Declaration of Non-Consent(Non-Agreement) and Decree(s), and Comprehensive Notice and Notice of Contract/Contract(s)

Amended and republished April 9, 2020












For The Record!!

To any and all Entities and Organic and Inorganic Intelligence Reading This Document

Here And Now Has Greater Force And Effect Than If Read In The Supreme Court of Canada And/or In

The Supreme Court of The United States and/or In

The Supreme Court of The United Kingdom

By My Own Supremacy And Authority and Choosing To Be

The Voice For Our Greater Body/Gaia/Earth Mother

Done In Good Faith

Notice To Agent(s) of the Crown Is Notice To Principal
Notice To Principal Is Notice To Agent(s)of the Crown

This is a Public Notice Served to Earth’s Criminally and Clinically Insane, Self Appointed Caretakers/Leaders/Rulers/Oligarchs/Papal Bloodline, including those Earthly Visitors, and everyone in their Secret Societies, Religions, Sects who are their supporters and any and all Machine(s), Institution(s), Corporation(s), Corporate Agent(s), Government, Government Agent(s), Religion(s), Sect(s), Secret Societies, Crown, Crown Agents, Politician(s), Cleric, Clergy, Human Being(s), Humanoid(s), Non-human(s), Entities and/or Any and All Legal Person(s), and/or Any and All Natural Person(s).

For more information on the Papal Bloodline with their Medical Mafia, Banking Mafia, Military Mafia and others and how this Linage has hijacked our experience of Life. Please read Attachment # 8

Let it be known that the word ie (a personal pronoun)printed in this document refers to the Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physicial Embodiment and Manifestation of the Eternal Soul. The ie is used to refer to the Focal Point of Awareness through which I as the Source of All experiences life. ie/I Am that, ie/I Am.

On the 24th day of February in the Gregorian Year of 2019 while listening to the following video ie/I decided to write this Declaration of Non-Consent(Non-Agreement) and Decree, and Comprehensive Notice of Contract/Contract.

Jack Carzoo has created a unique very detailed version of Non-consent that He felt would Help Humanity by sharing it to the World Wide Web. Everyone has their Unique Ideals and Life Experiences whether they Be Contracted or not to Deal With. And some Decrees, Proclamations, and/or Declarations can be very short, while some people like Jack and ie/I feel the need to cover as many aspect(s) of our existence as possible from our Personal Viewpoint in this Human Incarnation. His Original Declaration can be found by following this link:

ie/I would like to begin by saying, “Thank you Jack for allowing me to plagiarize your Declaration that ie/I might expedite Mine as follows”. My Spirit that ie/I govern birthed forth from a Divine Impulse of the Galactic Center and according to My Mother Donna Elizabeth being the Womb of Life facilitating the Creation of this Body(Physical Vessel/Body Matrix) being Fathered by Carl Dorel of the House of Borgeson and was named by My Parents as Redeemer Lorna Lynne being born onto Earth on the 29th Day of July in the Gregorian Year of 1959. My Mother was born into the House of Ross through the womb of her Earthly Mother Bessie and was fathered by Harry Donald of the House of Ross. ie/I officially changed the name of this Physical Vessel called a body to that of Sophia and restored the title of Goddess Queen on the 28th day of November in the year 2019.

By Creating an Affidavit that was hand delivered to The Crown by Me personally by taking it and handing it to an Employee of the Government Agency known as Service BC at 40 Calgary Avenue, Penticton, British Columbia. ie/I Goddess Queen Sophia being of Sound Mind and Intellect state that this document that ie/I have Created being My Personalized Declaration of Non-Consent and/or Non-Agreement and Decree, and Notice(s) of Contract/Contract Being amended by Me as a result of My Unique Perspective stemming from My Unique Life Experiences as a Focal Point of Awareness through which Source has Expression. Being published as a Public Notice on February 24, 2019 and amended and re-published by Me on the 1st day of April in the Gregorian Year of 2020 then amended again on the 2nd and re-published. This Document was then edited by My Husband King Raymond Dale of the House of Shackelford on the 2nd & 3rd of April and then republished. Then coming upon some very pertinent information ie/I then added this information and then republished this Document on the 9th of April 2020.

Meaning of Sound Mind: legally, having the capacity to think, reason, rationalize, and understand for oneself. Adults by nature are considered in general to be of Sound Mind, but through certain circumstances can be rendered as being not of Sound Mind, due to major in-capacities, and/or due to chemical and/or metal and/or physical Brain Damage. Indoctrination into a specif belief system has been found to interfere with the brains ability to take in new information, known as Cognitive Dissonance interfering with an individuals ability to rationalize, their ability to be reasonable, and their sensibility. Brain Damage can occur with physical injury it can also occur when specific chemicals and metals are introduced into the Body by Government Controlled Institutions in various known and unknown ways. Chemical and metal Brain Damage interfering with Brain Function and Cognition is induced both externally and internally. The Brains ability to Function can be compromised when Self Medicating with drugs and/or alcohol. Brain Damage can occur internally as a result of Oxygen Deprivation and Brain Function and Cognition can be compromised as a result of emotional, psychological, and physical trauma causing an imbalance to the Endocrine and Central Nervous System during these events. It must be noted that chemical and metal Brain Damage affecting cognition has not been widely recognize in today’s Medical Community. It has been My Experience that the Brain Injury Society looks more for Physical Injury such as a concussion and does not look for Gen Anomalies, and/or any other Birth Defect resulting in a Deficiency in Cognition, and/or Damage Caused as the result of a Nervous System Breakdown. This Nervous System Breakdown is the result of trauma to Human Design, it can be psychological, mental, emotional and/or physical trauma.

It has been my experience that the Brain Injury Society looks more for Physical Injury such as a concussion and does not assist people with Gene Anomalies, and/or any other Birth Defect resulting in a Deficiency in Cognition, and/or Damage to the Brain caused as the result of a Nervous System Breakdown. ie/I Goddess Queen Sophie being of Sound Mind and being a Heart Centered, Non-combative, Non-violent and Self Governing Being of Light (information) and Love (holding the frequancy of Zero Point) have the Moral Obligation to expose tyranny, fraud, and psychopathy in High Places.

Let it be known for the record: the Babylonian Draconian Roman Cult Courts are not conducive to a healthy well-balance society. Those indoctrianted into this Religion use the Legal Name fraud and other Illigitimate Claims allowing for the most Agregious and Horendous Crimes to be committed by those supporting and worshipping the Diety Behind “The Crown”. These Crown Courts are run on many assumtions, presumptions, and hearsay having made many “False Claims” upon My and My Fellowmans Energy and have made the “False Claim” of Ownership of the Earth/Gaia. Those that have created the “Laws” being Dark Magicians/Sorceres/Clergy and those hanging out at the Vatican are not of good moral character and standing..

Notice: It is a well known fact that their have been a Specific Group of People conducting meetings behind closed doors plotting ways to get-a-way with their crime. They have created Organization and Institutions and positioned themselves in these Organizations and Institution writing Policies and Procedures that allow for them to get-a-way with Legally poisoning, maiming, paralysing, sterilizing, raping, and killing millions of people. The fact that people are not seeing this as a crime exposes the fact that we are being forced to experience life in a Profoundly Sick Society and ie/I want no part of this Society.

As a child ie/I always questioned the Systems ie/I was born into. ie/I observed that we are told, “we live in Freeedom” yet we used to be drafted into war and we have no say in what the Politicians decide. Every year ie/I pondered at the idea of My Parents having to file income taxes. In church ie/I had so many questions that never were answered. ie/I noticed that everything is based in fear. We are supposed to have freedom yet all that ie/i have seen is suppresion , one form or another. Colonization is legalized slavery! Nothing of this world that ie/I was born into made any sense. When are we supposed to have freedom? It does not matter where we turn for information we are never given the facts. People have continued to give their authority away to Politicians and Clergy blind to the fact ahat they are all compulsive liars.

Ie/i Wholeheartedly Object to these “False Claims” upon Me(any and All Aspects of My Energy including yet not exclusively to My Living Essence, My Physical Vessel, My Personal and Clearly Designated Unique* Human Physical, Etheric Bodies, Astral Bodies, My Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA), the Cells of My Body, My Mind, My Ego/Personality-Spirit, My Emotional Expression, My State of Consciousness, My Unique Soul Energy Signature with and any and All Aspects of My Multi-dimensional Expression of the All That is and Ever Will Be as the Observer and the Observed).

These False Claims and the Subsequent Acts and Actions by others throughout My Life having interfered with My and Everyone’s ability to express in our Physical Body to it’s Fullest Capacity and Fullest Potential. Anyone claiming that the Human Vessel and expression grows and adapts through trauma and adveristy is insane. Those that are supporting the Fight between “good and evil”, “light and dark” are not of Sound Mind. These individuals are thinking, acting, and reacting from “Lucifer’s False Light Matrix” of lies. In this acknowledgment it is My Duty as the Eternal Soul Incarnate to Dispel these False Claims and null and make void all “False Contracts”. And hereby Declare any and all Fraudulent Contracts and/or Court Documents and/or Legislation using the all upper case/capitilized (Legal Name fraud) name being created by the (wo)men working in Government Agencies subserviant to the Papal Bloodline also known as the Crown having stated many Illigitimate Claims resulting in these Fraudulent Contracts and Legislation whereby rendering us all to a Life of Slavery to them this is notice of the nullification of any and all pressumbed and assumed Contracts as they are not Valid Contract(s).

ie/I will not be suppressed and/or inhibited by Past Indiscretion and/or be suppressed by the negligence and lack of Spiritual Comprehension and/or ignorance of My Forefathers thus ie/I null and made void any and all claims made by the Sorcerer’s hereby cancelling, revoking, rebuking, transcending, and transmuting any and all Black Magic Spells, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis resulting in Religious and Cultural Indoctrination made by these Unholy Dark Occult Priest(s) with regard to “ownership” and the “Registration of Birth”and any and all Subsequent Contracting.

ie/i and My Fellowman other humans have been held in Lower States of Consciousness on purpose as a result of the spiritual, emotional, and mental corruption of others for far too long. This is why ie/I choose to integrate polarities by restoring and maintaining Heart Coherence to the best of My Ability under the circumstances even when being targeted covertly and overtly by Military Personnel and other Government Employees whereby choosing to overcome and lean towards the most Joyful Experience for my Expression of life!!!

Being coerced under duress to act outside of ones True Nature is not punishable. Any Court that punishes People for Being Out of Balance and punishing them for not being in Sound Mind is Corrupt.

According to the United States Constitution, only the people in the United States Congress have the right to vote on issuing money, not the Fed, a Private Bank. The Fed is in complete violation of the Unites States Constitution, regardless of whether Congress voted it into “law” or not. And the only reason we pay Income Tax is to pay the interest on the alleged debt to these bankers whom assume they have some magic power to create and issue money. With debt comes slavery and control even though there is no legitimacy to the creation of money and currency. It is all based in fraud, there is no legitimate power that gives the Banker the ability to create money and currency.

It distills down to the fact that the greatest lie every told is the Bankers lie, “Bankers have some kind of “Magick Powers” when it comes to giving themselves the Sole/Soul Authority and ability to Create Money and Currency”!!! They create Special Paper, then emboss it with a designated number statements occult symbols then call it a bill of exchange, they also use specific metals shape it and stamp it and call Coinage giving it some Magical Value thereby giving the holder Purchasing Power.

The Fed basically “loans” the United Stated Government its own money and charges them interest on this loan, making it impossible to ever pay off this debt to the Jewish bankers — the ultimate Ponzi Scheme.

So Trump’s criticisms of the Fed are also misleading because the problem with the Fed isn’t that they don’t have a “feel” for the true nature of the United States Economy and/or the Worlds Economy, but rather that the Fed and any other “Revenue Agency” doesn’t even have a Rational Justification for its very existence.

It would be great if everyone would Awaken to the facts. Trump is not taking down the Cabal (The Deep State). The “Deep State” is the “State” Local or Federal there is no difference. All Agencies and Institutions created are designed to Harvest Energy.

Everyone is registered as a “Slave” to the Government Agents the Politicians (Dark Occultist/Sorcerers) and their Law Enforcers that are living off of the fruits of the Tax Payers labours proving that they are Pirates of The Worst Kind.

Notice: There is no Governing Body in History that has not committed genocide on its own “citizens”. If you do not believe me go and research this for your self.

We go to Human Resources oblivious to the fact that we are The Resource, we apply for a “job” we get paid then have to pay the “Corporate Controllers” to live life. They have done a Bang Up Job of brain washing the masses. The people in authority Steer Clear of mentioning the Legal Name fraud, they also do not mention this idea that they created, “Capitis Diminution” or how it has affected every aspect of our life since they concocted it. They also have no justifiable explanation to having created this idea or how using the upper case letters to print the name can alter an individuals standing. ie/I have read:once they steal our name and create this “Legal Name” with the surname in all upper case letters they claim to “own” the name!

Why are we not taught about Cestui Que Vie Law or taught the Canon Laws and Latin in school? Even after 4 years of study ie/I still have no idea how to unravel the mystery of this statWhy are we not taught about Cestui Que Vie Law or taught the Canon Laws and Latin in school? Even after 4 years of study ie/I still have no idea how to unravel the mystery of these Laws and how it pertains to our Standing in their Courts or what it is that give their Courts Jurisdiction over our life and how we experience life. It is unclear how we can stop being involved in their Criminal Organization once we awaken to the truth and no longer wish to hold any liability for what has and is transpiring. There must be a way that we can stop participating in Commerce, Capitalizm, and/or Consumerism. We must recognize the words that promote separation. We must recognise that our feet have been taken off the land through word magick.

To create a New Earth and to Shift Consciousness requires thinking, differently, speaking differently, and doing things differently.

ie/I have heard it said, “If wars can be started on lies then peace can be accomplished with truth”. To the Entities that have the ability to Transcend Time and Space and to the Being(s) and/or Group Consciousness and their “Most Loyal and Worshipful Servant(s)” belonging to “Secret Societies” such as the members of “The Masonic Order” members of “Law Enforcement” including yet not exclusively to All Military Personnel, Court Administrators and Adjudicators, Court Clerks, Sheriffs, Bailiffs, Politicians, have it be known that we have no valid Contracted Agreement allowing you to interfere with My Energy on any and All Dimensions of My Mind/Ego Personality including yet not exclusively to the Physical Body/Spirit. Know that there is No Tacit Agreement of Me being a Corporation, Citizen, Person, Resident, and/or Subject.

Notice To Agent of the Crown Is Notice To Principal
Notice To Principal Is Notice To Agent of the Crown

When People in Positions of Authority do not have all the Facts and cannot recognize their contradictions they Become a Liability to Me and to My Life and Life in General.

Notice: there are discrepancies in the information given to the Public by the “National Security Agency” with regard to a number of crimes by Doctors in Influential Political Positions. The following video is a presentation given by Author Annie Jacobsen. She reveals many fascinating facts in her well research book published in 2014. The book central theme is that of “Operation Paperclip”. She exposes how German Scientists and Doctors charged for War Crimes during the Nuremberg Trials were recruited by the United States Military. She takes questions from the audience. This event was recorded February 26, 2014 at Politics & Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C.: Source: Annie Jacobsen, “Operation Paperclip”

For any Printed Consent Form, presented for agreement, from any corporate business or outlet, which allows me to access the internet through their system – Take Notice!

If I am “compelled” to push an agree button to access the internet, I am only  agreeing to give very limited consent in order to gain immediate access the internet through a secondary party, but ie/I am not consenting to and/or agreeing to give up any rights and authority, (already listed here) which I always hold in reserve.

To give up and/or surrender any reserved rights and authority would require a fully negotiated, face to face, Contract of Consent in order to be considered valid consent.

Special Notice to: Apple, Google, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and others – By asking for my agreement online, without face to face negotiations YOU are agreeing that No Contract has ever in fact been made between my real living being, my on-line persona (whatever that “name” happens to be at the moment) and your Corporation, Company or Group!

You further agree that the pressing of a consent button is Not a Negotiation, but in fact is a broom being used to sweep away all nonsensical words which have no bearing on a living and breathing human being which can not Communicate Logically with a Machine and therefore can Not Negotiate with  it.

In the absence of such face to face negotiations, (human being to human being) any such assumed/presumed consent will be considered Invalid By Me, and gained through Criminal Deception, and/or trickery and will immediately bring the deceiver under this comprehensive Notice of Contract.

Notice : Covert and Overt Military Operations are depriving the people incarnating to Earth as well as off Earth Visitor that come here of our 7 Basic Needs for Life. Within this list of Needs are Essential Elements Required to Sustain Life, these Basic Needs are not only a Requirement to Survive they are Needed to Thrive as a Healthy and Sentient Living Breathing Being. 1st being Nurturing(care for and encourage the growth or development of) 2nd being Shelter, 3rd being Sleep, 4th being Nutritious Food, 5th being Sunlight, 6th being Clean Alkaline Water, 7th being Oxygen. The Physical Body can survive without nurturing yet it is a well known fact that the Physical Growth and Development of the Physical Body, Mental Body, Ego/personality-Spirit requires Loving and Supportive Relationships and Nurturing to Thrive. The Physical Body can Survive quite a while without, Shelter, Sleep, Sunlight, Nurturing, and/or food. And the Physical Body can survive for a short time without Clean Alkaline Water yet to thrive in health and well-being Clean Alkaline Water is a necessity.

Thus, apart from Air, Water is the most Essential Element for Sustaining Life on Earth and Sustaining the Physical Vessel/Body Matrix so that it can Thrive in Life. The Physical Body cannot Survive Without Oxygen. Therefore, to Maintain Life the Physical Body needs Clean Air. Oxygen being the Most Essential Elements Needed to Sustain The Breath of Life.

It is a well known fact that Sunlight is necessary for Photosynthesis (the process by which green plants and certain other organisms transform light energy into chemical energy. During photosynthesis in green plants, light energy is captured and used to convert water,carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen and energy-rich organic compounds). Source:

Humans and other Living Beings presently on Earth are being Deprived of Clean Food, Shelter, Sleep, Sunlight, Free Purified Clean Alkaline Water, and Clean Purified Air as a result of the choices made by Government Employees and other individuals supporting the Eugenics Programs being the Sterilization of Life. Those Employees including yet not exclusive to those in the Military and those employed in Specific Departments including as-well as other Non-government(Private Organizations) including yet not exclusively Bankers and Corporate Owners involving Access to and influencing Shelter, Sleep, Food, Air and Water and the Acts and Actions involving these Basic Needs. Aerosol Spraying including yet not exclusively using toxic chemicals such as (barium, strontium, fluoride ), and Heavy Metals such as (mercury, nanodust, aluminum), and Biological Infections Agents are being deliberately used by both private and Governmental Bodies. Whom are also Supporting Chemical Companies, and Companies involved in Genetic Engineering of plants, animals, and people, ect. Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Court Clerks, Bailiffs and Law Enforcers supporting the Slavery System as well as Military Pilots involved in implementing the Weather Modification Act, especially Employees of the Health Department(s) and Environmental Department(s) and other Government Agencies are lacking a Sound Mind.

