Healing Relationship(s)!!

The Key To The Gate OF Freedom Is The Frequency Of Love!!

It is up to each of us to take responsibility for how we do life. Why have we not taken the time to know how this human design works in relationship to creationism? How dedicated are we really to realize self-empowerment?

ie/I invite everyone to learn from my mistakes, and take advantage of the insights ie/I have gained as a result of my “awakenings”. And ie/I am invitng you to take advantage of 20 years of research by visiting the articles published on my website.

We can go through life a “slave” to our programming, a “slave” to our corruped emotoinal body or we can take steps to educate ourselves and take the steps towards mastering our own energy.

If we are having difficulty maintaining our frequency, we can use the right music with the intention to lift the frequency of our body matrix. The body is a musical instrument. Is our body tuned to its own frequency or is it still holding onto attachments to events and holding emotions that have corrupted its ability to sing its own song? Can you see the benefit of tuning your body so that we are all playing the orchestra of life in tune with each other?

It is up to us to take an active role in the self-healing process (resolving the cellular memory attached to people, places, and events that were traumatic and harmonize the emotions learned during these events and stored in cellular memory). In other words, only we can detoxify our body on all dimensions of mind and matter and detoxify spiritually by harmonizing the emotional body through the resolution of our fears. And only we can restore our relationship with life.

We can end the “victim” and “perpetrator” mentality by becoming the master and commander of our own energy. To move into wholeness and wholesomeness requires us to shift the way we process information. The way we have been controlled is to have us in a state of conflict and pit ourselves against each other. On nationality against another nationality when the problem is the “slave” and “slave master” mentality. This hierarchal order has been imposed upon mankind for the purpose of disempowerment to who and what we truly are

All roads lead to Rome and the creation of “man’s laws” and the suppression of the divine feminine which has corrupted our relationship with all life. We must take responsibility for our own corrupted way of perceiving ourselves. 

The same entities behind the creation of the Vatican and the bible are behind the creation of the kabbala, and the creation of the Quran, and the creation of Islam. They created the United Nations, they created the IMF, Washington D.C., Vatican City, and London City and they created the U.C.C., the banking and taxation system, and the BAR Society to enforce it. There is only one “Crown”, and all “Crown Corporation” are working together to imprison mankind. How are we ever going to restore wholeness and wholesomeness if we are constantly allowing ourselves to get sucked into a narrative designed to keeip us polarized and at war with ourself and with each other?

Polarized thinking is keeping us tethered to the idea of separation and separation consciousness. To shift our state of consciousness and shift our perception we must shift the way we think. Instead of thinking in “positive” and “negative” ie/i am inviting people to think in “terms” of vibrational energy expressing in density.

There is a video published in this electronic article that will assist people to self-heal (resolving the cellular memory attached to people, places, and events that were traumatic and harmonize the emotions learned during these events). When we resolve our fears we move into vibrational harmony with the cosmos.

The most important relationship is with ourselves.

Do we really know what drives us or motivates us?

Do we know why we think the way we think or act or react the way we do?

The “shadow” is created as a result of our lack of awareness as to how our emotional body is corrupted in our interactions in life and how we keep perpetuating this corruption from one generation to the next in our lack of awareness and inability to percieve how we have passed on patterns of discontent from one generation to the next. What has kept us blind to how we imprint our children with limitation as a result of our own limited beliefs?

Fear is a frequency just as love is a frequency!

Traumatic experiences have most often resulted in the generation of a fear attaching “negative” emotions to the experience. This experience is running in our subconscious a nd the emotion gets trapped in our cellular memory.Love is the foundation of life and fear is a learned response to our experiences in life!!Know that we are seeing life through the filters we have in place, in this, it is up to us to resolve these filters so that we can see clearly and hear clearly. In other words, our own filters will enhance what we see in others. And our experiences do interfere with what we hear when listening to others.

We cannot see what is in another unless we first have it in ourselves. Honesty is always the best policy!!!It is up to us to recognize how we have been keeping the earth from “Ascending” by holding on to the traumatic events in our life. The “beliefs” we create as a result of our interpretation of these events are running in our subconscious as is the frequency of the emotions generated in these “stories”. It is up to us to harmonize. these emotions.ie/I have heard it said, “we cannot change our past”. However, ie/I not this not to be true. We can change the past by harmonizing the emotions generated from past traumas.

