We Must Do Something Today!!

We have absolutely no evidence that the people that should be taken off the streets are actually being arrested!!

ie/I read the very preseptive comment under the video published by the World Health Organization titled, “World Health Organization press briefing with Lady Gaga”

“The director of the WHO along with Bill Gates are not doctors, it’s illegal to practice medicine, previous crimes against humanity on both of them in Africa & India sterilization through vaccines genocide through vaccines that man is on the national terrorist watch list how are these people dictating our healthcare policies with no medical degrees? Our taxpayers money!!!! They should all be locked up for crimes against humanity”. Miss Renee

ie/I completely agree with you Renee, Politicians and Actors are not physicians they are not qualified to comment on anything really to do with the health and wellbeing of our body or the world at large. They are all completely and utterly Clinically and Criminally Insane. This does not mean that the Physicians are qualified to Practice Medicine or are qualified to comment on our health and well-being having been trained by the Illuminati (Rochefeller) Model of Medicine.

When contemplating on this “Deep State” ask yourself “what is this “Deep State” and have ie/i met a CEO from a Fortune 500 company that is not part of “It”?

We really must take action ourselves to put an end to the madness!!!!

ie/i would like to get a petition going and get help with a Global Law Suit please email me at sophia@freedomdove.net if interested in assisting me with this project.

“You were awakened early It was programmed into your DNA

There were back up programs for when the cabal interfered by targeting you

You’ve had time to find God, find your true self and find truth

You’ve descended your higher self into this vessel

You are sovereign and whole – holy

You lost all fear

The ones that are going to need your assistance are the ones who are deeply religious – and the ones who have no spiritual or religious grounding

The deeply religious are going to discover that they’ve participated in satanic rituals and have been lied to

Those with no spiritual grounding are going to need it when they find out what reality really is

There is a place for religion – it’s called the akashic records It’s truth

There is a place for spirituality – it’s called illuminated it’s knowledge

There is no place for belief or faith

You cannot believe truth

You can only believe a lie Is true Faith is blind – it’s a spell

Belief becomes knowing

Faith becomes knowledge

We are not all the way awake yet – we aren’t fully resurrected yet – there will be surprises for us too

But they will be good ones” Stephanie Sarten

Please read the information published on the following pages:



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