Humans and other Living Beings presently on Earth are being Deprived of Clean Food, Shelter, Sleep, Sunlight, Free Purified Clean Alkaline Water, and Clean Purified Air as a result of the choices made by Government Employees and other individuals supporting the Eugenics Programs being the Sterilization of Life. Those Employees including yet not exclusive to those in the Military and those employed in Specific Departments including as-well as other Non-government(Private Organizations) including yet not exclusively Bankers and Corporate Owners involving Access to and influencing Shelter, Sleep, Food, Air and Water and the Acts and Actions involving these Basic Needs. Aerosol Spraying including yet not exclusively using toxic chemicals such as (barium, strontium, fluoride, Heavy Metals such as (mercury, nanodust, aluminum), and Biological Infections Agents, by Government Employees including yet not exclusive to Politicians, Military Pilots involved in Weather Modification Act, Employees of the Health Department(s) and Environmental Department(s) and other Government Agencies are lacking a Sound Mind.

Notice: it is a fact that the effects of this “Fear Virus” being called Covid19 is a well devised and orchestrated plan. Corona Virus is a retrovirus and has most likely already been injected into your body if you have ever received a Flu Vaccine you already have the virus.

The following is a short video is an interview done by F.T.W Live. Showing a very powerful message from Dr. Judy Mikovits who ihas a Doctor of Philosophy degree. in Molecular and Bio Chemistry. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. The entire interview is on F.T.W Live on YouTube and should be seen by everyone. Dr. Judy has some very serious and urgent news we all need to know about what’s going on in our lives lately. This video is an eye opener. It is recommended that we keep this video in our phone in case we get hassled for not wearing the mask….you can show it to them.


This event known as the Covid19 Pandemic is known as a “False Flag” event. “False Flag” does not mean that the event is false. It means that people were set up to be injured or killed for a Political Reason just like the “False Flag” event known as 9-11. On 9-11 thousands of people were injured and killed resulting in a “War on Terror” even though “War” is an Act of Terrorism those in “Charge” charged forward to terrorize the people in the Middle East. All Governing Bodies are in cahoots in their mission to Sterilize Specific Bloodlines and keep people in Lower States of Consciousness. Everyone in the Military and in Law Enforcement go along with this as they are all terrorists. Wilfully participating in the crimes against the innocent. There are renegade megalomaniacs that have assumed authority and have been “Conspiring” behind closed doors for eons devising a way to systematically rob us of our faculties to keep us from reaching our full potential. They have Created Organizations and Companies such as the Bilderberg, the Committee of 300, the Trilateral Commission, and their Summits to plan and orchestrate their “False Flag” events. The “False Flag” events designed, orchestrated, and carried out by these Criminal Master Minds have resulted in millions of people being raped, tortured, their lands invaded and property seized and destroyed, families shattered their life crushed all as a result of ignorance and complacency of those involved in the War Machine.

Buying into fear is what led to the creation of this Corona Virus!!! Fear was not in the Original Template of Creation as it does not exist at Soul level…the Higher Self knows not fear!!

It has everything to do with the corruption of the emotional body. We are out of Harmonic Resonance with our Higher Self, thus we are not really ourself are we!!

ie/I realize that it has everything to do with the corruption of the Emotional body. We are out of Harmonic Resonance with our Higher Self, thus we are not really ourself!!

ie/I realize that ie/I must be Myself and No long accept fear!!!

it is up to me to remember to be the Magnificent Being of Light and Love that ie/I am and integrate into my being the Divine Feminine Aspect the zero point field as the Source of All Life this Resonance of Neutrality is necessary to be fully Integrated with Myself!!

It is up to me to no longer accept anything less then the truth??

corona (n.)

1650s, “a crown,” from Latin corona “a crown, a garland,” in ancient Rome especially “a crown or garland bestowed for distinguished military service,” from suffixed form of PIE root *sker- (2) “to turn, bend.”

With many extended senses in botany, anatomy, etc. A coronavirus (by 1969) is so called for the spikes that protrude from its membranes and resemble the tines of a crown or the corona of the sun. The two “crown” constellations, Corona Borealis (according to fable, the crown of Ariadne) and Corona Australis, are both Ptolemaic. Astronomical sense of “luminous circle observed around the sun during total eclipses” is from 1809. As a brand of Cuban cigar, 1876. The brand of Mexican pale lager beer dates from 1925.

We should be in a Heart Centred Relationship with All Life.

It is all about harmonics!!!

All are One, All Are Love and Loved Beyond Measure at the Higher Self’s level of knowing, the world would be a completely different experience had we retained our relationship with this Higher Knowing!!

It has everything to do with the corruption of the Emotional Body. We are out of Harmonic Resonance with our Higher Self and the Control Mongers know this!!

The Corporate Controllers have created Specific Companies and Government(s) whereby they control the policies and procedures of said Companies and Government so they control the manufacturing of the technology of said Companies and have been permitted to create these technologies regardless if the technology is harmful to the Human Experience. They created the Courts and Control the policies and procedures of these Courts and have men and women in Law Enforcement ready at their beck and call allowing them to get away with using the most outrageous and invasive and harmfully technologies upon us. This has made travel more difficult. We have been put through unnecessary surveillance, we have been pocked and prodded, and trespassed upon in the most egregious ways possible. The trespass has been far reaching and has invaded every aspect of life all as a result of their “False Flag” events.

Notice: there is no actual evidence outside of what is being broadcast on National Television that there is a Pandemic and when we do have a Pandemic the evidence indicates that it is a well orchestrated plan to destrupt our life. We are being controlled in every way possible. There has been a well orchestrated plan by Corporate Controlers to sterilize life and kill of a large number of the world “citizens”. These Agendas have been known by many for a very long time. We are not been told the truth. And personally, ie/I am very tired of these orchestrated Pandemics and tired of the trespasses upon My Life Experience. It really is time to close down the Laboratories and the Institutions that are orchestrating these and other catastrophes and have the men and women committed and treated for their insanity. Aren’t you tired of this yet?

Pandemic : occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population.


In 1976 the Agents for the United States Government primarily individuals working for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC and the those working for the United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare launched a Swine Flu Immunization Progarm allegidely to prevent an epidemic. Alledgedly it was to be an unprecedented effort to fend off a Swine Flu epidemic by vaccinating every person in America. After millions of people were unnesecarlity vaccinated resulting in the health and stability of their Autonomic System and and Immuna System compromised, some cases resulted in sever Neurological Damage and even death as a result of this program with no oversight and with no one checking into the legitimacy or the mental state of the organizers. It is unclear if it was infact this immunization Program that was spreading the disease. It did result in other diseased being introduced into the human experience. It is clear that there was no one of Sound Mind present at this time to put an end to this assult upon our experience of life.

Robert Siegel, host: “A generation ago, another Swine Flu scare prompted an unprecedented effort to vaccinate virtually everyone in America. The campaign eventually came to be seen by some as a dangerous over reaction. That particular strain of flu virus never grew into a pandemic, but harmful side effects from the vaccine did appear”.


The Agents for the CDC and for Health and Welfare hide the fact that the Vaccines they use come with sever side effects. The Mass Inoculation of the American people for the CDC’s Swine Flue Program resulted in at least 4000 people acquiring a Neurological Disorder which was named Guillain-Barré Syndrom. There has been no information being published with the actual number of affected people as a result of this deceptive and Inhuman Campaign. It is stated, “Guillain-Barré is a rare disorder in which your body’s immune system attacks your nerves. Weakness and tingling in your extremities are usually the first symptoms. These sensations can quickly spread, eventually paralyzing your whole body. In its most severe form Guillain-Barré syndrome is a medical emergency”. Most people with the condition must be hospitalized to receive treatment. In the article it states, “The exact cause of Guillain-Barré syndrome is unknown”. (What it does not state is the fact that this disorder was a direct result of the Swine Flu Vaccine. It would be safe to say that the people behind the making of the World Hearlth Organization are instrumental in manufactuing this deseases and every other Autoimmune Disease)


#CoronavirusHoax#5g#SynagogueOfSatan#Agenda21#AaronRusso The following 60 Minute video with Mike Wallace explains how in 1976 the Swine Flu televised was a Fraud. The video starts with an interview given by Mike Wallace interviewing Vaccine Injured Judy Roberts.

Mike Wallace: The Flu Season is upon us which type will we worry about this year? And what kind of Shots will we be told to take? Remember the Shine Flu scare of 1976? That was the year that the US Government told us all that that the Swine Flu could turn out to be a killer that spread across the Nation. And Washington decided that ever man, women, and child in the Nation should get a Shot to prevent a Nation Wide Outbreak “A Pandemic”. Well 46 million of us obediently took “The Shot”. And now 4000 Americans are claiming damages from Uncle Sam amounting to 3 and a half Billion dollars because of what happened when they took that “The Shot”. By far the greatest number of that claims that 2/3rd of them are for Neurological Damage or even death. Allegedly triggered by the “Flu Shot”. We pick up the story back in 1976 when the threat posed by the Swine Flu Virus seemed very real indeed.

(showing a video clip of a television add of a man receiving a vaccination) Mike Wallace: This virus was the cause of A Pandemic in 1918 and 1976 that resulted in over 1/2 a million deaths in the United States as well as 20 million deaths around the world. See how easy it is. Thus the US Governments Publicity Machine was cranked into action to urge all America to protect itself against the Swine Flu Menace.

(showing an clip of the same Television Add)

Mike Wallace: Influenza is Serious Business. During Major Flu Epidemic millions of people are sick and 1000’s die. Well this year you can get protection the vaccines are safe, easy to take, and they can protect you against flu. So, roll up your sleeve Protect Yourself.

(Showing a video of Judy Roberts walking)

Mike Wallace: One of those who did “Roll Up Her Sleeve” was Judy Roberts. She was perfectly healthy an Active Women. When in November of 1976 she took Her Shot. “Two weeks later”, she said “she began to feel a numbness begin to to go up her legs”.

Judy Roberts: ie/I joked about it then, i’l be numb to the knees by Friday if this keeps up. By the following week ie/I was totally paralyzed.

Mike Wallace: So completely paralyzed in fact that they had to operate on her to enable her to breath. And for 6 months Judy Roberts was quadriplegic. The diagnosis a Neurological Disorder called, Guillain-Barré GBS for short.

(showing a clip of a home move with Judy being put into a wheel chair)

These Neurological Diseases are little understood. They effect people in differet ways. As you can see in these Home Movies take by a friend Judy Robert’s paralysis confined her mostly to a wheel chair for over a year. But this disease can even kill. Indeed there are now 300 claims now pending from the families of GBS victims who died allegedly as a result of the Swine Flu Shot. In other GBS victims the crippleing effect diminish and all but disappear. But for Judy Roberts progress back to good health has been painful and parcel.

Mike Wallace: Now ie/I notice that your smile Judy is a little bit constricted.

Judy Roberts: (nodding in apparent agreement) Yes it is.

Mike Wallace: Is it different from what it used to be? Judy Roberts: Very Different. ie/I have greatly decreased mobility in my lips and can’t drink threw a straw on the right hand side. ie/I can’t blow out Birthday Candles. Ie/I don’t whistle any more of which my husband is grateful.

Mike Wallace: This may a little bit difficult for you to answer this question but: have you recovered as much of what you are going to recover?

Judy Roberts: (nodding in apparent agreement) Yes, this, this is it.

Mike Wallace: So now you will have a legacy of braces on your legs for the rest of your life. Judy Roberts: Yes, the weakness in my hands and the leg braces will stay.

Mike Wallace: So Judy Roberts and her husband have filed a claim against the US Government they’re asking for 12 million dollars but they don’t expect to get nearly that much. Judy why did you take the Flu Shot?

Judy Roberts: ie/i had never taken any other Flu Shots but ie/I felt like this was going to be a Major Epidemic and the only way to prevent a Major Epidemic of a Real Deadly variety of Flu was for everybody to be immunized.

(showing a clip of soldiers lined up on the Military Base at do Fort Dixon New Jersey Mike Wallace goes on to state)

Mike Wallace: Where did this so called, “Deadly Virus” originate? Where did it hit back in 1976? It began right here at Fort Dixon New Jersey in January of that year. When a number of recruits began to complain of Respiratory Ailment something like the Common Cold. An Army Doctor here sent samples of their Throat Cultures to the New Jersey Public Health Lab to find out just what kind of bug was going around here. One of those samples was from a Private David Lewis who left his sick bed to go on a Forced March. Private Lewis had collapsed on that March and his Sargent had revived him by mouth to mouth resuscitation. Yet the Sargent showed no signs of illness. A few days later Private Lewis died.

(going back to the clip of the interview with Judy Roberts)

Judy Roberts: If this disease is so potentially fatal that it is going to kill a Young Healthy Man a Middle Aged School Teacher doesn’t have a prayer.

Mike Wallace: The New Jersey Lab identified most of those Solders Throat Cultures as the Normal Kind of Virus going around that year but they could not make out what kind of virus was in the culture of the Dead soldier and the 4 others who were sick. So they sent those cultures to the Federal Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia for further study. A few days later they got the verdict: Swine Flu. But that much “Publicized Outbreak of Swine Flu at Ford Dixon involved only Private Lewis who died and those 4 other soldiers who recovered completely without the Swine Flu Shot.

Judy Roberts: If ie/I had known at that time that the boy had been in a Sick Bed got up, went out on a Forced March, and then collapsed and died (shaking head) ie/I would never have taken the shot.

(goes to the video clip of interview with Dr. David Sencer Head of the CDC at that time. Atlanta, Georgia, David  Judson Sencer (November 10, 1924 – May 2, 2011) was an American Public Health Official who orchestrated the 1976 Immunization Program against Swine Flu. between 1966 and 1977, he was the longest serving director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Source: )

Dr. David Spencer: The rational for our recommendation in our publication was not on the bases of the death of a single individual; it was on the basses that when we do see a change in the characteristics of the Influenza Virus it is a Massive Public Health Problem in this Country.

Mike Wallace: Dr. David Sencer Head of the CDC then Head of the CDC the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta is now a Private Industry. He devised the Swine Flu Program and he pushed it. You began to give Flu Shots to the American people in October of 1976. Dr. David Sencer: October 1st.

Mike Wallace: By that time how many cases of Swine Flu around the world had been reported?

Dr. David Sencer: There had been awe…several reported buy none confirmed. There had been cases in awe…Australia that were reported by the the News Media. There were cases in..awe….

Mike Wallace: None confirmed. Did you ever uncover any other outbreaks of Swine Flu any where in the World?

Dr. David Sencer: No.

Mike Wallace: Now nearly everyone was to receive the Flu Shot in a Public Health Facility where a Doctor may not be present. Therefore it was up to the CDC to come up with some kind of Official Consent form giving the public all the information it needed about the Swine Flu Shot. This form stated that the Swine Flu Vaccine had been tested. What it didn’t say is that after those tests were completed the scientists developed another Vaccine and that was the one given to most of the 46 million who took The Shot. That Vaccine was called, “x53a”. Was x53a ever field tested?

Dr. David Sencer: can’t say ie/I would have to awe…

Mike Wallace: It wasn’t. Dr. David Sencer: ie/I don’t know. Mike Wallace: ie/I would think you are in charge of the program.

Dr. David Sencer: ie/I would have to look at the records ie/I haven’t looked at this in sometime.

(goes back to interview with Judy and Gene Roberts)

Mike Wallace: the information form, the consent form, was also supposed to worn people about any risks of Serious Complications following The Shot. But did it?

Judy Roberts: No ie/I had never heard of any reactions other then as sore arm, fever, this sort of thing.

Mike Wallace: Judy’s husband Gene also took The Shot.

Gene Roberts: Yes, ie/I looked at that Document,ie/I signed it nothing on there said, “ie/I was to have a heart attack or get Guillain-Barré which ie/I have never heard of.

Mike Wallace: What if people from the Government from the Centre of Disease Control what if they had indeed known about it? What would be your feeling?

Judy Roberts: They should have told us.

(goes back to interview with Dr. David Sencer)

Mike Wallace: Did anyone ever come to you and say, “you know something fellas there is a possibility of Neurological Damage, if you get into a Mass Immunization Program?”

Dr. David Sencer: No.

Mike Wallace: No one ever did?

Dr. David Sencer: No.

Mike Wallace: Do you know Michael Hattwick?

Dr. David Sencer: (nodding in apparent aggrement) Yes..huhmm

(Goes to a clip of an interview with Michael Hattwick)

Mike Wallace: Dr. Michael Hattwick directed the Surveillance Team for the Swine Flu Program at the CDC. His job was to find out what possible complications could arise from taking The Shot and to report his findings to those in charge.

(addressing Michael Hattwick)

Did you know ahead of time Dr. Hattwick that there had been case reports of Neurological Disorder Neurological Illness apparently associated with the injection of the Influenza Vaccine? Dr. Michael Hattwick: Absolutely!

Mike Wallace: You did?

Dr. Michael Hattwick: Yes.

Mike Wallace: How did you know that?

Dr. Michael Hattwick: By review of the literature.

Mike Wallace: So you told your Superiors:The Men in charge of the Swine Flu Immunization Program about the possibility of Neurological Disorders?

Dr. Michael Hattwick: Absolutely.

Mike Wallace: What would you say if ie/i told you that your Superiors say that you never told them about the possibility of Neurological Complications.

Dr. Michael Hattwick: That’s nonsense. ie/I can’t believe that they would say that they did not know that there were Neurological Illnesses associated with the Influenza Vaccination. That simply is not true. We did know that.

(going back to an interview with Dr. David Sencer)

Dr. David Sencer: ie/I have said that Dr. Hattwick never told me of his feelings on this subject.

Mike Wallace: Awe…then he is lying?

Dr. David Sencer: ie/I guess you would have to (nodding his head up and down) ummm make that assumption.

Mike Wallace: Then why does this report from your own Agency dated July 1976 list Neurological Complications as a possibility.

Dr. David Sencer: ie/I think the awe…consensus of ..awe..the Scientific Community was that the evidence relating Neurological Disorders to Influenza Immunization..awe… was such that they did not feel that this association was a Real One.

Mike Wallace: You didn’t feel it was necessary to tell certain people that information?

Dr. David Sencer: awe…ie/I think …awe… that over the years we have tried to inform the American People as fully as possible.

Mike Wallace: As part of informing Americans about the Swine Flu threat Dr. Sencer’s CDC also helped create the advertising to get the public to take The Shot. Let me read to you from one of your own Agencies Memos planning the campaign to urge Americans to take The Shot. “The Swine Flu Vaccine has been taken by many important persons”. You wrote. Example: President Ford, Henry Kissinger, Elton John, Mohammad Ali, Mary Tyler Moore, Rudolf Nureyev’s, Walter Cronkite, Ralph Nader, Edward Kennedy, etc..etc…true?

Dr. David Sencer: am not familiar with that particular piece of paper. Awe…But ie/I do know at-least of that group President Ford did take the Vaccine.

Mike Wallace: Did you talk to these people beforehand if they plan to take The Shot? Dr. David Sencer: No ie/i did not no.

