A Wise Man Admits His Mistakes So That He/She Can Take Steps Towards Resolving These Mistakes!!

Together We Assist Each Other To Rise!!

The following is a comment ie/i left as a result of watching a Youtube video titled, “Cross Examiner takes on the pro-vax lobby (please click like and subscribe !!)” a link to the video is published below.

Do we really have a choice when we are told by the people in positions of power “you cannot go to work, you cannot get on an airplane, you cannot go to school unless we take the COVID19 Cvaccine”?

@Cross Examiner ie/I appreciate your position. For me ie/I hold it in my heart that the majority of people are intelligent and have the skills to recognize truth when they read or hear it. Do people realize that our very existence on earth is at risk and we all really must “grow” up and “get smarter”? Why is common sense not so common in this “modern era” with all our technical advances? Why have we not asked the relevant questions that affect every man, woman, and child on earth today?

Problems arise when we are programmed to be “argumentative”. Sitting on the fence is a great idea yet if we sit on the fence are we really getting the “birds-eye view” of the situation? And it is up to each of us to ask some tough questions of ourselves and each other! For myself, ie/i am tired of taking actions from a place of ignorance and sheer stupidity. We do not know we are illiterate until it is revealed just how illiterate we really. In other words, we do not know what we do not know until we come to see just how much we did not know.

The courts are strategically designed to keep people in polarization. Which is a problem. The courts should be a place to resolve conflict and not support one side above another and this is why the way the courts are running must be examined if we are to take steps towards a sustainable world.

Holding on to a fixed point of view when clearly all the information is not available is a real issue and a major source of man’s problems. Why is it we cannot accept that just maybe we made a mistake in the past as we did not have all the information and are ready to remedy the situation for the benefit of everyone?

ie/I wrote a parable the other day that was published in the following educational article.

The following is a short parable that was inspired by a friend’s comment on one of my posts on Facebook: “What Does Awakening Look Like?”

Why do we argue?

Is arguing a “point of view” a fear of being wrong? All fears are created from our mental program!! In other words “fear is something we learn”. So why do people still believe that “fear” is the opposite of “love” when in fact fear is manufactured as the result of our experiences in life and love is the energy frequency and foundation of life? Why do people see someone presenting another point of view as argumentative? Could it be we are being conditioned to this perspective as a result of the way society is structured? The following is a short parable that was inspired by a friend’s comment on one of my posts on Facebook: “What Does Awakening Look Like?” Barry wrote, “You see things differently and have a different take on things and you argue less”.

There once was a wise man and his friends called him, “Barry”. One day Barry and his friend “Joe” were walking on the beach. They were on their way to no particular place, just enjoying the scenery and enjoying each other’s company. As they were walking Barry noticed something etched in the sand between them. Look said Barry, as he pointed to the etching in the sand, “there is a 6 etched in the sand”. He inquisitively asked, ” ie/I wonder who put it there and why they put it there”?

Joe looks down and sees this symbol etched in the sand and immediately said, “oh, no Barry you are mistaken that is not a 6 it is a 9”. The questions “who put it there” and “why did they put it there?” were quickly forgotten as the two stood arguing about what this symbol etched in the sand is.

They had been arguing all morning about what they had just witnessed. Then Barry decided it was fruitless to continue to argue and decided to take pause and in the pausing, he asked himself, “why does Joe see this etching this way?” In this asking Barry was pulled out of his body and in this state had the ability to see from the “point of view” of Joe and not only could he see “Joe’s point of view”. It was both a 6 and a 9. Not only this now Barry had the “birds-eye view”. And from this fresh and more expanded perspective, Barry realized that even the ant crawling through the etching has its own unique perspective [point of view] and experience of this symbol etched in the sand. Even the grains of sand and the sun shining upon this etching is having their own unique experience of this moment.

Then Barry wisely thought to himself, “if everything created from one source is experiencing this moment from their unique perspective ie/i wonder what it would be like to experience this moment through the consciousness, point of view, and experience of everything? And in this inquiry, Barry’s ego-mind/consciousness let go of its attachment to the intellect/it broke free from its conditioning. It let go of its programming completely, everything that Barry was programmed to believe become an instant knowing. And in this letting go the mind expanded to be in alignment with the Unified Field of All Thought and all Thought Possibilities. In this state, the ego-mind is no longer perceiving in “Separation Consciousness” it now is seeing and experiencing from the expanded point of view known as Unified Mind/Christ Consciousness.

When we hold onto an idea or a perspective we are limiting the soul’s expression! Why would we choose to hold onto an idea in our mind’s eye that might actually not be the truth? Now that we know that there are tricksters in the lower astral plane that can give us ideas that are not the truth why would continue to hold onto this limited perspective of ourselves? The “journey” is never-ending, however, our perception of the journey can be a struggle or it can be joyous. We can keep repeating the same patterns or we can choose to resolve them and end our “karmic ties” our “quantum entanglements” the choice is ours. And like my friend Trica Ferguson reminded me, “knowing how you work will bring the knowledge of how the world works…….that’s how we change the world also, by knowing thyself. 🙂“.

We can choose to take the route of self-discovery by looking inward. And even though we have an awakening to our light it is up to us to recognize the “stories” or “recordings’ we have running in our field that may be limiting our potential. And once we have taken the deep dive we then have a new launching pad for a whole new way of experiencing ourselves. As the projector and the projected when we hold onto a fixed point of view we are actually limiting our expression.

