The Day The World Woke Up To Love!




Original Post February 11, 2011 edited January 29, 2020

The following article came into fruition as ie/I sat thinking about writing a Love Letter to my children. Putting my memories onto paper as ie/I sat down with the intention of writing this Letter of Love.  Recording the events as they arose in my memory was like experiencing them all over again. Doing this was a reminder of the importance of being present. “Our presence is a present we give to each other”. Now is all there is all else is a Mental Projection.

We are multidimensional beings an expression of the infinite and we are this infinite energy, the awareness field that flows through all life, all dimensions, the entire cosmos.  Much like a droplet of water in an infinite ocean, and the ocean itself. Without the droplet there would be no ocean. Yet, we are overy lidentified as just the droplet. It is up to us to recognise how we are limiting our expression by holding on the way we have been taught to articulate. The words we speak and the thoughts we think create a picture and we project this picture upon the fabric of creation. We are the projector and the projected. What picture are we going to hold onto? 

My thoughts are drawn to the previous night,  it was Tuesday night February 10, 2011, a perfect winter evening.  The air  was crisp and clear as ie found myself waiting to be picked up by two ladies that ie had just met the previous Sunday at Felix’s Yuen Method practice group. Synchronicity has it that we were all planning to attend the same ‘Deeksha Blessing’ evening the following weekend in Kelowna.  Lucky for me both of my new friends reside in Penticton,   ie was grateful they did not mind swinging by to pick me up on their way through Summerland.

Deeksha is like a prayer! It is an Energetic Blessing from the Deeksha Giver in Alignment with their Divinity to the Receiving Participant. We can also give Deeksha to Our Self. The blessing can be given in person or over a seemingly long distances. There are many participants who have spontaneous ‘Self-Realization’ and experience Oneness.

The car arrived with not just two but three delightful women. ie tucked myself into the back seat of the car as we headed off on the highway towards the Kelowna Library in anticipation to give and receive the Oneness blessing.

You know those people that you meet in life who you just click with? Well, this is one of those encounters. ie found myself sitting in the back seat with this amazing lady, named Maggie. She has this amazing gift which gives her the ability to go into the body and test for imbalances. She can go into the body and tell you exactly what is causing the body to scream in pain .  She also has this uncanny ability to know exactly what the body needs to resolve the issue.

“How fortunate for me”, ie thought to myself as ie sat in the back seat of the car meeting with this wonderful lady who has graciously offered to share her gift of insight with me. ie pondered the notion, “Gazing into the body and seeing from the body’s perspective would be of such benefit for me if ie/I myself could learn such a gift”. The Universe is amazing in orchestrating and bringing people together who are in need of each others services.

Events have unfolded in such a way in my life to open space for the realization of Divine Love, the infinite field from which all life springs forth. My dream is to share this vibration of Love with others. It is in expressing this resonance that we can end suffering. It is in helping people to clear the heart that we  expand in the knowing of self. In this the brain will remember the language of the heart, the language of the Soul, our original light language which is the language of ‘Divine Love’.

The traumas in my life and subsequent brain injury has hindered my ability to get a business going. It is giving and receiving Deeksha that has been beneficial to my brains recovery.

Maggie and ie chatted with each other in the back seat sharing our experiences. The more we chatted the more ie felt this wonderful relationship developing between the two of us. ie felt very fortunate and grateful for this encounter.

ie/I had already set up the lines of communication with my body. ie had already said to my body, “ie/I am hearing you and ie know that you are not happy, ie have neglected you, and the things that ie have been doing have put you out of balance”. ie had been asking for the body to be in balance and not sure what course of action to take. My ability to listen and understand my body’s language definitely needed an upgrade. Now, here ie was sitting beside this beautiful and wonderfully generous lady who has the ability to hear my body.

The drive from Summerland to Kelowna was much quicker than usual as we arrived at the Kelowna Library. The four of us made our way into the conference room and found that people had already arrived to share Deeksha. The air was light and cheery as we  greeted each other. People kept streaming into the room. We all joined together in a circle to share in the meditation, followed with giving and receiving the Deeksha Blessings.

Every time ie/I share this amazing gift, gifted by the Oneness University, my heart is set free. ie find as ie/I  open to having the Divine aspect of self-flow forth through this physical body ie open to allowing more of this Loving energy of the Divine to be expressed in physical form. Like a bulldozer clearing my own heart space making more, and more, space in my heart, giving my heart a greater capacity to love freely opening the heart to  allow my being to express freely  “as the Freedom of Love”.