Mike Wallace: Did anybody?

Dr. David Sencer: ie/I do not know.

Mike Wallace: Did you get their permission to use their names in your campaign? Dr. David Sencer: ie/i do not know.

(goes to clip with Mary Tyler Moore.)

Mike Wallace: Mary did you take a Swine Flu Shot?

Mary Tyler Moore: No, ie/I did not.

Mike Wallace: Did you give them permission to use your name saying that you had or were going to?

Mary Tyler Moore: Absolutely not. Never did.

Mike Wallace: Did you ask your own Doctor about taking the Swine Flu Shot.

Mary Tyler Moore: Yes and at the time he thought it might be a good idea… Awe..but ie/I resisted because ie/I was leary of having the symptoms that sometimes go with that kind of an Inoculation.

Mike Wallace: So you didn’t.

Mary Tyler Moore: No ie/I didn’t.

Mike Wallace: Have you spoken to your Doctor since? And…?

Mary Tyler Moore: He is delighted that ie/I did not take That Shot.

(goes back to the interview with Dr. David Sencer)

Mike Wallace: You’re in charge, somebody is in charge.

Dr. David Sencer: there are….(Mike shows him the Document outlining the advertising campaign).

Mike Wallace: This is your Advertising Strategy that ie/I have a copy of here.

Dr. David Sencer: Who is it signed by?

Mike Wallace: This one is unsigned. But you will acknowledge that it was your Baby so to speak.

Dr. David Sencer: could have been from the Department of Health Education and Welfare it could have been from the CDC. ie/I don’t know. ie/I will be happy to take responsibility for it.

(going back to the interview with Judy Roberts)

Mike Wallace: It’s been 3 years now since you fell ill to GBS…right?

Judy Roberts: (nodding) Right.

Mike Wallace: Has the Federal Government in your estimation played far with you about Your claim?

Judy Roberts: (Shacking her head) No ie/I don’t think so…it seems to be dragging on and on and on…and really no end in sight that ie/I can see at this point.

(goes to a clip of giving a speech at the podium former Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare of America, Joseph Califano)

Joseph Califano: With respect to the cases involving Guillain-Barré allegedly…(trails off)

Mike Wallace: Former Secretary of HEW Joseph Califano too was disturbed that there was no end in sight. So, a year and a half ago he promised that Uncle Sam would cut the Bureaucratic Red Tape for victims suffering with GBS and would pay up quickly.

(goes to a clip of an interview with Joseph Califano)

Joseph Califano: We shouldn’t hold to an impossible or too difficult standard of proving that they were hurt. Even if we pay a few people a few 1000 dollars that might not have deserved it ie/I think Justice requires that we promptly pay who do deserve it.(what is Mr. Califano’s standerd of not deserving? Anyone that received the inoculation had their body systems contaminated and their life experience for ever influenced as a result of This Shot and every other Shot)

Mike Wallace: who is making is making the decision to be so hard nosed about settling?

Joseph Califano: Well ie/I assume only the Justice Department is..awe…

Mike Wallace: Griffen Bell before he left? (Griffin Boyette Bell  (October 31, 1918 – January 5, 2009) was the 72nd Attorney General of The United States and previously was a Unided States Circuit Judge of the united States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Source: )

Joseph Califano: Well the Justice Department agreed to the statement ie/I made it was cleared word for word with the Lawyers in the Justice Department. By my HEW Lawyers. Mike Wallace: and that statement said in effect? Joseph Califano: That statement said, “we should pay Guillain-Barré claims without regard to whether the Federal Government was negligent if they resulted from the Swine Flu Shot. (goes back to the interview with Judy and Gene Roberts) Gene Roberts: ie/I think the Government knows that it is wrong. Judy Roberts: if it drags out long enough that people will just give up..hahaha..let it go.

Gene Roberts: ie/I am a little more adamant in my thoughts then my wife is. Because ie/I ask and told Judy to take the shot. She wasn’t going to take it and she never had had shots and ie/I mad with My Government because they knew the facts but they didn’t release those facts because if they had released them the people wouldn’t have taken it. And they can come out tomorrow and tell me there is going to be an Epidemic and they can drop off like flies next to me ie/I will not take another Shot that My Government tells me to take.

Mike Wallace: Mean while Judy Roberts and some 4000 others like her are still waiting for their Day in Court.

The video is the lecture given by Del Bigtree which discusses the revelations of the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, who has provided 10,000 documents that back up his claim that the CDC knowingly committed scientific fraud to hide the connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. It will show how Del’s journey across America with the film has made him aware of a severe health crisis being caused by vaccines. Del Bigtree will explain the danger of vaccine mandates like the new law in California Sb27.

Titled: The Vaccine Ingergy Compensation Program has paid out $3.7 Billion By Del Bigtree.

The following link is to an online novel titled: “The Vaccine Court” and subtitled, “The Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program”. Congress passed a bill permitting Vaccine Manufacturers to Legally Murder the recipient of the vaccine with no liability. How convenient. It is clear that there really is no one of Sound Mind presently incarnated to earth when such a thing has been permitted!!!

The Lawyers that set up the Vaccine Injury Courts know that vaccines are dangerous to the Human Design. It would be interesting how much these Lawyers and Judges have profited off of this scheme since the Vaccine Injury Court was created!!!

The information being leaked to that Public: these seasonal viruses are the bodies response to changes in the Artificially induced Electromagnetic Frequencies. In 1918 telecommunications radio waves were deployed. Spanish flu. 1940s radar technology was deployed. Influenza epidemic. 2003 3G was deployed. SARS epidemic. 2009 4G was deployed. H1N1 epidemic. 2019 5G being deployed. COVID 19 epidemic. It’s true to say that over the last 100 years every pandemic has been with a quantum leap in the electrification of the earth. Resonance: Beings of Frequency (Full Documentary). Source;

Notice: They they do not talk about the fact that many diseases now being experienced have been deliberately orchestrated and created by the Frankenscientists in Labratories around the world and injected into our experience under the Heading, “Modern Medicine”.

Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D. hypothesizes that Coronavirus may be history repeating itself and caused by 5G. Shot at the Health And Human Rights Summit in Tucson, Arizona on March 12, 2020.

Notice: There are a couple of quotes going around, it is unclear if these are true quotes or not. There is so much disinformation we cannot really tell what is true or what is not true. One thing for sure we have all been subjected to a great many things that should never have been created. “I Don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers.” – John D RockefellerJohn Taylor Gatto – The Purpose Of Schooling”

Do you seek to know? Pay a visit to and notice how it details their plans to control the population through education and re-education. Use the link below and watch, “The Story of Your Enslavement”.

“The Origin Of Education And Mandatory Schooling: prior to the late 1800’s, education was a private practice that took place in private institutions or through home schooling. That all changed in 1902 when John D. Rockefeller created the General Education Board in conjunction with Frederick T. Gates. Frederick T. Gates was a close friend, business and personal advisor to Rockefeller. The general education board was responsible for funding the American public school system, and provided over one hundred million dollars in 1902 while continuing their support beyond 1902. If we follow the money, the General Education Board was responsible for the creation of the American Public School System. Does education not play a large role in manipulating the Consciousness of Human Beings? By Consciousness Manipulation ie/I mean taking deliberate steps to influence the way the Human Being perceives the environment around them. In order to implement this system, teachers need to teach, and somebody needs to teach the teachers, and somebody needs to teach them too. It’s time we start questioning the Real Purpose of Education and who exactly is putting Human Beings through this system, and for what purpose?”

For more information on the “State” of our world and how we have been manipulated into how we now experience life read the information published on Attachment# 10.

Beside the fact that the Courts are based in Illegitimate Claims and is why people have not been able to find remedy in these B.A.R. Courts as All Judges and Bar Attorneys are Foreign Agents.

“In the USA, Canada, and certain countries, all judges and licensed Bar attorneys are foreign agents because they have sworn an oath to foreign powers, which are the Crown of England, the Crown Temple, and the Vatican. Because of this, their allegiance is to these criminal organizations.

This means that when you hire an Attorney to represent you in court, you give the Crown of England, the Crown Temple, and the Vatican Jurisdiction over you. Furthermore, you unknowingly help these Criminal Organizations to enslave the people by participating and supporting the Fraudulent Legal System.

People who think they need to rely on some authorities to save them are suffering from a Psychological Problem that ie/I like to refer to as Victim Consciousness or Victim Mentality. This type of thinking is Slave Thinking and does nothing to Restore Freedom and Sovereignty. Instead, it Fuels Tyranny and Slavery. Until most people learn to stop Thinking Like Slaves, the Human Race will never be freed from the Control of the Controllers and their masters (the Dark Forces)”.


Those that have Controlled the Narrative have been good or rather bad Story Tellers, good or bad which ever why they spin a whopping of a tale, to such a extent that My Head is Spinning thinking about it.

Make It All Appear Real

Arthur Cristian

23rd April 2020

Fakebook private message sent to a few good-hearted friends currently mesmerised, hypnotised and lost…

The occultists behind “The System” are all about STORYTELLING and all trained lackeys and those higher up the occultic/freemasonic chain are trained/skilled storytellers.

From mythologies, fables, history/his-story/her-story, to esoterics, scripts behind common law, legalese/Roman-civil-law/statutes, politics, religions/holy-books, etc, alien invasion, deep state, Q, Qanon, etc, etc, to whatever is played out in the media, hollywood, social media, etc, to Covid-19, Coronavirus, NWO, bases on Mars, super-soldiers, alien abductions, ufo’s, disclosures-whatever, to planet x/nibiru, illuminati, man on the moon, etc, etc, it is ALL STORYTELLING and it ONLY goes on in between the ears and nowhere else. Read the Full Discoarse using the following link: Source:

Notice: ie/I have been told that this Phenomenon known as Corona-virus or Covid19 has a patent number indicating it has been wilfully created and wilfully executed to Invade the Life of everyone presently incarnated on earth. This is a blatant Act of terrorism by those in Political Positions to cause harm. Politicians and numerous other Government Employees are wilful in their participation thus accessories to Attempted Murder and Murder and Psychological Warfare. Who is held accountable for these lies that have allowed people in authority to impacted My Experience of Life and that of my Fellowman?

Please see the information published in the Attachments 1 through 6.

In the following Video Dr. Reality-Dave Champion addresses the actions of various state Governors and explores the Legal Foundation – if any – for their actions with regard to Covid19 Pandemic.

“I’m Dave Champion. Let’s talk about California that may also be representative of your State. Ok, so, several days ago Santa Cara Health Director told 7 million people that they had to stay home and just yesterday as I’m filming this Gavin Newsom the Governor of California “Ordered” 40 million people to stay home. So what ie/I want to investigate what ie/I want to share with you is, “are those Lawful Orders”?

ie/I want to share this information in 5 Distinct Categories. First: it is going to be Law. Second: what is Government trying to accomplish? Three: how receptivity in these kind of videos were ie/I talk about what the Legal Facts Are has changed a bit over the last week or so. Forth: My Personal Views concerning Covid19 and what should take place. And lastly and perhaps most importantly ie/I have a message for to Law Enforcement. Something ie/I am seeing a lot of buzz about and concerns about on Social Media is that Government may Declare Martial Law over this.

There are two Governments in the Scope of This Video that could Declare Martial Law. We are talking about California, right. could be California could Declare Martial Law or the Federal Government could Declare Martial Law. Lets start with the Federal Government. ie/I think a lot of People wrongly believe that the Federal Government has, humm, Universal Authority throughout the States of the Union on virtually anything. ie/I think that’s how a lot of Americans perceive the Federal Government and that is Legally and Constitutionally completely wrong.

Humm Unless the Constitution vests the Federal Government with a Specific Enumerated Power that it can exercise within the 50 States, it can’t. Can the Federal Government Declare Martial Law? Well, sure. By US Custom and Practice over 200 and 30 some odd years or the United States existing Martial Law can be imposed under the following circumstances. Society can no longer rely on Government to provide the basic Government Services and the Courts are no longer viably operative. That is totally not the situation here. However, lets for the sake of argument say that we end up there next week. The Federal Government can only Declare Martial Law in Federal Places where it exercises what the Law calls Municipal Authority. Ok. So it can Declare Martial Law on Washington, D.C., it can Declare Martial Law on Guam, the Virgin Islands, US Military Bases, Lands within the States of the Union that have been Formally Seeding to the United States and so forth. There the Federal Government can Declare Martial Law. Within in the 50 States, “No”.

The other thing a lot of people have been talking about in terms of the Feds that they are going to they’re going to “Federalize” that’s an Official Term, their going to “Federalize the National Guard” and call them up. Ie/I do not know if this is true or not and ie/I really do not care because as ie/I just mentioned once they are “Federalized” they’re the equivalent of Federal Employees. ie/I just mentioned The Constitutionally Statutorily and every other Legal way you can imagine The Federal Government has no right to Declare Martial Law within the States of the Union except perhaps in the case of Insurrection or Rebellion which of course this isn’t.

So, can the Governor of California Declare Martial Law on California? Yes. It is right their in the California Constitution provided that there is Insurrection or Rebellion. It is right there in the California Constitution in the case of a Rebellion or Insurrection then the Governor can Declare Martial Law. So, He is granted that “Specific Authority” for Martial Law and No Other. Let’s now back away from this discussion on Martial Law and talk about just ordinary non-craziness, ok.

Does the Governor in this case we are talking about of California. Does the Governor of California Gavin Newsom have the Authority to do this or that under an Emergence Declaration? Ok so, Newsom drafted and signed an Executive Order several weeks ago Declaring a California Emergency that gives him additional flexibility in ordering State Agencies to do this and such he has no Direct Command over the Citizens of California. Also, Individual Rights are Still Intact and that should be Manifestly Obvious to Everybody that because everybody is getting sick and that their is an Infectious Disease peoples Rights don’t just evaporate as much as the Scaredy-Cat would love that to be the case. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. That is illustrated in two provisions of The Emergency Statutes for the State of California.

Number one there can be no ammunition no fire arms or no accessorizes seized during a Time of Emergency. And the Governor does have the Right to use Private Property provided that the State pays the agreed upon amount. That means that the State must approach the owner and say, “how much do you want for us to use that Plot of Land for what ever”? Ok. The owner can then say, “ie/I want this much money”. The State can then say, “yes we will pay you or no we won’t if we won’t we will go look for another piece of land”. Or what ever the Private Resources are that the State would like to use. So, you see the Right of Property, the Right of Having it Not Seized except by The Right of Agreement. The Right of Firearms these are examples of Preservation of Individual Rights Liberties. There are no Individual Liberties that are suspended simply because there is an Emergency.

ie/I should mention as ie/I did in the last video that ie/I am not sitting here reading out Reams of Law to you because ie/i really do not know what that brings to the party. You can look it up for yourself the parts about the Authority of the Governor or in the California Government Code the Chapter ie/I think about Emergencies you can Google it and it will come right up. Some of the more detailed aspects is what ie/I am going to get into in a moment are are found it the health California Health and Welfare Code. So you can go look these things up for your self. Hummm….please do not believe me…look it up.

On March 12th Governor Newsom issued a New Executive Order which ie/i stated and ie/I quote “all residents are to heed any order and guidance public health officials including but not limited to the imposition of social distancing measures, to control the spread of Covid19”. Ok. Did you hear that? Did you take that as authoritative? Ok. Let me read this again, “All residents are to ‘heed’ any order”. So that word heed means: to give consideration or attention to. You’re to look at them and ponder them and consider them and decide what you think those. That\s what the word “heed” means. It does not mean obedience and it sure and hell does not mean “Mandatory Obedience”. Under California Law in any kind of emergency the Governor zero authority to isolate or quarantine anyone. Under California Law during a time of Emergency that authority is asked by the Director County Health Services in each individual City and County of California.

Who ever the Director of Health is for that County does have the Statutory Authority to isolate or quarantine people. Isolate and quarantine are two separate issues which we will get into in a minute. Ok, so the Governor doesn’t even have this authority. It makes sense that this authority is vested in the County because the County. California is a big place. San Diego County may have completely different needs and requirements then some County up in the Northern End of California. So, this allows the steps to be taken to be tailored for the circumstances found by the Director of Health in each Individual County and that makes perfect sense.

Under California Law isolation pertains exclusively to those that are infected and each county does have the authority to isolate them but this is going to be repetitive theme they must know the person is infected. Know speculation or subsidition. They must know that the person is infected. However, once they have this knowledge then they can isolate that person.

Quarantine under California Law in the circumstances that we are referring to here to day quarantine is erecting boundaries and rules around people who have been exposed to the affected person and once again what ie/I just mentioned the Director of Health or his designated must have knowledge of that exposure. They can’t just say, “well a lot of people are infected and your were out wondering around today so we’re going to suppose, we’re going to speculate that you have been in contact with an infected person and so we are going to quarantine you”. Doesn’t work that way. They must have particularized knowledge about you if they want to quarantine you. Ok.

These are all Fundamental Legal Truths that apply to issues all across the Legal Spectrum and have ever since the founding of this “Nation. This is nothing new or novel. What is Government attempting to do? As you can see from the information we have discuses in-fact these officials have to have particularized knowledge in-order to do X or Y and the Governor doesn’t have the authority that a lot of Californians imagine he has. And again this applies to a lot of other States. I’m going to get to that to. Hummm so in the absence Draconian Dictatorial Powers what are the States trying to do? What are these Governors trying to do with these “Orders”. They’re trying to mislead people that’s the bottom line.

There thinking is “if we can mislead the public into thinking these things are mandatory then things will be better for Our State”. ie/I believe that’s you whether that’s a wise approach. My concern is if the Rank and File Sheep accept these ‘Falsehoods’. The way Government Operates, the way certain people in Government think: this is only laying the foundation for more misleading more lies, more mischaracterizing and more oppression or rights in the future because they realize that all they have to do is make a certain percentage of the population ‘fearful‘ and voilà. Words absens words absent authority, everyone assumes they are some Lawful Authority when in-fact there is not. That’s my concern about misleading the public like this. And this sort of misleading the public is not limited to Governor Newsom in the State of California as an example right here in the State of Nevada our Governor Sisolak he did the same thing a couple of nights ago he got on the television he gave this speech hum…however his language was a little bit more transparent. He repeatedly talked what people should do. He did not use mandatory words like ‘must’ and ‘shall’ because he knew that he did not have that authority.

So, when ie/I say, “he knew”. Does Newsom know? Of course he does. Because here what happens they sit down in a Conference Room and they all discuss what they are going what they’re going to release and Executive Order later today or tomorrow. The Attorney General is sitting right there and the way that works is the Governor turns to the Attorney General, “where’s my latitude on this” and the Attorney General has already gotten out in-front of that with his Attorneys and they’ve done the research so he’s been briefed by his Staff Attorneys and so the Attorney General says to the Governor, “look your authority here is limited and so if you go on television and say, “you don’t have much authority it probably is not going to attain your goal. So try to sound as authoritative as you can having been told about those limits the Governors are doing their best to to sound authoritative and commanding and that’s why they use things like ‘order’. When it’s not an ‘order’ at all.