Why would we hold onto a fixed “point of view” if we know that it is limiting our expression and our experience in life? It seems odd to me that there would be some of us that think that we have reached the end of our journey once we take the deep dive and discover who we are, when in fact our journey is just now beginning!!!! The longest journey for me has been to figure out the human condition. Now that we have figure out the human condition we can enjoy the rest of the “endless” journey. It is exciting to think about the possibilities!!

Once we make an informed choice then it is us that is responsible for the harm caused as a result of our informed actions!!

The title of the following video, “Cross Examiner takes on the pro-vax lobby (please click like and subscribe !!)”

A wise man will admit his/her mistakes and take steps toward resolution! And now that we know that we have been lied to about everything what are we going to do about it? How are we ever going to learn from history if we do not begin to take corrective action?

When are we going to admit that we are the ones perpetuating the problem because we have not been honest with ourselves and we keep ignoring the empirical evidence that is staring us in the face?

On November 3, 2000, my life was turned upside down or maybe it was turned upside right in some ways, this was the day that ie/i triggered a “Life Review”. After this “Life Review” and having the ability to see from the spirit realm.. ie/I realized that we do not know that we are living a lie. It was devastating to me to realize after working for the “health care” industry as a Medical Laboratory Technologist for 18 years ie/I was programmed to participate in Satanic Rituals by going to work and “doing my job”.

ie/I actually thought ie/I was helping people in the “Health Care Industry” even though the facts are right there under my nose yet ie/I was blind to the situation. What is it in the human design that has us following in our parent’s footsteps ignoring our gut feeling that something is not quite right?

Yesterday, ie/I read the comment, “Medical Science” has made such progress over thousands of years that there is barely a healthy man left”. it is like we actually believe that nature got it wrong and we are all born “diseased” and need “Medical Intervention” to be “healthy”. What has us believing the body is not equipped with what is required to be “healthy” and the body’s “natural state” is to be “diseased”?

The “Life Review” and having the veil lifted ie/I realized that the philosophies of “Modern Medicine” were implemented for a malevolent purpose, which is to disempower the body and keep us in lower states of consciousness. It is odd that we have chosen to not listen to our body in favor of going to an alleged “expert” wearing a “white lab coat” with a “stethoscope” around their neck thinking he/she has all the answerers.

It was like going from a state of euphoria to the basement in just a few months. Recognizing my contradictions was too much for my already taxed nervous system and ie/i ended up having a nervous system breakdown. it is through this experience that ie/I realize that fear had a grip on me, the fears held in my subconscious had limited me in so many ways. What people think of me and wanting to fit in had a detrimental effect on my body as ie/i was ignoring the messages my body was sending me and in so doing was not being true to my life’s mission or my reason for being.

ie/I feel deeply for the people that will have the veil lifted and come to realize how badly they have been duped!!! It is my wish that when people realize how badly they have been fooled and how they have not been honest with themselves that they can benefit from my mistakes. It is my wish that people will look at what ie/I am sharing so that they do not have to make the same mistakes that ie/I have, it is my intention that others have the desire to learn and take advantage of my triumphs, and take advantage of the epiphanies ie/i have attained as a result of my spiritual awakenings and take advantage research ie/I have done over the last 20 years of research in my attempt to comprehend the human condition and make sense of this world.

Most people are unaware of the crimes they are committing by “going to work and doing their job”. All bills are already paid and all certifications and licensing are false. Using the “Legal Name” puts us in the land of fiction. We are uneducated and illiterate on purpose!! If people wish to learn from my mistakes, and take advantage of my triumphs and take advantage of 20 years of research it is documented on my website. Nothing is as it appears. Why do we ignore history?

When will we admit that there has been a biological attack upon man for eons?

When will the alleged owners of the Crown Corporations, the men and women, that have made the decisions to give full immunity to the creators and manufacturers of vaccines and creators of the following industries like “modern medicine”, of the “education system”, the “court system”, the banking and taxation system, the Global Military Industrial Complex, etc. be held responsible for this attack upon man’s genome and this attack upon life?

When will we stop living in the land of fiction and put our feet on the ground and be honest with ourselves?

We have been lied to about everything and our experience of life has been manipulated for decades.


Why have we allowed ourselves to be lied to?

Why have we ignored our contradictions?

Why would we give the power of our body to heal itself by thinking that we can “fix” it using external technologies only and not look at what created the dis-ease in the first place?

Why have we chosen to treat the symptoms of our problems and not look at the source of the problem?

Why has this been “permitted”?

When are we going to expose the entities behind the creation of the Vatican with their “Legal System” and made-up laws as the source of man’s pain and misery so that we can actually heal and move on in our experience of life?

When will we take the steps towards living from “Natural Law”?

May the fire of the eternal truth burn deeply!
The Key To the Kingdom Is the frequency of Love!

Sending you light and love while holding you in my light and in my love, wishing you and your radiant health and wellness, may you and yours always be in joy 

What ie/I do and what ie/i share is in service to all. It is my mission to be in service to life and am here to assist in any way that ie/I can.

Sincerely, sophia-taniah

Spiritual Alchemist, Meditation Instructor, Educator/Trainer for the New EarthShifting consciousness while waking up the Masses & Transforming lives with the ‘Freedom of Love’

Restoring The Supremacy of Love,
Without Dishonor,
Without Prejudice, Ill will or Frivolty,
All Rights Reserved, Non-Assumpist,
Errors and Omissions Excepted
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