Setting The Record Straight!!!


It has been said time and time again, “knowledge and wisdom and the frequency of love are powerful”.

It would do the World a World of good for people to get over their adversity to reading. It is the Art of Reading that one becomes equipped with information and wisdom which are the steppingstones for Knowledge. Knowledge can only come through Direct Experience of a Thing!!! And if you know that your 3rd Eye has been depleted then it is logical that you would take the steps to enhance it?

The problems facing us stems from our lack of information and the fact that so many are not of Sound Mind and do not realize it.

Meaning of Sound Mind: legally, having the capacity to think, reason, and understand for oneself. Adults by nature are considered in general to be of Sound Mind, but through certain circumstances can be rendered as being not in Sound Mind, due to major in-capacities, and/or due to chemical and/or physical Brain Damage; chemical and metal Brain Damage is induced both externally, due to the Medically Induced chemicals and metals by Government Controlled Institutions in various known and unknown ways, or Self Induced through Self Medicating; internally through Oxygen Deprivation or through trauma to the Endocrine and Central Nervous System. Cultural and Religious Indoctrination has robbed us of our identity resulting in the depletion of a Sound Mind, people that are not of Sound Mind are incapable of thinking and making reasonable and sensible and rational decisions for problem solving.

“No adult of sound mind need be governed from outside sources, they are rightfully self-governed, as their moral standards will not allow them to ‘do harm to others’…Governments today control social engineering to keep adults from being of sound mind, giving them the unreasonable excuse to govern them…no authority of government is needed for those who do no harm to others…for those of sound mind, who recognize we are one,…who have love for themselves and for all else… “In La’ Kesh” or I Am another yourself”. Harold Pat Patrick Jr.


When will the men and women in Law Enforcement and in the Military begin to act honourably, not from some Oath of Office but from their integrity from their ethical and moral obligation to protect the innocence of life? They must know that they must listen to the impulses of their own heart. It is the Unfettered heart that returns respect for Oneself and Respect for All Life.

Without the feeling of honor and integrity there is no sensibility.

A Father of “Sound Mind” and Sound Intellect, expressing from His Heart’s Innate Intelligence being emotionally and spiritually mature showing love, compassion, and True Care for His child and would support them to their Fullest Potential from conception to adulthood.

Having restored balance between the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine energy expressions within would as the expression of the Seed of Life know the value of providing a loving, caring, and supportive environment for His Wife and the mother for His Children.  He would love and cherish His Wife and in return She would love and cherish Him back. He would support His Wife in providing a strong and healthy womb for His Unborn Child, he would ensure harmony and balance during his child’s gestation period, during the delivery, and throughout His Children’s Life.

He would guide and protect His Children unconditionally and teach them the value of being in relationship with themselves, with others, and with life itself.  He would teach His Children to respect themselves and hold themselves with the highest regard so that they hold all others and the Earth in this same light.  An Intelligent and Loving Father and Mother would know the value of communication as the foundation for a sound life, and they would know the value of Spiritual and Emotional Maturity as the foundation of an open and flexible mind. Regardless of their Cultural and Religious Indoctrination they would know the value of a Kind and Loving Heart. Together both Parents would know the value of being present for themselves, each other, and for their children with the ability to Truly Listen.

They would acknowledge their Relationship with All Life therefore they would have honor for their child and value All Life.  In this State both Parents would have the ability to support themselves and each other in aligning with the Innate Intelligence of the Heart and in-so doing would automatically pass these tools and skills onto their children giving themselves and their children the ability to move through life in the stream of their Divinity unencumbered by the Past Programming of the Autonomic Nervous System. All are One, All Are Love and Loved Beyond Measure, Amen (so be it)

Florence Shovel Shinn wrote an amazing novel and published it around 1925 titled “The Game of Life and How to Play. The following YouTube video is an oral reading of this novel:

The following YouTube video is that of an animal communicator and her incredible ability to communicate with other species:

It is odd that we would come into the world and accept what our parents have told us without question. It is now being revealed that trusting that those in positions of said “authority” have had our best interest at heart has been detrimental to our experience of Life. Where did man lose the ability to communicate?  Why have we forgone the Intelligence of the Heart for a Belief System designed to Bind the Mind and Capture the Heart of Humanity? 

