Who Are The Illuminati?

Who are the Illuminati you might ask? Nothing more than a gang of thugs with a Military Might and an endless arsenal backing them as they have an endless supply of money as they are the creators of it.


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Like myself people are finally coming to the realization that life is not as it seems. We are slaves to a Corrupt Systems being driven by a group of thieves, rapists, and murders using nefarious magic word spells. This group is The Papal Bloodline and refer to themselves as “The Illuminati” when there is nothing illuminated about them. They also call themselves, “The Dark Nobility” when there is nothing noble about them, they are sorcerers and pirates of the worst kind. They are of Germanic descent, also known as Nazi’s. They have created everything about the Society we are now born into with many abstract and convoluted concepts, including the Religions. They have created a network of Organizations including “Secret Societies” and “Mystery Schools” to sway the mind and capture the imagination of the Initiate. They have infiltrated every country and have indoctrinated men and women from all walks of life into their “Masonic Order”. Putting into place their Hierarchical Order with its “Slave” and “Slave Master” mentality when they themselves are “Slaves” to their Master. This interdimensional Diety that promisses them everything except Freedom.  Those that fall under his spell become drunk on the Illusion of power that comes with being “Rich and Famous”. 

Governments have been put into place and are nothing more then a License to Enforce Slavery.

The Gaetani-Dell’Aquila-D’Aragona family is a top bloodline of the “Black Nobility” and imperial landowners. The Spanish word Aragona means agriculture and land. The Gaetani family own the Gambino crime syndicate which is still covertly managed by the Gotti family today” Aissam Kakri from his book, “The Black Nobility Crime Family”. They were known as the Khazarian Mafia and have done a fairly good job of wiping clean this information from the History Books.

Below is their Family Tree: 


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For more information on this Bloodline go to the links below: 


 For more information on the history of the Khazarina Mafia use this link: 


For more information on the “state” of the world please go to the link below:


What so many unsuspecting people that sign up as members to these “Secret Societies” do not realize is that they are being contracted. The initiation process is strategically designed to entrap people in a matrix of lies.

Their “Creator” is not my “Creator”. The truth is, there is only creation we are all Source Energy. It is getting tiresome to be subjected to others lack of emotional, spiritual, and mental intelligence void of Heart Intelligence.

The idea of ownership violates the Law of One! The Creation of Capitalism and the creation of the Legal Commercial Name (not being Legal at at) and is what is limiting our experience of life keeping us a slave to the system of things.

For those interested in learning more ie-I have published more information on this blog post:


The following is an excerpt from the online book titled, “Bloodlines of Illuminati” published by Fritz Springmeier in 1995: “Long ago in the dark unwritten pages of human history, powerful kings discovered how they could control other men by torture, magical practices, wars, politics, religion and interest taking. These elite families designed strategies and tactics to perpetuate their occult practices. Layers upon layers of secrecy have hidden these families from the profane masses, but many an author has touched upon their existence. I began my research when I began to get firsthand reports from very informed people that an elite group did rule the world. My research into Satan’s hierarchy went fast because of my skills as a researcher and because I knew from the beginning from my informants about the reality of what I was investigating. My investigation into the Illuminati, led me to read and pray about thousands of books. The quantity of books, newspapers, magazines and manuscripts and papers which were read to get me to where I am today numbers in the many thousands. I do not know how many nights I stayed up studying and finally collapsed into sleep with blurred red eyes. I do know that I was driven enough in my study that I often would not stop until my eyes and mind could go no further. Men and women with sharp intellects like Edith Star Miller (author of Occult Theocracy) and Alexander Hislop (author of The Two Babylons) have tried to research the occult world and the connections between the different groups. I first read Hislop’s book in 1981. His book shows that there is a continuity between the ancient occultism of the Mystery Religions and modern-day religion. Edith Star Miller’s Occult Theocracy was very helpful for me to rapidly see some of the many hidden historical and operational connections between occult groups today. Finally, the book Holy Blood. Holy Grail and its first sequel The Messianic Legacy gave me a deep insightful look into the 13th bloodline. But my understanding has been lifted by countless other investigators, who are worthy of praise because they dared to challenge the power structure to get to the real facts.

