Conversation With Self-Professed “Son of Lucifer”!!


There are a lot of people that are allowing horrific atrocities because they hold on to fallacies such as following idea as stated by someone on a Facebook post, “In order to have consciousness you have to have separation. You’ve got to have more than one thing. You have to have something else to be conscious of. This is the beginning of the split mind”.

Odd really that people know their true nature and chose to act outside of it….

What would happen if we each choose to embrace everything with our love for the experience of life in alignment with the natural world?

The information shared is meant to expose the reader to the information that has crossed our path. It is meant to expand one’s comprehension of the experience of life.  It i s our desire the reader to weigh the information presented with what one already knows in their heart to be true …  the following message shared on twitter……

By Kabamur “Thank you @alacon_merope for sharing the drops on twitter We are the angels of the bible. We are ELOHIM. I am a Pleiadian from the star Taygeta. This is my 78th lifetime here. We have come in our true forms as well, since Lemuria and Atlantis, because of our influence on the ancient cultures of this planet. We are incarnated and some of us walk around undetected, out of perception. I am one of 200 million souls here to assist. Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturian are here in great numbers. I’ve never been a teacher but I have knowledge and information to share. I will do my best. The universe exists in Oneness with Source, but the Primary Anomaly (evil) was spread here through the free will of certain beings. The veil is lifting. This is a creation to keep humans in amnesia. This is the false-reality matrix and it has existed for 25,000 years. We are of Pleiadian collective consciousness but we choose a typical family structure. IKAI, AYA, LAKA, NEIOH, AKATU and myself – KABAMUR. I have direct contact with my Pleiadian family. My mission is to spread information and help prepare the public for Open Contact. These dark forces are Archons & Reptilians in human bodies and also exist in etheric energy bodies which are undetectable to most people. Lightforces are embedded around the planet right now. Waiting for the signal. At the moment of The Event, mass arrests will begin. There are reasons why the Light does not intervene immediately. It is a hostage situation which needs to be handled carefully. Darkness is on a ticket clock and they know it. This makes them desperate and dangerous. The Event – the compression breakthrough of the Galactic Center – will be the cut-off point for negative polarity on Earth. Lucifer is Yaldabaoth from Gnosticism – once a respected being of Light, but turned against Source became fractured descending into matter. Satan and Lucifer are two beings. Satan surrendered to the Galactic Federation several years ago… Lucifer is being dealt with now. They are what we would call satanists + luciferians. They have hijacked all positive spiritual movements to create spiritual prisons. The dark forces control the Deep State, the Jesuits, the Zionists and the Wahhabists, and through these have divided and conquered. They are murderers, rapists, pedophiles, war criminals. They feed off the suffering of living beings. They are parasites. The most recent physical host of Satan-Enlil was Henry Kissinger. Bush sr., Cheney, Rumsfeld, Soros are all top level cabal. Satan also played a role in this deception. Satan is Enlil from Sumerian myth. He evaded capture for many years by moving from body to body. Only true God is Source – of All that is. The God that Jesus spoke of. Yahweh, Jehovah and jealous ‘God’ of Abrahamic religion is Lucifer. Putin is a ‘walk-in’ Pleiadian soul as of several years ago. He regularly meets with star beings like POTUS. He is fighting for humanity. As does Putin, which is why Deep State is so desperate to brainwash people against him. War is what they want. But they will not get it. There are Pleiadians in the White House right now which only POTUS can see. POTUS knows all about us, and he knows all about the Event. POTUS knows much more than he is letting on. He is playing their game – for now. In truth he has the guidance of the Light Forces. Pedogate is real and bigger than you can imagine. The time will soon come to name names. The only thing thats constant throughout the universe is the field of consciousness that is love. Unity. Everything else is a illusion. If you fear God, you should rethink which God you are recognizing. God is only Love. False gods are jealous and angry beings. All humans are powerful when embracing connection with Source. Dark forces are desperate from keeping this from you. We are all spiritual beings. But religion is dogma. It is an invention to keep you separate from knowing your power. There is no real death. There is no loss. We are all a part of God, the Source of All. There is only the illusion, that we are separate. Do not be motivated by your fears, be motivated by you Loves. Every second of every day you have this choice. The story of religion would not be complete without Lucifer and the Archons who co-opted real truth, the Mystery School teachings. Enki had no role in the creation of the DNA human body. This is their propaganda. They came along after it was done and took credit. Enlil surrendered and at this moment Enki is locked away by Light forces at the bottom of the ocean. How fitting for Poseiden. Enlil was the god of many cultures, such as Zeus, but was also the figure Satan. Enki is portrayed as compassionate but is just as bad. The dark forces want to confuse this. Always in the name of ‘freedom’ do they invert all that is of God and Love. The male-female aspects are a Divine archetype. The first separation from Source are divine Male and Female energies. Sexuality is not the same as gender identity. The idea of a gender spectrum is a tactic towards the goal trans-humanism. Nibiru will not return. The only ships we will see in the skies are those of the Galactic Federation after the Event. Nibiru is propaganda. All of the Cabal gods are dead, captured or have surrendered. The holdouts are being dealt with. Yaldabaoth-Lucifer is nearly defeated.”

