March 6, 2020 emails sent to the Representatives of The House of Commons

From: Queen Sophia [last name not applicable] <>
Sent: Saturday, March 7, 2020 12:04 AM
To: <>; Friday, March 6, 2020 10; <>; CBC Ombud <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; The White House <>; Royal Canadian Mounted Police <>; GOV.UK Email <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Donald J. Trump <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>;  <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>
Subject: For The Record      amended March 7, 2020                                                                                                                     


Canada Revenue Agency 

555 McKenzie Avenue Floor 7     

Ottawa Ontario K1A OL5                 

phone 613 995 2960

House of Commons *

Ottawa, Ontario,

This has greater force and effect then if read in the
Supreme Court of Canada and/or in
the Supreme Court of the United State of America and/or in
the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
by my own supremacy and authority
also being the voice for my greater body/gaia/earth mother
done in good faith
notice to the agent(s) to the crown is notice to principal; notice to principal is notice to the agent(s) 
No one can say, “I did not know” 

Attention: Diane Lebouthillier acting Minister of National Revenue  and other: 

 Please be advised this is a Legal Notice and not a letter 

This Notice Is Law

You and those claiming Ownership of Earth belonging to the Papal Bloodline have treated the matter of fraud, embezzlement, entrapment, and extortion lightly whereas ie/treat this matter very seriously.

Even though ie was blind to the corruption of the system ie was born into ie Redeemed Myself when ie invited the Life Review. Restoring my ability to see and realize my Reason For Being was a gift ie/I gave to myself. 

It was not in my consciousness as an innocent child that anyone would deliberately sabotage My Spiritual Journey. Calling for the deliberate and malicious attacks that have/ has occurred on all My Bodies Electromagnetic System through out time and space and also the attack on my DNA, and on the Pineal Gland and everyone’s to be Retroactively Compensated. 

As a result of the imbalanced state of my Body Matrix at the time ie/I was unable to deal with the matter appropriately until now as my body was still suffering under the weight of emotional, mental, psychological, and psychical distress brought on by traumas inflicted upon it since being born into this corrupt world.   

 ie/I Retroactively Oppose the Military Occupation of Earth to when it was first invaded and the people(s) were first forced into the Slavery System. In other words, ie/I retroactively appose the Militarization of Life and the Militarization of Space and retroactively call for repentance and compensation for the damages done. 

 ie/I Retroactively Oppose the Oligarchy System imposed upon the hearts and minds of man. Any and all claims of Ownership of Earth by the Papal Bloodline are hereby null and void retroactively all the way back to the First Invasion. And ie/I call for any and all attacks upon the well-being of the Earth and those inhabiting the Earth to be halted immediately. 

 It is said in the following article:

 The Facts:

5000 year old cave art from Australia depicts strange beings that resemble what many perceive to represent the modern day ‘Grey Alien.’ These beings were known as Wandjina, cloud spirits and sky beings.

 Reflect On:

Ancient cave art depicting peculiar beings has been found all over the world, dating back thousands of years. Perhaps these beings weren’t really mythical?

 What impact did this invasion have on the peoples inhabiting earth?

Why is this information not shared with us when we are in school?

The original invasion and subsequent invasions of lands by the Crown imposing its Colonialism have interfered with every aspect of life experienced on earth. Fear is the side-effect of these invasions. Fear has brought many things into manifestation that was not in the Original Template. Fear effects the way we see life and had/has directly interfered with how our body expresses in Matter!!

 The impact of this invasion has been far reaching.

 Did the peoples of earth revere these beings as “Higher Intelligence” or did they now “Worship” them as God’s? If so then why did these “Beings” if they were “Higher Intelligence” go along with this charade?

 With what has transpired on earth it looks like these Beings were not Peaceful Explorers they were in fact Invaders of the Worst Kind.

 The DNA found in the cells of our body has declined and have been limited as a result of the “Negativity” brought with this intrusion! The impact “Negative Experiences” have/has in invoking fear have/has corrupted our Emotional Body which is destructive to the Spirit thus destructive to how the Spirit Manifests.

 We were never meant to suffer. Suffering is not desirable by ME!!