Now ie know the importance of talking to our body, When we talk directly to our subconscious and to the water in our body in a loving and caring way we are shifting the environment around our cells. This shift does effect our cellular DNA. The science is out that it is our environment and state of consciousness that does affect our biology. Bruce Lipton exposes the science behind this in his book, “The Biology of Belief”. Dr. Masaru Emoto is a scientist and author. Dr. Emoto has shown that positive words and emotions, and playing classical music and directing positive prayer at the water restores the water to it’s beautiful crystalline state, while negative words and emotions and crude music, such as heavy metal, will result in malformation.

The next morning, following the evenings events ie woke up to sunshine streaming into the window filling the kitchen with Light. As this sunlight, shinning so bright, found the crystals hanging in the window the union produced these beautiful rainbows that danced playfully across the walls of the kitchen. ie delighted in the magnificence of the colors produced in this union between the sun beam and the crystal. Overcome with joy ie made my way to the coffee pot to brew up a cup for myself and, my son, Carl. In this space of self-awareness ie noticed this peace within my heart at the recognition of this moment.

Carl my autistic son who is usually so loving and happy was miserable. He was cranky and mad; he was definitely not his usual in the moment happy young man. He usually delights in making others feel good about themselves as he shines his love on them, and tells them how great and beautiful they are. Not this morning, he woke up so very unhappy. Carl joins a group of special needs adults on Sunday at our local ski hill for a day of down hill enjoyment.  This past Sunday during skiing he had a fall, in the fall he bruised his hip, and his elbow. ie knew as ie watched him and allowed him to be with these feelings and emotions that were coming up for him that this soon would pass. ie just sat watching allowing him to vent his frustration. Being present for him and allowing him to be as he is in this moment was a gift from me to him.

It came time to drive Carl to his day program. As ie went outside, to start the car, the crispness in the air touched my cheek waking me up to this perfect crystal clear morning. It was the crisp winter morning with the sun reflecting it’s brilliance off the white snow covered ground that sharpened my senses. The purity of the moment was breath taking as ie noticed yet another union between the sunbeam and the individual snowflake. Mesmerized by the moment ie stood watching as millions of tiny lights danced across the surface of the snow reminded me that ie am light. This Dance of Living Light reminded me of when my child self came to the realization that ie was light and ie was also the awareness of IT. ie remembered being witness to my Light Body floating in an Ocean of Living Light with no beginning and no end.  In this ie became aware of the fact that ie was not only the Infinite Field of Awareness that flows through all life ie was also this field of living light ever present waiting to be expressed through this body called “Lorna”. ie stood witness as my heart burst open at these amazing lights as they danced across the surface of the snow reflecting my Inner Light reminding me of the Purity of My Soul and the Purity of My Love for All Life.

Back at home sitting at my computer reminiscing of these events ie was reminded of how incredibly rewarding it is to be present to someone who is suffering. Often words are not needed. ie was reminded of a time when my youngest daughter woke up stressed about life. She was venting in not a very nice way. it was time to take her to school. The ride was not so pleasant as she continued with her rant. ie held fast to the moment as ie reminded myself she needs to be heard. “Stay calm and present”. ie thought to myself. As ie dropped her off at school. Out of the blue she said, “ie hate you”. It stung a little yet ie knew it was not me she hated. She was hating the moment, she was hating her pain, and what was going on in her life. Her anger was her own which had nothing to do with me. As she left the car and slammed the door, ie quickly said, “have a wonderful day”, and ie meant it.

As ie drove home ie put the event to rest. ie was only home for about 15 minutes when the phone rang, it was Amber. All she said was, “ie love you”. That was enough. There was no, “ie am sorry” or “ie wish ie hadn’t said what ie did”, no pleading for forgiveness. It was not needed. Amber knew ie knew why she said what she had said. ie saw it was her pain that was talking and ie was not going to allow it to interfere with her knowing how much ie love her.

No matter what is going on in our lives our love for each other is still present. We are blind to the fact that it is not the person we do not love it is their behavior.  It is what they say and do when they are angry or frustrated, or in pain. ie understand that ie will always love the people in my life as ie see them from a place of understanding. This is the state of Unconditional Love ie strive to maintain in my own pain and suffering.