Now we are coming to realize what the requirement is for a Sound Mind whichis an Unfettered Heart. It is the Unfettered Heart that brings clarity to the senses and restores reasonability to the mind.


For the Record: ie-I am not a member of their Society!!!

We are infinite intelligence, and we are all one, and we are love and loved beyond measure, it really is time to be acting as such!!

When ie-I see the politicians speaking the facts about the human condition then ie-I will know that mankind is actually free from the tyranny created by the members of the “Legal Society” imposed using their fictitious courts. 

Ask yourself, “can ie-I think for myself separate from how ie-I have been programmed or taught?”

We must raise the frequency of your thinking if we wish to raise the consciousness of the Earth and join in fulfilling the Cosmic Plan the “Divine Design” to restore to our natural state of Oneness as the Intelligence of the Cosmos.

If the people in governmental rolls as representatives of “The People” are really interested in cleaning up the dysfunctional world, then they would be in Moral Standing they would be acting in honor by speaking honorably.

They would have the courage to tell the people of the world the truth. They would speak the facts. The fact is we have been lied to for centuries and held to lower brain thinking and perceiving by those that are not of Sound Mind.

If you are still believing in a Higher Power outside of the Self, then you are not of Sound Mind. If you believe a “Corporate Fiction” has precedence over a man or woman, then you are not of Sound Mind. 

The Vatican is ground zero for all human suffering, yet nothing has been said about the fact that all Religions have been created to rob mankind of a Life Well Lived and all Man-made laws are actually Corporate Policy. Why do they neglect to mention to the Masses that the Roman Catholic Church is a Satanic Cult and through the Baptism of their members are bequeathed to their God of War? The Crown is the Papal Terra or Crown of Ba’al.

Instead, they keep distracting people saying they are getting rid of the “bad guys” involved in human trafficking, trafficking organs, pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse etc. Neglecting to mention the fact that we are all being trafficked as a result of the Class-caste System imposed upon us and forced down our throats. They neglect to mention the fact that we are not held to the “Laws” of their Society when we are not registered as a member. They neglect to mention that there is no valid contract on or for the record and they have no legal authority to dictate our life experience. 

Can we conceive of a world without a centralized Government and without Religions when everyone is of Sound Mind?

Are people actually receiving the teachings of the Christ when they step into a church? 

Falling out of grace into fear has acted like an Iron Curtain over our sensibilities for eons. The “occultist” whether it be the “Dark Ones” or those wishing to preserve the truth they both served as catalysts for the dysfunctions of this world. 

When there is secrecy there is not truth. Truth does not hide in “Mystery Schools”. 

Much like a father playing a game with a 3-year-old and never telling the child how the game is played then changing the rules at His whim to make sure He is Always Winning At “The Game of life”. Ridiculously unaware that in not supporting the child He is not supporting Himself.  Until “The Game of Life” disintegrates when the life force is sucked out of the Natural World until there is nothing left to support life, there is no-longer “The Breath of Life” to support the cells.

What would be the point of conspired against “The Breath of Life”? There is plenty of evidence to this fact. They have been working Behind The scenes with their Sterilization Agenda attacking all Areas of Life with the “Negative Aliens Reverse Consciousness (NARC) Technology: Trans-humanism and Hybridization”.  Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi. Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi is a retired professor of “Micromechanics of Materials,” an area in science that was introduced by him and soon made popularized by other scientists in the 1980s.