When ie/I first started to do these videos where ie/I was discussing the Law and ie/I got out in front of that a little bit and ie/I was discussing the possibilities before we got to this point in response to those videos the first ones it was like, “oh man i’m glad to hear the truth, that great, thanks Dave”. ie/I noticed some of those comments, not all of them, more percentage have changed and now what i’m seeing a bit more of is essentially the message is “shut the hell up Dave you’re not helping”. Ok, so, if your agenda: what you would like to see happen…is such that… facts and truth must be suppressed… your agenda is crap and you need to knock it off. ie/I that you’re afraid and ie/I get knowing what the Law really says that it doesn’t empower the Government to the extent you may want bugs you. That’s not my problem. You have a problem. The information is not the problem.

There is so many myths and falsehoods floating around there about Covid19 that ie/I hardly know where to start on my personal views and ie/I don’t want to make this video even longer by discussing all the falsehoods and myths that are floating out there so ie/I think that ie/I will simply say, “Social Distancing”, (thumps up). Everyone should do it. Ok. (ie/I have a problem with this ‘new’ social programming being introduced into the collective) The reason is the Covid19 but it is no more contagious then the Ordinary Seasonal Flu. (my problem is in Dave’s acceptance of the “Seasonal Flu”. It is getting tiresome that the Frankenscientist are still being permitted to manufacture this “Seasonal Flu”)

However, it has a couple of Distinctive Factors that make it spread more readily. Ok. Number one it has a 14 day incubation period, so someone can be walking around for 14 days and they’re infected and they’re contagious but they don’t know they feel great. Ok. That is not the profile of the Average Seasonal Flu (it does not have a 14 day incubation period). So that’s one distinction. The second one is: a certain percentage of people who get Covid19 are asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic. In other words, they have gone through incubatory period, they actually have the virus in them and it’s doing what ever it is doing in them but it is not manifesting. And so during that time frame those people how are asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic are out spreading it as well. That again is not like the ‘Normal Seasonal Flu’ (is it really normal to have a seasonal flu? When was this phenomenon introduced as a experience for the Collective Population Experiencing Life on Earth)

There are virtually no cases of people being infected with the ‘Normal Seasonal Flu’ who are asymptomatic. It is exceedingly rare. It’s not exceedingly rare when it comes to Covid19. So that’s just a couple of the distinctions as to why Covid19 is prone to more rapid propagation with in the community. So that’s why ie/I support ‘Social Distancing’. To me it is just like Common Sense. If someone is a Confirmed Case or has their at home and what they recognize as ‘the Primary Symptoms’…stay home….Self Quarantine….isolate yourself. Again…the fact that Government Officials have to say this shit as if it is Law when it is not is because people are knuckleheads. This is Common Sense: ‘Social Distancing’ is Common Sense. Isolating yourself if you know you have it is just Common Sense. (Notice: it is nonsensical to me to allow them to inject the atmosphere and our physical vessels with toxic substances and infections agents in the first place: it is pure insanity to allow them to infect us disrupt our life and cause their ‘pandemics’ in the first place) Cancelling large gatherings….can you predict what ie/I am going to say? Extremely wise. Ok, so these things that the Government is doing the steps that they are taking at this moment in time: what they’re suggesting…is good….it’s wise. It’s Common Sense. It’s what anyone that cares about themselves and other people in their community would choose to do voluntarily. (If people really cared about their community and supporting a Healthy Community would be go have an Injunction to end the Biological, Chemical, and Psychological War being instigated by the Papal Bloodlines and their Minions) Awe….the only thing ie/I see problematic is these Governor and other Officials attempting to mislead people that these are Legally Binding Orders. When they’re not.(what ie/I see as problematic is the fact that people are Legally being poisoned, their immune system damaged, paralyzed, and even killed)

Message to Law Enforcement

My message to Law Enforcement Officers is simple: do not under any circumstances allow yourself to being roped into enforcing any of these suggestions. Because these are suggestions with No Legal Force and Affect except for the circumstance that ie/I talked about were The County Officials have Particularized Knowledge that you are infected or if they have Particularized Knowledge that a person has been in close proximity to an Infected Person one being Isolation the other being Quarantine. Unless those officials have a Particularized Knowledge which is almost unheard of there is No Legal Authority. So, like this this “Order” from Newsom for 40 million people to stay home Sworn Peace Officers you need to understand it is Not a Lawful Order.

This sets up some interesting dynamics if you allow ‘Allow Your-self’ to be propelled into Acting as an Enforcement Agent you’re on your own buddy. You don’t even have Peace Officer Status at that point. You’re acting outside and beyond The Law. There is No Peace Officer Status if you are Acting outside and beyond The Law. Further more if you try and lay your hands on somebody because there is No Law supporting your Actions they can Lawfully fight back. Of course now you are physical contact with the the person and how helpful is that…right? During a pandemic.

Lets say they begin to win the fight right What’s the Law Enforcement Mind Set? “This guy is going to beat me up, they teach this in Officer Survival School, i’ve taught it myself ie/I…ie/I understand…hummm If this guy is going to beat me up to the extent where i’m powerless then he can take anyone of my weapons and he can perhaps kill me and kill others. That’s Law Enforcement Doctrine. So if it looks like the Citizen or Who Ever is winning the Fight The Officer is authorized to increase the Level of Force up to and including deadly force. So Officers if you choose to try and get physical with somebody when you have no Law behind you and things escalate because you cause that person is Lawfully and Correctly Defending themselves against an Unlawful Physical Attack..ok…and you endup getting shot..ok…what’s going to happen of course is that the rest of the Police Department is going to assume that that guy is a “Cop Shooter” or “Cop Killer” and they’re probably going to go after him and execute him.

So Cops just stay….enforce laws that you have absolute knowledge are valid. They actually exist in a Statute and do the Job you always do…right?…that’s simple enough. Just don’t allow power hungry Politicians or people within your Command Structure who are Authoritarians don’t allow them to push you down the Wrong Road. And that’s it i’ve got nothing left to say. You have a great day, bye bye…..

In the following video David Steel former CIA Spygoing by the name of Mark Steele inteviews Sacha Stone — Zimbabwe-born, massive rocker turned do-gooder, founder of Humanitad, seer of the New Earth, and the most erudite articulate teacher of the space where science and spirit meet to Create Cosmic Sparks, provides both a Sharp Criticism of what is being done badly by the Mandarins of Madness, and an Equally Powerful and Uplifting Manifesto for what is going right — the battle for the soul of humanity will take place in April, Humanity Wins, Deep State loses, life will never be the same again, it will be better — more local, more family, more spiritual, more revolutionary.

David Steel: “i’m a little concerned about the delay in getting the American Economy back…awe..we have wrecked a 20 trillion dollar economy for what appears to be a Massive Medical Assimilation the deaths are not there, most people are Self Healing why don’t you just give me a few minute your current appraisal of were we are with the Corona Virus.

Sacha Stone: First ie/I want to just stop at Corona Virus: a virus is an excretion from living cells that happens as a Detoxification Phenomenon. As you know with the Spanish Flu in 1918 there were millions and millions of deaths all over the world because of that flu, it was influenza. But it happened it corresponded to it happened a number of months after Radio Telegraphy had been introduced to the world. So there was this huge on-slot with with mutant frequencies attacking living systems that was a natural ecological response to that which came as a detox we had viruses excreted from cells we called that a “Pandemic” and our scientists get their Commissions and Grants. A number of years later in the II World War we had Radar introduced and a whole bunch of new mutant and hostile frequencies unleashed against All Living Systems in the World. On Que we had millions and millions of people dying of this Averant Influenza that emerged out of no where. Another Pandemic.

Now we are seeing something which you know is the 5G Apocalypse Film Extinction Event that we released a year ago was forewarning about and that has arrived on our door step. By best accounts the Pandemic is directly to the excretion detox event happening globally.

Has that Natural Detox Excretion Event been commandeered or cooped? By Weaponized ahah virus element? More likely and ie/I think that’s were it becomes very very complex.

David Steel: “awemmm…let me add to your Brilliant Over View awe…the whole issue of immunity because the Spanish Flu which ie/I totally agree and there is a wonderful book, “The Invisible Rainbow” and ie/I have a 17 page summery at with the Spanish Flu is that the whole World shifted to canned goods and nutrients that were in normal food started being extracted and the whole immunity systems of the world population started going down. And ie/I think that’s a related issue. Now 5G, ie/I give a tip of the hat to American Intelligence Media for their story on the Jews Harvard Professor who was working on nano-particles. Because that story made the connection between a widely contagious virus that would was not lethal, nano-particles that can then be activated to achieve new levels of lethality later 5G as the triggering mechanism for the nano-particles. And ie/I am now personally predicting that in August one week after the US Government shuts down for the month of August there will be a Real Pandemic in the United States with biological drops in all the major cities including Chicago. How do you react to that Constellation?

Sasha Stone: awe…ie/I first want to make a slight correction ie/I think that Dr. Clingheart is the worlds leading expert and the person ie/I would defer to on this matter. We’ve got this Special Cocktail which is a Lethal Cocktail operating with in every Single Human Body today and you are right 5G is the Catalyzing Event that activates that Bomb but the the components of that bomb are fluoride in the body of every Human Being subsequent to the II World War and the fluoridization all Municipal Water Supplies. Which was an insanity at the time and remains an insanity today and of course the fact that fluoride was then pumped into toothpaste and other products by stealth. This is something that is well tracked, well understood. So, the fluoridization of the Pineal Gland in All Human Beings is one aspect of it. The glyphosates that have been introduced into the Food Supply and for the last few generations is another one of those Lethal Compounds. Ok, then you’ve got aluminum raining down on people through Geoengineering. When aluminum and glyphosate lock in the Human Body six chemical compounds responses occur they make there way to the pineal gland and they Lock and Load. The 5g signal is the catalyst for the Frequencies Set for the catalyst for the Bomb. So, you’re talking about a Bomb effectively that is going to effect the capacity All Human Beings to connect to their Life Force and to their Spiritual Higher Dimensional Field of Reality. Anyone laughing at that aught to be taken out the back and put down right now. Because we are in a Spiritual War this is End of Days’ Stuff. It is Armageddon it is Apocalypse. But the point is we have all been Weaponize Biologically by now”.

David Steel: “All right ie/I agree with that. Now you’ve also given me grounds for confidence awe…that this can be handled that 5G can be Neutralized, that the Spiritual Renewal of the World which ie/I believe has been going on since 2012. Can in fact triumph. Why don’t you give us in just one minute the Happy News”.

Sasha Stone: “Happy to do it in one minute. Ie/I give you H.I.V Aids introduced by Stealth as a Bio Weapon and targeting the African Genome 30 odd years ago. It failed. It was designed to nail the Blackest of the Black Genome and this is why the people in my Country could get it almost through skin impedance through touching a rail. It was so contagious to the Blackest Genome of all. If you took this and extrapolated it H.I.V. Aids to people in Scandinavia(White Skinned Areons) you could practically inject H.I.V in them and they wouldn’t Get It. So that we now know was what happened. What actually through H.I.V. Aids that far back? It was the Human Gen Expression adapting through Morphogenisis and Counter Acting it and eventually assimilating it and throwing it off its back. The same thing happens time and time again. When ever the Human Biological Technology is under Academic Attack the Human Gene changes and that ultimately is what is going to happen here as well. So, we have got this Massive Excretion Event this Mass Pandemic it is going to die down it’s a Fractal Phenomenon it’s going to die down. Is it going to be Weaponize again in a more egregious way as you suggest personally ie/I don’t think so. But ie/I can certainly understand your argument”.

David Steel: “Ok…ie/I got that about adapting. There is two parts to this as a former spy that cause me trouble. The First is: all 5G infrastructures is popping up these nasty little radiation things inside our schools now..awe…everywhere. And ie/I react inherently, ie/I react negatively to the whole electromagnetic pollution. On the one hand ie/I don’t think we should have the physical infrastructure even if it is benign but that really causes me trouble. The other part of the problem ie/I have is that there are people without scruples that want to depopulate the Earth and they are willing to Biological Bombs in Major Cities particularly in the United States of America if it advances their Agenda.

So, how do we help the President stop people who are planning to Biologically Bomb Major US Cities in August? In part to make sure the President Trump is not reelected. In fact they might be making him a dictator which is also not a good solution.

Sasha Stone: “i’m not qualified to answer to that question and point in fact you’re my go to guy on that question. But if ie/I considered that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are with out any doubt or question in My Mind humm the primary figures in this “Earth Alliance” and it is my contention and will stand by it that the so called “White Hat Element” is absolutely in the basement and has clawed back the Critical Power Hub of Centralized Power. ie/I think what we are seeing right now play out in the United Kingdom with this bizarre Imperial Corporate Fascism rolling out….hummm…everyone taking Orders from somewhere who knows where the Orders are coming from. But we’re seeing tyranny in Australia. ie/I was just told today if there are caught on the street after curfew it is now 10 years in prison as apposed to six months in prison”.[it would be great if people did not support the insanity. No one should be going to prison for illegitimate reasons]

David Steel: “We arrested a Pastor in Florida for holding Church Services”.

Sasha Stone: “Right. Well you see all of this stuff we are seeing is the dying ambers of the Atlantian Dream, the Bad Dream that we permissioned. And we dreamed up generationally, civilizationally. So, we are seeing the end of civilizational cycle which has been predicated on Blood Economy and Blood Sacrifice for 1000’s of years from pre-Sumerian Times. That stuff doesn’t just disappear. We have to go through a Catharsis. This Catharsis is an Interdimensional Phenomenon whether we like this language or not that’s what’s happening baby. We are millions of us projecting at the Quantum Level Images into the Field that are manifesting and coming as the Boogeyman. We are seeing are Own Subliminal Creation which is Rightful and Needful if we are to transmute and transcend into any kind of Higher State as a successful species. That’s what we are living through”

David Steel: “Sasha, ie/I really sense that our President is doing the best he can but he is not being given all the information and that the White House has completely failed to call in the 30 or 40 Doctors that ie/I have identified. All of whom are saying, “we are doing a number of things wrong. ie/I think we are doing somethings right particularly in relation to getting ready for the Next Big One. Let me ask you if you where President Trumps Spiritual Advisor you’re much more attractive then Paul White. If you were President Trumps Spiritual & Scientific Advisor the two now need to merge. What are we doing wrong and what are your thoughts on how to rapidly get the American Economy back On Track? Sooner then later.

Sasha Stone: “ok Economy is an Extension of Social Ecology, Social Ecology is an Extension of Community Values. Community Values is an Extension of Relationships that Exist amonst men and women and children. So we’ve got to go back to that. And then the relationships between men and women is an Extension of the Relationship we have with Ourselves and that’s Connected to Our Spiritual Integrity. So, if you are telling people to cloister themselves indoors and stay out of Sunshine and stop hugging their Grandchildren and step 3 meters away from each other you’ve just Fucked Up in an Unholy Way. What you’ve done is Assured Autoimmune Deficiency. Insistently that is called Aids.

Self Isolation is a perversity and we need to recognize it as thus. Social Distancing is a grotesquery and we need to recognize it as thus. Now we will do it eventually. Some people are that stupid it could take them 3 years to recognize the Falsity, the Luciferianism, the False Light Idolatry of Government and Instructions and Orders and Edicts and Statues and Ordinances. That is Luciferinaism. That is False Light Worship. And unfortunately most people in the Enlightened World are Idolitists in the 21st Century.

David Steel: “That’s utterly brilliant. But ie/I want to go back to something you said earlier in another conversation about the importance of Sunlight, and the importance of Fresh Air. What you are really telling me is the things we are doing wrong number 1: we are violating the Human Spirit The Family Spirit, The Community Spirit. And number 2: we are violating the Connection between People and Sunlight and the Earth. Basically, how we’re handling this is almost like a Bureaucracy that is slicing an dicing everything up and it’s killing the patients”.

Sasha Stone: “it’s perfect geometry. It’s entirely appropriate again we need to be, this is Cathartic. We need to meet with the Boogeyman that we have Incubated and Stewarded over Generations. And this in now what is Emerging in the Field. We can only move to that great Golden Dawn that Great Becoming that next Evolutionary Upgrade once we have Engaged we have Self Elected to Engage that Catharsis ie/I believe that this is a Meta Collective Cathartic Exercise we haven’t quite woken up to that in the Mainstream, but ie/I believe in a very short period of time we will. Ie/I think we will feel entirely Embarrassed by this Episode in Our Evolution. But it is acceptable because it is moving from an Unconscious Civilization to a Conscious One.

David Steel: “So, on the One Hand we need to Reconnect to Our-self, Our Families, Our Community, and Mother Earth and on the Other Hand we need to understand that We are One. Ie/I love the whole Trump thing, “Where We Go One We Go All”. And ie/I think Q is utterly brilliant so somewhere here is what you are saying is, “we need to Connect Spiritually we also need to Connect Collectively”and in that Collective Catharsis Lies Salvation”.

Sasha Stone: “Nicely put”.

David Steel: “Now to come to a close on this Lovely Interview. You and ie/I both know Anthony Judge and ie/I am posting tomorrow an article by him on how the Corona-virus has in fact forced the issue of New Thinking. Let’s agree to end on this Final Question: Assuming the Corona-virus is Manipulated a Fake Pandemic whatever it clearly is being used by the President in Positive Ways. So what is your over all estimate on how the Corona-virus might in fact be the Last Exit for The Deep State and the Beginning of New Thinking for the New Earth”,

Sasha Stone: “Well to me it comes down to what you truly know in your State of Witness in Your Pure Witness each of us before we are Radical Lefties or…or Republicans or white or Christian or Muslim before all of that we are each of us Sentient Beings, We are Spirit, We are Soul. We have migrated to this Time Space Continuum each one of us, and there’s a reason for that. Now what is it that we truly know in our State of Witness as the Sons and Daughters of God? ie/I know what ie/I know it is in my gut it’s my Sionic Intelligence, it’s’s that Deep Knowing. And we need now to Retreat to That Cave. That’s what this projection is a Return to the Cave “the Black Out” and the curfew. It is Symptomatic of a Deeper Calling for us to return to the Cradle of our Spirit and in that Space of Stillness in that Space of Darkness we can be Reborn truly in out True Nature. But it is important more then anything else that in that Sanctified Space that each of us is being forced into by ourselves ie/I mind you, nothing is being done to us this is the Collective Dream therefore Dream Wisely”. [it is odd that so many would choose to remain in their mental programming and not move to the Intelligence of the Heart. No one should be held to a Lower State of Consciousness as a result of Collective Ignorance]


Emergency 5G: Coronavirus Hearing

Sacha Stone – ITNJ Founder, Robert David Steele – Fmr. CIA Spy, Mark Steele – Weapons Expert, Sue Grey – ITNJ Commissioner, Dounne Alexander, MBE – ITNJ Commissioner , Tomas J Brown – ITNJ Trustee

It is a Special Setting of the Judicial Inquiry into Weaponization of the Biosphere which was initialized by the International Tribunal for International Justice.