It is unfortunate that we have not broken free from all Quantum Entanglements from eons of abuse we perpetuate upon ourselves and each other. From child to parent and parent to child we cause ourselves and each other pain and suffering as a result of our Lack of Awareness. So many are  held in the Lower Dimensions  a result of their Corrupted Emotional Body. They are kept from Ascending held in the Magnetic Field of Earth as a result of their fear, anger, resentment etc. and mostly from what ie have observed shame, blame, and guilt.

Each of us should be asking, “are my thoughts my own?” All suicides are murders as everyone who is having suicidal thoughts are not in their Right Mind.Their Mind and Emotions have been hijacked.

Do you want to know how to be free from Lower Density Entity influence?

They are held in the the Lower Dimensions as a result of their frequency. They Feed on Fear as they are Out of Resonance with their Higher Self. No one is kicked out of Heaven, we do it to our self when we allow for the corruption of our Emotional Body.

Do you want to know how to reclaim your energy and move back into wholeness?

Do you want to know how to harmonize the corrupted Emotional Body that is the driving force of all so called Evil Acts?

Awareness is one of our Greatest Spiritual gifts and Self Awareness is the Key to Self Mastery.

Spiritual Teachings declare that forgiveness is necessary in restoring our capacity to love ourselves and each other. Yet, do people really contemplate on what it is they are forgiving?  In the Act of Forgiveness it is helpful to be aware that when someone commits a crime such as rape, or murder which appear unforgivable we must come to the realization that in most cases these individuals who commit these horrendous crimes have themselves faced horrific traumas and may actually be influenced by Lower Astral Entities that feed on Lower Density Imbalanced Emotions. They are not in their right mind.

When ie had my Life Review in 2000 ie was given the opportunity to remember my experiences from the perspective of my Child Self and also from the perspective of the consciousness of everyone involved. Having this opportunity to see with the eyes of the Unified Field is an Indescribable Gift. . ie am so grateful that ie had this opportunity to witness my own subconscious programs. Every experience is recorded with a specific story which has a Frequency and Vibrational Resonance to it Ie realized that we are not aware that the story we make up in our mind in this Lower State of Consciousness and lower state of awareness in the experience is false as we do not have all the information available to us in that moment. We can be free of the past by shifting the frequency of the story once we see it from the Higher Self’s Perspective and have more information available to us.

It is when we are not stressed and we are in harmony that we can support each other. It is not always easy to remain peaceful with the society that we live in, all we can do is to decide to not get caught up in the storms that arise. If we do get caught up in the stress and worry it is in our awareness that we can choose to shake ourselves off. When we do we remind our body that it is loved. Three magic words, “ie love myself” and “ie love you”.  It does wonders for the well-being of the body.

All trauma whether it be emotional, psychological, or physical is painful and causes fracturing of the spirit (ego-personality) and does impact how we will perceive our future experiences. We can be free of all trauma through the love and information given by the Higher Self. ie have an exercise ie do with clients that is very beneficial. When there is someone who has acted out in any of the imbalanced emotional states of rage, anger, fear, resentment, shame, blame, guilt etc ie set the energetic intention of becoming the observer and say to myself, “ie love myself in (the individuals name), When ie say something or act out of my own fractured aspects ie say, “ie love myself in anger”, “Ie love myself in the pain of this”. When ie say it ie close my yes and visualize them in front of me and flow my love into them. If it is my inner child ie do the same thing.

Here ie sit in amazement of life remembering the dancing rainbows that ie woke up to this morning. One shift in conscious awareness and the body, and mind, delights in this awareness. The sun is brilliant on its own as is the crystal and the snowflake have their own brilliance. Yet together in their union is created even more brilliance. This is what life is. This union is reflected in the joining of two people that come together. As two people join in their brilliance it is in this union that a child is born. The child reflects the brilliance and the love of the two that brought this One forth. It is an expansion of brilliance an expansion of love. Two expressions of love become one, which is the child.

A child is LOVE! A child is brought forth from the Love/Light of Creation because two people have come together in a union. Regardless, as to how this union is perceived, this child holds the spark of Divine Love with in its heart. Nurture this in each other and in your pets for even your pets hold this spark of Divine love.

It is a good reminder to be conscious of what we are saying to ourselves and our children as we are either cursing ourselves and each other or blessings ourselves and each other. In the words of Dr. Haim Ginort “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.”