 The way the world is set up and operating by Commercial Contract and enforced through the Universal Commercial Code violates Natural Law. Unbeknownst to us we are registered as Merchants under the UCC.

 Accepting our registration as a “Citizen” aka “Under-Privileged” by the Papal Bloodlines is seen as our tacit consent to being owned and being designated as a Slave to the Under World. ie/I have never knowingly agreed to this and do not accept these claims. As this body Now Named Sophia and as the voice for Earth do so  retroactively disagree to being owned. ie/I retroactively appose the crimes being committed as a result of being tricked into accepting my need to be registered  with a  Social Insurance Number in order to experience life on Earth.

 We have a foot in two worlds:

One in the Illusory world of Commerce built on the idea that a CORPORATION is real, which IT is not. ie/I do not and have not accepted this idea. And have chosen to put both my feet in the Actualized World which operated by Natural Law in The Oneness with All life. That which governs nature is energy and our thoughts are the driving force for this energy. Yet, even this world is being manipulated by the “Dark Ones”. The Original Template did not have “negativity” nor was it based in the separation that accompanies fear.

 Yeshua tried to break-free from this…and he was murdered for it.

 Diane, you are by your actions will-fully participating in Human Trafficking and will-fully participating in the Death of The Christ for the Second Time?

 Eckhart Tolle Said “Is suffering really necessary? Yes and no. If you had not suffered as you have, there would be no depth to you, no humility, no compassion”.

 To think suffering is necessary and that it adds depth indicates a sick and demented mind. To me this statement sounds very “Draconian” and “Archonic”!!! It is completely moronic to think that “suffering is necessary”,  in no way is suffering a truth. Suffering does not make for humility or compassion it does not add depth. Our natural state is to be loving and compassionate towards ourselves and each other. after-all we are naturally in Unity With All Life, we already have a nature depth to who and what we are. Everyone has a fundamental right to know their depth in realizing who they really are as multi-dimensional expressions of the all that is and ever will be. 

 Eckhart completely ignores the fact that the “Privileged Class” have made their life on the labors of others as in Human Slavery. Making people suffer have interfered with how our body experiences in life.

This deliberate attack upon the psyche has Diminished The Human Experience. The systems that have and are still being enforced through violence has actually interfered with how our Spirit is Made Manifest and how it Experiences Matter.

The corruption of the Emotional Body as a result of fear creates Pain and Suffering which in-turn creates more fea,r this cycle of abuse has Corrupted the DNA.

Pain and suffering as a result of Separation Consciousness has never and will never be desirable by me.

Our body would have been far more advanced in its expressions and abilities then it is currently had we not been F*cked with. This direct interference by the “Dark Ones’ infringing their Will on others and affecting the way we experience life cannot go unnoticed!!!

ie have/had sent back the Passport and Drivers License and Certificate of Birth issued in the so called [LEGAL NAME or Trade Name] legal name or trade name and have issued documents to Vital Statistics British Columbia informing them of my Change of Name erasing any presumed attachments to the Artificially Constructed [LEGAL NAME] legal name. This illusory idea is sorcery created by “Black Magicians” and is not founded in the Nature Of Things. Yet it is allowing for fraud, embezzlement, entrapment, extortion, unlawful imprisonment, slave labour, rape, torture, thievery, and murder. Admitted to me by a Lawyer working for the Royal Bank of Canada. 

These crimes are being permitted as a result of the Babylonian Draconian Roman Cult Courts. These Councils of Black Magic are being run by the Criminally Insane. The (wo)men indoctrinated into the B.A.R. British Accredited Registration are not sovereign thus are a disgrace to the human race. You are all under your Masters Spell. 

In my actions and hearts intention have emancipated myself from this Criminal Conspiracy. A conspiracy to commit a crime is a crime.

In my desire to no longer participate in the Criminal Conspiracy against Life ie/I decided to take the steps to no longer participate. In so doing am dissolving the Quantum Entanglements interfering with how my physical body experiences life.