On November 3, 2020, ie/I triggered a life review. It was a wonderful opportunity to get a glimpse into what “unconditional love” looks like and feels like. And it was a gift to recall what it felt like to be in my body as a child before all the traumatic events that influenced my “personality/ego mind”.

When we are operating from the “intellectual/conditioned” mind we see ourselves as separate and in this percievced separation from the unified field, we do not have all the information available to us at any given moment. From this limited perspective and lack of information we come to a conclusion about “what just happened”. We make up a story, “nobody loves me”, or “I’m not loveable” and we attach an emotion to this “story we created” such as abandonment, feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, etc…until we have filled our heart to capacity and there is no more space for love to shine through.And this is why it is crucial at this time that we come into awareness as to what is lurking in our hearts and in our field that is keeping us a prisoner of our own mental program and a prisoner to our imbalanced emotional body. It is up to us to learn tools that can shift us out of the “victim” and “perpetrator” mentality so that we can begin to bring harmony and balance back to our emotional field. So what “stories” do we have running that is keeping us a “victim” to our corrupted emotional body?

What words are we using that are having a detrimental effect on the detoxification of our body, mind, and spirit? We now know that every word we speak has a resonant frequency that does influence the molecular structure of the water molecules in our body. And the words we speak, the stories we tell, and the way we tell the story are creating a picture in our mind’s eye which we are projecting upon the fabric of creation.

The following video is phenomanol and is so relavent with were we have lost the body’s ability to hear all ranges of frequencies.

The Amazing Truth About Stars! Frequency & Stars | The Mysteries Of The Universe Revealed!

It is up to us to become aware of the fact that there are entities/demons, that can traverse time and space, that are caught up in the density of “fear” and it is up to us to recognize how we allow these pesky entities/demons that like to hang out in the outer part of our energy field waiting for an opportunity to wreak havoc in our life. They know our fears and believe they must feed on fear to sustain themselves.In fact, we keep them from rising up into the light of truth and returning to the source of all life by keeping our fears alive. These guys really enjoy hanging out at the edge of our energy field waiting for the opportunity to knock us off our game. They are ignorant of the fact that they are actually preventing themselves from evolving. Why would we assist them by keeping them in this perpetual loop of discontent and in so doing keep the earth from “Ascending”?

The best way to “protect” ourselves from these “demons” requires us to know the transformational ability of our light and our love!!! Lift them up instead of condemning them. In condemning them we are in fact condemning ourselves.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven within”. However, we have not been shown the “key” to the “garden” even though it has been right under our nose the whole time. Balance the place between the temples, the area in front of the ears is called, “The Temple” for a reason… and remember that the key to open the gate to “The Kingdom” is the frequency of love! It is up to us to clear the bridge between the heart and the mind.

If there is someone in your life that you are having problems with ie/I suggest going into a meditative state. Then deliberately think of something or someone you really love, animals are great as they are unconditional in their loving… they are non-judgmental.Set the energetic intention to generate this feeling in the body until every cell is resonating with this frequency of unconditional/source love frequency.Then say, “ie/I love myself when ie/I think of “then say the name of the individual you have anger, resentment, shame, blame guilt, etc. with”. Invite all quantum entanglements through all lifetimes and all dimensions to be unentangled. You actually might see past lives with this individual.And it is important to make peace with our “shame, blame, guilt” there are entities that hang out at the edge of our energy field that know exactly what our “fears” are ready and lead us into situations so that they can jump in and wreak havoc in our life. It is up to us to clear our field daily.Then say, “may source love and God’s golden-white light surround us”.Do the same process generating the feeling of “source love” ullu love, unconditional love…love, love, love unconditional love and then say to yourself, “ie/i love myself in “anger” [or any other emotion that is trapped in your cellular memory].

If our body is in pain or has manifested a “disease” put your awareness on the area and do the same thing. You can even rub your hands together in a circular motion until you have generated heat between your hands…then slowly move your hands apart and feel the energy between your hand. Then set the intention of creating a ball of energy in your hands and you can put this energy into the area.Do this every day before going to bed and first thing when waking up in the morning. When you find yourself reacting in a “negative” way towards a person, place, or event then do this process until the situation is cleared.If our body is in pain or has manifested a “disease” it is an indication that we have an energetic attachment to a traumatic event and we have trapped emotions associated with trauma in this area. Put your awareness on the area and do the same thing. You can even rub your hands together in a circular motion until you have generated heat between your hands. . …then slowly move your hands apart and feel the energy between your hand. Now move your hand back and forth and you will feel your own electromagnetic field.

