Claim of Liability Sent!

Mass email sent today aat 10:33: Please read!!

From: Queen Sophia [last name not applicable] <>
Sent: Monday, May 4, 2020 10:33 AM
To: <>; American Military News <>; The White House <>; Royal Canadian Mounted Police <>; GOV.UK Email <>; <>; <>; <>; Bachrach, Taylor – M.P. <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Donald J. Trump <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Morrison, Rob – M.P. <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Van Popta, Tako – M.P. <>; <>; Weiler, Patrick – M.P. <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; joe didly <>; Citizens Commission on Human Rights <>; Donald J. Trump <>; Rob Kosberg <>
Subject: Re: Weekly update from GOV.UK 

Amendment(s) made May 3rd and May 4th are underlined.

To any and all Entities

Organic and Inorganic Intelligence Reading This Document Here And Now

Having Greater Force And Effect Than If Read

In The Supreme Court of Canada

and/or In

The Supreme Court of The United States and/or In

The Supreme Court of The United Kingdom

By My Own Supremacy And Authority 

Done In Good Faith

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principle

Notice to Principle is Notice to Agent

The word ie (a personal pronoun)printed in this document refers to the Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Embodiment and Manifestation of the Eternal Soul. The word ie is used to refer to the Focal Point of Awareness through which I as the Source of All, experiences life. Ie/I Am that, ie/I Am.

Even though this is a Legal Document it is written without knowing the Illegitimate Law(s) created by the Illegitimate Men and/or Illegitimate Women of Earth calling themselves legislators. Know that ie/I do not fully comprehending and/or accept the hidden Word Spells within the English Language that allows for others to assume that they had/have the privilege to over ride My Will and/or the Will of others, because (they do not). Nor do ie/I accept Dog Latin and even though ie/I was taught the English Language with its Doublespeak ie/I still do not fully comprehend and or accept this language designed to have the “illiterate” incriminate ourselves from “birth” to “grave” and which has distorted My perception of myself and which have work to distort My Relationship with All Life.

This notice is aimed primarily at the woman claiming to be the head of state and the holder of the office of monarch and all subordinate agents and officers, this covers the entire body of claimed governance, law enforcement, military and the judiciary. It holds all those liable that have taken the oath to the fiction Queen Elizabeth II which is the Title for which the woman claimed to be the head of state presents as holding the office of British monarch. This notice is also aimed at this power behind this infamous “Crown” and aimed at its “Most Worshipful Masters” whether they claim this or not. Anyone and everyone whom has taken an oath of office is here by put on notice.

ie/I Goddess Queen Sophia hereby put you on notice Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, or as is also made known to the realm, Alexandra Elizabeth Mary, as the alleged claimed holder of the Office of British monarch, and all your claimed offspring and subordinates including Charles Philip Arthur George, the alleged holder of the Title the Prince of Wales and William Arthur Philip Louis, holder of the Title The Duke of Cambridge, including any and all derivatives of such names as liable for the following encroachment against the ommon law of the land, not to be mistaken for the English Common Law and/or American Common Law with its Administrative Courts.

And ie/I hereby put on notice Donald Trump, and all Past Presidents as as well as Justine Trudeau, and all previous Prime Ministers and all Governor Generals and their Subordinates.

Notice: you will no longer be permitted to get away with taking advantage of the spiritually and emotionally immature people held under trauma based mind control, and all church leaders holding people in mental servitude are hereby put on notice, you shall be seen for who you are as Servants to Lucifer’s False Light Matrix.

And ie/I put on notice the Power behind the Infamous Crown and all its “Most Worshipful Servants” calling themselves “Masters”.

ie/I Sophia, a sovereign and autonomous being, the soul made manifest in the flesh and having come into the knowing of myself as the source of creation, hereby put you all on notice for the liability of limiting my capacity to trade, and for demanding ie/I stand under house arrest and for taking actions that have resulted in the diminishing of My Life and My Fellowman’s Life experience and that of other sentient beings. This notice is activated retroactively from the beginning of the encroachment upon our Life Experience. ie/I wholeheartedly object to you forcing your illegitimate Hierarchical order and your False Religious Doctrine upon the people and forcing your profoundly sick ways upon the rest of us.

It shall be known that you are all doing business as foreign nationals with no legal foundation to do so.

ie/i herby hold you all liable for the crimes being perpetrated upon the innocent.