Notice: This is My Declaration of Freedom From all Criminal Acts and/or Actions, and Freedom from all Trauma Based Mind Control and Freedom from any Authority Structures such as the State and the Church and those Acts and Actions take by the Entities thereof that have Interfered With My Free Will choice to choose “Self Determination”.

ie/I proclaim: ie/I shall not be identified with people within a Governing Body and/or Religious Institution and Society that accepts torturing and raping children known as paedophilia and/or the extraction of Adrenochrome as Legal and Lawful. It is disturbing to see those in High Places like Clergy, Royals, Celebrities, and Politicians getting away with the having sex with children and other acts against the most innocent with immunity and impunity by paying off the parents so that they will not be charged with a crime. This is Legalized prostitution and paedophilia by the State/Courts. And it is disturbing to realize the people called Royalty and Celebrities are engaged in the Ritualistic Torturing of children and/or adults and Cannibalizing them. A society that allows Restaurants to open that serves Human Flesh is demented.

ie/I proclaim: ie/I will not be identified with a people within a Governing Body and/or Religious Institution and Society that covers up the deliberate sterilization, poisoning, the paralyzation, and killing of millions of people. ie/i proclaim: ie/I will not be identified with people within a Governing Body and Religious Institution and Society that accepts using any invasive technology to deliberately corrupt the Autonomic Nervous System, the Immune System, and the Electromagnetic Operations, etc. of our Physical Vessel.

ie/I proclaim: ie/I will not be identified with people within a Governing Body and Religious Institution and Society that accepts the trafficking of animals and human also known as slavery as normal and that does not respect all Sentient Beings. ie/I proclaim: ie/I will not be identified with people within a Governing Body and/or Religious institution and Society that accept the Horrors of War as a means to Diplomatic Relations between Nations as a cover to torture, rape, and kill the “citizens” of the proclaim:

ie/I will not be identified with people within a Governing Body and/or Religious Institution and Society that accept fraud, embezzlement, entrapment, and extortion as the foundation for a way of experiencing do not care how you would like to define it ie/i do not associate and/or identify with any Local Groups, Species, Race, Nation, State, Religion, Party, Union, Club, Association, Society, United Nations, or the clearly insane men and women in suits calling themselves, “Politicians” that have and are allowing for the crimes mentions above. ie/I have no interest in any of it and will not be harassed by their “Law Enforcement Officers”.

ie/I proclaim: life was never meant to be about suffering or making life difficult as a means to grow!! This is absurd!!

To any and all Politicians/Clergy (Sorcerers/Black Magicians ) and any other Dark Entity involved in the corruption of the Experience of Life ie/I do not consent and/or agree to being lied to, and/or agree to listen to your convoluted idea(s) including yet not exclusively to what is known as “Legal Lying” in other words, “Your Deceptive use of Words” is not acceptable by Me. Example, Crime. A crime is an act of injustice where there is some form of injured party.

The State refers to every breach of it’s rules as a crime, even though there may be no injustice or injured party. So all the State has to do to maintain Absolute Power is convince enough people that a breach of it’s contrived rules is a crime and the people will not only surrender their free will to the State’s Dictates, but even bite the ankles of their fellowman for lack of subservience. Those that speak in Favour of Freedom from Cultural and Religious Doctrine and constraints in making the effort to speak the truth and Defy Authority are condemned, imprisoned, and have been condemned to die and have been are murdered against their will.

One can consent to authority but authority, by its definition, has no legitimacy outside of that consent, the trust of “Law Abiding Citizens” has been breached when those that have created the system have done so to profit off of the labours of others at the expense and health and well-being of their Fellow man and/or the health and well-being of the Earth (our Natural World).

See Attachment # 1

On April 7, 2020 @ 10:40 PM ie/I sent an mail directed to the CEO of the Fortune 500 Company known as Valero Energy Corporation with copies sent to many other “players” in this ridiculous game of life. This electronic Document was then published on my blog. Please see Attachment #11

Doctor admits that they can only speculate as to the cause of death and speaks out about what Coroners report on the Death Certificates are nothing more then educated guesses. Dr. Annie Bukacek speaks out about how coroners can sway the statistics in favour of Covid19 as the cause of death. Odd really.

Please watch the following video titled, “Montana physician Dr. Annie Bukacek discusses how COVID 19 death certificates are being manipulated”.

“At a time were telling the true is a threat to “National Security” we are very blessed to have a Pastor that tells the truth. We are blessed beyond measure. So ie/I am going to read this so ie/I don’t give excessive commentary. So, ie/I am going to talk about Death Certificates today. The decision for unprecedented mandated lock down has been based on the alleged death rate of Covid19. Is this death rate based on truth?” Please listen to the entire video below.

ie/I found the recent post by Stephen St-Pierre very informative:

Notice: ie/I do not consent and or agree retroactive to having any Machine(s) being Organic or Inorganic, Institution(s), Corporation(s), Corporate Agent(s), Government, Government Agent(s), Religion(s), Sect(s), Secret Societies, Crown, Crown Agents, Politician(s), Cleric, Clergy, Human Being(s), Humanoid(s), Non-human(s), Entities and/or Any and All Legal Person(s), and/or Any and All Natural Person(s) of Earth or their Off World Allies, anyone working for or with any of the above: to spy, to look into, to watch, or in any way invade My Personal Space and/or Privacy, interfering with My Energy on any and all Dimensions of My Mind and Expression for any reason that may or may not be putting Me in Stress or Duress or degrading or negatively affecting My Living Being and My Experience of Life in any way. ie/I only accept those entities that intend to assist Me to reach My Fullest expression as a Breathing Being to look in on Me and must be conscious consent.

Privacy is defined as: My Unique Personal Life experience being that of the Natural Expression even when using the Internet and/or any Virtual Reality.

Each experience on any and all Dimensions, by My Being, is for My Personal Growth and Development. My expression is not for anyone to profit from. My Body Matrix Energy Signature is not to be controlled by any Machine(s) being Organic or Inorganic, Institution(s), Corporation(s), Corporate Agent(s), Government, Government Agent(s), Religion(s), Sect(s), Secret Societies, Crown, Crown Agents, Politician(s), Cleric, Clergy, Human Being(s), Humanoid(s), Non-human(s), Entities and/or Any and All Legal Person(s), and/or Any and All Natural Person(s) of Earth or their Off World Allies, except Myself, My Eternal Essence and/or My Internal Essence In-bodied (now and from now on this is what Myself means).

The experiences of My Body Matrix (Mind, Body, Ego/personality-Spirit) are part of My Unique Life experience and cannot and shall not be interfered with. ie/I Retroactively Call for Restoration of any interference of My Unique Experiences. My Unique Experiences is for the Advancement and to be used only for the Enhancement of Life and cannot and shall not be Interfered with in any way that may Diminish the Experience of Life and cannot and shall not be used by any Machine(s) (Organic and/or Inorganic), Institution(s), Corporation(s), Corporate Agent(s), Government, Government Agent(s), Religion(s), Sect(s), Secret Societies, Crown, Crown Agents, Politician(s), Cleric, Clergy, Human Being(s), Humanoid(s), Non-human(s), Entities and/or Any and All Legal Person(s), and/or Any and All Natural Person(s) of Earth or their Off World Allies and any other example of someone or something that is not My Self in any way that creates money for profit, while demeaning, degrading, or negatively affecting My Living Being in any way.

The Monetization and Collateralization of My Personal Energy, and Personal Being, Myself, for the purpose of buying and/or selling, or owning is forbidden under any and every term, terminology, language, contract that is being and has been used to control and manipulate My personal Energy and Being.

The Monetization and Collateralization of my Personal Human Vessel which Houses My unique Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) being My Personal and Private Domain, for the purpose of buying, selling, owning, manipulating or controlling It is Forbidden and Banned.

The buying, selling, owning, and trading of My Spirit Energy, My Soul Energy, or My Unique Human Body Expression on or by any Stock Exchange, Financial Institution, Under a Corporation, Government, Religious Organization, and/or their Agent(s) of this Earth or not of This Earth, is expressly Forbidden and Banned. The buying, selling, and owning of My Unique and Personal Deoxyribonucleaid Acid (DNA), Energy, Physical Body, Consciousness anywhere in any Universe, Dimension, Etheric Level, Astral Level or World is Forbidden and Banned.

The “Harvesting” of any and all Aspects of My Energy by any Machine(s) being Organic or Inorganic, Institution(s), Corporation(s), Corporate Agent(s), Government, Government Agent(s), Religion(s), Sect(s), Secret Societies, Crown, Crown Agents, Politician(s), Cleric, Clergy, Human Being(s), Humanoid(s), Non-human(s), Entities and/or Any and All Legal Person(s), and/or Any and All Natural Person(s) of Earth or their Off World Allies”galactic” being, or Anyone who is not Myself , is Forbidden and Banned. Whatever the form it takes, My Energy is My Personal Creation, and ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to anything interfering with My Personal Energy Signature, ie/I wholeheartedly object to that which has been created and designed to corrupt the Spirit and or making the Energy of the Spirit Harvestable by others for others to use, or to profit from.

This buying, selling, and controlling, amounts to Slavery, and is forbidden by Me by My Own Freewill.

Notice: ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to the use of Nano-Technology (smart dust) including yet not exclusive to Nanites, and/or any other In-organic and/or Organic Technology, parasites, or any other type of Infectious Agent, or Frequency Technology not in harmony with My Original Energy Signature, whatsoever, whensoever, or wheresoever, in the past, now, or in the future, to be used upon My Human Physical Body, or Mind, Consciousness, Ego Personality, Spirit or Soul, while ie/I am Experiencing Life here on Earth!

Notice: ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to any further delay with regard to the event, full disclosure, and humanity’s reunion with their star family.

Notice: ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to any type of Mind Manipulation and/or Mind Control, including yet not exclusively to Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Subliminal Messaging or the use of Intelligent Technology Implants (physical, etherical, or astral), living or non living, to be used on Me [as defined above] which could possibly have any affect upon My Experience of the Physical Body Mind and Consciousness as an Expression of the Eternal Soul. without a current (up to date), fully disclosed and Transparently Negotiated Contract (nothing hidden), and signed by My wet ink signature and Stamp of Approval using My Thumb Print.

Notice: ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to the external creation of dreams when ie/I am asleep. ie/I do not consent and/or agree to any other human being/Corporate Agent/Government Agent /religion/entity/machine/Dimensional Being/Entity entering My Consciousness on any level, at any time, ever.

Notice: ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to any type of frequency waves currently being used, or historically used, to target Me [as defined above] Personally or Privately in any way that is negative or dark. This includes any type of exotic, secret, or covert, Earth based, and Off World based technology, including yet not exclusive to Cern, HAARP, Satellites, Particle Accelerator (which includes yet is not exclusive to locations on the moon, asteroids, or other undisclosed places being used) that projects pulses, beams, or waves, of any known Artificial Frequency which has been seen to be detrimental to the Human Body, Heart/Mind Coherence, Cognition, Emotional Expression, State of Consciousness and Conscious Awareness, Ego/Personality-spirit, or any and all aspects of the Souls Expression. * My Physical Vessel and All Its Aspects in its unique expression is due to My Personal Ego/Personality, Spirit, Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA).

Notice: ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to using any harmful product including yet not exclusive to sodium hypochlorite or fluoride in the drinking water, nor to genetically modifying the food grown and sold for human consumption. ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to Aerosol Spraying of the Earth Atmosphere and/or anything being placed into the air that ie/I and/or My Children breathe, nor to subliminal programming and detrimental frequencies being inserted into music that ie/I and or My Children listen to. ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to programming placed into the television and video images ie/I My Self, My Children and/or any other Aspect of Myself watch without a Separate Signed Contract for each item listed above. ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to any and/or all Artificial Manipulation of the Weather, involving the Weather Modification Act(s) of any and All Government(s) used for any and all Military Operation resulting in any form of Sterilization of Life in any expression that is in balance and harmony with the Original Template prior to fear being introduced or other nor to the poisoning and/or contamination of the Earths Natural Atmosphere, because ie/I know that these acts are not Natural and are harmful and unhealthy to Myself in all My Expressions. Notice: ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to the use of psychics, by Dark Occult Magicians, Archons, Demons and Dark Spirits, or any Entities, using Mental Energies on any and all Dimensions of My Mind or any other forms of frequency attack against My Living Being or Bodies that are not beneficial for it’s upliftment.

Notice: ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to exotic, machine like, robotic technology either physically or ethereally, or astrally implanted, thought forms used in any way to track, alter, torment, attack, abuse, infect, or harm Me [as defined above].

Notice: ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to any deception being used on My Living Being at any time, any where, which creates to any negative outcomes concerning the health and welfare of Me and all My Natural Expressions.

Notice: ie/I Am using My Free Will, to Decree and Declare thus ordering that No One has the right to deceive Me Personally in a way that affects Me and or My Fellow Man in a negative way. No Contract or Treaty made with any Machine(s) (Organic and/or Inorganic), Institution(s), Corporation(s), Corporate Agents(s), Government, Government Agents(s), Religions(s, Sect(s), Secret Societies, Crown or Its Representative(s), Human Being, Humanoid, Non-human, Entity, Corporate Agent, Corporation, Government, Government Agent, Institution, Cleric, Clergy, and/or Any and All Legal Person(s), or Natural Person(s). whether on or off this planet, is valid, if that Contract or Treaty in any way affects My Life, or My Body, My Mind, My Unique Ego/Personality-Spirit, Consciousness, Energy Signature, or Soul in a measurably negative and/or dark way.

No Contract or Treaty made by anyone, anywhere is valid, if it collaterally affects My Life and My Breath of Life, Life Force, Breathing Being, My Experiences, My Spirit, My Happiness, or My Prosperity, My Unique Soul Signature in an adverse, dark, or in sort of negative or non-beneficial way, without My Full and comprehensive and transparent consent to said or Stated Contract or Treaty, even if ie/I personally am not party to such a Contract or Treaty. This includes all Corporate Treaties and Contracts as well as any Treaties or Contracts considered to be Off World and/or Inter-dimensional.

Ie/I remove any and all Consent and or Agreement to deception, harm, enslavement, or control of Me. [as defined above]

Any and all interference with my State of Consciousness is to be Retroactively Compensated. Any previous Contracts or Treaties or Perceived Consents and/or Agreements through any form of tacit or assumed Consent and/or Agreement is completely null and made void, and is Forbidden and Banned.

Any Pre-birth Incarnation, by any description, Contracts or Treaties are all, here and now, made permanently null and void as a result of Gross Deception, Gross Violation, trickery, Mind-control/Manipulation, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Corruption, Spirit Cooking, and Black Magic Occult practices being used without My Wilful Consent.

No Contract or Treaty, ie/I have signed or agreed to, either in writing or as an assumed or tacit agreement, as concerns Incarnations, in any way, shape or form, upon the Earth is Valid, regardless of any perceived amount of time or space, physical, dimensional or other wise, has transpired since presumed or assumed Original Contract or Treaty or Agreement.

No Previous Consent or Contract or Treaty, verbal or otherwise given, if done under duress, and as a result of deception, and without fully and consciously being informed of the possible outcomes, is considered valid.

Any and all Machine(s) (Organic and/or Inorganic, Institution(s), Corporation(s), Corporate Agents(s), Government, Government Agents(s), Religions(s, Sect(s), Secret Societies, Crown or Its Representative(s), Human Being, Humanoid, Non-human, Entity, Corporate Agent, Corporation, Government, Government Agent, Institution, Cleric, Clergy, and/or Any and All Legal Person(s), or Natural Person(s).that wishes to have a Contract or Treaty with Me [as defined above] must do so in Complete Transparency, with every single piece of that Contract/Consent/Agreement/Treaty explained in full detail, with absolutely no missing information or obligations left unstated or unexplained, and must be written out in full, with My Fully Conscious Approval and with My wet ink signature and Stamp of Approval using My Thumb Print.

If any such things as listed above are being done, or ever were done, then those acts occurred without my consent, and will be considered deception, and are hereby Null and Void, All “tacit” or presumed consent by me, for any act of doing, done by another person, entity, being, etc…, that affects Me[as defined above] in any way that ie/I perceive as adverse, negative, harming and/or in any way of controlling and/or interfering with My Free Will, what so ever is hereby now permanently removed, and challenged, and denied. It is denied to any and all beings or entities Unless A Current Contract Or Treaty has been negotiated with Me Personally.

Notice To Agent of the Crown Is Notice To Principal
Notice To Principal Is Notice To Agent of the Crown

No further Notice is necessary, and this is Now both Written and Recorded on This Planet Earth/Gaia and in all off world/dimensional/Universal records.

If any Machine(s) being Organic or Inorganic, Institution(s), Corporation(s), Corporate Agents(s), Government, Government Agents(s), Religions(s, Sect(s), Secret Societies, Crown or Its Representative(s), Human Being, Humanoid, Non-human, Entity, Corporate Agent, Corporation, Government, Government Agent, Institution, Cleric, Clergy, and/or Any and All Legal Person(s), or Natural Person(s).

ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation from this planet Earth(Gaia), any Dimension, any Universe, any perceived “other” Level of Existence, wishing to form any contracts or agreements or treaties with ME, they must do so face to face, in this physicality that My Human Body resides in on this planet, in full conscious acknowledgement and agreement of my Free Will Choice to choose to do so or not and only under the agreements written in this Declaration.

The Biological Property associated with My Energy Singature is to be preserved in its Natural Organic State whether it be perceived past, present and/or future through all timelines and alternate timelines through all dimensions, and all space time and non-space time retroactively from the beginning of the deception and ie/I call back to me all My Biological Property and that of My Mother, and all Grandmothers from the beginning of time. Amen. Amen. Amen. So be it.

Notice To Agent of the Crown Is Notice To Principal
Notice To Principal Is Notice To Agent of the Crown

Section 1 and 2

#2 and all inclusive with the above Declaration Of Non-Consent And Non-Agreement continued For Amplification And Clarification

1) This Is My Declaration Of Immortality, Freedom, Immunity From
Earths Authority Structure, And Personal Declaration Of Independence Of The Eternal Soul.

2) ie/I Am Eternal, embodied at the moment inside of a human skin that is in the Process of Evolution, and am “created” by the Infinite, Immortal Creator of All That Is. Ie/I Claim all Rights as such, and Fully Reserve them for Me [as defined above] while having No Earth Bound Assumed Authority standing between My Living Being and me as the Higher Self. ie/I have never agreed upon anyone standing between Me and My Fullest Expression as Source Energy Embodied and if ie/I have it was in duress and or obtained in deception.

2.1) There is no Tacit Consent anywhere present in My Life, ever! Consent for everything must be asked for, the reason and situation explained to me completely, and terms negotiated which are fully current and up to date, before any consent can be assumed or presumed. There is to be no presumption of, “Well, I assumed . . . .” Do not make assumptions beyond these statements. I mean them with my whole heart, and I will extract payment from those who are guilty down through the ages, even if I no longer exist in a human body!!!
Sections 3 to 10

Notice Of Non Consent and or Non Agreement To Negative Actions

3) This computer or “Electronic Writing Book”, is My Personal Property. It is assigned to Me for My Personal Use, and is purchased with Tradable Energy that ie/I earned by My Personal Fair Labour and no Outside Authority is granted access to it whatsoever, except to read Published Notices and Explicit Served Contracts, and to interact with other Biological Incarnate Living Entities and Receive Documents and other.