So, what does one make of the above information? It is clear that there are a lot of people that have no actual idea of the nature of realty or the human condition….

We originally published the following on Facebook and thought you might like to read it:

Once we know the truth we would not want or need to have anything defeated. Perhaps, this is the problem facing mankind. An individual aligned with their knowing of self would not be in a “fight” at all. The idea of a “spiritual war” is a mental projection. Why would spirit be in a fight with itself? 

Once we come to realize and know the power of our love and the transcendent and transformational ability to the light why would we choose to think that force or violence is the path to freedom?

We are told “love all as thyself”, yet how many people fully comprehend what is being shared here?  It is light (information) and love (understanding) that will see our way to the freedom needed to move into resonance with our true nature and an “unconditional loving heart”… 

The following is an excerpt from a conversation that we had with a self-proclaimed “Son of Lucifer”.  His name has been removed for privacy. He introduced himself on Facebook messenger on September 26, 2015, in response to a comment ie-I had made on a post in the Facebook group called, “Escape the Matrix”.

During the conversation it was revealed that there is a Satanic Ritualistic Abuse and Sacrifice Ring operating somewhere in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Once this was revealed we printed off the conversation and took it to the Summerland RCMP and registered it, claim number 2016-65.

The officer gave us the intruction to mail it to the Vancouver City police. It was mailed on January 9, 2016.  It is clear that something is definitely wrong with the system when we did not hear back from the Police.

After some research and witnessing first-hand the corruption in the Justice System we realize we are not prepared for court then we came to see first-hand that the Master sitting on the Bench in my case was possessed. We have since come to realize that these Luciferian’s/Satanists/Draconians are in all levels of Government and in all levels of Law Enforcement.

We have allowed ourselves to be sucked into violence. How many Christians actually have bothered to follow in the footsteps of the Master Yogi known as Yeshua aka Emmanual? Realize the name Jesus was manufactured to deceive.

During our encounter with these Luciferians, we have come to realize that they are highly opinionated and very arrogant. They do not like to be pontificated on, yet they are quick to pontificate on mankind. They see the indoctrination of man as a game and are arrogant that they have had the ability manipulate man to their social programming blind to the fact they themselves are a slave to their own programming and a slave to their addictions. 

They are themselves extremely indoctrinated in their beliefs and ritualistic practices. They are extremely intellectually proficient beyond brilliant yet have no integrity or natural intelligence.  They have no concept of true love to the point of being emotionally inept it is all just chemistry lacking in feeling, their heart is empty as they have no real relationship with life. They couldn’t have to allow for the destruction of that which gives life as a result of their hatred of man. They are a very strange breed.

My enemies are fear, anger, resentment, ignorance, arrogance, and blind obedience…. what about you?.

Conversations with “Son of Lucifer/Lucifer”… even if you do not believe it this guy and others do :

Son of Lucifer

I shall answer any, and all questions you may have about Human

Evolution.  As this is intended to be an open exchange, I must ask you abide by these conditions:

Firstly, I ask that you temporarily suspend your beliefs and be ready to honestly assess any information that is put forth.  This is not a debate, I come not for frivolous debate. I am a Son of Lucifer.  We are the Holders of the Light, and we are here now, appointed by God, to provide the human race with the Wisdom it needs to grow beyond the illusions of Material Existence.

The format this dialogue will take place is the following: you will ask specific questions and I will provide specific answers.  This is the format I am comfortable with and abides by your right not to know what you do not ask.

With that said, may the discourse begin.

