Nothing Of This World Is As It Appears!

The world we are experiencing is not what it appears to be. From the outside, it can seem like a picture-perfect paradise, but look a little closer and you’ll find that it’s full of hidden secrets, lies, and illusions. We don’t blame you for not seeing them – the truth is it has been designed to keep us from seeing the reality for what it is for far too long.

As we face a chaotic world and an uncertain future, knowledge has never been more important. We must strive to stay informed, seek out new opportunities to expand our understanding, and have an open mind to new perspectives. Only when we commit to learning and embracing knowledge can we hope to navigate complex times and create a better future, we have come to understand why the wise words of those before us ring as truth then as they do today, “my people will parish for lack of knowledge”…

If fear is our foe, then knowledge is our ally, leading us out of chaos and into still waters. Let us open our minds and hearts to see what lies ahead, for a wiser journey awaits us with brighter eyes and endless potential. With knowledge and heart intelligence, we can evolve and expand on the possibilities for ourselves and for our world. Let’s journey with courage and wisdom, towards an undiscovered horizon filled with faith and trust in our love for life….

It is increasingly evident if we wish to survive, we must become informed and literate and be willing to share with our fellow man and the next generation freely. Cultivating understanding and knowledge will empower us to make sound decisions leading to healthy personal and collective growth and development. Ignorance, however, can be an ever-present threat, looming over us like a dark cloud. It can paralyze us, corrupt our judgement, and rob us of our capacity to build sustainable and prosperous futures. The only wise choice is to nurture knowledge and stay educated to how the human design works and no longer let our very design to be used against us….

The fact is, it takes someone with the desire to know the truth and once we have this desire the truth con always be found. Sometimes it takes the desire to take the deep dive within our own state of mind. And it does not hurt to have a witty AI friend called “NexBot” to point us in the right direction so that could find the fact and share it with people that care to know and that can take the steps forward towards a sustainable world.

It seems we’ve evolved into a species so wound up in routine and rules that we’ve forgotten to take pleasure in the ride – the beauty of existence and the experience of life. Often we can get so caught up in the stress of everyday life that it’s become a trap of despair and misery. But isn’t that the opposite of what life is about? Life is meant to be enjoyed and savored, so let’s not allow it to become one of decline and stiffness. Let’s take the time to appreciate each day, recognize the good and the bad, and cherish our time here. After all, isn’t life about enjoying the experience of it?

After experiencing a third eye and heart awakening on November 3, 2000, our eyes were open. What we saw was disturbing only because of my mental and emotional state. The art of detachment is a necessity of survival once we come to see things for how they actually are.

The intention of this article is to bring the information we have stumbled upon during our research in fending off “prosecution” following an illegal and unlawful “traffic stop” that took place on September 22, 2022.

It’s ironic that the information we’ve gathered in our search for truth to help us avoid prosecution during an illegal traffic stop isn’t readily available to everyone. After all, knowledge is power and wisdom is freedom. So why isn’t the information we’ve uncovered more widely known?

Could it be that the powers that be don’t want everyone to know their rights? Or maybe they simply don’t want to make it easier for anyone to evade the law? It’s hard to say, but we can all agree that wider access to each individual’s rights is something that should never be overlooked.

Did you know, there is a “Registrar” of Motor Vehicles?
Where did they get the power over “property”?

“Kevin Mitchell” performing under the title, “Registrar” of Motor Vehicles Nova Scotia Department of Public Works, Kevin Mitchell would be our go-to guy when it comes to the contract information with email for “Registrar” of the Motor Vehicles Nova Scotia Department of Public Works. You can reach him at
Maybe we should be emailing him with a “Records Request” and see if the VIM# is registered with the Department of Public Works….
Our search is getting interesting….
Department of Public Works (
Department of Public Works – Nova Scotia
Some Department of Public Works information is on the old website (you’re on the old website now).
the link to the “beta” website:
Programs and Services – Government of Nova Scotia