These actions superseded by a 3rd eye Awakening were hampered as a result of a Nervous System Breakdown which come with the territory when one awakens to the corruption and manipulation of Life. The 3rd eye Awakening  which took place on November 3, 2000 came in the form of a Life Review. With the eyes to see ie realize that nothing of this world is as it appears. The Awakening was an amazing and beautifully expansive experience.  Being reminded of the Light of our own source purifies the heart and expands the mind. The Dark Night of the Soul comes afterwards once we realize how we have been corrupted, manipulated,  and lied to through birth, life, and ever death. 

It was extremely shocking to wake up to the absolute corruption of so many that have chosen to be involved in the Masonic Secret Societies, joining the Jesuit Army, and following orders from the Power Behind the Crown. Years later realizing their Agenda is to Sterilize All Life was Heart Breaking.  It was baffling to me that anyone would deliberately take actions toward Sterilizing  Life. This “Negative Alien Reverse Consciousness Technology with their Trans-human Agenda “ is being deployed all over the earth.

The Horrors of War (rape, torture, theft, murder) paedophilia, as well as Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice have been a deliberate attack on the Spirit. It is called, “Spirit Cooking”.  The Creation of MONEY was a way to create the cast system and control the Order Followers. Deliberately, manipulating the markets to control the flow or lack thereof of IT causes stress for those in the “Lower Income Bracket”. 

The contamination of our water, air, and food with toxic chemicals, heavy metals, infectious biological agents,  hormones, nano technology, GMO’s, has all been implemented towards this insane Agenda. 

The Creation of Religion with their deliberate manipulation of the psyche through their written texts to keep people in lower states of awareness and lower states of consciousness  is disturbing.  What is even more disturbing is the fact that there are so many willing to profit off of these lies and in so doing compromise life on earth. There is plenty of evidence revealing this agenda, with their smart dust in chemtrails, to nanotechnology in is all quite disturbing. 

The deliberate attack against the Aboriginal Peoples, The Earth People are the Keepers of the Earth has been orchestrated to corrupt the Spirit of Man and the Spirit of Earth thus corrupt the Spirit of Life. Who in their right mind would go along with this scheme?

Waking up one day and realizing in being “employed” as a Medical Laboratory Technologist  ie/I was actually compromising life, ie was creating a liability for myself and the people that ie jabbed with a needle.  It was shocking and devastating to find-out that the  profession that ie/I was working in was not what it appeared to be. ie/I felt demoralized after finding out that there is nothing Healthy about the Health Care System.

Recognizing the contradictions in all aspects of life was psychologically and emotionally traumatizing. The Emotional and Psychological Abuse at the hands of people in my life starting in grade school, the  stresses  of our Industrialized Life,  and the shock brought on as a result of the trauma of having a nerve in my stomach sown to the the wall of my abdomen during a c-section procedure had all worked its magic on my Central Nervous System and compromised the Health of the Vegas Nerve.  When ie/I Realized these attacks were and are deliberately orchestrated and inflicted not only on me but on my fellow man was too much to bare.

Finding out that we have all been lied to about, well, everything, and that my life was a lie, it put my Nervous System into a tail spin with the over load of cortisol and other stress hormones released during the stress response culminating into a Nervous System breakdown. it was during an evening shift when called to an emergency, the adrenaline rush was all it took for my already over taxed Nervous System which caused something to break. Much like a volcanic eruption this great explosion took place that nearly brought me to my knees. 

The ongoing night mare was more than anyone should have to endure. As a result of the cognitive impairment that  accompanied the Breakdown left me in a compromised position unable to defend myself against the corrupt system of things. Still not really aware of the scope of corruption ie continued to do the paper work and file the taxes. Until in 2010 when my dad was diagnosed with cancer.  That year is a blur with travelling to Vancouver and to Houston to see my dad  ie got behind in filing the taxes.  Then in 2012 when the Agent for Great West Life stopped my Disability for failing to file my taxes even thought it was the result of my Medical Condition that ie was unable to file them made me suspicious. Then when ie went to Access and no one  would assist me with this paper work ie realized the scope of corruption ie was dealing with, all these people working together in this fraud.  

