ie-I Decree the End to The Papacy! So Be It and It Is So!!


Let it be known that the word ie (a personal pronoun) printed in this document refers to the Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Embodiment as the Manifestation of the Eternal Soul. The word ie is used to refer to the Focal Point of Awareness through which I as the Source of All experiences life. ie/I Am that, ie/I Am.

The videos ie/i have shared here are worth watching.

It is disturbing to see people supporting their own enslavement. ie/I realize that waking up is difficult to do.  It would do the world a world of good if people would wake up to the reality of things and begin to take right action.

Are men even aware how they have been emasculated by the Papals claims? All thought forms that have been put into human consciousness has been to corrupt the sacred union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.  We have allowed the normalization of the sexploitation of women while allowing the clergy to sodomized our boy’s.  We have normalized violence for God sake.  What is keeping people from doing the internal exploration to realize their own potential for life? Why have people been satisfied with being manipulated to live such a limited expression  of self? It has been something Ie have pondered me entire existence. Why would more not have searched for spiritual liberation?

We are the ones supporting the dysfunctional oligarchy system by going to work and paying taxes. Ie do not agree with the imposed slavery system where there is a slave and a slave master. A benevolent society would ensure wage equality. It is a known fact that poverty breeds crime. ie-I do not have to be employed and “get paid” to experience life on a planet that cost nothing to Create!!!

Please stop calling the “Dark Alliance” the “elite” they are pirates of the worst kind. They have violated the Law of One by creating the oligarchy system. A “True Royal” would be living by nature and be in service to the ones serving them. A “True Royal” would see all as “Royalty” for they know the oneness of all things.

This very system is in defiance of the truth which states “all are created equal with equal rights”. ie/I will not be coerced into supporting the enslavement of man by Luciferian mindset. ie/I reiterate All are Royalty.  All are the heirs, benefactors, and beneficiaries of creation. It is impossible to separate the source of creation from that which is made manifest, just as it is impossible to separate the thought from the thing  There are thoughts that will and shall be distilled out of reality.

There are two realities running simultaneously. We have the “fictional” world and we have the “actualized’ world. We have the ‘artificial’ reality based in fraud and corporate fiction and corruption and we have our “natural” reality based in facts, empirical evidence, and Universal Laws and principles.

We have our inner world and we have our outer world. With an outer world built on fraud, blackmail, and black magic it is impossible to have social justice. In a fraudulent world anything goes as the will of others is breached in this world it is a rarity that we speak facts. The politicians have forked tongues and get away with lying to the populace. This is made clear with the the propagandized saying “vaccines are safe and effective”. Years late million of children afflicted and dead as a result of the harmful ingredients found in vaccines. It was devastating to come to the realization that Doctors would think injecting mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde which are known poisons and neurotoxins, as well as infectious agents, cancer cells and foreign D-N-A into a perfectly healthy baby would be good to its health and well-being. We are contaminating our own children’s D-N-A with this highly invasive technology while damaging the Central Nervous System. An overactive immune system does not promote good health. Bringing up the subject of lack of truth by the authorities is fraud. In an evidences-based world we have chosen to ignore empirical and observable evidence.

Does “moral culpability” really matter once the damage is done and innocence is lost and the earth is ravaged?

Who in their right mind would allow the prophecy? Why would we wait to act against tyranny?

“The Beginning Is Near: When the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come onto the Earth of many colors, creeds and classes, and by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again. They shall be known as the warriors of the rainbow!”

It is said, “the earth is a free will zone”. Where is the free will of a child that can be taken by force? Where is my free will when Ie no longer want to support the dysfunctional infrastructure with my hard earned money? By whose authority is tax laws created?

Moral Culpability

A dangerous deception: A dangerous deception is that “blame is invalid” and should not exist. When people buy into this notion, it quickly descends into the idea that no one is ever truly responsible for anything that manifests in our world.

Culpable: “at fault; deserving of blame,” from the Latin noun culpa: “fault; blame”

People are absolutely wrong when they say “don’t judge, don’t blame, nobody is really at fault, things just happen, it just magically got that way” because every effect is proceeded by it’s cause. Things are “caused” to happen they do not just magically happen or occur. The condition that the VA is in did not just magically occur. Do not get trapped in the blame game by pointing to everybody else, but do not delude yourself by believing blame does not exist, which would mean that moral culpability does not exist. Someone who does not believe in blame just allows things to happen and never takes responsibility.

The Painful Truth!!!!

Who is more morally culpable?

The Order-Giver or The Order-Follower?

One party is more morally culpable than the other regarding an action that caused harm.

Is it the Order-Giver that has more moral culpability when they order an action to take place and harm results? Or is it the Order-Follower that has more moral culpability when they perform the action they were ordered perform and then harm results?