To be very clear, so that you cannot say ‘you assumed’ . . . all my emails are personal and private, no matter what computer ie/I use. My life is totally Personal and Private from you no matter what device ie/I use, what phone ie/I use, My Personal Phones including yet not exclusively a Cell Phone, Skype, snail mail, Facebook, and so on. ie/I do not give you permission to gain access to any of these retroactively to the beginning of their creation. And know this well, because you will pay for it to the fullest extent of this Contract if you have intruded and or plan to continue to intrude on Me [as defined above]. Amen! Amen! Amen! So mote it be!

4) ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to having any Machine(s) (Organic and/or Inorganic, Institution(s), Corporation(s), Corporate Agents(s), Government, Government Agents(s), Religions(s), Sect(s), Secret Societies, Crown or Its Representative(s), Human Being, Humanoid, Non-human, Entity, Corporate Agent, Corporation, Government, Government Agent, Institution, Cleric, Clergy, as well as Any and All Legal Person(s), or Natural Person(s) conspiring with the psychopaths behind the Creation of The Vatican and the Creation of Israel, the Military, Law Enforcement, and/or any and All Secret Society Groups, or Sects, to spy, to look into, to watch, or in any way invade My privacy for any reason except as listed below:

4.1) To read Notices, (clearly labelled as Notices) and to become aware of any “penalties” for acting in a way that will effect and/or have an affect Me [as stated above] My Living Being and My Life Force without a Valid Contract or Treaty to do so and to receive Documents including yet not exclusively Invoices, (clearly labelled as such).

All other material is off limits except this Declaration and Decrees, and Notice of Contract/Contract or any other Document and/or email ie/I have specifically sent.

4.2) This non-consent and or non-agreementto “Personal and Privacy Invasion” includes all means and forms of communication ie/I currently use, whether in My Personal Life or Private Life, in e-mails, phone conversations, computer usage, internet travel and access, or business writings except where by it is specifically stated.

Definition Of Privacy

Privacy is defined as: my Personal Unique Life Experience available to all that transcend their Mental Programming operating From Consciousness. Privacy also includes: where ie/I go, and what ie/I do with Me. [as defined above]

Each experience, had by My Being, is for My Personal Growth and development. They are Not for corporations to seek profit from! These experiences are specifically Not allowed to be used by other beings in any way that creates money for profit, while demeaning, degrading, or negatively affecting my living being. Whether through tracking, counting, organizing, collecting, sampling, polling, listening in on, or in any way watching or spying on my living being for the purpose of targeting, marketing, psycho-analyzing, or any other form of intrusion, these things are expressly Forbidden, under My Definition of Privacy!

Specifically, ie/I do not consent to being tracked by my credit card/s or my debit card or any other form of payment that I may make (PayPal, for instance.) Again, if you do so, you will pay down through eternity – and beyond for taking such liberties with my information and all aspects of me (as defined above). Have it be known that ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to any of these.

4.3. The only way this is allowed is to “ask” for My Prior Conscious/conscientious Consent, which can only be given after a Complete and Total Disclosure of every possible affect, or effect, upon My Living Being, My Life Experience, My State of Consciousness, and My Life Force with nothing hidden. Thus, it would then have to be placed into a Formal Contract, and Signed by Me with my wet ink signature and Stamp of Approval using My Thumb Print.

5) There are also invasions of privacy so egregious, that they are considered Special Acts and Actions of Invasion of My Personal Space and Privacy. These “Special Invasions” of Privacy Include:

5.1) The Monetization and Collateralization of my Personal Soul Energy Expression, and Personal Soul Entity, My Life Force, My State of Consciousness for the purpose of buying and selling, or owning this Energy.

5.2) The Monetization and Collateralization of my Personal Human Body Matrix and Spirit, which is laced with My Unique Energy Signature Deoxyribonucleic Acid DNA that is My Personal and Private Domain, for the purpose of buying, selling, or owning.

5.3) The buying, selling, owning, and trading of My Soul Energy, My Life Force, Spirit, or My Unique Human Body Matrix and/or Specific Body Organs and/or Parts on the New York Stock Exchange, or any other Stock Exchange in this World or any Other World, is expressly Forbidden!

5.4) The buying, selling, and owning of My and my children’s Unique and Personal Deoxyribonucleic Acid DNA is expressly forbidden anywhere in the Universe/Cosmos.

5.4.1) The “harvesting” of My and my children’s Energy including yet not excursively the Earth Energy is Forbidden! Whatever the form it takes, My Energy Expression is My Personal Unique Creation, and ie/I do not consent to having it “harvested” on any Dimension for others to use, or to profit from.

5.5) This buying, selling, and owning, Amounts to Slavery, and is Forbidden by Me under My Own Freewill, the harvesting of My Personal Energy is expressly Forbidden by Me! If such Acts and Actions have occurred, or are occurring, then immediately see: Notice Of Contract (Item number 11), and the Effective Enforcement Dates located in Section 32 and 33.

5.6) ie/I Decree If such acts have and are occurring, then as stipulated in This Document a payment of 100 Million ounces of Pure Gold, (24 karat) and 10 million Unites States dollars to be deposited into my bank account via the Revenue Agency is Now Due immediately. A Separate Payment of one (1) ounce of Pure Gold (24 karate) is due for each Individual Act of buying, selling, “harvesting” infringing upon My Energy and implied ownership or owning, as listed in Sections 5.1 – 5.5 above, and under the Effective Enforcement Dates listed in Section 32 and 33.

5.7) ie/I Decree: this payment is due now, and payable directly to Me, from each Living Being, Incarnate and Disincarnate Being who engaged in these Acts and Actions, without a Valid Contract. Delivery to Me Personally is Ordered at My Current Home. See National Security Agency(NSA) and/or Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or any current agency for details.
(See Authority, Section 25, items 25.1 – 25.5)

6) ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to the use of nano-technology including yet not exclusively to nanites, parasites, or any other type of Infectious Agents or Frequency Technology designed to corrupt My Original Energy Signature, whatsoever, whensoever, or wheresoever, now, in the past, or in the future, to be used upon My Human Physical Vessel, or My Mind, or My Spirit, or My State of Consciousness and/or Emotional and Mental State, while ie/I am Experiencing Life and Living here on Earth and/or on any Dimension of Mind! Unless ie/I give My Specific Personal conscious consent to each Individual Act or Action as a result of the Full Disclosure of every possible effect or outcome of such use, with nothing hidden, and no deception used, these Actions are Forbidden! Any and All Implied Consent and/or Agreement(s) also needs a current, valid, and up to date Written Contract, which is signed by Me with My wet ink signature and Stamp of Approval using My Thumb Print.

7) ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to any type of Mind Control/Manipulation, including yet not exclusively Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Subliminal Messaging, Subliminal Messaging and any kind of Occult Symbolism, or any Form of Coercion, or the use of Intelligent Technology Implants (Physical, Etherical, Astral and/or other), Living or Non living, Organic or Inorganic Agents to be used on Me [as defined above] in any way, without a current (up to date), Fully Disclosed and Transparently Negotiated Contract (nothing hidden), and signed by Me with My wet ink signature and Stamp of Approval using My Thumb Print. Making this Retroactive through All Space Time and Non-Space Time to its creation.

ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to anyone or anything Creating Dreams and or Nightmare while ie/I am in any Level of Brain Wave Activity including yet not exclusively to what is known as Sleeping and/or Cognitive and/or any form of Dreaming. You have already started to do so, and ie/I remind you that you will pay for this to the fullest extent of this Contract.

8) ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to any type of Frequency Waves currently being used, or historically used, to target My Personal and Clearly Designated Unique* Human Physical, Etheric, or Astral bodies, My Deoxyribonucleic Acid DNA, the Cells of My Body, or My Mind, My Spirit, My Emotional Expression, My State of Consciousness, My Unique Energy Signature, or My Soul in any way that is negative or dark. This includes any type of exotic, secret, or covert, Earth based, and Off World based Technology, involving Experimentation (which includes locations on the Moon, Asteroids, or other undisclosed places being used) that projects pulses, beams, or waves, of any known frequency which has been seen to be the detrimental effect on Me [as defined above] and My Expression.

9) ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to using any Agent including yet not exclusive to fluoride or Sodium hypochlorite in the drinking water, nor to genetically modifying the food grown and sold for Human consumption. ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to aerosol sprays of the Earth Atmosphere or any form of Contamination of the Air My Vessel Breaths, nor to programming or any form of Frequency Disruptive being embedded into music that ie/I listen to. ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to frequency and Mind Programming/Manipulation deliberately placed into the television and/or internet and/or tablet and/or cell phone video images that ie/I may or may-not watch without a Separate Signed Contract for each item listed above. ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to the Deliberate Manipulation of the Weather as in Weather Modification, nor to the poisoning and or polluting of the Earths Atmosphere, because ie/I know that these Acts and Actions are detrimental, harmful and unhealthy for the Balance of My Physical Vessel and Balance of Our Natural and Organic Earth.

10) ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to the use of psychics, Black Occult Magicians/Sorcerers, Archons, Demons, Dark Spirits and/or any and all Lower Density Thought Form using Mental Imagery or other Energies or any other forms of frequency attack against My Living Being, My Unique Energy Signature, State of Consciousness, Emotional State, My Cognition, Life Force, or any and all Levels of My Bodies (Multi-Dimensional Self). ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to the use of Voodoo, or any manner of Spells Casting or Subliminal Messaging, including yet not exclusive to the use of Occult Symbolism and Numerology and Sound Frequency which could then have an adverse or negative affect on Me [as defined above].without a Signed Contract by Me in Full Disclosure with My wet ink signature and Stamp of Approval using My Thumb Print. ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to exotic, machine(s) either (Organic and/or Inorganic) such as Robotic “Smart” Technology either physically or ethereally, or astrally implanted, and then used in any way to track, alter, torment, attack, abuse, infect, or harm Me [as defined above]at any time, at any place, for any reason being Retroactive on Its Implementation and must be remove here and now.

Notice Of Contract

Section 11 and 12

11) Under My Unique Authority, as My Personal Representation of Source Energy and Being That of Prime Creator and Creation as the Observer and the Observed, any Machine(s) being Organic or Inorganic, Institution(s), Corporation(s), Corporate Agent(s), Government, Government Agent(s), Religion(s), Sect(s), Secret Societies, Crown, Crown Agents, Politician(s), Cleric, Clergy, Human Being(s), Humanoid(s), Non-human(s), Entities and/or Any and All Legal Person(s), and/or Any and All Natural Person(s) of Earth or their Off World Allies, engaged in ANY of the individually activities listed in Sections 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 above, or in section 14 below, (as specifically described in sections 15, and 16), and directing these actions at My Incarnated Being, Agrees by engaging in all such actions as listed: To Compensate My Living Being, My Breath of Life, My Life Force, My State of Consciousness, My Cognition, My State of Awareness (whether incarnate or not) Under The Terms and Conditions of this Contract in the amount of:

12) 10 Million Dollars (to be deposited into My Bank Account via the Canadian Revenue Agency) as well as One Troy Ounces of pure Gold (24 karat) for each Separate Act of “doing” as it applies to My Living Being and personally, unless My Specific Consent is/has been given for each Individual Act and/or Action, in an Openly Transparent Way where it is currently fully understood by Me what is being done, or intending to be done by the do’er, or the being doing the Act and/or Action. Section 5 above is considered a Special Act, the cost of which appears.

Notice Of Rules Section 13

13) Those Beings doing ALL such Acts and Actions also Agree to Compensate Me with an Equal Value of Recognized Compensation on the Higher Spirit and Soul Levels Expression, if the Act or Action, done here on Earth, is only discovered, understood, or found out about, after leaving the physical portion of the Breath of Life leaving the Physical Vessel ie/I Currently am in Use Of. (At My Discretion)

Notice To Agent of the Crown Is Notice To Principal
Notice To Principal Is Notice To Agent of the Crown

Death to this Body (Physical Vessel)/Loss of or the Expiration of the Breath of Life by Covert and/or Overt Means will not erase any Debt once it is incurred by Any Being doing these Acts or Actions that have and are affecting Me [as defined above] including yet not exclusive to Me (My Clearly Designated Unique* Human Physical, Etheric, or Astral Bodies, My Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA), the Cells of My Body, and/or My Mind, My Spirit, My Emotional Expression, My State of Consciousness, The Electromagnetic System of My Body Matrix, My Central Nervous System, My Cognition, My Senses (clear sight and clear hearing) My Unique Energy Signature, My State of Consciousness, My Conscious Memories (in any and All Dimensions of Mind), My Brain Waves, My Dream State, My Unique Ego/Personality-Spirit, My Original Soul Signature or My Soul) (also known as My Personal Life), or to My Freedoms*, My Prosperity, My Wealth, or My Happiness, also described as My Life and Experiences in all Dimensions of Mind) in an adverse or negative way. The Debts will follow All Spirits/Souls, that have incurred them, both on or off of the Earth, until the Full Amount is paid, Restored, seeing Full Compensation. Do not ignore this Declaration and Decrees or fail to tell others about it

It is the duty of those who read this to inform everyone of this Declaration and Decrees, and Notice of Contract Contract, or they will be Ordered to pay everyone else’s share!

Notice To Agent of the Crown Is Notice To Principal
Notice To Principal Is Notice To Agent of the Crown

Section 14

14) ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to its creation to any deception being used at any time, any where, which creates any adverse or negative outcomes concerning the Health and Welfare of the Planet Earth(Gaia), or the Health and Welfare of Me as defined above.

14.1) These Freedoms* are Gifts that ie/I as an Eternal Being, First Created as Prime Creator as Creation, always Hold in Reserve, Everywhere ie/I Travel and Traverse as a Multi-dimensional Expression of the All that is Ever Was and Ever Will Be since at this moment, and in this Universe and Cosmos, Time Space Continuum and Non-Space and Time of Non Revocable Free Will.

Notice Of Laws Governing Deception Within A Freewill Zone

Section 15

15) Since this Universe and Cosmos is admittedly a Free Will Zone, deception can not be used by anyone, anywhere, as they choose to deceive, however…, that deception being used as per the Free Will of the user, can Not Affect Me adversely or negatively, or Specifically Target Me as defined above without first obtaining a Valid Contract with Full Disclosure, and signed by Me with My wet ink signature.

15.1) This Contract Will be Current and up to date, non-expiring, and Will have all of the possibilities and outcomes of such deception openly exposed for My Review. This Contract Will have the option to verbally “opt out” of it at any time, if the spirit or understanding of the Contract is breached in the least.

Suggestion to those who select to use deception as a result of Free Will Choice.

15.2) If deception is to be used by those who must deceive, then it is best to Inform Me of the truth of your lies in advance personally, so that any deception you use, will not cause any problems in My Life and/or in My Experience of Life for which you Will be contractually obligated to Compensate Me as a result. This Advance Notice must come to Me Personally, and can not be hidden by the use of Secret Signs Covertly and/or Overtly in any and all Obscure Symbols. It can not be placed into Movies, Television Programs, Internet Publications including yet not exclusive to Facebook Post, Youtube Videos, and/or Labelled as Fiction, Radio or other means retroactively from the beginning of this style of non-formal disclosure. It must be open, obvious, and direct without any Hidden Overtly or Covertly such as the use of Double Speak, and/or the use of Dog Latin or any other deceptive manor then it is Not Valid Advance Notice.

15.3) ie/I Decree: since ie/I have the same Free Will, in this Free Will Universe and Free Will Cosmos, as those who choose to deceive, ie/I Am using My Free Will, to state that No One has the Right to openly Deceive Me Personally in a way that affects Me or My Personal Earth Experience or any and All Experiences in All Dimensions of Mind adversely or negatively thus any and all deception is to end. There is to be full exposure of the lies being perpetrated by those hiding under the umbrella of Church and State. The misrepresentation of the Facts are to be exposed. The True History of the Earth is to be shared in an honourable, moral, and ethical way as to not cause any further fear among the people. These Restorative Acts and Action are to take place in every Nation/Country/Corporate Body by their representatives Now.

15.4) In Summary; Every Being, Natural Person, Eternal Essence,Spirit In-bodied(incarnate) or Disembodied(Discarnate) has the choice to withdraw their Consent, but you are Forbidden to lie to Me and/or deceive Me including yet not exclusively every and All Human Being(s) and Shall Not cause any averse or negative affects, or you will Pay For It because ie/I have withdrawn any and All Consent from this day forward being the 2nd Day of April in the Gregorian Year of 2020 and Retroactively withdraw any and All Consent and/or Agreement(s).

Cosmic Laws Governing Rules Of Deception Within A Freewill Zone

15.5) Notice: You have the Right to Freely Deceive, only if ie/I have the Right to Freely Demand and Decree Not to Be Deceived when ie/I have expressly not Consented or Agreed to Be Deceived. All Spirits and the Soul Signature and All Created Beings are equal in the eyes of The Higher Self/Prime Creator/Creation whom First Created them. Not One of these Incarnate and/or Discarnate /Disembodied Spirits and Soul Expressions has more Rights than the next. Free Will is complicated to fully understand, but ie/I assure you that the Off Worlders who gave the Earth the Ancient Law Of Contracts understood it very well. They understood that They could do nothing here on Earth without first gaining the Consent and Agreement of Others and ie/I do not and have never Wilfully or Covertly Consented to Having My Experience of Earth Life Interfered With and/or Manipulated in any way. Whether done through trickery, Mind Control/Manipulation, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Coercion or any other form of deception. Consent is, and always has been, Mandatory for any One Individual Spirit Expression of the Soul to Perform and Act and/or do or take an action which has an affect on another or Interfered with the Prime Directive of an Individual Spirit Expression of the Soul, without Grave Consequences by Higher Forces. In My Case, ie/I Remove all Consent whether implied or acquired through Deception. And ie/I expect a written apology by those Entities that ie/I have interacted with in My Life that have lied and disrespected my energy in any way.

15.6) Because Consent is Mandatory in a Freewill Zone, the Off Worlders who wanted to interact here, first gave the Earth the Imposed Ancient Law of Contracts (still in use today). A Contract is a “business-like”, and very “Un-enlightened”, way for two or more Entities to freely and openly Exchange Energy or Interact, thereby circumventing the consequence for depriving another Living being of It’s Free Will. These same Off Worlders created the Current Religious, Courts, and Legal Systems we use today, and then used these Contractual Systems disguised as Religion and Government, to trick the Consent out of the People for everything they wanted to do to them with the aid of Black Occult Magic, Double Speak, Dog Latin, Occult Symbolism, Trauma, Hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) , 3rd Eye Manipulation using Imagery Projection, Mind-control hovering around “Deceptive Contracts”! This was only allowed by the Higher Levels as a result of not having Full Consideration of the Human Design and are to be Held Accountable for allowing and Not Intervening sooner while allowing for the abuses, the Deception, and the lies resulting in the Misconduct of the Earth Experience.

