Government Has No Authority!!!

Please watch this very informatiive video.
BARON DAVID WARD talks over all things LEGAL and the groundbreaking precedents set by him
BARON DAVID WARD talks over all things LEGAL and the groundbreaking precedents set by him
There has been a president set by BARON DAVID WARD in the United Kingdom in a tribunal over a parking ticket. The tribunal paper work came back as an email in a PDF file which is not seen as a signed and legal document. In the pdf it said by the adjudicator that he had no libility under the act to pay the PCN. Liability and obligation is all contract. All contracts require legal signature. The next day He recieved a docuement from the board of council, from the Government, which is a declaration of no contest signed with a wet ink signature. Now we have a legal agreements that is now a contract.
Confermed that a state is a Company.
The govenment is not a government there is no legal, if there is no material evidence in the form of legal signed consent of the governed that there is any governed people then there cannot be a government because you cannot have one without the other. He took the document and put it into an affidavit.
An affidavit is another legal process. It solidifies and creates an agreement. It is a valid legal agreement because it is a legal docuement. These are the facts. You have 28 days to rebut or address. They cannot rebut the facts.
BARON DAVID WARD ESTABLISED in the United Kingdom in a Tribual over a parking ticket that the people in Government have/has no authority.
There is no legally signed document by anyone that states that we give over our authority and that we agree to being governed. Their claim of ownership is unfounded and not supported.
There is a Facebook Page set up and every one wishing to be free from the tyranny of Government should become aware of. Security by way of a lien.
Here is the link to the Affidavit written by David Ward

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