Visualize the harm that has been done

Order-Giver: “My actions did not cause that”

Order-Follower: My actions did not cause that”

Who is lying? Who is telling the truth?

The painful truth is that the Order-Follower is always bears more moral culpability than the Order-Giver, because the Order-Follower is the one who actually performed the action and in taking such action, actually brought the resultant harm into physical manifestation.

Order-Following is the pathway to every form of Evil and Chaos in our world. It should never be seen as a virtue by anyone who considers themselves a moral human being. Order-Followers have ultimately been personally responsible and morally culpable for every form of totalitarian regime that has ever existed upon the face of the earth. Without their behavior the harmful event would not have manifested. The Order-Giver can talk all day long giving as many orders to as many people their presence to go out and do the harmful behavior it actually would never be accomplished without the Order-Follower. The Order-Follower actually manifest harm into the physical world. Without the behavior of the Order-Follower the harmful event could not have manifested. This is how you know the Order-Follower bears more moral culpability than the Order-Giver. This is an internal immutable truth about how the universe actually operates; It is not someone’s opinion.

“A very large majority of people in our society will not believe 500 people who tell them that something really works because they tried it in opposition to a Doctor who says “That’s not recommended by the medical association”. This kind of person that follows the “constituted authorities” rather then empirical evidence is referred to by psychologist Bob Altemeyer as “The Authoritarian Follower” personality type. It is thanks to this type that even pure psychopaths in power can get away with the most egregious crime in all fields of endeavor from medicine to law, from industry to politics. The Authoritarian Follower believes that those in authority have a right to live by their own rules and lying, cheating, stealing and murder in high places can thus be tolerated with a shrug of the shoulder”. -Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Jordan Maxwell has some very important information to share. However, ie/I do not agree with the idea “we can do nothing”. As Source Energy ie/I refuse to support magic word spells created to bind the mind and limit the expression of the heart of mankind.

Unam Sanctam is one of the most frightening documents of history and the one most quoted as the Primary Document of the Popes claiming their Global Power, they callit a Express Trust Deed and the last line reads: “Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salavation that ever human creature be sujbected to the Roman Pontiff”.

Unam Sanctum is not only the first Trust Deed in history but also the Largest Trust ever conceived, as it claims the whole planet and everything on it, Conveyed in Trust, being all nonsense really.

Emancipation Proclamation!!!

ie/I am not big on allowing black magic, curses, spells and that kind of bs to interfere with the truth. As such from the power vested in my knowing of myself and the power of 3x3x3 ie/I choose to raise the frequency of our body matrix above the mind fuckery  and refuse any more influence from the lower astral plane of ignorance. 

It is time to transcend and transmute this shit. ie/I declare ie/I Am the Truth and the Light and ie/I am a true, Authentic Sovereign and Autonomous Being and an expression of Divinity. My will and the Divine Will are one!

ie/I have begun to take the steps to end all joiners with the Commercial Trade Name. Refuse to be delegated to status as “citizen”, “pauper”, “subject” and/or “disposable” and suggest all to do the same. It is time to take step to build community. ie/I choose to distill the word society out of consciousness. All that ie/I do ie/I do for the love of life and to  experience life to the fullest and to experience the breath of life with all the senses fully activated and alive.

ie/I implore all to know the power of the spoken words and join me in declaring.  “From my Light and from my Love ie/I transcend and transmute all energies that are not for my highest good and for the highest good of all. Nothing can penetrate and/or pollute my original template of love. With every breath that ie/I breathe ie/I strengthen my external field and Merkaba body to be in the same vibrational level as my internal core essence, the spark of God within and in so doing ie/I manifest for all through and by Unconditional Love only. ie/I decree: all to be and are Free Now

So Be It and it is so”.

The placebo is you is an authentic instruction manual to cause miracles in your body, in your health and in your life. Not only is it capable of transforming the experience but also of influencing the matter: by taking control of thought and emotions we can reprogram our cells; We have the biological and neurological machinery necessary to do it. A placebo is a substance without any pharmacological power that, however, causes a positive effect on the patient.

The antidote to the situation we find ourselves in is to realize who and what we are and stop buying what they are selling. We must stop giving our power away to a higher power. By whose authority does legislators have to create laws? ie/I decree the end to the papacy and ie/I cancel and delete the consciousness that created this idea and those that have kept the Slave Trade running and the Train of thought that drove it.  No one has the authority to hide the truth.

It is ok to admit that you have been duped….we have all been duped!!!

Declaration of Non-Consent(Non-Agreement) and Decree(s), and Comprehensive Notice and Notice of Contract/Contract(s)

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  1. Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  2. Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  3. Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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