Notice any enforced medical interventions through your subordinate officers and agents upon ie/I and/or any of the people born of earth that you have labelled as “civilian” and/or “citizen” and/or “subject” is seen as an unlawful burden for which you are also liable. This notice is retroactive to the beginning of your encroachment. You are hereby held to account for the diminishing of the experience of the spirit of mankind and shall be held accountable for the killing of innocent beings against their will.

In respect of the above you are clearly making an encroachment upon the territory, rights, an intrusion into, an invasion of, infiltration of, all afforded rights being a clear trespass upon My Being and all aspects of Life.

You have and continue to make a gradual advance beyond the usual and acceptable limits. The only acceptable remedy is to cease in all matters pertaining to the above breech of encroachment. Below is the body of words to be delivered to the court(s), your local police station(s), and or your council office(s), Below are documented facts to those liable which includes all subordinate agents and officers of the Crown and the Crown Courts.

The original encroachment took place long ago, it is difficult to know exactly when this was.

Etymology of the word enchroad
late 14c., “acquire, get,” from Old French encrochier “seize, fasten on, hang on (to), cling (to); hang up, suspend,” literally “to catch with a hook,” from en- “in” (see en- (1)) + croc “hook,” from Old Norse krokr “hook” (see crook (n.)). Sense extended to “seize wrongfully” (c. 1400), then “trespass” (1530s). Related: Encroached; encroaches; encroaching.

Those that have and are practising witchcraft are very crafty. They are all criminals and have gotten away with these crimes as a result of our innocence!!

The children born to earth are born free we are already sovereign and autonomous beings of light and love. Our sovereignty and autonomy has been stole, our status, standing, and title have been stripped away from us by nothing more then Word Magic and violence unnecessarily inflicted upon us.

The people of the world have been lied to about a great number of things. This has happened as a result of the creation of the City of London Corporation and the Banking Cartel and the creation of the Unholy Roman Catholic Church (a satanic cult masquerading as Christianity).

The City of London was illegitimately set up as the Roman Administrative Branch being one square mile over London since around 42 ad.

The people born of earth, the ones you have labelled as “citizens” and “persons” and “subjects” and “slaves’ ect. do not have to claim their position, they have always been of the soil. All are natural born and born free, the people have always had their feet on the ground. Those born to earth have been wrongfully labelled, and have been held under this spell of word magic with no foundation!! This word “birth” has no legitimate force upon the truth, nor does the word “surname” and/or “last name”!! These are just words and words have no real standing!!

Just because our parents recorded our name on a piece of paper does not make us a ward of the state!! The people running government have over stepped their boundaries. These people have assumed authority with no real foundation to do so. They have made many assumptions and presumptions when it comes to what has been permitted for which they must be held accountable!!

Those individuals working in Government positions are actually working for a for profit private foreign enterprise which is operating illegally.

Please read the information published on the following web-page:

Government Has No Authority!!!

The people working in the hospital when ie/i was born abused My Physical Vessel when they pocked and prodded and injected My Physical Vessel with foreign substances because my Parents did not know any better. ie/i did not know any better when My Children were born. And now that ie/I have awakened to the truth as a result of many spiritual experiences and years of research ie/i now realize that they are getting away with crimes as a result of their own stupidity.

ie/I realized it was up to me to take the steps to restore the balance to My Body Matrix as a result of this trauma deliberately inflicted upon Me, it was up to me to remove the blinders, it was up to me to take the steps to do the research necessary. Now that ie/i know the truth ie/i will no longer allow anyone to abuse Me or anyone else and/or limit Our Experience of Life in any way ever again.

No Parents has the right to allow this assault upon the Physical Vessel of the baby’s born to their care. Our children are not our property. No one can “own” another living being. As infants we do not have the ability to defend ourselves and are reliant on adults that are motionally, spiritually, and mentally stable to take care of us. It is expected that those that are present when we are born will care for us in the way that nature intended.

As a result of the actions by the people working in the System the balance and function of My and everyone’s Biological Systems, the Chemistry of our Physical Vessel, as well as our Mental and Emotional and Spiritual state and our State of Consciousnesses have been compromised.

We must look at how this has been permitted. It is absolutely absurd to think that capitalizing letters makes for a corporate fiction and/or beheads or diminishes a man and/or women in any way. All their claims are poppycock!!