He published the following message to the World Wild Web:

“A discussion of a most devastating calamity potentially befalling on humanity in the near future has been presented that is referred to as the transhumanism movement, which also involves alien hybridization. It is explicated that despite the usual paltering intent by the negative aliens trying to portray transhumanism and alien hybridization as something that will someday exalt humanity to the status of superhumans, that it may be construed as upgrading humanity in light of acquiring much higher intelligence as a way of gaining physical immortality or putting an end to all forms of diseases, ageing, pains and sufferings, and in order to gain enhancement of all kinds through use of artificial intelligence machinery and interfaces by a way of upgrading our body parts, replacing them with new cloned organs, etc., as well as through alien hybridization, its true underlying intent is to rob humanity of its soul-spirit and, leaving a husk for the negative aliens to possess. The negative aliens have for long lost their connection to the SOURCE and can only survive through parasitism and energetic vampirism. Most of them are in the grave danger of having annihilated their species altogether through demise of their female counterparts and as a result of having diluted their genetic pool due to excessive and repeated cloning as a way of reproduction. This is why they so much covet our organic physical bodies. Through transhumanism as a soul capture technology, they hope to be able to eventually evict us from our bodies”


It is odd that so many individuals could be behind this “Criminal Conspiracy” against life. 

What’s a Criminal Conspiracy?

Put simply, a criminal conspiracy is an agreement to commit an unlawful act.  The agreement itself is the crime, but at least one co-conspirator must take an “overt act” in furtherance of the conspiracy.  Under the federal conspiracy statute:

  • The agreement by two or more persons is the essence of the crime. If there is no agreement, there can be no conspiracy.
  • The co-conspirators must agree to commit a federal crime or to defraud the United States or any federal agency in any manner and for any purpose.
  • At least one co-conspirator must take an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.

The overt act itself need not be unlawful, and not all members of the conspiracy are required to take an overt act; one co-conspirator’s overt act is enough.  For example, one co-conspirator’s rental of a van – a perfectly legal act – to be used in a bank robbery is sufficient for his co-conspirators to be held criminally accountable for their agreement to rob the bank, even if no other steps are taken.

A co-conspirator must have knowledge of the agreement and its unlawful objectives, but it isn’t necessary for a conspiracy to succeed in its unlawful objective.  A defendant can be convicted of conspiracy yet be acquitted of the substantive crime he conspired to commit.

If the facts support it, a prosecutor will almost always charge conspiracy.  It is frequently included along with securities fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, and mail or wire fraud charges in white collar criminal cases.  In one year alone, federal prosecutors charged conspiracy in nearly 1,000 cases.

A conspiracy charge provides the government with numerous advantages.  For one, every member of the conspiracy is responsible for the criminal acts of others taken in furtherance of the conspiracy, so a conspiracy charge can dramatically enhance the consequences of a guilty verdict for any single defendant.  For another, evidentiary rules are relaxed for the statements of co-conspirators, making it easier for prosecutors to present the jury with incriminating evidence.

To withdraw from a conspiracy, an individual must take some action to make clear his departure from the conspiracy, such as reporting the conspiracy to authorities.  An individual who withdraws from a conspiracy can be held accountable for acts committed while he was a member but not those committed after he withdraws.


What are we to do when the co-conspirators are people employed in all Levels of Governments, in every Religion, and in Law Enforcement all over the world? We are all co-conspirators as we did not know.  We have been blind to how we have been a liability to life in the jobs we are employed in. 

It was on November 3, 2015, that ie-I began actions to remove myself from this Conspiracy. When ie-I stopped collecting and paying taxes. It has not been easy. ie-I have been attacked physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually for my actions in wanting to expose this Conspiracy.  

It became obvious to me that the Crown Cult Courts are the foundation that has allowed this Conspiracy to bulldoze its way forward as the people working in these courts have given over their will in their servitude to their Master.  The wo(men) Indoctrinated into the Religion of The Courts being trained in what is said an Unrecognized Language known as Legalese which is used during Court Proceedings while acting under the “Color of Law”.  They seem to lose their sensibility to their indoctrination into this Religion.  They have lost all decremented to decipher what they are being told accepting this system without question.  