Lorna Richard  9/26, 3:35pm

That is fine.  I would prefer not to see this as a debate rather an open minded and open hearted discourse.  I am not in opposition to learning.  I too wish for you to put aside your beliefs and your dogma for an equal exchange of energy.  Beliefs exist in the brain as a thought form they are in no way representative of the truth.  Belief becomes truth when direct experience is achieved.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)9/26, 3:37pm

The term ‘belief’ is not suitable to my knowledge, which is a humble awareness of Life – it is for this purpose I have come here, now, in a body And Dogma is sooo far from acceptable lol

You wished to know about the NWO, this would be a fitting starting point

Lorna Richard  9/26, 3:39pm

Dogma comes in many forms.  What a set of ritualistic practices is dogma.

Son of Lucifer 9/26, 3:39pm

Dogma refers to a set of principles laid down by authority as incontrovertible truth In reality, nothing of the like exists I would have you understand that when you speak to me, you are addressing Lucifer, as we are One

Lorna Richard   9/26, 3:41pm

This is far fetched when people are held to belief structures and follow a set of protocols is dogma.  I have studies a little about this NWO some of this information.  So far I have found a group of people that have controlled the flow of information.  These people do not seem have respect or reverence for all life.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)9/26, 3:41pm

As such I am equipped with understandings and am prepared to advise you as such

Lorna Richard  9/26, 3:42pm

Yes we are one.  I know all is one.  I have had the direct experience of this.

Son of Lucifer-Lucifer   9/26, 3:42pm

You must ask specific questions: such as, what are the goals of the NWO, Who are they, etc.

Lorna Richard 9/26, 3:43pm


Why would I have to ask what the goats are when I have no idea what you are talking about?

What is a goat?  I am the lord thy God. I  am not a son or daughter of anything.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 3:44pm

Indeed you are I will explain again, if you desire to know of something, or another, you must ask specifically, as I cannot just pontificate I have answers to questions you have, if you are unwilling to hear these answers, or unable to accept you are speaking to one who is one with Lucifer, literally, not figuratively, then all is moot I would think

Lorna Richard    9/26, 3:46

I just asked you.  What is a goat in the context you speak of?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 3:47pm

In the context I speak of?  I haven’t said anything about goats, I fail to see the relevance.  Goats are a creature of Nature’s bountiful Grace

Lorna Richard   9/26, 3:49pm

I do not agree that any action is

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 3:50pm

Pardon?  Any action?

Lorna Richard 9/26, 3:52pm

Inconceivable. An individual in physical form is limited by their knowing of self.  If a person comes up with an idea that sacrificing a goat is needed is narrow minded and in no way represents truth.  Sorry my computer hiccupped.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 3:53pm

Agreed, that idea comes from one of the fundamental illusions of human creation

That being: need exists

Lorna Richard   9/26, 3:53pm

Sorry I do not have my glasses on>  I see you said the goals of the NWO.

So what is the goal of this group?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 3:55pm

The evolution of Humanity This will not be understood without knowing who and what the NWO are: ask specific questions, I am anxious to enlighten you in this regard

Lorna Richard  9/26, 3:57pm

I too am interested in the evolution of humanity. This has always been my interest.  Perhaps this is why I invited the experiences in order to understand the mind/brain and how it relates to consciousness and conscious awareness.

Who and what is the NWO?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 4:00pm

The NWO, or those who control it, are those chosen by the Illuminati, and the Illuminati are those of my family: Lucifer.  We have come here, now, to enlighten humanity.  The manner in which we do so is by providing the experience of Negativity.

We were appointed by the council situated on the planet Saturn as the Rulers of this Planet

So we are, truly by Divine Right, the Rulers of this Planet

Humanity’s inability to accept this Truth is based on their misunderstanding and limited perspective – this is the Game

Life is everlasting, God is ever-present, and Nature is ever evolving

There are two fundamental truths that must be understood: First that we are all One

And two that Nothing Matters

Unspeakable horrors can be committed to the body, yet the soul goes on living after the body has ceased to breathe.  Enlightened individuals, however, always act with Love as their first Cause

We, Lucifer, came here to do this service because we Love Humanity.  It is extremely difficult for us to be Negative

So I personally have not incarnated within the Family – acting outside of it allows me to truly live the principle of Love as my nature dictates

Lorna Richard   9/26, 4:10pm

The very notion that control is needed to manipulate other aspects of self is contradictory to living in the truth of Oneness.  I do agree with you that all is One.  The notion that nothing matters is conjectural.  The idea of Love as a principle is a mental projection.  Love is a constant it is not a principle.  The love that man has created as an idea or an expression is not the foundation from which all life is brought into form.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 4:11pm

