When We See Injustice We Should Be Taking Appropriate Action!!

born of love

The following email was sent in response to the Policies and Procedures implemented by the Valero Company in response to the Corona Virus Plandemic.

From: Queen Sophia [last name not applicable] <freedomdove2016@outlook.com>
Sent: Tuesday, April 7, 2020 10:40 PM
To: Lillian.Riojas@valero.com <Lillian.Riojas@valero.com>; The White House <info@mail.whitehouse.gov>; Royal Canadian Mounted Police <webmaster@rcmp-grc.gc.ca>; GOV.UK Email <gov.uk.email@notifications.service.gov.uk>; David.Lametti@parl.gc.ca <David.Lametti@parl.gc.ca>; Dan.Albas@parl.gc.ca <Dan.Albas@parl.gc.ca>; Mel.Arnold@parl.gc.ca <Mel.Arnold@parl.gc.ca>; Bachrach, Taylor – M.P. <Taylor.Bachrach@parl.gc.ca>; Terry.Beech@parl.gc.ca <Terry.Beech@parl.gc.ca>; Rachel.Blaney@parl.gc.ca <Rachel.Blaney@parl.gc.ca>; Richard.Cannings@parl.gc.ca <Richard.Cannings@parl.gc.ca>; Kenny.Chiu@parl.gc.ca <Kenny.Chiu@parl.gc.ca>; Donald J. Trump <contact@victory.donaldtrump.com>; Marc.Dalton@parl.gc.ca <Marc.Dalton@parl.gc.ca>; don.davies@parl.gc.ca <don.davies@parl.gc.ca>; Sukh.Dhaliwal@parl.gc.ca <Sukh.Dhaliwal@parl.gc.ca>; Todd.Doherty@parl.gc.ca <Todd.Doherty@parl.gc.ca>; ed.fast@parl.gc.ca <ed.fast@parl.gc.ca>; Tracy.Gray@parl.gc.ca <Tracy.Gray@parl.gc.ca>; Ken.Hardie@parl.gc.ca <Ken.Hardie@parl.gc.ca>; tamara.jansen@parl.gc.ca <tamara.jansen@parl.gc.ca>; Gord.Johns@parl.gc.ca <Gord.Johns@parl.gc.ca>; peter.julian@parl.gc.ca <peter.julian@parl.gc.ca>; Jenny.Kwan@parl.gc.ca <Jenny.Kwan@parl.gc.ca>; Alistair.MacGregor@parl.gc.ca <Alistair.MacGregor@parl.gc.ca>; Paul.Manly@parl.gc.ca <Paul.Manly@parl.gc.ca>; Elizabeth.May@parl.gc.ca <Elizabeth.May@parl.gc.ca>; Ron.McKinnon@parl.gc.ca <Ron.McKinnon@parl.gc.ca>; cathy.mcleod@parl.gc.ca <cathy.mcleod@parl.gc.ca>; Rob.Morrison@parl.gc.ca <Rob.Morrison@parl.gc.ca>; joyce.murray@parl.gc.ca <joyce.murray@parl.gc.ca>; Carla.Qualtrough@parl.gc.ca <Carla.Qualtrough@parl.gc.ca>; Harjit.Sajjan@parl.gc.ca <Harjit.Sajjan@parl.gc.ca>; Randeep.Sarai@parl.gc.ca <Randeep.Sarai@parl.gc.ca>; Nelly.Shin@parl.gc.ca <Nelly.Shin@parl.gc.ca>; Jagmeet.Singh@parl.gc.ca <Jagmeet.Singh@parl.gc.ca>; Mark.Strahl@parl.gc.ca <Mark.Strahl@parl.gc.ca>; Van Popta, Tako – M.P. <Tako.VanPopta@parl.gc.ca>; Brad.Vis@parl.gc.ca <Brad.Vis@parl.gc.ca>; Weiler, Patrick – M.P. <Patrick.Weiler@parl.gc.ca>; Jonathan.Wilkinson@parl.gc.ca <Jonathan.Wilkinson@parl.gc.ca>; Jody.Wilson-Raybould@parl.gc.ca <Jody.Wilson-Raybould@parl.gc.ca>; alice.wong@parl.gc.ca <alice.wong@parl.gc.ca>; Bob.Zimmer@parl.gc.ca <Bob.Zimmer@parl.gc.ca>; Larry.Bagnell@parl.gc.ca <Larry.Bagnell@parl.gc.ca>; Michael.McLeod@parl.gc.ca <Michael.McLeod@parl.gc.ca>; Mumilaaq.Qaqqaq@parl.gc.ca <Mumilaaq.Qaqqaq@parl.gc.ca>; Ziad.Aboultaif@parl.gc.ca <Ziad.Aboultaif@parl.gc.ca>; catholication@catholicaction.org <catholication@catholicaction.org>; USoffice@InsideTheVatican.com <USoffice@InsideTheVatican.com>; service@InsideTheVatican.com <service@InsideTheVatican.com>; Advertising@InsideTheVatican.com <Advertising@InsideTheVatican.com>
Subject: Your Policies and Procedures in response to the Corona Virus Plandemic! 