As it has not been made clear the Power of the Spoken Word, we have not been aware of how we have been unwittingly supporting this Criminal Conspiracy.  We have been oblivious to how we have been deliberately deceived by this “Play On Words” this “Word Magic” in Spelling Out Our Own Fate with “Word Spells”. So often we are unwittingly “casting spells” in what we utter as we have been blind to the effect our words have on the Fabric of Creation. In this Awareness can either one of our greatest Spiritual Gifts or it can be A Curse. Once we are aware of something we cannot be made unaware of It.

The true meaning behind, “turn the other check”:

When we flow the same Resonant Frequency into that which we are observing or react or respond to the event with the same Resonant Frequency it is very much like adding Fuel To The Fire.  When we see something horrific and we react in horror, fear, anger, resentment or any of the other so called “negative emotions” we are adding to this “horrific event” we are anchoring it into reality.  This is why we should choose not to participate in a “war” on anything undesirable. 

Once we are aware that we re in fact supporting the situation as a result of our emotional, mental, and spiritual corruption we can then make a conscious and conscientious choice to turn away until we have moved into Mind/Heart Coherence. 

Once in Mind/Heart Coherence and we are listening to the Intelligence of Our Heart we can then look at the situation with inner standing, overstanding, with love and compassion so that we are prepared to Take Right Action to correct the Dysfunctional Situation.  The Sorcerers, Black Magicians in Robes calling themselves Holy Men have been limiting our experience of life long enough. 

No one has a Monopoly on God. Even though they have tried no-one can put God in a box. The loaded word “God” is everything and nothing (no-thing). Unfortunately, the Control Mongers have limited our perception of IT and made it into a “Loaded Word” full of misconceptions and false ideologies. Like a loaded hand cannon ready to destroy everything Holy and Sacred and sucking the innocence and magic Out Of Life on this amazing Living Library we call Earth.  

God is all energy and the Conscious Awareness of this Energy!!


God is: the Endless Void Within=The Launching Pad of Creation=The Awareness Field that flows through All Life All Dimensions And All Realities=The Source of All Thought and All Thought Possibilities presently restricted by the concept of fear, and by being Imprison in a Mental Program and the Imagination Limited by holding on to Past Programming.  

Mathew 6:21-23                                                                                                                                           21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also [ 22 ¶ [m]The light of the body is the eye: if then thine [n]eye be single, thy whole body shall be light. 23 But if thine eye be wicked, then all thy body shall be dark. Wherefore if the light that is in thee, be darkness, how great is that darkness?


And God is: “The Light Field” The Infinite Ocean of Living Light (Central Sun) the Soul, all thought and all thought potential.

And God is: The spirit is a Candle (son) shining in The Sun. No darkness is needed to recognize yourself as the Sun and the Candle. 

1 Corinthians 8:6 Geneva Bible (GNV)

1 From this place unto the end of the tenth Chapter, he willeth them not to be at the Gentiles’ profane banquets. 13 He restraineth the abuse of Christian liberty, 11 and showeth that knowledge must be tempered with charity. 1 And as [a]touching things sacrificed unto idols, we know that we [b]all have knowledge: knowledge [c]puffeth up, but love [d]edifieth. 2 Now, if any man think that he knoweth anything, he knoweth nothing, yet as he ought to know. 3 But if any man love God, the same is known of him. 4 [e]Concerning therefore the eating of things sacrificed unto [f]idols, we know that an idol is [g]nothing in the world, and that there is none other God but one. 5 For though there be that are called gods, whether in heaven, or in earth (as there be many gods, and many lords.)

The Megalomaniacs Consumed by their Insatiable Appetite to control reality conveniently have twisted the truth and in so doing have corrupted our Experience of life. It is interesting how we have come to ignore in life the mother. Without The Mother there would be No Son!!!! Why would anyone son and/or daughter disrespect that which they are born through? In not holding a sacred space for the pregnancy we are actually corrupting our own field of experience. In causing “negativity” for the expectant mother we are affecting the unborn child’s emotional state. What the mother experiences the child experiences. 