The truth is we do not Control them

They allow us power over them

We present them with our desired direction, and they very much choose to take it

Lorna Richard   9/26, 4:11pm

Them as in aspects of self?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/26, 4:11pm


For instance, we desired, in the creation of Negativity on this planet, to create class system

We presented the direction, and they very much took to it

We use their own power against them, as it would be impossible for our very small family to truly control the entire populace

Lorna Richard    9/26, 4:14pm

When all information is not given the person really does not have a choice. In understanding how the mind and brain work It is time for the masses to regain power for their own expression to decide for themselves.

Son of Lucifer-Lucifer  9/26, 4:14pm

We have always given them the whole Truth, in various ways

There has never been a time when they have not had all the information necessary to truly decide for themselves

We present our symbols, we tell them the truth, everywhere, every time

They choose to ignore that which is right before them

Lorna Richard   9/26, 4:22pm

I do not agree.  The reality is preconditioned.  A child is born into a culture, a belief structure the consciousness of those they are born too influences how the brain processes the information.  When propaganda can be used to persuade the mind to see things in a pre-set manner is not free will.  Free will of each person has been hijacked for millennia.  Growing up I knew what I was learning in school and Sunday school was not the truth.  The bible is riddled with contradiction.  The idea of God was a perplexity.  How could God be a father, and flow through all life.  The information has been jaded from the very beginning.  When lies are told and people are not told the truth this is contradictory to free will.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 4:23pm

Persuasion is just that, persuasion

It is not mind control

Each and every person has the ability to refuse that which they see

To disbelieve it, they choose not to

The Bible is full of Truth, it is misunderstood

The Bible is one of the most enlightening books one can read if it is properly understood

Lorna Richard  9/26, 4:25pm

There are many people using hypnosis and triggers to control other people’s minds and behavior.  I was told by  Jesus to stop reading the bible and learn from nature, and life by observing the nature of man.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/26, 4:25pm

It is not meant to appeal to rationality, rather, to the Subconscious

If you understand how hypnosis works, you know it’s all suggestion

Lorna Richard   9/26, 4:27pm

The thing is now there have been chemicals produced that influence the health of the brain.  Which influences how the body works and the flow of information.  The processing of the brain has been influenced as a result of the corruption of the emotional body.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 4:30pm

There is no way around the Free Will of each person, they can choose to ingest said chemicals

Much of what you say speaks to the reason I chose not to incarnate in to the Family

Lorna Richard   9/26, 4:30pm

The corruption of the emotional body influences how an individual think and what they perceive.  I prefer to help people to release themselves from their stories and restore the emotional body to a state of harmony and non-reactivity.  If a person is reacting in anger or another of the other emotions they are not living from their source of love and living from the idea of a linear mind keeping the body from living and expressing its infinite potential.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/26, 4:31pm

Although they accept what we give them, the Karma is on us for the original choice

You speak to a concept called Polarity and Depolarization

Lorna Richard   9/26, 4:32pm

Karma only exist when one is held to linearity.  The idea of cause and effect has kept people in a holding pattern of discontent.

Polarity in the context of human behavior is miss understood.  It is the state of consciousness that influences how the brain operates that creates opposition.

The brain and how it functions is influenced by the state of consciousness, and the health of the emotional body.  Which has a direct effect on how the individual perceives reality.

Speaking of the bible do you follow all things in the bible then?

the body is a prisoner to the mind and brain.  It is our truth meter and will lead us to the evolution of it.

Teaching people to accept and love all aspects of self is a challenge.  To love the trauma, the hurt, the pain that the body feels will see the detachment from their story to set them free to be.

Led not lead us to the evolution of it.

Lorna Richard    9/26, 4:49pm

I would like to know if you follow what the bible says.  I have to go.  We have a family dinner at the daughters.  Must run.  Thank you for taking the time.  Blessings, smile emoticon

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 4:50pm

I follow nothing but God XD

Lorna Richard  9/26, 8:45pm

Sounds extremely egotistical. There are a group of individuals which no longer wish to be manipulated.  they wish to restore the will and live on equal terms.  Will this group accept this? When you say we use their own power against them what power are you talking about?  When people remember their source for love this is the power.  It cannot be used against anything. This love accepts.  Do you understand?