15.7) To All Players, Actors, Agents, and Principals now reading this Declaration and Decrees and Notice of Contract & Contract:

You are not nearly as informed as those Entities who came here long ago. Realize that they used Contracts for a reason. Once every Living Being Incarnate and/or Discarnate /Disembodied realizes this and Withdraws Consent and Withdraws Agreement from any and All Deceptive Contract(s), everyone knows the Grave Cosmic Consequences of that would follow as Ordained by The Higher Self/Prime Creator/Creation and Higher Beings.

Section 16 `

Definition Of Deception 16) Definition Of Deception Deception:

To lie, to tell an untruth. To create a language with words that sound the same yet have a different meaning using Double Speak. To arrange words in such a way that it implies one thing yet is the complete opposite. To use Legalese or Dog Latin in speeches and in Documents and/or instruments. To manufacture a meaning by inventing characters and then using these various characters in Documents and Instruments. Example(s); the Legal Name fraud and the use of all upper case letters; manufacturing of an idea: capitis deminutio. To hide from view. To Act and /or take Action in any way covertly and/or overtly to Keep Secret or to Conspire, and to Act or Take Action from behind the scenes, while pretending that the Act or Action is coming from some place else, or not even happening. To Act or Take Action in a way that adversely or negatively affects Myself, or affects Someone Else, that in turn affects Me, and then hide, and try to remain anonymous. To withhold vital information that would give Myself, or Someone Else that may in turn affect Me the opportunity to make a Different Choice. To strike out, or Act, or Take Action Anonymously in ways that are adversely or negatively affecting Myself, or Other Beings, while remaining behind the scenes so as to confuse, to confound, or to unreasonably construct an advantage over Myself and/or Other Living Beings Incarnate or Discarnate /Disembodied. These are all deception. To say, “we are ending slavery” when in fact you are making it look like you are when in fact you are not.

Example of Double Speak: The word “Include” is a danger word used in “Doublespeak” because not many people are aware of the Legal Implications with such a word if used incorrectly. It defines what is included and what is excluded in a Legal Sense and if you are not aware of the nature of such words like “Include” you may make a Grave Mistake in relation to how you interpret a situation. Source:

16.1) To deny My Incarnate Being (through trickery, deception, or False Contract) My Free Will, without first getting My Fully Awakened, and Aware Consent, (nothing hidden) is to Deny in Practice that Free Will Exists, and thus, those Beings doing such Acts have No Claim to Free Will for themselves, since their actions deny that it (Free Will) exists. Definition Of Action Or Incident As Pertains To Deception

16.2) A Single Act of Deception by Politician or Cleric or Clergy and Broadcasters, when using such things as News Media to tell lies or misrepresent an Event, or to Lie through Legal Grammatical Language, using Double Speak or Dog Latin whether in Public Broadcast under the Authority of The Government, At The Pulpit, at The White House and/or through Newsprint, Magazines, Radio, or Television, or any other Electronic Publications etc…, or any other use of the internet by using Bloggers with Fake Names, and Fake Sites, Stolen Names, if the “intent” of those doing such Acts and Actions is to deceive or to “program”, or to Mind Control/Manipulate or affect the Perceptions of Another Living Being and/or Inorganic Being thereby interfering with a Living Being so that the behaviour of these Beings, or Groups of Beings, Secret Societies, Club, Sects has changed an Out Come or Affect an Experience in an adverse or negative or to that of a Dark Outcome, then each lie or misrepresentation of the facts is considered as a Single Incident of Deception.

16.3) All Agents, Principals, Actors, and Players are equally and individually charged and responsible for the part or parts, they play now, and have been playing in assisting in any such Acts of Deception, to covertly and/or overtly Change the Behaviour of an other, or control the minds and actions of either Myself or My Family Members in All Space Time, and Will thus share in the Total Cost of Paying for the privilege of using deception on Myself or My Family Members, and those who have had an affect on Me and My State of Consciousness, without having a Signed Contract, wherein ie/I gave my current, up to date, Fully Informed Consent with My wet ink signature and Stamp of Approval using My Thumb Print.

16.4) ie/I decree an end to Deception and an end to Slavery please see the Emancipation Proclamation. Read Attachment #9

Section 17

Notice To All Earthly Visitors And Definition Of Earthly Visitors
Earthly Visitor: (Those not born on this Earth), whether Human or Non-Human, from any other dimension, alternative or parallel, space and time.


17.1) The Leaders, Rulers, or any Government Officials/Agent living on the Surface of Earth, or within, or above the Earth, and any and All Church/Religious Officials you deal with currently of ill intent speak and represent only themselves, They do not speak for every Human Being whether they Be Incarnate or Discarnate /Disembodied, Experiencing the Breath of Life or Not, you are Now Made Aware of that fact(s) if not evident previously. Ie/I choose to Speak for Myself, Represent Myself, am Responsible for Myself, and Do Not Consent to any Entity attempting to insert itself between Myself and My Full Expression aligned with My Higher Self as Creator. Be advised of this error and negotiate with Me Directly, or come under the Authority and Ramifications of this Valid Notice of Contract! Do not ignore the importance of this Notice.

17.2 As Visitors to this Earth Experience you are welcome and positive interaction is anticipated and expected.

17.3) ie/I specifically Reserve All Rights in This Here and Now granted to My Being and Expression of Source as the Breath of Life and over seen by the “Higher Galactic”, and “Universal Councils” which are given to All Living Beings taking Physical Incarnation on the Earth (Gaia) and now Make Null and Void any Claims Made by other Humans, Humanoids, or Non-humans, Entities, as well as certain Earthly Visitors, that if ie/I may have inadvertently signed away any of My Eternal Soul Rights or Consent unknowingly or unwittingly. (Which would mean that ie/I would have to have been tricked out of them as a result of deception)

17.4) ie/I Specifically Challenge, every assumption and/or presumption of having ever given away, or surrendered any Reserved Rights, or given Valid Consent, for any adverse or negative actions that are, or have been, Adversely Affecting Me and/or My or My Children’s Earthy Experience and/or On Any and All Dimensions of Mind which are caused as a result of the Treaties signed by Earthly Visitors Off Worlders and Earths purported Leaders/Rulers/Authorities in Any Capacity.

17.5) ie/I Specifically Challenge all assumptions and/or presumptions knowing that any such Giving Away of Rights, Giving Away Consent, Loss of Freedoms, has been a Conspiracy to Do Me and My Children and the Earth Harm and would have to have been gained through Criminal Deception, using Mind Control/Manipulation, and Cognitive Interference, trickery, Double Speak, Dog Latin, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Psychological Manipulation and thus renders any assumed Consent and any other things gained in that way, Retroactively Totally and Completely Invalid.

17.6) Be aware that without a current, up to date, Signed Contract or Treaty with Me Personally, “You Have No Authority” to do anything here on Earth, in any Dimension, to Act or take Any Action to affect My Experience on Earth or Off of Earth in any and All Dimensions of Mind and Field Consciousness, Logos that has a measurable adverse or negative affect on My Life, My Living Body, My Breath of Life, My Life Force, My Mind, My Spirit, My Emotional Expression, My State of Consciousness, or My Souls Experience.


17.7) No Treaty made with any Human Being, or Group of Humans or Humanoids Living on Earth (Gaia) or Off the Earth, Claiming Ownership, is Valid, if that Contract or Treaty in any way affects My Life, My Living Body, My Breath of Life, My Life Force, My Mind, My Spirit, My Emotional Expression, My State of Consciousness, or My Soul in a measurably adverse or negative and dark way, without first having My Fully Informed, and currently (not more than 3 years old) “Signed Consent” in a Separate Valid Contract and/or Treaty with Full Disclosure that has been negotiated with Me Personally. No Treaty made by anyone, anywhere is Valid, if it collaterally affects My Being, My life, My Life Force, My Happiness, My State of Consciousness, My Memories, My Cognition, The Senses of My Physical Vessel and/or Perceptions,The Central Nervous System of My Physical Vessel, or Its Health and Well-being, Wealth in an adverse or negative way without My Full and Comprehensive and Transparent Consent with Full Disclosure to said or Stated Treaty, even if ie/I Personally am not Party to such a Contract/Treaty.

17.7.1) A Separate Contract or Treaty with My Living and Breathing Being is necessary, to be negotiated in Personally and in person, and Signed by Me, if any Act and/or Actions done here on Earth (by Earthly Visitors), which includes Military Technology Transfers and/or any Military Technology, that may have the slightest detrimental affects on My Life, My Breath of Life, My Life Force and that of the Earth, and in the absence of such a Treaty, ie/I Reserve the Right to Claim Damages from these any and All Beings, Humans, Humanoids, Non-Human, Entities, or Earthly Visitors, (not only in this Life’s Incarnation and/or while being Discarnate/Disembodied in any and all Dimensions of Mind, Retroactively until Full Payment is received!

17.7.2) While such a Treaty must be Negotiated Face to Face in Full Awareness and in Full Consciousness and Comprehension, and signed, depending upon the Nature of the Signed Treaty, daily updates may be required with My wet ink signature and Stamp of Approval using My Thumb Print.

17.7.6) All Treaties Historically made, that are destined to affect me in a measurable adverse or negative way, must be negotiated with Me as well, or Will be Considered under My Ordained Authority as The Source of Life and The Source for Love, to be Made Null and void. (Even if made before ie/I came here), and even if made over a million years ago or more!

17.7.7) These Legal Persons, Natural Persons, Beings, Entities, Corporate Agents, Secret Sects, Humans, Humanoids, Non-human, from Earth, or from anywhere other then Earth, in making such Treaties with Earthly Visitors, and once finding out about My Notice of Contract have the Standard Allowable amount of Earth Time (10 Business Days) to Contact Me Personally and Rectify the Situation or automatically fall under My Contract, since that is how all Standard Earth Contracts are upheld and Made Legal and Made Lawful.

17.7.8) If this is not done, then ie/I reserve the Right to Lay Claims against any and all such Agents, Representatives or Beings (as listed above or not listed).

17.8) ie/I Claim the Right to any amount of payment or reparation ie/I feel is Appropriate to Compensate Me for the harm, damage, hurt, loss of conscious memory, loss of State of Consciousness or any other pain and/or form of suffering as a result of being forced out of Vibrational Alignment I’ve experienced as a result of any such Contracts or Treaties that ie/I was not directly witness to, which had an adverse or negative affect on Me [as defined above] and/or My Life and causing Stress and or Duress affecting the Aging Process, My Original Soul Signature and its expression that were made and done by Other Beings without My Valid Consent in contract in Full Disclosure and with My wet ink signature and Stamp of Approval using My Thumb Print.

17.9) ie/I Claim this Right, since with the Creation of this Notice with its amendments, and the posting of it where it can be electronically accessed, by Machine(s) (Organic and/or Inorganic, Institution(s), Corporation(s), Corporate Agents(s), Government, Government Agents(s), Religions(s, Sect(s), Secret Societies, Crown or Its Representative(s), Humanoid(s) (especially the Papal Bloodline), Non-human, Entity, Corporate Agent, Corporation, Government, Government Agent, Institution, Cleric, Clergy, and/or Any and All Legal Person(s), or Natural Person(s) and every Earthly Visitor, and/or Entity considered of the Earth or Off World has now been given a fair chance to choose to Contract with Me, or to enter into a Contract or Treaty with Me Personally with My wet ink signature and Stamp of Approval using My Thumb Print thus circumventing and negating the otherwise Un-avoidable Consequences of not doing so.

Notice To Agent of the Crown Is Notice To Principal
Notice To Principal Is Notice To Agent of the Crown

17.10) This Electronic Writing/Transmission pad is capable of reaching technology available to advanced Races, and thus, No Other Notice Is Necessary! Permission is freely given to access this specific application of this pad without infringement of My Rights, but only for the Purpose of Reading Notices, Documents, Invoices, and this Declaration and Decrees, and Notice of Contract/Contract. All else is Personal and Private!

17.11) Also, leaving readable messages here (in English) is allowed if any intent toward deception is absent. If any deception is used, it is a Violation of Fair Use and is prohibited.

17.12) Specifically excluded from speaking for Me Personally, whether in Treaty or Contract are: The Roman Catholic Church aka Vatican, and All Who Claim to Hold Office there and any of the United States of America Corporation President(s), Governor(s), Governor General(s), United Nation, past, present or future.

17.13) Since these (wo)men, or self styled Leaders/Dictators/Rulers Alleged Owners do not Speak for Me, including yet not exclusively the Agent(s) for The Roman Catholic Church aka The Vatican including yet not exclusively The Pope they are all Disillusioned, Not of Sound Mind, and Any and All Entities Created as direct result of Lucifer’s “False Light Matrix” are they Can Not Negotiate Treaties or Contracts that have any Measurable Affect upon My Life(Lives) My Children’s Life(Lives), Our Breath of Life, Our Life Force, how Our Physical Body is expressed, Our Mind, Our Spirit, Our Emotional State, My Relationship(s) with Self and others, Our State of Consciousness, Our Conscious Memories (In Any and All Dimensions of Mind), Seeing and Hearing as The Higher Self from The Highest Perspective of Love in Heart Coherence, Our Dreams, Our Original Soul Signature that were made and done by These Being(s) without Our Valid Consent Retroactively and with My/Our wet ink signature and Stamp of Approval using My/Our Thumb Print.

17.14) This means that they (those attempting to Speak for Me in Treaty without My Consent) shall Stand Trial for such Act(s) and Actions, on this Earth and on the Highest Level of Expression. Since by denying Me My Free Will choice to choose, they are specifically Claiming that their Free Will Supersedes Mine or that Free Will does not exist, they have No claim to Free Will for themselves.

Notice To Agent of the Crown Is Notice To Principal
Notice To Principal Is Notice To Agent of the Crown

Sections 18, 19, And 20

18) If any such things as listed above are being done, or ever been done, then those Acts and Actions occurred without My Consent, and Free Will Choice to Choose and must be considered deception, and Will formally and fully engage any Entities, Human Being(s), Humanoid(s), Non-human(s), under the Guise of a Corporation, Secret Society, Sect, Machine(s) (Organic and/or Non-organic), Legal Person(s), Natural Person(s), from Earth, or not from Earth, into this openly Transparent and Historically Notice Contract by their Personal Action of choosing to do these things, then Reading This Notice and choosing not to rectify their error by negotiating a Lawful Valid Treaty or Contract with wet ink signature and Stamp of Approval using My Thumb Print.

19) All assumed “tacit” or presumed Consent by Me, for any Act of Doing, done by Another Legal Person, Natural Person, Entity, Being, etc…, that has affected and is affecting Me in an adverse or dark or negative way what so ever is hereby now permanently removed, and challenged, and denied. It is denied to any and All Beings or Entities unless a Current Contract or Treaty has been negotiated with Me Personally.

20) Consent for any and all Acts and Actions which affect Measurable Affect upon My Life(Lives) My Children’s Life(Lives), Our Breath of Life, Our Life Force, how Our Physical Body is expressed, Our Mind, Our Spirit, Our Emotional State, My Relationship(s) with Self and others, Our State of Consciousness, Our Conscious Memories (In Any and All Dimensions of Mind), Seeing and Hearing as The Higher Self from The Highest Perspective of Love in Heart/Mind Coherence, Our Dreams, Our Original Soul Signature that were made and done by Other Being(s) without Our Valid Consent Retroactively that were made and done by Other Beings without My Valid Consent in an adverse or negative way, must now be asked for, and acquired for each Individual Act and/or Action which concerns My Life Experience and/or that of my Children’s, If that Act or Action affects My Life, My Freedom, My Freedom of Expression, My Wealth, The Health and Well-being and Harmony of My Body Matrix Expression, My Happiness, and/or My Reserved Rights and/or that of My Children’s in any way that is adversely or negatively asked for each time, then ie/I Claim the Right to Seek and Secure Damages for each Individual Act and/or Action that has impacted any and all aspect of My/Our Experience proportionate to the affect, in the most Highly Tradeable Form usable in the Universe which is Pure Gold, or an equivalent means of value that is also Highly Tradeable.

Section 21

21) Any and All Secret Contract(s) or Treaties made between two or more Entities, is both a Cosmic Crime and Galactic Crime and Universal Crime and Impropriety, if it affects My Living Being, My Spirit, My Physical Expression and/or that of My Children’s, since ie/I was never told about it, or given any option whatsoever to either defend My Living Being or My Physical Vessels Expression from the fallout, or the outcomes of such a Contract or Treaty. Thus, it is and has been Unlawfully foisted upon My Living Incarnate Being without first gaining My Valid Consent.

21.1) 10 (ten) Earth days are given for a “valid response”* from All Inhabitants of Earth and All Earthly Visitors involved in All Contracts or Treaties made with Earthly Leaders/Dictators/Rulers that currently affect My Living Being and affect My Physical Vessels Expression and that of My Children’s If No Valid Response is given or received, it will be considered to be an Admission of the Guilt of having created such Contracts or Treaties in the First Place, and also the Total Acceptance Of This Contract, and Total Agreement To All Payments Claimed for any adversely and/or negative affects that such Contracts or Treaties have had upon My Being, the Physical Expression of My Vessel, My Life Experiences and That of My Children’s without My Formal Valid Consent.

21.1.1) *Definition of a Valid Response: Direct Contact with My Living Being with Conscious Interaction is the only Acceptable Valid Response. Face to face negotiations are required.

21.2) Earthly Visitors who are Beneficial and/or intending to Act and take Action that is assist Humanity and the Earth in Positive and a Kind and Moral, and Ethical and Loving Way that is supportive in assisting us in aligning with the Frequency of our Higher Self and Zero Point are welcome. No further Interactions that cause loss, injury, damage, or Fracturing of The Spirit is acceptable. Only those Entities and/or Energies that are holding and/or Acting with Love as First Cause for My Living Being, and that of My Children’s, supporting the Love of My Bodies Health and Well-being and Happiness and Wealth and Love and Respect for the Earth and All that inhabit the Earth Retroactively, having Love and Compassion for Humans, Humanoids, and Animals and who do not give any Technology to the Earths Leaders for the Act or Actions of Aggression or Warmongering which can then be used against the Innocent Human populations or Harms The Spirit of Humanity, are exempt from Contract or Treaty since they are not affecting Me and/or My Children adversely or negatively. However, if their activities involve any “exchange of information” with Earth’s Psychopathic Leaders/Dictators/Rulers, then ie/I require that the same information be given to Me Personally, so that ie/I remain on the same Freewill Footing as Those Beings, and welcome you.

21.3) ie/I Respect and Love All Forms of Life, and do recognize Their Free Will and wish to enhance My Ability to Communicate Telepathically with All Life Forms and Sentient Expressions of Source, Acknowledging that Free Will Exists, thus Guaranteeing My Right to Free Will and The Right Use of Will in all Levels of Expression and in All Dimensions or Mind and Matter.