An intelligent race experiencing life would not choose to disrespect their experience when experiencing is our reason for being. In Our Ignorance and in Our Lack of Awareness and in Our Arrogance are limiting the Experience of Creation. We are limiting the potential of our DNA as we have ignored the language of the body, we have been unaware of how our emotions effect the structure of the cells in our body, and we have not been aware of the effect of our own limited thinking . 

Now that we know the power of our emotions and the power of our thoughts and the power of the spoken word we can speak to our DNA in a loving way.

repair dna

The individuals blinded by the idea of power controlling the narrative taking active stepst towards the Sterilization of Life are blinded by their own ignorance.  Their perceptions and ideologies are parasitic. There mentality is vampiric to nature and is sucking the life out of life itself.

Thoughts are things and exist as Light. Not seen by the Uninitiated Eye this dimension goes unnoticed until the day comes and the Eyes are able to tune into this once Unseen Field  and all it takes is a Dimensional Shift a Shift In Perception for the Eyes to See. The yet Untrained Eye is not yet aware of the power of this Light (the power of ones own thoughts).

The Psychology of Belief also known as the Dogma of Belief  has kept mankind in a Mental Prison. Beliefs being the “Thoughts We Keep Thinking”.  Once thee Breaks Free from the Dogma of Belief the minds is free to expand into other dimensions of perception and the eyes are able to see once again. This state has been deliberately imposed upon the hearts and minds of the masses by the Satanic Papal Bloodline.  

The Church Doctrine was written in such a way to interfere with the Pineal Glands Natural functions.  This attempt to interfere with the natural progression or the DNA must not go unnoticed.  We have been hypnotized to see a limited version of reality as a result of eons of indoctrination. We have been blind to our participation in the creation of the Veil of Illusion, this Plasma Grid known as Yaldabaoth is the direct result of observing and expressing the emotion of fear. 

We have unwittingly been keeping ourselves separate from ourselves in feeding the Plasma Grid strengthening the Veil. Our lack of awareness of the contradictions in our Religious and Cultural Dogmatic beliefs have bred in-congruent behaviour. 

It is with Conscious Awareness that we then can Open Space to restore to mental, emotional, and spiritual maturity in our desire to heal from the eons of psychological, emotional, mental, and physical trauma sustained as a result of ignorance and fear.  It is everyone’s responsibility to make the conscious and conscientious choice to heal their Corrupted Emotional body. 

It is up to each of us to come to Self Realization of those triggers that cause our central nervous system to go into Fight or Flight. We are the ones that must love our fractured aspects back into wholeness and oneness. We are the ones that must choose to no-longer react from the aspects that are still tethered to the stories of the past. Once someone becomes Consciously Aware of when their Subconscious Triggers pulls them back into their Mental Program then our Awareness Becomes a Gift. We are now Tuned Into The Intelligence of The Heart to be in Right Thought and Right Speech inspired by ones  Higher Knowing and able to take Right Action from a place of understanding, innerstanding, and overstanding with love and compassion. 

The fear of survival has played a pivotal role in our ability to be manipulated.  We were unwittingly fortifying our own cage in allowing ourselves to be mislead to act outside of our True Nature.

The External Sun is the Physical Manifestation of this Internal Field of Living Light with no beginning and no end. As the physical body made manifest we are the Flame (spirit) shinning in this Ocean and we are the Ocean. Much like a drop of water identified only as a drop of water when this drop is also the Entire Ocean.  We are the Projector and the Projected as-well as The Driving Force Animating This with our thoughts. 

Our Physical Body Matrix is the Focal Point of Awareness through which we as The Source of All Life experiences itself. I Am That, I am.  