Dear Ms Lillian Riojas, 

ie/I tried to use the online form to send this document to Mr. Gorder but it would not allow me to do so. Please forward this document to Mr. Joe Gorder and let me know that you have done so. 

Thank you 

This Electronic Transmission

Has Greater Force And Effect Than If Read In The

Supreme Court Of Canada and/or In

The Supreme Court Of The Usa and/or In

The Supreme Court Of The Uk

By My Own Supremacy And Authority

Also Being The Voice For My Greater Body/Gaia/Earth Mother

                                                                  Done In Good Faith     

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal,

Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent

Attention Mr. Joe Gorder Acting CEO

Valero Energy Corporation

This is a Legal Notice and not a Letter!

This Document is to inform you that ie/I do not support the Policies and Procedures implemented by the branch of your Fortune 500 Company known as Valero Gas Station(s) in response to the well organized and well orchestrated Corona Virus Plandemic. ie/I would like to inform you ie/i do not agree and/or consent to the crimes you and others in Businesses around the world are involved in.

My husband and ie/I decided to venture out to run some errands today being April 7, 2020. On the way to Hot Springs we stopped into a Valero Gas Station on Highway 270 to purchase a cup of coffee ie/I do not have the store number or the address.

ie/I would like to inform you that ie/I use a Stainless Steel Cup as My Primary Cup for drinking hot liquids when on the road traveling. Ie/I wash this cup and sterilize it with MMS between uses.

When ie/I walked into the store to purchase a cup of coffee the Attendant behind the counter noticed ie/I was carrying my own cup and said, “you cannot use your own refill cup, you have to use the cups provided”. If this was an environment such that the attendant would have to touch My Cup ie/I could understand this policy. As this is not the case, this Policy makes me highly suspicious especially when ie/I know what ie/I know. What ie/I know: the nature of the people in Private and Public Industry especially those in Fortune 500 companies and others that attend meetings including yet not exclusively to The Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove, and are involved in illicit activity (involving the Adrenochrome Trade) are not of Sound Mind. Have you ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones or know about the Eugenics Program with their plan to reduce the population through the Sterilization of Life and through the poisoning and killing of millions of innocent people through various Covert and Overt Military Operation(s) some of which /have/has been implemented for years? Are you aware of their Vaccine Program(s) and the fact that the people behind the creation and distributing of vaccines have used the courts to get away with poisoning and murdering millions of people? Please see Attachment(s) 5, 6 and 7.

There is no proof that your cups are safe and not contaminated with elements that are harmful to My Biological System.

Knowing what you have allowed thus far to be “sold” as safe to be sold and consumed by your Customers is what makes me wonder why you would implement a policy that makes no logical sense. Why do you allow products to be sold that are harmful to the chemistry of your customers Biological Systems? Makes me wonder if you and your colleagues have the best interest of your employees and your customers at heart. ie/I would like to know your rational as to why you will not allow me to use a cup that ie/I know is clean and safe for My Biological System?

This is Psychological Manipulation and has caused a great deal of stress for the Autonomic Nervous System of My Biological Body. It is a well known fact that Stress is the number one cause of many illnesses.

ie/I would like to add: on our way back home ie/I was thirsty after running our errands in Hot Springs and my husband needed gas so we stopped at another Valero Gas Station this time in Malvern. ie/i went into the Store to get a coffee. This time the attendant did not stop me as ie/I made my way over to the Coffee Station. Ie/I filled up My Clean and Sterile Stainless Steel Cup with coffee. When ie/I went to pay for the coffee the attendant informed me of your policy. It was at this time that ie/I noticed the poster stating and ie/I quote, “We ask that you please respect the CDC, Guideline and stay 6 feet apart while inside & outside your Bid Rd Stores. Thank you.” Knowing what ie’I know about what the psychopaths at the CDC are getting away with, caused even more stress for me. Let me add: the very idea of “Social Distancing” is further psychological Warfare and sounds very Draconian.