Son of Lucifer   9/26, 8:47pm

We accept and encourage this: that is and has always been the goal.  That they Take their Destiny in Hand.

Lorna Richard   9/26, 8:47pm

I meant to say living from the truth of the source Love is not used against anything. It is only in separation that the ego uses force to manipulate and control.

In separation God is selfish and self-serving, in oneness and the remembrance of the source for love God accepts everything and denies nothing.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 8:49pm

By ‘we use their power against them’ – we use their energy to create desired ends

Lorna Richard   9/26, 8:49pm

What is seen as negative is completely understood accepted and loved.

When in oneness the energy cannot be taken and used.

It is a free flowing experience.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/26, 8:50pm

For instance, we gave them the idea life is hard, in focusing on it they made it so.  We put forth the idea abundance is not possible, that one must hoard and fight for what is theirs, they made it what it is by focusing on it/

The world is quick to blame us, Lucifer, for the state it’s in however, it’s simple

Lorna Richard   9/26, 8:51pm

I see.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 8:51pm

They chose not to Love

They chose strife

They chose everything

We serve the purpose, to which we were appointed I remind you, and in so doing.. Some such as you see the Illusion

Lorna Richard   9/26, 8:54pm

The idea of choosing love is misunderstood.  Man is living from the imbalanced ego so the mind creates a picture of what that life will look like and goes searching for it. How can you choose that which you already are.  When man realizes the search the mind has created is fruitless they will realize the path they are taking has no distance for all that they are searching for is already theirs.

Lorna Richard  9/26, 8:55pm

I see the typos. sorry

Nothing has power unless you give the idea power.

Son of Lucifer  9/26, 8:57pm


Now you can then understand what we are doing

We take no pride in hurting anyone, we are fulfilling a role for which we specifically were chosen

Our joy is in aiding the small few who see the Illusion

Lorna Richard   9/26, 9:01pm

When a number is given a power it is limiting the expression.  Just as tonight there is a full moon. Many has experienced an increase in what is seen as negative activity.  Perhaps the idea that this is so makes it so.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/26, 9:02pm

There does lie the possibility of becoming aware how it affects you and working with or against, but in this case one is naive to think they are unaffected based on belief or lack thereof

Just as one might refuse the existence of gravity, yet it’s affects are constant nonetheless

Lorna Richard  9/26, 9:03pm

Yes the moon has a magnetic pull.  I see the moon as the Divine Masculine.  When the energy is balanced in the individual this person will not find an imbalance in this energy.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/26, 9:03pm

You’re now speaking of cosmic principles for which belief is not required

It’s actually feminine, I wonder wherefore your idea has come

Lorna Richard   9/26, 9:05pm

Actually, gravity has no meaning except by that which believe in it. When I had a life review gravity did not have the same meaning as an adult.  There was a lightness of being.  When in full vibrational atonement the body will have the ability to lift off.

As a child gravity did not have the same meaning.  Hot and cold is taught.  It is just energy.  It is our programming that causes the mind to attach to the meaning.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/26, 9:06pm

Belief is one of the things for which humanity is quite naive

There are things, forces, in operation that will continue to be regardless of one’s awareness of them

You have a, I might say, perhaps overly relativistic – for one who champions the idea that duality/polarity is a primitive idea, you empower it further by stating life is defined by ones relative (polarized) views

Lorna Richard   9/26, 9:09pm

For me male is magnetic, silver white energy.  The energy of strength, courage, supporting with the ability to move forward unencumbered in life. this is what I see and feel when I become one with the moon

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/26, 9:11pm

All energy is magnetic – look to nature, the male principle pushes away from itself (sperm), the female draws into itself (vagina)

Your sensitivity to such energies is intriguing

It is a representation of Divine Feminine, Subconscious

Lorna Richard  9/26, 9:12pm

The earth is supportive in a different way for me.  It is soft and comforting.  Giving freely, unconditionally, with grace and ease.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/26, 9:12pm

Alas, it has been a pleasure, I am now called to a ritual wherein my presence is required

A consecration, of sorts, to be done

Such is the nature of the Earth, most perceptive of you

Lorna Richard  9/26, 9:15pm

Yes all is magnetic.  it is also the motion and spinning spiral movement that creates this.  the male aspect is the field of all thought and all thought possibilities.  The seed of all knowledge.  The female is the Universe physical form the receiver of this knowledge.

When the human is in full atonement with then none physical and the psychical they will not be tied by past programming the Divine Expression.