There is nothing more spectacular then to witness oneself reflected through the eyes of that which we are observing, there it nothing more spectacular than experiencing Oneself as The Moment. To have these experiences we must be fully present to the Now with no attached thoughts of the past or future so that we can slip into the Stream Of Consciousness.

As a result of eons of miss-identification we have put our Operating System Off Line. The Biology of Belief has corrupted the program. Our Physical Body can only show us our thoughts, it is thought actualized, and its biology is directly affected by our State of Consciousness. The problem being we are unaware of our subconscious thoughts that manifest as disease. Pain and suffering come when our bodies are not in Vibrational Harmony. When we are traumatized we hold onto the story and the emotional trigger that goes with it. Observing the story creates a resonant field manifesting as disease resulting in pain and suffering.  

Polarized thinking splits the mind and puts the brain out of balance out of coherence. This split has put us in a state of Separation Consciousness. When the brain is balanced and the Pineal Gland functioning the 3rd eye, crown, heart, and root center are awakened and full functional (when thine eyes become one) the Emotional Body is in Vibrational Alignment with its source it is Harmonized with ALL Life 

We can now invite more experiences that assist in the integration of  “Our Personal Stories” that we have created during our traumas and transcend and transmute the emotions back into love when we see these stories from the Highest Perspective of Love. When this happens the stories that kept the DNA tethered over so many incarnations are Activated and the body will begin to show signs of this Activation. 

We can now see the “In-consistent Stories” which have been written over eons by dropping the “beliefs” that have restricted the mind and kept us in a very Narrow Point of View. When we have these “aha moments” these amazing moments of insight shifting from Belief to Knowing the Mind Expands Automatically. 

Separation Consciousness is a Lower State of Consciousness that has put the mind into a very narrow bandwidth of observation has kept us from  seeing the truth and has limited our Spiritual Experiences. As we loosen up the ties to these stories Our Mind is set free to expand into the infinite field of All Thought All Possibilities as It is no  Longer Tethered to the “stories” that has been binding it. It is free from the Limited Perception of the past and free from the Limitation of the Imagined Future created out of its own limited perception. The mind is now free to see the Will of its own Divine Potential as it is now taped into the Unified Field. 

Even though the Mind has been corrupted by filling It with nonsense for eons and corrupting Its program by confusing it with convoluted and contradictory thinking and perceiving there is an easy solution. We can empty it through the process of Transcendence and Transmutation of that which is “false” that which has “Filled It With Nonsensical Ideas”. 

The individuals that are integrated by this begin to Awaken more to their reason for Being and become dedicated to Self Realization. Unfortunately, some of us have either has a left brain or a right brain Ascension Experience and make assumptions and come to a conclusion from this perspective. So many people that have awakened their 3rd eye are still unaware of how their thoughts are being manipulated by Alian/Archonic Energy whom still put non-beneficial thoughts into the Field of Influence.  We empower ourselves and each other by becoming aware of the thoughts and ideas that do not benefit us. We can weigh everything against our Hearts Intelligence. Our Body Matrix once cleared becomes more electrified and more alive more excited more vibrant when it come to a Universal Truth.  

Those that realize this begin to Dig Deeper within themselves driven by the Desire to the truth. 

Nosce te ipsum  is Latin and means “Know Thyself” It’s perfect and inspiring! “To thine own self be true.” Also a favorite of mine, is spoken by Polonius in Hamlet. It means “Do not deceive yourself”.

To thine own self be true.” It means “Do not deceive yourself”. To deceive yourself (kid yourself, lie to yourself) is sometimes easier than deceiving other people. 

The full quote is:

to thine own self be true,

and it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man

This implies that so long as you do not deceive yourself then you will not be tempted to deceive other people. 

There is a shade of difference between not being true and knowing oneself and deceiving oneself.

As Polonius is so full of words, it is natural that the things he says be considered ‘just a lot of words’. Polonius might not know the depth of his own words but Shakespeare did and it is up to us to get to it.