Close your eyes with the intention of creating a ball of energy between your hands and see if you can sense the color of the ball or even see it in your mind’s eye. Then set the intention for this frequency ball of energy to be vibrating at the frequency of unconditional love… you can even think of your soul song and sing this song into the ball between your hands….now put this ball in the area of the pain. Now focus on loving the event and trapped emotion stuck in this area. Set the intention of unwinding the cord of energy keeping our unique energy signature tethered to this person, place, and event.Set the intention to go through all lifetimes all dimensions and all space-time unwinding the energy and restoring you to you. Self-empowerment is the key to self-mastery and the key to sovereignty, be the authority of your life (author of your reality).

The following video is a demonatration of how to shift entanglements we have with traumatic events:

The following article has other processes for restoring relationships with loved ones.https://freedomdove.net/2014/03/12/the-day-the-world-woke-up-to-love-2/

The following Youtube video offers some valuable information:

Episode 21 – Emotions and Reflexive Behavior

“May Life be Over Flowing with the joy, glory, and passion of you being uniquely you as a Multidimensional Expression of the All That Is, Ever Was, and Ever Will Be”.  In other words, “wishing you a Life of Joy, wonder, and amazement that comes when in Alignment with Our True Nature, All Is One, and All Is Love and Loved Beyond Measure”.

We cannot under estimate the advantage of grounding.

Remembering the mission”

Lyran Sirian contact expressed that those responsible to guard and protect humanities genetic records and hidden histories were primarily ambassadors of the Sirian administration councils. The Sirian Lodge is a Hall which oversaw the 6D networks which acted as the portal for Star and Indigo Races to incarnate on the earth plane through the Amenti halls. This Lyran-Sirian administrative body created the Azurite council for the sole purpose of a collective team to support the human embodiment of the Jesus Christ or Yeshua Mission to repair these networks and secure the Amenti field. The Azurites were assigned primary responsibility for the carrying out of the Covenant of Paliador which is to recover the lost souls of Tara.The origination of the Azurites goes back to the races that were formed by the RA Confederacy“.

Source: https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Covenant_of_Paliador#Keepers_of_the_Crystal_Core

It was on November 3, 2000 that ie/i discovered that we have been conditioned to ignore what is right in front of us, it was no November 3, 2000 while in a state of deep depression ie/I triggered a “Life Review”.

It was amazing to have the ability to see everything from the “higher self” perspective and my life was euphoric when ie/I was able to see with the eyes of “unconditional love”. Until at work one day while taking blood from a lady in a coma that told me telepathically, “it is the drugs that are killing me”. It was not in my realm of awareness that the “prescription drugs” were actually killing people. The proverbial rug was pulled out from under my feet and ie/i took the deep dive into the “dark night of the soul” which lasted much more than a night.

This triggered me to look into the “medical system”, so with this newly acquired ability to see things from the spirit realm ie/I took a good long look at what ie/i was doing for a living. It was shocking to me to realize the contradictions that ie/i was living by. The energy of healing came to me spontaneously in 1993 while attending a “Healing Circle”. it was odd to me to recognize now that ie/I had a foot in two worlds. One in this amazing world of energy where the body has this ability to heal itself and then ie/I had this foot in the Allopathic Model where the body’s innate intelligence is ignored. It was me that had to decide to look and in the looking ie/i realized just how polarized ie/I was in my perception of myself and in the expression of life. And ie/i realized that it was strategically designed this way.

The revelation that ie/i was getting paid to perform a satanic ritual was devastating and too much for my already taxed nervous system and ie/i ended up with a nervous system breakdown. This epiphany dropped me out of operating from the hearts knowing into the intellect and into judgment lowering my state of consciousness.