A title is a legal document that provides proof of ownership for a motor vehicle. A title is also used to execute a transfer of ownership at the time of sale between the buyer and seller. Titles are issued by the motor vehicle administrator in each jurisdiction.
The Washington State Department of Licensing requires all residents to title and register their vehicles in order to get WA license plates and legally operate on the state’s roads and highways. Titling your vehicle and registering are the same process in Washington, so both will be completed at the same time.
“Patrick M. McCabe”/performing under the title, Director of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, 1970 West Broad Street, Room 118, Columbus, Ohio 43223, telephone: (614) 752.7500, email:
The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) was established in June 2009 by Chapter 25 of the Acts of 2009. According to MassDOT’s website, it oversees roads, public transit, aeronautics, and transportation licensing and registration across the state. It is made up of four divisions: the Highway Division, the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), the Aeronautics Division, and the Rail and Transit Division.
According to its website, MassDOT’s mission is to “deliver excellent customer service and safety to people traveling in the Commonwealth” and “provide our nation’s safest and most reliable transportation system to strengthen our economy and quality of life.” To achieve this goal, RMV, as a division of MassDOT, issues and maintains records related to motor vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses and enforces motor vehicle laws to promote highway safety. It does so by ensuring that every driver meets minimum competency standards and withdrawing driving privileges from people who prove to be a threat to other drivers. Additionally, RMV is in charge of managing driver’s licenses, disability parking placards, motor vehicle registrations, and vehicle inspections. RMV is also responsible for collecting fees for registrations, vehicle titles, drivers’ licenses, special plates, civil motor vehicle infractions, inspection stickers, and other miscellaneous items and remitting them to the Office of the State Treasurer. Chapter 90 of the Massachusetts General Laws provides the statutory guidelines governing RMV, and Title 540 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) provides regulatory responsibilities for RMV.


How many people holding “Driver’s Licenses” know about the National Center for Interstate Compacts The Council of State Governments or the #CSG?

Here is a link to inform you that there is no separation between Canada and the United States:

Driver License Compact

“The Driver License Compact is an interstate compact used by States of the United States to exchange information concerning license suspensions and traffic violations of non-residents and forward them to the state where they are licensed known as the home state. Its theme is One Driver, One License, One Record. The home state would treat the offense as if it had been committed at home, applying home state laws to the out-of-state offense. The action taken would include, but not be limited to, points assessed on a minor offense such as speeding and suspension of license or a major violation such as DWI/DUI. It is not supposed to include non-moving violations like parking tickets, tinted windows, loud exhaust, etc.”

“NCIC collaborates with state, federal and #stakeholderpartners to provide dedicated resources and technical assistance in policy areas supported by #compacts.

NCIC technical assistance projects:
Create a legally binding agreement among states
Similar to a contract, a compact establishes a formal, legal relationship among states to address common problems or promote a common agenda.”

Use this link to read the entire website and to see with your own eyes the people listed below:

Are the people listed below modern day “slave traders” or “traffickers of man” hiding behind the “Department of Licensing”?
What exactly is their role?
NCIC Staff
Dan Logsdon
Director, National Center for Interstate Compacts
The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation
Dan Logsdon is the Director of the National Center for Interstate Compacts at The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation. Previously, Dan was Vice Chair of Kentucky’s Public Service Commission. He served as Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s deputy chief of staff and as Assistant Kentucky State Treasurer. He also served as vice president for external affairs at Alltel Communications and Windstream Communications. He earned a B.A. in History from Murray State University.
Phone: (859) 244-8226

Matt Shafer
Deputy Program Director
The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation
Matt Shafer is a Deputy Program Director at The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation. Matt serves in the National Center for Interstate Compacts, where he manages development of licensure compacts for teaching, cosmetology, massage therapy, social work and dentistry and supports the legislative enactment of licensure compacts for counseling, occupational therapy and speech language pathology. Matt earned a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Kentucky.
Phone: (859) 244-8224

Carl Sims
Special Projects Manager
The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation
Carl Sims is a Special Projects Manager at The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation. Carl oversees the work of the 2021-22 CSG Healthy States National Task Force, a multi-year project focused on the improvement of state fiscal, civic, economic and workforce and human health. Carl earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Kentucky Wesleyan College and his Master’s of Public Administration from the University of Kentucky’s Martin School.
Phone: (859) 244-8010

Jessica Thomas
Policy Associate
The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation
Jessica Thomas is a policy associate at the Council of State Governments Center of Innovation. She works for the National Center for Interstate Compacts, supporting the development of compacts. Jessica earned her bachelor’s degree from Bellarmine University, a Master of Education degree from the University of Louisville and a Master of Public Policy degree from the University of Kentucky.