In mockery and imitation of God’s 12 tribes, Satan blessed 12 bloodlines. One of these bloodlines was the Ishmaeli bloodline from which a special elite line developed alchemy, assassination techniques, and other occult practices. One bloodline was Egyptian/Celtic/Druidic from which Druidism was developed. One bloodline was in the orient and developed oriental magic. One lineage was from Canaan and the Canaanites. It had the name Astarte, then Astorga, then Ashdor, and then Astor. The tribe of Dan was used as a Judas Iscariot type seed. The royalty of the tribe of Dan have descended down through history as a powerful Satanic bloodline. The 13th or final blood line was copied after God’s royal lineage of Jesus. This was the Satanic House of David with their blood which they believe is not only from the House of David but also from the lineage of Jesus, who they claim had a wife and children. The 13th Satanic bloodline was instilled with the direct seed of Satan so that they would not only carry Christ’s blood–but also the blood of his “brother” Lucifer”, or is “Lucifer ” his alter ego?


The corruption is so prevalent and so blatant it boggles the mind that we have chosen to ignore it. It sickens me to think of how programmed we have been. Even when people know the truth and come to realize that the people in government are corrupt, they will still vote and pay their taxes? The thoughts we think, the words we speak, the actions we take every day is supporting the corruption. Why would you vote for it?

How can people go on and do nothing allowing the corruption to rage on? How is the corruption going to end if we do not put an end to the corruption? We must come together on mass to change our “status” and “standing”. Voting and paying taxes is seen as our tacit consent to their “ruler-ship” over us.

It is unfortunate that people do not do a little research and it is unfortunate that so many people have such a short attention span. What would it take for people to look around and use a little critical thinking? Social engineering through thought manipulation has been going on from the beginning of time.

The “citizens” of the world have been surveilled by the “Global Elite” for eons. The same Nazi’s that created the United States, created National Aeronautics and Space Administration, created the National Security Agency, also created Israel. The National Security Agency (NSA) is responsible for global monitoring, collection, and processing of information and data for foreign and domestic intelligence and counterintelligence purposes, specializing in a discipline known as Signals Intelligence.

The greatest lie every told is the Bankers lie, “being of this nefarious group of renegade creators gave themselves the Sole Authority and ability to Create Money and Currency”!!! They create Special Paper, stamped pieces of metal and designated a value to this Piece of Coinage giving it some Magical Value whereby giving the holder of this Magically Made Coinage Purchasing Power.

The next lie that impacts our life is: “their Courts are legitimate”.

It would be great if everyone would Awaken to the facts. Trump is not taking down the Cabal (The Deep State). The “Deep State” is the “State” Local or Federal there is no difference. All Agencies and Institutions created are designed to Harvest Energy.

Everyone is registered as a “Slave” to the Government (Politicians are living off of the fruits of your labors they are Sorcerers and Pirates of The Worst Kind.)

You go to Human Resources because You Are the Resource. They have done a really good job of brain washing the masses. And they never tell you about the Legal Name fraud and their concoction of the saying, “Capitis Diminution”. Accompanied with Illegitimate Claims that allow it to happen.

Everyone is listening to the rhetoric by the Political Puppets called “Politicians”. Did you know behind closed doors they call themselves, “The Most Worshipful Servants”. Meanwhile the earth and the “citizens” of the world are being raped, tortured, and murdered indicates the “watchers” are narcissists. Leaving us to the will of Lucifer’s ignorance while the purity of the heart and innocence is lost to those that thrive on fear, it is all rather nonsensical.

They are all drunk on the idea of status which comes with having lots of money and have willfully sold-out mankind for the “Illusion of Power”. Typing, “The Most Worshipful Servants Ontario” into the Search Bar brought me to a page that give a brief history of “The most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge F.& A.M. Province of Ontario and Jurisdiction”. You can use this link to read more


Sitting back while the earth and the “citizens” of the world are being raped, tortured, and murdered indicates the “watchers” are narcissists. Leaving us to the will of Lucifer’s ignorance while the purity of the heart and innocence is lost to those that thrive on fear, it is all rather nonsensical.