Think of this, how many lies have you told yourself over the years??  You’re not tall enough/too tall, you’re overweight, your nose is too big, you’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough…  Lies, all lies I tell you!!

Each of us is created beautiful and perfect, just as we should be.  I’m realizing no matter what other people say, do, or think about us, it is our opinions of ourselves that really matter.  Maybe it’s time to retrain our thoughts, “Know Thyself”.  Maybe everyone else around us knows that we are amazing but we don’t know it about ourselves.  Take ownership of your own greatness!!

Ultimately, for those of us that have become disillusioned to the story of life asking for a deeper meaning then just getting out of bed going to work, going to church, eating, seeking entertainment have come to life with a critical eye.  We may have even asked our-self, “Who Am I” and/or “what is life” and/or “why do I be”?

As “Soul Seekers” we realize with “Real Eye’s” the benefit that comes from knowing the truth and not just what someone else has presented as their version of “Truth”, we have used critical thinking and reasoning to no longer be satisfied with “believing what is true” we want to “know what is true”.  Information is widely available yet coming to information is not true knowledge. Once we read something we are informed of the information yet this is not true knowledge with can only come through experience.  Reading something means we are informed on that subject. 

Once we are on the Path of Knowing we then begin to take the steps forward to move into Actualizing the Information as an Experience so that this information is now known to us. Some on born into the Amazon Rain-forest can hear about a land covered in snow  and even see pictures of this vast world of white yet still not know snow .  It takes touching it with the senses to truly know the experience of snow for oneself. 

Once on their Path they continue to Take The Steps Forward to move into Actualizing Our Experience in the Truth of Who and What We Are fully Embodied As The Higher Self. We are no longer interested in shifting “Negative Beliefs” to “Positive Beliefs” instead we are interested only in Emptying the Mind of All Belief. Once we have dissolved all “beliefs” by converting the “belief” to knowing through this Process of Direct Experience after having had many “aha moments” we are receiving thoughts directly from the Akasha.

Thoughts without thinking. In this process the Mind Breaks Free from its Mental Prison and expands to be in Alignment with The Infinite Field of All thought (Christ Consciousness). In this state we are No Longer Identified as the Physical Body (We Break Free from this Spell of Being A Child Of God). Instead we are Now In Alignment with Our Truth as the Higher Self the Brain Upgrades the DNA is restored in this Actualized-state of Consciousness. When move into Mind/Heart Coherence dropping into the Intelligence Our Body Becomes Alive and we feel the electricity moving thought the body when our body is enjoying the moment.

In this Avatar State We Are Now Seeing With The Eyes Of Truth. As more follow this process our Physical Body and our Outer World will Transfigure Beyond Our Wildest Dreams. The thing is everyone must be willing to be aware of having thoughts that filling their mind with Non-Beneficial Thoughts. Self Awareness is the Key To Self Mastery. Becoming Aware Of Our Subconscious Thoughts and Habits and Addictions are Keys To Self Mastery. All Are Love and Loved Beyond Reason.

What so man religious scholars and the religiously indoctrinated seem to ignore is the fact that their “Holy Books” are allegorical, these stories are not meant to be read literally.

The Bible’s Hidden Meanings

Please follow this link and read the information published on this page:

Dedicated to Restoring to Truth with the “Freedom of Love”!!!! 

May life be filled with the joy, glory, and passion of you being uniquely you as your multidimensional expression of all that is, ever was, and ever will be”.  In other words, “wishing you a life of joy, wonder, and amazement that comes when in alignment with your true self”.

Sending you My Light and My Love while simultaneously holding you in My Light and in My Love.


and named during a Sacred Water Ceremony with Chief White Buffalo as “The One That Flows With The River”.


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if Mr. Trump is really in favor of change and in support of cleaning up the dysfunctional world then he would have honour, integrity, and the courage to giving the people the facts? Everyone has a right to know that their life has been one big fat lie. it is only through the truth that we can begin the healing process.

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