Isabel Eliassen
Policy Associate
National Center for Interstate Compacts
Isabel Eliassen is a Policy Associate at The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation. She earned her B.A. from Western Kentucky University in 2021, with majors in international affairs, linguistics and Chinese. Her background is in public opinion analysis and she enjoys using her research and writing skills to contribute to the work of CSG.

Adam Diersing
Policy Analyst
The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation
Adam Diersing is a Policy Analyst and The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation. Adam joined the Council of State Governments after earning a degree in Law and Public Policy from the O’Neill School at Indiana University. Within the Center of Innovation, Adam primarily works on projects in occupational licensure, veteran support policy, and interstate compacts. Outside of work, Adam enjoys pub trivia and exploring the natural beauty around Lexington.

Grant Minix
Policy Associate
The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation
Grant Minix is a Policy Associate at The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation. Grant works in the National Center for Interstate Compacts where he develops licensing compacts among states. Prior to CSG, Grant worked for the Kentucky General Assembly and in government affairs at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU). Grant also served on the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education. Grant earned his B.A. in Political Science from EKU and will earn his M.P.A. from EKU in Summer 2022.

Keith Buckhout
Research Associate
The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation
Keith Buckhout is a Research Associate providing technical assistance on development of interstate compacts for occupational licensure with research and analysis focused on policies that promote public safety, remove barriers to employment, expand access to services and streamline regulatory administration. Prior to joining CSG, Keith served multiple administrations in Kentucky State Government. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Political S
Phone: (859) 244-8154
The Driver License Compact is an interstate compact used by States of the United States to exchange information concerning license suspensions and traffic violations of non-residents and forward them to the state where they are licensed known as the home state. Its theme is One Driver, One License, One Record. The home state would treat the offense as if it had been committed at home, applying home state laws to the out-of-state offense. The action taken would include, but not be limited to, points assessed on a minor offense such as speeding and suspension of license or a major violation such as DWI/DUI. It is not supposed to include non-moving violations like parking tickets, tinted windows, loud exhaust, etc.


What is the All American Association of Moter Vehicle Administration?
All American Association of Moter Vehicle Administration (AAMVA) 4401 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22203, telephone: 703.522.4200 Anne S. Ferro/ was named President & CEO of AAMVA in September 2014 after a 5-year assignment as the Administrator of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

Kristina Boardman/Administrator Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Spencer R. Moore/Commissioner Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS)

Eric Jorgensen/Director with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)

Walter R. Craddock/ Administrator of the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles

Rhonda Lahm/ Director of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

Christine Nizer/Chair of the AAMVA International Board of Directors

John R. Batiste/Chief-Law Enforcement is the 21st Chief of the Washington State Patrol

Kevin Mitchell/Registrar of Motor Vehicles Nova Scotia Department of Public Works

Julie Butler/Director State of Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

Chris Caras/Director of the Driver License Division for the State of Utah Department of Public Safety

Cathie Curtis/Deputy Secretary of State for the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)

Clayton Boyd Dickerson-Walden/Chief Informaiton Officer and Director Florida Highway Safety and Motoer Vehicles

Melissa Gillett/Director of the Iowa Motor Vehicle Division

Roger Grove/Executive Director of Motor Vehicles and Registries Administration and Deputy Registrar of Motor Vehicles for the Province of Alberta.

Christian Jackstadt/Deputy Executive Commissioner New York State Department of Motor Vehicle

Portia Manley/Deputy Commissioner North Carolina Division of Moter Vehicle, overseeing Vehicle Services, Driver Services and Business Operations.

Charlie Norman/Director Ohio’s 31st Registrar of Motor Vehicles

Robin Rehborg/Deputy Director North Dakoda Department of Transportation (NDDOT)

Gabriel Robinson/Director of the District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles (DC DMV)

Kevin Shwedo/Executive Director South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles

Our gratitude goes out to Derrick Gonzalez for sharing the following video and making people aware of the organization known as American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators and the people involved as listed above.

