous examples of this. Under 12 U.S.C. § 85, a national bank generally may charge the interest rate permitted by the state in which it is located, and under “12 U.S.C. § 36”, a national bank may establish new branches to the extent that a state bank could establish a new branch under the law of that state.C. Business of BankingUnder 12 U.S.C. § 24(Seventh), national banks may engage in the business of banking and activities incidental to the business of banking.<<<<,( Comment; I think we’ve seen enough huh? there is no provisions for “real estate loans” “notice of default””foreclosures” “mortgage banking” or any type of a branch, in the United States.Summation; Permissible Activity;#1. a “trust company” authorizes pursuant to 12 U.S.C. § 92a.#2. 12 U.S.C. § 92a, is restricted to the trust business established by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA),(employees of foreign affiliates), ask Rex Febus, he knows.#3.the state in which it is located, and under “12 U.S.C. § 36″12 U.S.C. 36, lists the permissible “branch banking” outside the United States, see 12 U.S.C. 615, for clarification.# 4. Under 12 U.S.C. § 24(Seventh), national banks may engage in the business of banking and activities incidental to the business of banking.#5. The business of banking 12 U.S.C. 24(seventh) is a “bankers bank” with no permissible outside the United States, with no contact withe the general public, so says the comptroller of the Currency, here;

COMPTROLLER’S LICENSING MANUAL…/docum…/OCCChartersManual1202.pdf

Page 4;This requirement does not apply to proposed special purpose banks that will not perform commercial or retail banking services by granting credit to the public in the ordinary course of business, other than as incidental to their specialized operations.

These special purpose banks include banker’s banks, as defined in 12 U.S.C 24(Seventh).Definition of a banker’s banks, according to the Federal Reserve Board, here;12 C.F.R. 204 International Banking Facility outside the United States.12 C.F.R. §204.121 “Bankers’ banks”.(a)(1) The Federal Reserve Act, as amended by the Monetary Control Act of 1980 (title I of Pub. L. 96-221), imposes Federal reserve requirements on depository institutions that maintain transaction accounts or non-personal time deposits. Under section 19(b)(9), however, a depository institution is not required to maintain reserves if it:(i) Is organized “solely” to do business “with other financial institutions;”(ii) Is owned primarily by the financial institutions with which it does business; and(iii) “Does “not” do business with the “general public.”

Depository institutions that satisfy all of these requirements are regarded as bankers’ banks.<<<<As aside note, Phyllis Ferraro, you’re more than welcome, of course, that would just be my opening statement, if you need any further clarification let me know. I just put it together while exchanging messages with a guy, concerning the theory of “accumulation of tolerances”, in both the vertical and horizontal dimensions.
Maia ShafferCarl – I’ve never seen that Shellpoint states they are a national bank- just a service mortgaging company-I would like to know what I’m missing
Renee WylerCarl, as a former mortgage broker, I requested an investigation with the OCC #03175339 in 2017. Senior Attorney, Maria Riegger was assigned to the investigation of our company’s Unendorsed Notes being pirated by numerous banks without having our endorsement as the Original Lender. In one case, an imposter posed as my vice president to assign and release a $400,000 mortgage, in Cincinnati. Ms. Riegger called me and whispered into the phone that “she had to close the investigation, immediately”. She would not give me a reason. I have not been able to get a FOAI on this investigation. They will NOT release it. Please use this information as it is evidence of the OCC ignoring a RICO CRIME. Chris Hoffman, FBI Director of Cincinnati also has this information and I have not received a response from his office. Special Agent, Larry Stewart of the Traverse City FBI Field Office initially quashed this investigation in 2016. You see, Very Special Agent “Stewart” bought a Fannie Mae Foreclosure and one of the loans in question in my investigation involved a Fannie Mae loan. See how this works? It is all coming to a “boiling point”, “a ground swell” of We the People investigating the Investigators. Demand answers. I am now investigating JUDGES who are paying off their mortgages in MONTHS, getting a new one and paying in off within a year. Judge Elsenheimer who sanctioned me for providing the court with evidence of massive RICO Crimes has had 6 mortgages in 6 years on the same property. I say NO to this. He just happens to be the Judge assigned to Bailey v Antrim County the case where 6000 Trump Votes switched to Biden. I have documented a NEXUS between Judges’ Phantom MERS mortgages and PHH as Servicer. This is one of the Servicers that appears to be laundering money to foreclosure judges.
Carl CollicottRenee Wyler How deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go?, ostensible, as a matter of pure banking regulations, I could respond with a 10 pages of response, perhaps a bit too much, in this instant matter, you let me know what you would be comfortable for you, do you want 1800’s law. 1900’s law, current banking provisions, an overview, cliff notes, or whatever, I do have ALL of their operating manuals. As a caveat, I do include a “summation” or “introduction” because we have women who have children, our most precious treasure, and I want them to be secure.
Renee WylerCarl Collicott I documented an algorithm tied to Freddie Mac that lists children each with its own ” specific product number”. When I posted it on FB showing how I got to it using Google it disappeared from the entire Internet. So deep.
Dupree Thaddeusshellpoint mortgage servicing, new rez llc, fidelity & guaranty life mortgage trust 2018-1, commercial capital llc, us bank trust national association, new penn financial, are all connected. literally. admittely. i have notified comptroller, mayor, governor etc. has response been received…no. $81 million dollars created from my mortgage. plus unseen amounts that i personally can’t find. Carl Collicott Renee Wyler · Reply · 16h · EditedHanneke LohseCarl you are shining the true light. Thank you so much for your service to justice. Yes, We had our house stolen through foreclosure
Heidi LichterThey are ALL connected in their frauds and crimes. IL AG has done similar when asked to investigate Citi frauds. The assistant basically whispered that ALL they can do with mortgage banks is to help consumers with loan modification.Regulators, sheriffs, judges, attorners, recorders, governors et al = implicated, bribed, on the very crooked banks’ payroll, not mentioning they have been installed to their positions for that reason.Clean up time is coming.
April ScarlottAnd oh how we will dance on their graves.
Golden DebbieAnd this my friend is the letter you suggested I write three years ago to them their response was a investigation that led to a PAID IN FULL by Bank of America on my credit report. Thank you!
Carl CollicottGolden Debbie You my dear friend, are something special, I remember exchanging messages with you,in the wee hours, a newbie,all the while my heart was in my throat, and thinking oh Lord, is there a way to convey to this special lady, there are no banks, there are no “mortgage loans”, and how do I do it. So yes, I drafted a letter for you, and you, being a jersey girl sent it, more nerve than most men. You’re an inspiration for any and all, and we all love you. Not to bore our attending audience, but you’re always on my mind, and with all liberty extended to those who are aware, I still play Tony Bennett’s song, I wanna be around, when (she) breaks your heart, thank you so much for the endless joy, you’re a blast.
Golden DebbieBut it still didn’t matter in court I’m still fighting the foreclosure to have the lein of record removed from my county records. I still can’t sell my house and it still didn’t stop them from doing a sherriffs sale in 2019. MAKE NOTE I’M STILL LIVING IN MY HOUSE. · Reply · 15hJulie ElliottAAFWed, Nov 10, 2021 at 3:41 AM…/posts/5118417401508406/…
Julie ElliottLetter heading to the Comptroller of the Currency, (O.C.C. ) district office for a “letter of determination.”Wed, Oct 13, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Sophia-taniah Shackelford-borgesonwow Raymond Shack

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