There have been times in my life that ie have forgotten this. ie have been reminded that when my children are not feeling this from me it is only in my awareness that ie can shift this. It is up to me to shine the light of love from my heart to theirs. It is in this awareness that ie can stop in the moment, open my eyes, shift my perception of the moment, and see the truth in it. In so choosing to shift ie so choose to shift my Consciousness. When ie shift my Consciousness ie shift the vibration of the energy that is coming from me.

This morning was a reminder for me. So whenever ie  have forgotten and life becomes stressful ie can take pause even if ie am overcome with the emotions it does not benefit my body to beat myself up.  Even if ie am over come with the lower density emotions created in the trauma and drama of separation consciousness, ie can take pause, ie can look at my own suffering with the eyes of my Soul and lay down the thoughts that are keeping me tethered to this suffering. It is these emotions that close off my heart and disrupt my well-being.

It is up to me to dismiss the anger, fear, or resentment ie  am expressing. It is in my awareness that ie can turn to the ones in my life who ie see are suffering and ie  can hold them, and ie can tell them how important that they are to me.  ie  tell them how much ie love them. ie say, “ie know that you have not always felt this love from me and for this you have suffered and ie have suffered also”. Lovingly, ie say “this pain you are holding, ie would like to help you resolve it. ie would like to help you to resolve it for you and for me”. “My wish for you is that your heart is over flowing with the Love that ie have for you. “Know that ie have always loved you even in my darkest days ie have  always loved you, now and forever”. “ie will always Love you today and forever”. And So It Is and so it shall be!

“Your pain is not who you are.

Open your hands, close your eyes and declare:

I AM the Light of the Heart, Shining in the darkness of being

And changing all into the golden treasury Of the Mind of Christ

I AM projecting my Love Out into the world To erase all errors

And to break down all barriers. I AM the power of infinite Love

Amplifying itself Until it is victorious, without end”

Know that Ie love you!!

And So It Is and so it shall be! Marco Lopor

“And the Thunder Birds came back on Thunder Mountain to shine a light from the Heavens out on the land for all to see.. Ancestors danced and a Grandmothers heart was light .. for the spirit was free and the soul did sing.. 💛💙💛🧝‍♀️🧚‍♀️🦅🌸🌈🌟” Lara Wes

love is the unifing force that holds everything together

“May Life be Over Flowing with the joy, glory, and passion of you being uniquely you as a Multidimensional Expression of the All That Is, Ever Was, and Ever Will Be”.  In other words, “wishing you a Life of Joy, wonder, and amazement that comes when in Alignment with Our True Nature, All Is One, and All Is Love and Loved Beyond Measure”.

Sending you Light and Love while simultaneously holding you in My Light and in My Love. Amen, Amen, Amen (so be it) and it is so…………


[the terms king and queen in this context do not represent a title, we are all each of us king and queen of our own dominion, as a true sovereign and autonomous being we do not hold ourselves above an other and we would not hold others above ourselves; we are one]

born lorna lynne of the house of borgeson named during a Sacred Water Ceremony by Chief White Buffalo as, “The One That Flows With The River” on this day the 13th Day of March in the alleged year of 2020.


Beneficiary and Entitlement Holder                                                                                Holder in Due Course                                                                                                Restoring The Supremacy of Love,                                                                        Without Dishonor,                                                                                                      Without Prejudice, Ill will or Frivolty,                                                                              All Rights Reserved, Non-Assumpist,                                                                               Errors and Omissions Excepted

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16 responses to “The Day The World Woke Up To Love!”

  1. I am here on earth birthing a New World. Co creating new sites for my Soul family’s rights. I have started my claim jurisdiction and portioning of Divine ordinances. We are One. I am love. Ooh I love you. Love you.. Dove

  2. […] Emotional and spiritual health is essential to clean living. Fear is something we learn, fear was never in the original template of creation. Those that do the frequency work and Ascend their light body come to this realization very quickly.                                                                                                                                                             The soul could not project onto itself that which it did not already know.  Restoring the emotional body is fundamental in bring about well-being.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Thoughts are things, thoughts are light. The thought field is the light field. Prior to the light field there was darkness. The “dark” from which “light” first emerged and which supports all life is not the same “dark” that perpetuates fear. it is odd that people do not understand or inner-stand the difference.  The fear that corrupts the emotional body bringing the Light Body/Spirit into a state of “darkness” is not supportive of life.   The violence born of fear is not our natural state, love is our natural state.  I wrote the following article when contemplating on writing a love letter to my children.                                                                                               […]

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