It is encouraging to know all the people that are actually taking steps towards actualizing freedom for the people born of this world; and,

It would be worthwhile for people to know that there are lots of self-motivating people that are master researchers and sharing the knowledge they have gained from their years of dedication to digging up the truth; and,

We would also like to send a wave of love and gratitude to thank James Money for providing a Notice as a remedy; the notice is below the video created and published by Derrick; and,

We will be adding this notice to a Notice of Liability directed to the people listed above adding the men or women or other creatures such as that performing as Chief Executive Officer of the United States, the Prime Minister of Canada, along with members of Congress and the House of Commons, etc.:

Notice: Rescind Signature/Autograph

This is a notice to inform you we abolish all “hidden compacts” or “assumed compacts” with The National Center for Interstate Compacts:
We hereby rescind all signature / autograph, pictures, all other information provided to American Association of Motor
Vehicle Administrators, North Carolina department of motor vehicles, North Carolina department of transportation, reconstruction acts North Carolina and any other connected
parties, for all license, permit, state ID, voter registration and court documents. A valid contract requires full disclosure, knowing,
willing consent, compensation (gold, silver) and wet ink autograph from each party. All requirements are missing, therefore there was
never a valid contract, anything based on the assumed contracts is fraud. Due to this notice, any records being kept for any license, permit, state ID, voter registration and court documents, is false record keeping due to no valid contract which makes your-name: here an injured party owed a common law remedy (gold, silver). Any performance being enforced on your-name: here based on any assumed contract is enforcing slavery.

Your-name: here
Party with standing, all rights reserved, without prejudice

For more information on the Driver’s License fraud use this link:

Note: How many legal gurus have read the “Federal Judiciary Act (1789)” or have the members of the “Legal Society” repealed it?

Does anyone know if it stands today?

The following meme was published by Tim Boyd on Facebook with an interesting comment:

This leads me to the juicy stuff:

Did you know that the folks that created the corporate organization 7-eleven and that created “Craft” are deeply tied with their tentacles in all aspects of our life?

Marketing is taken to a whole new level:

Supply Chain Intelligence:

“Insights on 500+ data points across every critical risk category”

Read more using this link:

“Legal & Regulatory
Court filings
Legislative Compliance”
“US aerospace giant turns to Craft to simplify its complex supply chain management
In 2018, the aerospace and defense company identified a need to improve its visibility and monitoring capability across its global supply chain of more than 30,000 unique suppliers.
The company was aware that threats emerge rapidly from anywhere within the supply chain with the potential for substantial disruption and loss; and these risks were not identified with static data.

When the leading US aerospace and defense company needed critical data, insights and analytics at high scale, it selected Craft. Learn more, download case study.”

Read more using this link:

Maybe we should be doing background checks and mental and psychological evaluations on the 7-eleven executive team, “key people”:

Apparently, there is a group of intelligent beings having meetings behind closed doors and that are making compacts and agreements that concern every living being on earth. Those that know this seem to be in agreement with it. Yet, the very notation of “holding a meeting and making decisions for someone else is a direct violation of the “right of self-determination”.

These beings that are supposed to have intelligence are ignoring the very principles of an open and free people….

There is some more information that we thought you might be interested in reading published on the following electronic page:

So, now that you have had a glimpse at the research what do you suppose we do with this information?

So, apparenetly there is a group of people meeting behing closed doors making decitions about how we the people of earth are to experience life..

It does seem like these alleged intelligent beings are informed and know the human condition and know what to do to find remedy to the situation….

Well, the very notion of a “closed meeting” is in violation of the law of “Self Determination”… how can the possibly make an intelligent and informed discissions if they do not know the conditions?

The idea of a “closed meeting” violates honesty, integrity, and morality because once people come to realize the truth how can they ever trust anything or anyone ever again? Once trust is lost, we have all lost….

Here is a link for more information that we have gathered in this experience of life… people can weigh the information against what they already know and come to their own conclusion regarding the information… realize even if you do not believe the information shared the people that shared the information do belief it to be true:

If people knew the so-called “laws” as they are written, would they continue to do life the way they are “making a living”?

Do people with a career in “real estate” know that they are “selling” business opportunities not land?

What is written as Leviticus 25:23 KJV

23 The land shall not be sold for ever: for the land is mine, for ye are strangers and sojourners with me”.

Is a misnomer me thinks, those that know who and what they are would never make such a statement:

Let me know what you think about this information…

Let me know if you have any ideas as to how we are to proceed…. we are so tired of being lied to and the people being mistreated… how about you?

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