What is keeping us from seeing that Man has never had free will for Self Determination when we are under the dictatorship of the Luciferean/Draconian mentality?

Why are people still buying their “smart” cars, “smart” TVs”, “smart” phones etc.? Why is it more people are not concerned that the most Nefarious Criminal Master Minds meet once a year with immunity and impunity in their Bilderberg Meeting? Being a registered “citizen” as a voter and taxpayer is seen as our tacit consent to “their” war crimes.

When we know that the People in Government are involved in nefarious activity, and we continue to vote and pay taxes then we are willfully supporting the crimes against ourselves and our fellowman. We are in fact an accessory to the crimes.

We are being usurped and robbed of our Birth Right as benefactors, beneficiaries, and heirs of creation. Most of us are good and kind unfortunately we have unwittingly been cast out to sea in an ocean of lies. Now, there are far too many people vested and invested in the “Stock Market” blind to the crimes they are committing unable to see their way out.


Freedom in a capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient Greek republics: Freedom for slave owners.”

Vladimir Lenin

To create a New Earth and to Shift Consciousness requires thinking, differently, speaking differently, and doing things differently. It is up to each of us to stop playing the game the way it has been dictated. How long will it take for the men and women in “Law Enforcement” to realize they are selling their spiritual evolution for a mere paycheck in allowing for the Criminally Insane to perpetuate violence upon us?

It really is time to let go of our Predictive Programming and realize that we are much more than what we have been led to believe. There are far too many people addicted to fear. Once the truth is revealed ie-I would hope that we have the intelligence to take the necessary steps for self-correction. In reading some of the information on the Illuminati website. It has me perplexed that they would be permitted to corrupt the human genome so profusely. It is so very difficult for me to wrap my head around this information shared on this website.

The following quote was taken from the “Illuminati” website shared to me during my conversation with someone that introduced himself as “Son of Lucifer”:

HH: Our Lineage can be traced back beyond antiquity. From the earliest times of your recorded “history”, and beyond, our Family has been ‘directing’ the ‘play’ from behind the scenes, in one way or another. Before the rise and fall of Atlantis. (Yes, that was indeed perfectly real). We are ‘born to lead’. It is part of the design for this current paradigm.

ATS: To what extent has selective breeding been used to preserve the purity of the line? and what becomes of children of unapproved unions? (They would naturally still be raised with privilege, but not, perhaps “given the keys to the castle” as it were?)

HH: The breeding is generally case specific, dependent upon the role that the Family members in question are due to grow into. I will touch more on this in answer to the next poster’s question that you rephrased.

ATS: Are we really considered chattel and traded as such by the government?

HH: By the governments, generally, yes. People are seen as ‘collateral’. Pawns that are maneuvered around the chess board, according to the game plan. By the Family, contrary to popular beliefs, many of us do not mean you any harm directly. There is just the matter of divine destiny to uphold and unfold, and we must play our parts in the game, as given to us by the Creator. In many ways, it is actually in our own interest that you are prepared for the coming Harvest. Just not maybe prepared in quite the way that you would like. Still, even then, you are choosing the Negative Polarity with your own Free Will decisions, with a little ‘help’ and direction from us. Souls are Harvestable in either extreme of the Polarities, one could say.

To read the full discourse please use the link below:


It is disturbing that these people have woven their way into all aspects of life to hide their nefarious activity. They have devised a judicial system that allows them to get away with horrendous crimes against others that are not of their family lineage.  It is unclear why they are continuing with the Kangaroo Courts instead of having them all declared as mentally unstable so that they can be committed and treated for their insanity.

“CRIME BOSS’: Closing Arguments in NXIVM Trial — Satanism, Mexico Child Trafficking, Hillary, Schumer and Gillibrand Ties”


It is clear that the Courts do not support a Healthy Society. Judges have made themselves the law regardless of their mental, emotional, and spiritual status.

Heno Alambre ·wrote: “I’m trying to wrap my brain around the absolute vile and criminal actions of this Satanic Justice System that is called, “justice” when it is farthest thing from the truth”.