There is no such thing as “Government Money” it is all “Taxpayers Money”. This money made through the fruits of the ‘taxpayers labours” has been extorted as this Money collected in taxation has been funding illegal activities by those in Government positions, this taxpayer money has actually been misappropriated to pay for the corporate empire and funding the war machine.

The men/women working in financing are complicit in the fraud and are extorting the peoples money, operating a fraud based in Word Magic. They have put the “taxpayer” through hardship as a result of words such as “citizen” and “person” and the alleged legal name.

Notice: No one needs a legal name to do life!!!

They are operating ‘Foreign Companies” on your soil, the soil you were born on. Their claims are without standing as they are based on debased language, shall ie/I say it again, “their claims are illegitimate claims without standing”!!!

The alleged Queen in her insincerity misrepresented herself and has mislead all the people into believing they are mere subjects and had everyone believing in her fake trust, she had everyone believing that the land of their birth was the named corporation. She is sitting on your gold!! The British Sovereign Crown cannot be on any land as they would be trying to take over sovereignty which was already established, it must be noted that North America/Turtle Island and/or any other lands was/were already occupied thus it already had it’s sovereignty making their borders and boundaries and claim to Crown Land illegitimate and all the taxes collected was misrepresented, this misapproapriation of these funds is criminal.

There is no such thing as “State” or “Federal Land” it is all public land the land of the people and is protected by Natural Law.

This idea of a British Sovereign Crown and/or any Crown has no standing in reality. Those claiming to be Sovereign under the crown are misrepresenting themselves.
Yes, Elizabeth Windsor and her cohorts and all members of the Papal Bloodline are nothing more then glorified pirates and is why ie/I do not recognize any border being that of a province/state/country etc.

Under National Humanitarian Law, being upheld by the Hague and the Vienna Treaty, all Provinces/States/Companies are being administrated under a foreign occupation and this occupation is an illegal occupation. Making their borders or boundaries illegitimate and their claim to the land and its resources illegal.

All occupation is deemed to be temporary and does not give the occupying power sovereignty that means British Sovereignty never had sovereignty on any lands not even in England, never did have it, never could have it, and never will have it.
All foreign occupying courts are under International Law and bound to do the right thing.

It is important to remember the United Nations Charter strictly prohibits acquisition of territory by force would mean that all occupied territories were occupied illegally and unlawfully and all contracts made under the occupiers without Standing, all contracting is illegitimate.

The people working under the agency known as the World Health Organization are wielding powers they have no right to enforce.

The Crown’s foreign occupation by its Agent(s) of any land including yet not exclusively that of North America/Turtle Island is illegal and all business conducted since these Agents first stepped foot upon the Land is illegal and unlawful, all profits made by the foreign companies conducting business illegally on the occupied lands must go to the people born to the land. “A universal declaration that specified the rights of individuals was necessary to give effect to the Charter’s provisions on human rights”.

All profit made by these foreign entities shall be seized and this money given to the people as compensation for their pain and suffering and for the hardship that has been unnecessarily imposed upon them.

Taxpayers have been paying all the Agents/individuals under the label “The Crown” or under the titles, Province/State/Canada/CANADA/the United Stated/ the United States of America being all foreign companies. Whether it is the people acting as agents or those that have given themselves title these people have been living off of the fruits of the taxpayers labours illigitimately.

They have gotten away with this fraud as a result of this piece of paper known as “the Certificate of Birth/the Birth Certificate” which comes with many assumptions and presumptions by the Sorcerers that “practice” law!!

Please note:there is no statute of limitation on murder, murder by decree/order is still murder!!!! Even when this murder is under the heading medical interventions. The so called Presidents of the United States and or the United States of America is operating as a foreign dissident. He and his governors have put the people through hardship and have allowed for many crimes as a result of their illegitimate assumptions.

All debt is a complete lie, it was a fraud from the start and will always be fraud!!!
The corporate controllers have committed so many crimes it is mind boggling all as a result of word magick!!! It does not matter if you call yourself by your first name or with your family name..their limitations are not your limitation. A name is just a name and has no influence on the truth, all are the source of their own life and the source for love!!

No one has claim over your spirit or your soul or your flesh and blood, any one still holding onto the original encroachment is a criminal.

The “crown’ and the self appointed “royals’ have no standing!! They have been operating foreign courts based in debased English..meaning they are debased in their thinking. These courts are not operating in Common Law. Common Law is the Law of the Land which has always been and will always be Natural Law!!! Their Law Society have violated natural law and have been operating illegitimately on your lands!!
They are not suitable to be operating in any community!!