Sections 22, 23, And 24

Notice Of Rules For Accessing The Internet

22) For any Printed Consent Form, Presented for Agreement, which allows Me Access to the Internet. Ie/I am only Agree and/or in Agreement to give Very Limited Consent in order to Access the Internet through a Secondary Party, but Not Consenting and/or Agreeing to give up any Reserved Rights and/or Personal Authority, which ie/I always Hold in Reserve, and which Require a Fully Negotiated, Face to Face, Contract off Consent to be Considered a Valid Contract. In the absence of such Personal Negotiations, such Assumed and/or Presumed Consent will be Considered Invalid, and gained through deception, and/or trickery, and will immediately bring the deceiver under this this Declaration of Non-Consent(Non-Agreement) and Decree, and Comprehensive Notice of Contract/Contract.

22.1) For any and all access errors received while Using the Internet Retroactively. ie/I do not consent and/or agree retroactive to Any and All Limitation of My Personal and Public Freedom(s). 502 Access Errors and/or Limitations and all other Access Errors and/or Limitations are Forbidden, whether caused by Being, Entity, or Machine Technological Error, Programmed and/or Self Programming Algorithms causing Errors and/or Limitations. Those who do this without a Valid Contract with Me must Contact Me in Person, and Get a Valid Contract, and/or Contractual Agreement, or Immediately Fall Under the Terms of this Contract or Treaty. No Exceptions. (See Authority)

22.2) in addition, ie/I do not consent and or agree retroactive to its Creation to the Modification of Any and All Equipment that ie/I May Have Purchased or is in use by me so ever, that prevents Me from Accessing the Internet, or certain web pages and it’s video content (youtube), nor do ie/I Consent to any changes made to the Basic Programming, or functioning, and/or the addition of certain “cookies” or other micro managing software tools, that then Infect My Device with Secondary Programming not originally intended for the smooth, and efficient running of the device, which may allow outside access or control of the device from some other location, for reasons no being has informed Me About. (Remember, ie/I am in Right Use of Will. You are Not allowed to affect Me without a Valid Contract in Full Disclosure of any and all affects that Maybe detrimental to Me [as defined above]!! ie/I do not consent and or agree to any interruption of Service unless it is Beneficial to the running and Operating Capacity of My Device and/or Will Enhance My Experience of Life and Be Beneficial to the Health and Well-being of any and All Aspect of Me [as defined above] and the Restoring of My Wealth, and the Restoration of The Earths Natural Electromagnetic Field and Natural Atmosphere.

23) Acknowledgement of this Notice of Contract and acknowledgement that the Contract may change without Notice at my discretion; ie/I reserve the Right of Free Will to change, update or modify this Declaration of Non-Consent(Non-Agreement) and Decree, and Comprehensive Notice of Contract/Contract, Non-Compliance at any time.

24) All Benevolent Star Brothers And Sisters Are Welcome With Grateful Anticipation Of Positive Interaction to assist in the Demilitarization and Cleaning up and Restoration of a Harmonic Life Expression of The Earths (Gaia’s) 3D Experience and beyond.

Section 25


25) My Authority, is derived directly from My Higher Self and Higher Knowing as Prime Creator/Creation as the Source of My Own Life and the Source for Love! Ie/I am a Personal Representative for Life as per my Personal Experiences giving Me Special Insights. Ie/I Stand under no Authority, No Man, No God, or any other Presumed Authority and No One Can Replace My Authority, where my Eternal Soul is concerned. ie/I make the Free Will Choice to Experience Life from a Pure Heart in Heart/Mind Coherence As A Fully Conscious and Conscientious Being of Light and Love being void of Lucifer’s “False Light Mind Matrix” and Subsequent Creations. And ie/I Reserve the Right to choose Pure Heart Centred Higher Being of Light and Love as Intermediary if needed until My Memories, Cognition, Comprehension, Senses, Innate Gifts and Abilities are restored.

25.1) Since ie/I am My Personal Representative for the All That is Ever Was and Ever Will Be and No Other Spiritual Religious Authority on Earth and/or in any Dimension can Supersede Me Directly and or Indirectly as an Ordained Authority, with the True Creator of the All That Is. Ie/I Am that ie/I Am. This includes all those who are either Appointed, or Elected to Hold Office, whether on Earth, or off the Earth, where “powers” are granted, or Authority is Bestowed, either to regulate or to Govern, because ie/I Am already under a “Personal Agreement” with That, which can only be defined as Pure Love.

25.2) ie/I, here and now, in the past, and in the future, Retroactively Remove all Presumed Consent, Tacit Consent, and assumed compliance with all Lessor Authorities that are Earth Based and being merely Human, Humanoid, or have Intergalactic Assistance, as is my Right under My Personal Agreement with and As The Source of All Live/Prime Creator/Creation, the Maker of any and/or All Universes, and/or The Cosmos, and Choose to not stay under Another Beings Authority hereby Claim and retain My Sovereignty and Autonomy.

25.3) In All Matters concerning My Living Being My Children’s Living Being, The Breath of Life, and any and All Aspects of My Physical Vessel, My Ego/Personality, My Mind and My Spirit, which includes My Astral Body, or other Levels of My Multi-dimensional Expression and Non-Expression…, my Special Agreement with My Self, with My Higher Self, with My Higher Knowing is FINAL, and Supersedes every other Agreement and/or Authority, Convention, Statute, or Regulation that is either Earth Based, or Off World Based, if it seeks to Enslave My Being, My Mind, My Spirit, and/or Limit My Freedom in any way without First Gaining My Conscious, Fully Aware, and Fully Informed (nothing hidden) Consent.

25.4) Pre-birth(Pre-born) and/or Post-birth(Post-born) Incarnational Contracts are All, here and Now Retroactively Made Permanently Null and Void as a result of Gross Deception, Gross Violation, trickery, Mind-control/Manipulation, All forms of Abuse and Black Magic Occult Practices being used Without My Conscious and Conscientious Consent.

25.4.1) Due to Conditions of Contractual breech by the Dark, No Contract, ie/ have signed as concerns incarnations and My Experiences upon the Earth is Valid. Even if that Contract was signed 26,000 years ago or More!

25.5) The Gross Deception being used by Dark Beings voids All Consent that may be in place with those Beings using such deception.

Section 26 To 29

Rules Of Contract

26) To any Machine(s), Human Being, Humanoid, Non-human, Entity, Corporate Agent, Cleric, Clergy, Corporation, Government, Government Agent, Secret Society, Sect, Institution, Crown and/or Its Agent(s), and/or Any and All Legal Person(s), and/or Any and All Natural Person(s) being of Earth, or not of Earth, Whom Willingly Seeks and/or Has Sought to Limit My Freedoms and/or Limit the Freedom of My Expression and/or have/has Deprived Me of a Perfectly Healthy Physical Vessel and Perfectly Perfect Life and Express resulting in Happiness and Joy and/or has interfered with My Personal Wealth overtly and/or Covertly which includes any monies ie/I have Personally Earned through My Efforts, and/or have deprived Me of My Property that ie/I was/have been In Use Off, and/or Am Entitled to by My Physical Appearance and Incarnation on as my Earthly Experience, and/or Has Covertly and/or Overtly Interfered with My Timelines is Now Duly Noticed and Notified. If any such interference has occurred ie/I Decree/Order such interference to be ratified and rectified immediately.

27) By the Act or in Taking Action of doing any of these things, You are entering into a Binding Contract with Me and must Compensate Me for these Acts and Action in the amount that ie/I have clearly noticed and designated.

28) The Cost of Entering into my Contract…, Is Agreed To Be Paid In Full At An Amount To Be Determined At That Time.

29) It is My Intent that this Declaration of Non-Consent(Non-Agreement) and Decree(s), and Comprehensive Notice and Notice of Contract/Contract(s), shall be recognized and enacted immediately it is therefore the sole responsibility of any Entity Incarnate/Embodied or Discarnate /Disembodied choosing to ignore any of the above.

30) This Document was completed on April 8, 2020 and at about 3:15 My Husband King Raymond Dale of the House of Shackelford and ie/I Sophia Divine Mother drove to the Supreme County Court House in Malvern, Arkansas to have them Notarized and Filed. Once we arrived we noticed that the door to the Lobby of the Court House was locked and that there was a notice posted saying, “The Court House is closed to the Public”. We called the number on the notice and were told by the Attendant at the Court House that we could go to Malvern National Bank as she had received a fax of a Notarized Document from the Bank earlier that day. We called The Bank and were instructed to go to the Drive Thru at the Bank near Walmart if we wanted our respective Documents Notarized. We then proceeded to travel to the Malvern National Bank at 501 South Main to present these Documents to the Notary to have them Notarized so that they could be filed in Court. We arrived at the Bank at 3: 50 pm. Ie/Ia had already handed in all Government Issued identification as it had been Issued with the all upper case letters which cannot legally be read. Ie/Ihe presented the Notary with My Legal Document of Identification with My only True Identification being a Signature endorsed with My Right Thumb Print and witness by 3 of My Piers. She had created her identification that she did use to cross over the border into the United States using the border crossing at Osyoos to go into Washington State from British Columbia. This document was Legally Endorsed by 3 of My Piers. The Notary stated, “ie/I was trained to only accept a State Issued Card for Identification before ie/I can Notarize a Document”. Sophia then asked for this Notares Card so that she chould acquire her name. The women acting as the Notary gave us a card with the name Ashley Sheets printed on it. Raymond’s finger prints as are mine registered in the Computer System used by the Agents for The Courts. It is interesting how this individual is not educated as to what correct identification or what constitutes a Legal Document.

31) Once it came to having Raymond’s version of the Declaration Notarized He was asked for the State issued Drivers License as Identification with his Name in all Upper case letter. Raymond told The Notary that He was using this card under duress. He handed over the Original Version of the Declaration printed with his title as King along with the card that has been accepted as a Drivers License printed in the Illegally printed all upper case letters which apparently Represents the Legal Name. Ashley Sheets acting Notary read the Document then took it to someone inside the Bank to read. She came back and handed me the documents saying, “ie/I cannot Notarize this Document”. They have no Legal Standing to deny Raymond the Legal Right to have this Document Notarized with the title King. ie/I am being forced to comply to remove the Title in order to have this Document Notarized so that ie/I can then file it in Court.

32) Notice: it is My Intention by Serving this Document that Appropriate Actions are taken: to Restore the Right Use of Will and End Slavery (Human and Animal Trafficking) by exposing and abolishing the Oligarchy System, end the Legal name fraud whereby ending Taxation, and to end the Sterilization of Life, end the fight between “good” and “evil” by ending the Militarization of Life to allow the “citizens” to Experience Peace, we all deserve to experience wholeness which comes when in alignment with our True Nature with the Restoration of the Supremacy of Love, to have reconsiliation we must have Full Disclosure of Earths History and Disclosure of the Secret Space Program. This Document has been well thoughtout with these purposes in mind and written in a way that the truth is to be witnessed whereby presenting the facts without Dishonour, without Prejudice, without Ill Will or Frivolity, and with All Rights Reserved, Non-assumpsit, Errors and Omissions Excepted. Please respond with in 14 business days upon being served with this Document by sending an email to

33) This Notice is to Respondent(s)/Liabellee(s);

It is not my intention to harass, intimidate, offend, conspire, blackmail, coerce, or cause anxiety, alarm or distress. this Document being My Declaration of Non-Consent(Non-Agreement) and Decree(s), and Comprehensive Notice and Notice of Contract/Contract(s) and attachments are submitted with honourable and peaceful intentions for the purpose of restoration and are expressly for everyones benefit to provide you with due process and a good faith opportunity to take right action by taking the steps with in 14 business day to acknowledge that you have read this Document.

ie/I Goddess Queen Mother Sophia born Redeemer Lorna Lynne of the House of Borgeson of the City of Malvern and the City of Penticton in the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen on this the 10th day of April, in the Gregorian Year of 2020

Affirmed by Me

Goddess Queen Sophia Divine Mother

Restoring the Supremacy of Love, Without Dishonour, Without Prejudice, Ill Will or Frivolity, All Rights Reserved, Non-assumpsit
Errors and Omissions Excepted

15 responses to “Declaration of Non-Consent(Non-Agreement) and Decree(s), and Comprehensive Notice and Notice of Contract/Contract(s)”


  2. […] War is blood sacrifice, it is Canaanite Ritualism. and we are participating in this every time we pay our tax dollar to the “crown”. In voting and paying our taxes we are accepting their claims and accepting our lot in life as “collateral”. And we create a liability by being an accessory to the ritualistic killing of our fellow-man and corrupting our emotional body in the process. The three key pillars upon which the global financial system today is predicated is war, decease, and poverty and those three things are engineered. The debt based system is designed to keep us in stress. The debt is manufactured. Who are we in debt to exactly? TIt is all strategically designed to keep us a slave to the unholy system. This is entirely unnatural to the flow of life on this beautiful, blue/green, sentient planet. War, decease, and poverty were never encoded into nature as part of our DNA. There were never encoded into the human blue print, much less the planetary blue print. The blue print of this living planet. I have always preferred my own company to spending time with other. It is much more peaceful to be with the self or in nature then to interact in a psychopathic world. The thing is eventually we are called to interact in the “market place”. Waking up to the reality of things is not easy. Then witnessing that everyone is comfortable in seeing the earth destroyed is heart breaking. if we were truly enlightened, we would be honest with ourselves and have the spiritual and emotional maturity to know when the actions we are taking and the choices we are making are either beneficial to a world expressed in freedom or if we are supporting mental entrapment our own enslavement. It is not “negative” to point out the obvious. People do not seem to want to see the truth. If you are voting and paying taxes, you are s liability to the future of life. If you have a ‘registration of birth” a “Social security” or “social insurance number” and/or a passport you are a walking liability. Did you know that? Do you have a smart phone, smart tv, or any other smart device? do you known about the 5g kill grid going up in neighborhoods all over the world? Have you checked to see if your home has been equipped with a “Smart Meter”? Why is it when we know something is not good for the health and well-being of our body we do it anyway? The 5g kill grid is still rolling out in my neighborhood. The courts cannot help as they have been created by psychopaths and are run by psychopaths. Who is going to commit the psychopaths in “high places” so that the rest of us can live a life of freedom and to explore our spiritual nature in the Oneness of all life without fear of being crucified? The world can not be free of psychopathy until we recognize it and treat it. It is difficult for me to wrap my head around the idea that there are people deliberately wanting to destroy life and there is no help from “heaven” as we are living in a free will universe. Yup, God is a narcissist, “you made your bed now you have to lie in it”. It has been told to me a couple of times “it is a free will universe Lorna”. Yet, where is the will of the child that is a victim of rape? We can be f*cked with by the lower astral plane yet the higher realms cannot interfere because we “have free will to choose”.  There was a time when I could go into my body and release any pain. Now with the constant bombardment of frequencies it is making it impossible to maintain a state of homeostasis. There are specific frequencies being transmitted by our electronic devices yet no one is putting a stop to this unethical and immoral activity. They will not clean up those that are not able to think clearly as a rest of their psychosis. My free will to express in Christ Consciousness is over ridden by those that have chosen to not exercise their spiritual muscles. Go figure? Why do we not realize that we are not truly living as our lower body (psychical vessel) is not in vibrational harmony with its core essence. To attune all our bodies to be a frequency match would require us to be emotionally stable and free of the conditioned mind. Perpetual violence causes fracturing of the ego personality creating the imbalance to the emotional body. Psychopathy has become a pandemic for our world. Who is going to commit the psychopaths so that the rest of us can live free to explore our spiritual nature? To be free of psychopathy would mean we would have to recognize it in “high places”. Then we would have to remove these individuals by having them committed, no trial necessary,  so that they can no longer cause harm. This is the only way they can be treated for their affliction. Only a truly insane society would accept a pedophile and supporter of violence as their “Spiritual Leader”. The Catholic Church has paid out billions in child abuse cases, yet the Pope is still revered as the “Spiritual Leader” for our world. you are welcome to read about this by following this link: Is it really a free will Universe when i can be bullied and attacked as a result of my DNA lineage? Why is my will to live in truth is not being honored? Can you tell a 4-year-old child that it is her will to be over powered by her rapist? Children are being drugged and used as sex toys by the global “elite”. The blunt truth if you can handle it, it is the proclaimed “Nobility” that are pedophile, blood sucking, baby eating psychopaths. And our tax dollars is what feeds the mania. There is nothing noble about them and nothing noble in ignoring the truth. Tell all the veterans that have been murdered by way of suicide that we live on a free will planet. yes, all suicides are murder. We do not live on a free will planet when the lower astral plane can infiltrate our energy with immunity and impunity. It is not a free will universe when microwave technology and the God to Skull  technology can be deployed with out my consent. Please inform me where I gave consent to this and I will revoke it. If you would like to read more about this technology follow this link: Follow this link for more information on the 5g kill grid: It is my free will to be free from the COMMERCIAL NAME aka TRADE NAME to be totally free from commerce. It is my free will to be free from the ‘crowns’ influence in life NOW!! it is my free will to live in truth!! Full disclosure now with regard to the “Secret Space Program”. it is my free will to not have to be subjected to a Court system based in illegitimate claims and fraudulent contracting created and run by psychopaths. It is my free will to have all my memories restored!! It is my free will to be free of electronic harassment including but not exclusive to the God to Skull technology!! it is my free will not be surveiled by the establishment. It is my freewill to be free from frequency weapons!! It is my free will to be free of psychopathy and narcissism! It is my free will to be free in wake time and in dream time without being attacked psychically by “Black Magicians” that have no honor and/or integrity. Iit is my free will to have all entities and/or spirits attached to the lower dimensions of reality ascended so that they are no longer able to interfere with the land of the living. It is my free will to be free of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice! It is my free will to be free of ALL Canaanite blood-letting ritual sacrifice. It is my free will be free of the horrors of war!! It is my free will to experience only clean air, clean water, and clean food the way nature intended. This is given freely by the earth so it should be free. It is my free will to not have to live in a system that promotes “class wars”. It is my free will to live free of poverty, sickness, and disease, It is my free will to be free of dualistic thinking and perceiving also known as Separation Consciousness by being free of conditioned mind. It is my free will that the emotional body is harmonized so that all bodes are fully integrated in the truth It is my free will that all return to our natural state of well-being. It is my free will to live in a state of harmlessness. It is my will to express on a world that is in love with life by honoring the Law of One the Law of LOVE!! The Law of One is such that we are all energy expressing as vibration, frequency, and density. What we do to others we are doing to our self, what we do to our self (our own body) we are doing to others and to all life. I proclaim, decree, and declare, I am a true authentic free sovereign being and infinite energy free to travel unencumbered by the fraud known as commerce. i proclaim, decree, and declare: CLAIM OF RIGHT/CLAIM OF DIVINE PROPORTION!! It is my will to have all that has been stolen by way of illegitimate claims resulting in fraudulent contracting be returned to me and my children NOW!! So be it!! It is appalling to think that we live on a “free will” planet that is suffering from trauma-based mind control at the hands of the black magic ritualistic abusers that choose to ignore the right use of will and get away with it. Redeemer Lorna Lynne Borgeson Divine Mother! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 0010110 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 0010110 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ […]

  3. I really like your writing style, superb info , appreciate it for putting up : D.

    1. 🙂 ❤ am so glad that you have found this website ❤ 🙂

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