To read more follow this link:


My Self Realization has happened in stages throughout my life with many altered states of consciousness and conscious awareness starting when I was very young. It was on November 3, 2000, that my life took a drastic turn as a result of a 3rd Eye and Heart Awakening that came in the form of a Life Review. The event was so beautiful and came with many insights and the feeling of euphoria. Latent abilities were ignited which gave me the ability to see and hear.

The events that followed washed away all feelings of euphoria when ie-I was faced with the fact that all Governmental Agencies and Institutions were designed to hide the fact that our Earth Life is controlled and directed by a “Mafia” a Syndicate Crime Family that has lost their Humanity. They are all Drunk-on Power and are slaves to their own addictions. Now ie-I know what this “Dark Night” of the Soul really is. Realizing we have never been supported to grow Spiritually. Waking up to the Reality of Things turned my life upside down once ie-I came to realize that ie-I was unwittingly working for a Criminal Organization known as “Interior Health”. It was amazing to me that my eyes were blind to the corruption that is hidden in plain sight.

The shock of waking up one day to realize that My life was a lie was overwhelming. After 18 years of working as a Medical Laboratory Technologist ie-I woke up to the fact that ie-I was participating in crimes against the body. Ie/I was a walking contradiction, having a foot in two different worlds. The energy of healing came to me spontaneously in 1994. ie-I had one foot in this magickal and wonderful World of Energy and Self-Healing and another world in Allopathic Medicine (driven by The Rockefeller (Illuminati) Model, which ignores the natural healing ability of our body while treating the body like a Mechanic would treat a car. Deliberately, ignoring and subverting the science of the Mind/Body/Spirit Matrix. The shock of realizing ie-I was supporting an industry that was killing people with prescription drugs, involved in bloodletting, and cutting was too much for my already taxed Nervous System, and it caused me to have a Nervous System Breakdown.

 The last 19 years have seen its ups and downs, my body is still on the path to recovery from the years of psychological, emotional, and physical trauma. Returning back to a state of well-being has not been easy when the systems of our society do not support it. It is unfortunate that we have been unwittingly participating in this system while committing crimes against our-self, each other, and against life as a result being born into a world of corruption.

ie-Iam hoping, after realizing the corruption we have been unwittingly participating in that others will join me in a fast track of action to expose the tyrannical systems. If you would like to join me in brainstorming as to what actions, we can begin taking to change the systems. please email me at sophia@freedomdove.net It is in numbers that we will see real change.

ie-I need assistance in writing a couple of affidavits and would like to create my Own Travel credentials. Then ie-I would like to put this information into a petition to assist freeing others by challenging the “Crowns” authority. Ie/I have My Spiritual Awareness to guide me and am hoping others will support me in this.

Why have we not come together on mass to correct the Government and the Judicial System? For more information on the “Deep State” of things read the information published on the following webpages: https://thefreedomarticles.com/military-intelligence-complex-ex-agents-p1/


 No one has the power and/or means to undo what which is done in truth and in a state of love for all life!!!

May Life be Overflowing with the joy, glory, and passion of you being uniquely you as a Multidimensional Expression of the All That Is, Ever Was, and Ever Will Be”.  In other words, “wishing you a Life of Joy, wonder, and amazement that comes when in Alignment with Our True Nature, All Is One, and All Is Love and Loved Beyond Measure”.

Sending you Light and Love while simultaneously holding you in My Light and in My Love. Amen, Amen, Amen (so be it) and it is so…………

Goddess- Queen-Sophia-Divine-Mother

born lorna lynne of the House of borgeson

and named during a Sacred Water Ceremony by Chief White Buffalo as, “The One That Flows With The River”


Restoring The Supremacy of Love             

Without Dishonor, Without Prejudice,     

llwill or Frivolity All Rights Reserved Non-Assumpsit           

Errors and Omissions Excepted

If you would like to support me in my campaign of change, please consider making a donation either by email transfer to lornalynneborgeson@yahoo.com

or by paypal:  @ paypal.me/LBorgeson


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