However, in the emotional, psychological, mental, and physical state of my body and its nervous system it was not balanced and able to think clearly to take right action.  Once ie/I realized that we have in our ignorance Criminalized Life in buying into a Lesser Version of Our-self ie/I no longer wanted to comply. Why would anyone once they know the truth wish to continue in the lie? This Assault On Life as a result of the indoctrination served to mankind by the Papal Bloodline assisted by those who work for the Vatican also known as the Crown was no longer tolerable. Taxation is theft, taxing life is a crime. ie/I do not agree that ie owe anything to the Crown. 

It was my Free Will Choice to see. After realizing my involvement in the Criminal Conspiracy ie decided ie no longer wanted any part in the Crimes Against Humanity. It is unfortunate that it took me nearly 20 years to recover from the assault on my Nervous System, coming back to a sound mind and strong emotional body was not easy under the constant attacks by people working in the system. With a clear mind ie/I decided to take the steps towards freeing myself and others of the [LEGAL NAME] legal name fraud. This abomination of creation has allowed for the crimes mentioned above to be committed against the “citizens” also known in their “High Society” as the “The Under Privileged”. These people see everyone not in their Papal Bloodline as disposable.  Actually, they do see some of their Bloodline as disposable. Those who are in the Bottom Rungs are bred to be used up in their Satanic Rituals.

 Everyone has a fundamental rite(right) not to be lied to, everyone has a fundamental right to be respected and treated with dignity. taxation is theft, taxing life is a crime. ie/I do not agree that ie owe anything to the Crown. However, much is owned to me and my fellow man by the Crown and those subservient to the crown.

Setting the intention and taking these actions has/have released my energy still tethered to the corruption of our Ancestral Lineage since our Fall From Grace. It is my desire and Free Will choice to release my Lower Body/Mind/Spirit Matrix of any and all seals placed upon it by the Sorcerers whom forced this system upon us.

Whereby, It is my Free Will Choice to Rise Above the lies and the System of Slavery presently being Enforced by “Law” thereby releasing my energy from the Family Name [Last Name. Apparently only slaves have last names] this will allow my body to move back into Vibrational Harmony with the “Higher Self” this will Trigger the Upgrades ie/I desire and restore the DNA. so that ie can once again express in Wholeness. Taxation is theft, taxing life is a crime. ie/I do not agree that ie owe anything to the Crown.  However, ie/I do expect to have everything extorted and stolen from me to be restored and returned to me.

As a Sovereign Autonomous Being of Light and the light ie/I retroactively from the beginning declare Myself Free from the Papacy: 

1. free from all forms of slavery.

2. free from invasion, intrusion, and interference of any kind thus free from violence 

3. end fraudulent contracting

4. set humanity free

5. give back what has been stolen

ie/I have and do call for a Full Accounting and Divine Restitution, Divine Restoration, and Divine Compensation Now!!!

Please preform an accounting in all dimensions and on any and all accounts, then have the property and monies extorted and stolen from me and my fell ow man as a result of fraudulent contracting returned to us. Have this accounting be retroactive to the alleged crucifixion. Everything was supposed to have been prepaid with the Blood and Sacrifice of The Christ!!!!  This money can be deposited into my Bank Account. 

Attachments: Please read the supporting information published on the following web page:


No One Likes To Be A Slave!!!!

No One Likes To Be Lied To & No One Likes Being Forced Into Slavery!!!! On February 20, 2020 @ 6:30 pm Mountain Central Time the following message was sent to The Secretary of State of …



This is a Public Announcement. The following document was amended from a document previously served electronically to the acting Commissioner of the Ontario City Police Attention Thomas W.B. Carriq…

Please respond to this Legal Notice within 16 business days. 

notice to respondent(s)/liabellee (s)

it is not my intention to harass, intimidate, offend, conspire, blackmail, coerce, or cause anxiety, alarm or distress. this document and attachments are submitted with honorable and peaceful intentions for the purpose of restoration and are expressly for your benefit to provide you with due process and a good faith opportunity to take right action.

Goddess Queen Sophia Divine Mother

born Redeemer Lorna Lynne of the family Borgeson

named during a Sacred Water Ceremony with Chief White Buffalo as  “The One That Flows With The River”

restoring the supremacy of love,
without dishonor, without prejudice,
ill will or frivolity, all rights reserved, non-assumpsit,
errors and omissions excepted



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