Anyone following orders By any Sargent, Sargent Major, Governor, Governor General and/or the President are committing crimes against humanity!!

The Military Occupation of North America/Turtle Island is illigal, the Military Occupation of the entire Earth is illigal, as they are operating as a foreign occupying force!!! The Legislators make up rules and regulations when it suits them. There is nothing that gives these people the right to enforce thier will upon the rest of us.

In this occupation based on debased language, deciet, lies, and fraud the people born to ewarth are being deprived of the essentials of life!! Within this list of Needs are Essential Elements Required to Sustain Life, these Basic Needs are not only a Requirement to Survive they are Needed to Thrive as a Healthy and Sentient Living Breathing Being. 1st being Nurturing(care for and encourage the growth or development of) 2nd being Shelter, 3rd being Sleep, 4th being Nutritious Food, 5th being Sunlight, 6th being Clean Alkaline Water, 7th being Oxygen. The Physical Body can survive without nurturing yet it is a well known fact that the Physical Growth and Development of the Physical Body, Mental Body, Ego/personality-Spirit requires Loving and Supportive Relationships and Nurturing to Thrive. The Physical Body can Survive quite a while without, Shelter, Sleep, Sunlight, Nurturing, and/or food. And the Physical Body can survive for a short time without Clean Alkaline Water yet to thrive in health and well-being Clean Alkaline Water is a necessity.

Thus, apart from Air, Water is the most Essential Element for Sustaining Life on Earth and Sustaining the Physical Vessel/Body Matrix so that it can Thrive in Life. The Physical Body cannot Survive Without Oxygen. Therefore, to Maintain Life the Physical Body needs Clean Air. Oxygen being the Most Essential Elements Needed to Sustain The Breath of Life.

It is a well known fact that Sunlight is necessary for Photosynthesis (the process by which green plants and certain other organisms transform light energy into chemical energy. During photosynthesis in green plants, light energy is captured and used to convert water,carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen and energy-rich organic compounds). Source:
There “social distancing” campaign is depriving humans of the right to be nurtured through human to human contact as a result of this Corona Virus false flag event!!

This Notice of Liability is to the Papal Bloodline and to all foreign agents operating business illegally and is meant for anyone supporting the Papal Bloodline and their fraud. Any attempt to put people through any type of hardship will be seen as a deliberate act to deprive the people of their essentials of life and to deliberately cause harm and/or to do harm and as an attempt to commit murder.

There is no Authority on Earth or anywhere in the Cosmos that can Rightfully Govern My Life except My Own. There will be No Acceptance by Me of any presumptions or assumptions or My Identity, My Status, My Standing, and My Jurisdiction as above all else ie/I hereby retain My “Right of Self-Determination”.

ie/I have heard it said , “life is an illusion” which is true, it is my obsrevation that people do not seem to grasp what the word “illusion” actually means. People are not seeing life for what is actually happening right in front of their eyes, much like a horse with blinders they are unable to decifer fact from fiction.

A Master Magician a Grand Illusionist can hid their trick yet once the trick is revealed it looses its magic.

It would serve us all to become aware of the fact that life is one big hoax and miscarriage of justice after another!!

Etymology of the word hoax: 1796 (v.) “ridicule; deceive with a fabrication,” 1808 (n.), probably an alteration of hocus “conjurer, juggler” (1630s), also “a cheat, impostor” (1680s); or else directly from hocus-pocus. Related: Hoaxed; hoaxing.


It is my observation that people would soon be entertained, they will sooner spend hours playing games then to take time to decipher their life. Do people even take the time to contemplate on the idea of why they are here and/or why their life is the way it is?

People think they must get rid of their ego, they think that it is the “I” that is the problem. The self is not the problem. What people should be doing is ridding themselves of their false identity and correcting their programming and restoring their sovereignty and autonomy as the source of their own life. Each of us should be restoring honest and integrity and respect for oneself so that each of us can integrate with our truth and restore to wholeness and wholesomeness.

People must come to the realization that the “we” in “we the people” is made to look like it pertains to “everyone” when in fact it only pertains to the Sorcerers/Aristocrats/Politicians that wrote it. They created their Law Society for themselves , they have and are being selfish and self-serving.

As a result of the criminal mentality of the “Founding Fathers” the people born to colonializm are misinformed spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.