It was me that had to make peace with my ignorance and my lack of awareness and forgive myself for the harm that ie/I had perpetrated as a result of buying into the lies ie/I was told as a child. And for the last 20 years, ie/I have been going down the rabbit hole that took me into some very deep tunnels that led me to the darkest aspects of the human condition, ie/I have been trying to figure out how to extricate myself from this system only to realize that we have been going about it all wrong. It was my judgment that lowered me into lower states of consciousness which allowed for the manipulation by those entities in the lower astral plane.

Many well-meaning people are unaware of how they are keeping themselves and the earth from ascending to higher states of consciousness and a new operating system because they have not taken the steps to do the “shadow” work to raise their own consciousness.

Why after billions of years we have not learned how to assist each other in the healing process? Why would we still be “charging” each other to heal when we do not know how the banking and taxation system works? Do you know that everything is already pre-paid? So, why are we still supporting our own demise?

We are the only ones that can make peace with the shame, blame, and guilt and forgive ourselves for our ignorance and for our lack of awareness. When will we make the conscious and conscientious choice to assist each other to raise up out of the lower states of consciousness?

It is up to us to recognize where people are at on the vibrational scale of consciousness and stop listening to those that do not have all their faculties.

Resolving our attachment to people, places, and events that cause us to drop into judgment and then into fear will assist in raising our consciousness.

Artificial Intelligence/Technology can assist in raising the body’s frequency to heal. Can this technology assist us to resolve the attachments we have to the events and the accompanying emotions?

These “traumatic events” and the “stories” we created and the emotions learned in these experiences are still running in our subconscious and affect the biology of our physical expression. No one can save us from ourselves it is us that must take an active role in resolving these “shadow” aspects held in the lower density expressions of fear, anger, resentment, shame, blame, guilt, etc. Technology cannot assist us in resolving our relationship with our parents or our siblings, etc. Do we have the wherewithal to recognize where we are at on the scale of consciousness? And it is up to us to set the intention to learn the skills necessary to move up the scale of consciousness!!

The Energy of Gratitude

And even though we have “bought” into what we have been told about what is “normal” behaviour it is ultimately us that must recognise that we where we are not benefiting ourselves in the expression of our emotions.

No photo description available.

Once we know that we have been uneducated and illiterate to disempower us especially in the signing of contracts we can at any time choose to educate ourselves so that we can better educate our children. It is our responsability to teach our children self-awareness and to trust their inner guidance. It is up to us as parents to encourage our children so that they grow up empowered to their natural intelligence.

May be an image of text

It was shocking to me to learn the “hidden” meaning in the “terms” of the contract(s) being created by the B.A.R Attorneys. Do you know what the meaning of the word “you” is in a contract? Do you know that the “real estate” broker can only sell business opportunities and that they are not actually selling real property? There is a group of highly motivated, highly intelligent, kind, and loving people that have come together as a “lawful living community”. And If you are truly interested in “learning” the truth perhaps read the comments from the chat from the last 2 zoom meetings.

Will we choose to educate ourselves so that we can properly educate our children?


The following Youtube video is very effective at revealing “hidden” attachments and revealing those “stories” we have running in our subconscious that are keeping us from being our unique expression of source energy and that are keeping us from experiencing ourselves as the ocean and the droplet at the same time. We have set up a Facebook page for those that are interrested in following through with the 21 day medications for clearing “negativity” and would like support in this process.

Are you ready to experience life in the eternal moment of now as the oneness of all life?

Guided Meditation for Releasing Negative Thoughts & Emotions (Powerfully Healing)

Here is a link to my Facebook page if you are interested in following through with doing the 21-day meditation challenge and would like support:


Here is the link to the Facebook group and the 21 day meditation challenge:


Sending you Light and Love while simultaneously holding you in My Light and in My Love. Amen, Amen, Amen (so be it) and it is so…………

Goddess sophia-taniah queen mother

born Lorna Lynne of my father”s House of Borgeson and my mother’s House of Ross named during a Sacred Water Ceremony by Chief White Buffalo as, “The One That Flows With The River”.

Restoring The Supremacy of Love,
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Perhaps, we should be educating ourselves so we can educate our children as to how the “monetary system” and the “taxation system” work and how we are illiterate when it comes to signing contracts!! For the people that are interested in living lawfully by “Natural Law” we invite you to read the information published on this webpage: https://freedomdove.net/2021/03/04/is-it-time-to-live-life-lawfully/

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