It is a well known fact that this world has been orchestrated by the Criminally and Clinically Insane Dark Magicians/Sorcerers that have created the idea of Government and Church, they have created Corporations and have registered us as a “slaves”. They invented this crazy idea of “capitis diminutio” allowing them to get away with the Legal Name fraud. Money and currency is a well orchestrated plan by Lucifer’s Papal Bloodline to control our life. They have gotten away with implementing their Oligarchy System with their “Slave and Slave Master Mentality” to maintain their Class-cast and Slavery System. 

It is a well documented fact that the Papal Bloodline have created their Babylonian Draconian Roman Cult Courts to get a way with raping, torturing, stealing from and killing the most innocent of this world. Please read the information on the link(s) ie/I have provided as evidence to the fact that the maniacs at the CDC are “Permitted By Law” to kill the “Citizens” born and registered into this Profoundly Sick Society.

ie/I know who and what ie/I am and know My Relationship with All Life and am very protective of the Truth and very Protective of All Life.

There is no legitimacy to what we are being told about this Corona Virus and it is highly suspect why the people in Government are allowing for so many to suffer under the Policies and Procedures implemented by Fortune 500 companies such as your own.

It is a well documented fact that 9-11 was an Inside Job and a Planned Demolition also known as a “False Flag” Event that has opened the door for many Companies to implement Policies and Procedures to steal our freedoms and our natural born rights. In-case you did not know “False Flag” does not mean an event is “False” it means people were set up to be hurt and killed for a Political Reason. This is how Pirates Work. This event and other “False Flag” events have allowed for the Narcissistic Psychopaths known as Politicians to Wage their “War on Terror”. This “War on Terror” has resulted in lands being invaded and millions of innocent people being raped, tortured, and murdered their lands stolen their Life Experience Shattered all as a result of the this “False Flag” event. The entire world changed as these Fortune 500 Companies such as your own implemented Policies and Procedures to take away Freedoms and Liberties. The innocent are treated like criminals when the Real Criminals sit behind desks plotting how to get away with poisoning, raping, torturing, and killing innocent people through implementing and enacting new restrictive Policies and Procedures.

ie/I am sending this Document to give you the opportunity to do the right thing and stop this assault on life. ie/I did not come here to allow my Grandchildren to inherit this world run by criminals.

Unless you are absolutely positive that this “Virus” is contagious why are you implementing Policies and Procedures that cause stress and duress for your customers? Please see Attachment(s) 1, 2, 3 and 4.

It is a well known fact that we have been lied to by those in Government and those working in Government Agencies at all levels and by those reporting on local and world events. Your cooperation in allowing for these crimes by the Papal Bloodline involved in Big Industry including yet not exclusively by those involved in Government(s) and Church(s) around the world is hereby Noticed and Documented.

Can you ensure Me as a CEO of a Large Fortune 500 Company that you will begin to take more of an active roll in Policing yourself when it comes to implementing and enacting the Policies and Procedures for the companies you are involved in? And will you assure me that these Policies and Proceedures are beneficial to your customer(s)? And will you take an active roll in Policing yourself to ensure that the products that you Manufacture and Purchase for Resale and Distribute are safe for the Biological and Electromagnetic Systems of your Customers Body Matrix and will you ensure that these products are in harmony and balance with our Natural World?

You have 14 business days to read the information ie/i have provided and to respond to these claims.


  1. https://freedomdove.net/2020/04/05/how-do-we-know-what-is-really-happening/
  2. https://thefreedomarticles.com/deep-down-virus-rabbit-hole-question-everything/
  3. https://freedomdove.net/2019/02/24/declaration-of-non-consent-and-non-agreement/
  4. https://freedomdove.net/2020/03/28/message-from-mikki-willis/
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Bilderberg_participants#United_States
  6. https://freedomdove.net/2020/02/24/holding-police-and-all-law-enforcers-liable-for-the-crimes-against-humanity/
  7. https://www.britannica.com/topic/The-Bohemian-Club

cc. Please notice that copies have been sent to the emails listed above. 

Notice To Respondent (s)/Liabellee(s)

It is not my intention to harass, intimidate, offend, conspire, blackmail, coerce, or cause anxiety, alarm or distress. This document and attachments are submitted with honorable and peaceful intentions for the purpose of restoration and are expressly for your benefit to provide you with due process and a good faith opportunity to take right action.


Goddess Queen Sophia

restoring the supremacy of love
without dishonor, without prejudice,
ill will or frivolity all rights reserved non-assumpsit
errors and omissions excepted

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