These Politicians/Aristocrates have given themselves ranking in the community they have no right to procure. No one came into physical form to be treated like a slave. These theives, rapists, and murderers must be made to realize that they do not have a monopoly on life: monopoly (n.) 1530s, “exclusive control of a commodity or trade,” from Latin monopolium, from Greek monopōlion “right of exclusive sale,” from monos “single, alone” (from PIE root *men- (4) “small, isolated”) + pōlein “to sell,” from PIE root *pel- (4) “to sell.”

Alternative form monopole (1540s, from the Old French form of the word) was common in 16c. Meaning “possession of anything to the exclusion of others” is by 1640s; sense of “a company or corporation which enjoys a monopoly” is by 1871. The popular board game, developed in its final version by Charles Darrow (1889-1967) and marketed by Parker Brothers, is from 1935, the year it was a craze. Monopoly money “unreal currency” is attested by 1959, in reference to the paper used in the game. Source:

These Aristrocrats have put many lies out to keep themselves labled as “rich” and “famous”. They use word magic to “legally” and lawfully” commit the most egregious crimes. Basically, they have through the use of word magic gotten away with fraud, embezzlement, entrapment, extortion, identity theft, theft, rape, torture, and murder using their illegitimate courts.

It takes a special kind of human to give over their sovereignty and autonomy to another then calling themselves “Most Worshipful Master” while using word magic and coercion to rob others of their sovereignty and autonomy.

These men and women are not sovereign and autonomous being as they have given over themselves to their “God”, they are the real slaves!

They are criminals of the worst kind as they have robbed so many of a life well lived. It is sickening to realize the most innocent among us are being robbed, raped, tortured, and their life cut short as a result of hocus-pocus. Etymology of the word hocus-pocus: magical formula used in conjuring, 1630s, earlier Hocas Pocas, common name of a magician or juggler (1620s); a sham-Latin invocation used by jugglers, perhaps based on a perversion of the sacramental blessing from the Mass, Hoc est corpus meum “This is my body.” The first to make this speculation on its origin apparently was English prelate John Tillotson (1630-1694).

I will speak of one man … that went about in King James his time … who called himself, the Kings Majesties most excellent Hocus Pocus, and so was called, because that at the playing of every Trick, he used to say, Hocus pocus, tontus tabantus, vade celeriter jubeo, a dark composure of words, to blinde the eyes of the beholders, to make his Trick pass the more currantly without discovery. [Thomas Ady, “A Candle in the Dark,” 1655]


ie/I will not diminish the day this body was born to earth by accepting any of their mind tricks and word magick, ie/I will not be limited by their preconcieved ideas with reagar to the name. ie/i will not dishonour the name given to me by my parents. ie/I will not allow the criminla mentality of others to deminish my life in any way. Any notion that these criminals have a vested interest in my experinece of life or anyone elses is null and void. ie/I hereby claim My Identification, My Status, My Standing , and My Competency as a member of the Human Race and wish to live in harmony with the Natural World as a Member of the Human Race born on Earth and in harmony and balance with all Sentient Being foreign and domestic to earth or not of earth and which shall now be recognized.

ie/i do no appreciate being targetted on any dimention of my beingingness, ie/I never gave consent having my energy tresspassed upon by anyone, ie/I do not accept and wholeheartedly object to any and all activity that isin any way deminishing to the spirit.

Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse….Maxim in Law. Anything You Say and/or any action taken by You against Myself and My Lineage will be used before the Jury and before the High Counsel. To Deny that You Stand Under the Canons and Natural Law as an Agent or Officer is Sedition at Common Law and carries Full Asset Stripping and Life in Prison and carries a Higher Consequence according to Cosmic Law.

ie/I suggest you Stand Down and evaluate your position!!

Every single member of parliament, every single Judge, Lawyer, Court Clerk, Sheriff, and Police Officer every corporation is operating illegally and unlawfully on stolen lands. Every single one of them should have their assets seized immediately. While a true trial is conducted.

Please make use of the links below and read the information published on these pages:

Holding Police And All Law Enforcers Liable For The Crimes Against Humanity!!!

For Court Record for Public Record that ie/I Goddess Queen Sophia born Lorna Lynne of the family Borgeson hereby claim My Identification, My Status, My Standing, and My Competency as a member of the Human Race and wish to live in harmony with the Natural World as a Member of the Human Race born on Earth and in harmony and balance with all Sentient Being foreign and domestic to earth or not of earth and which shall now be recognized.

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