The Restorative Nature of A Butterfly Kisses!

#butterflykiss #holysacredinnocense #divineperfection

Butterfly Kisses restore sweetness & beauty to that which seems
unpalatable to the senses!

When the world seems dark and unfriendly there are things, we can do that can bring us back to ourselves and back to being a friend to ourselves:

1. Shift your focus and find something to bring a smile to your heart… for me watching videos with babies playing with puppies and kittens does it….
2. Allow yourself to put on the glasses love what people called “Pollyanna Glasses”…Who said putting on “Pollyanna Glasses” is a problem? It really is the solution…yes, Invite the eyes of spirit to see with the eyes of true love….
3.Going outside and walking bare foot on the earth to establish our relationship with “mother earth-the Divine Feminine”, this will correct the electromagnetic field of our mind-spirit-physicality…
4. Find a tree to hug… this will establish our relationship with “father tree-the Sacred Masculine”…
5. Now sit under this tree and remember yourself as an innocent child…
5. Hug this little one (self) in your mind’s eye…

The reason we are feeling down and out is because we have been stuck in the carnal-conditioned-intellectual mind and are believing the ideas that have been fed to us, we have forgotten how to stay in the resonance of our hears intelligence…

“The longest distance to travel is from the mind-mental to the heart-spirit-consciousness, yet when we do decide to take this journey and embark, we soon realize that is it the grandest journey ever told of”.

7. Allow yourself to receive #ButterflyKisses are a tool invented to assist us on this journey and let me introduce you to #butterflykisses if you have not yet had one….

Those that truly know that everything is energy in expression based on frequency, density, and harmonic resonance and those that have witnessed the transformational ability of the light are blasting that which they witness with the frequency of the Zero Point field and the Frequency of ULLU Love (Unconditional Love Love Unconditional Love”….

#ButterflyKisses are trending and are the actualized solution for the troubled mind and heart….

#ButterflyKisses are known to be restorative and able to melt the most hardened heart, this simple kiss of innocence from one that holds the holy sacred innocence of the “Purified Heart and Mind” has the ability and power of love force to lift the darkest spirit…..this kiss of innocence in known to heal a broken heart, it restores a broken spirit, and brings balance to a troubled mind… it has the power and force to bring order to the chaos….

The #ButterflyKisses given by a grandbaby are the most powerful of all!! The come from the holy sacred innocence of their purified heart and mind!

The times that we have acted out of fear and not faith are the times when we speak from fear and take actions from that aspect of self that is disassociated from their heart’s intelligence. Know that this disassociated false ego-personality-mind-spirit that is belligerent and self-serving is loved…. it is the carnal-conditioned-intellectual mind that judges itself…everything is all completely understood by the Divine Aspect of Self…. drop into the intelligence of the heart to see with the eyes of true love….

Recognize you are only doing battle with yourself when you are not loving yourself, we have all done it to ourselves, we have all at times lost faith and trust in our ability to love because of fear.

Fear is something we learn, it is not innate for the heart of man, those that operated by their true nature and Spirit-Consciousness the holy sacred innocence of childlike wonder would never be in a fight, as Spirit-Consciousness would never “Do Battle” with itself…

Faith and trust in the restorative ability of the frequency of Love to restore the “Freedom of Love”…. requires of us to make the conscious and conscientious choice to return to the heart’s intelligence… can you feel it?

Know that there are always someone thinking kindly of you with love in their heart….

Eternally peaceful and loving so that Eternal Peace, Eternal Love, Eternal Life is ours now!!

To Day Is The Day The World Woke Up To Love!!

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