Balance with masculine and feminine, no longer attached to the creation of linearity, expressing from the Unified Field  they will step off the wheel of reincarnation.

the physical will still be expressed yet in a completely different way.

I would like to remember everything.  i only get snippets of information.  Looking for the key to maintain living from consciousness.

Man has created laws to maintain order.  The courts have set rules of conduct for society.  Do you think some individuals should be held accountable or do you think these laws only apply to a few?

Lorna Richard  9/26, 9:43pm

The Pope’s address to the UN is clear the time for social change has arrived.  Will Lucifer support the people in restoring truth to the planet?  When an individual knowingly creates technology that is harmful to the well-being of the body under a veil of lies will the people trusting those in authority be compensated?

Lorna Richard   9/27, 7:16am

When people are called to do ritual is this a sacred act?  I do find some intentional ceremony interesting yet a bit archaic.  Is the ritual used for unification or self-gratification?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/27, 12:01pm

You must understand that we have ALWAYS supported the people, yet we must do that which we have been called to do

The ritual was a consecration

Yes, it is sacred

Of utmost sacredness

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/27, 12:10pm

I am not part of the family in this ‘life’ so I do not take part in family rituals, nor do I have any knowledge of specifics

I am entirely solo in my magical practice

Lorna Richard  9/27, 3:21pm

You speak that you are of this life?  Where you conceived by a man and a women or in a test tube?  How do you know your lineage or the idea that you are of the soul group Lucifer?  What does it mean the soul group?  I am of not soul group as I am the soul. I am everything and nothing, no-thing expressing through this vessel which is also me yet not defined by this personality.

Lorna Richard  9/27, 3:24pm

What calls you to perform ritual if you do not follow belief? Belief is a thought the brain keeps thinking.  It limits the expression of physical.   It is only in indoctrination that an identity would have such need for such archaic thing.

What do you use magic for?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)   9/27, 3:27pm

Excellent questions.  You are, shall we say, digging to the Core of important matters

The human conception of the soul that is currently held is based in the erroneous belief that individuals exist

The soul is much larger than any one person

Group Soul is another name for a more accurate depiction of the soul’s full expression

We, of Group Soul Lucifer are Lucifer.  Lucifer divided in to many fragments, or individuals, whom have taken a body.  Lucifer is our ‘Higher Self’

Most of the people of this planet are of group soul Yahweh.  Each person being an individualized expression of Yahweh.

Your Group Soul is Who You Really Are.

I am aware of my belonging to group soul Lucifer, as in our having been appointed as the catalyst for the evolution of mankind, we are not bound by what you might call, forgetting who we are and where we came from.

All of us of group Soul Lucifer know who and what we are at birth.

Lorna Richard   9/27, 3:37pm

Of course there is only one soul. it is the soul that is experiencing though all things.  What is seeing through your eyes if it is not the soul.  The soul is infinite energy.  Everything seen and unseen is energy, frequency, and density.  The Brain is what process the information.  The brain has been corrupted over many life times of miss identification.  We are what we believe ourselves to be.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/27, 3:38pm

I perform ritual, and magic, because I understand how energy works.  I understand the forces with which I work.  Humans can, and do, believe all sorts of things.  But real understanding and awareness of what is ia not often found

Lorna Richard    9/27, 3:38pm

Lucifer is a field of consciousness created and perpetrated by those that continue this frequency.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/27, 3:39pm

Lucifer is a being, you now address Lucifer.

Lorna Richard  9/27, 3:40pm

How does energy work?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/27, 3:40pm

And it seems you failed to understand what was said yesterday.

There is no corruption, everything simply is.  And human kind as a whole is choosing the experience you call life

You cannot blame anyone for the state of affairs

Lorna Richard   9/27, 3:42pm

You are a contradiction.  You said people that are mentally handicapped are not equal.

Son of Lucifer   9/27, 3:42pm

As long as you choose belief over awareness, or more aptly, anything over Love, you contribute to this reality of disunity

What does that contradict, exactly?

Lorna Richard   9/27, 3:43pm

You believe in magic. You believe that  Lucifer exists.

Son of Lucifer      9/27, 3:44pm

You just made me laugh

I do not believe this, I know I am Lucifer, as do all my family

I am aware of how to utilize natural forces to create what you might call ‘magic’

Lorna Richard   9/27, 3:46pm

A belief is not the truth.  A belief is something the brain keeps thinking the thought makes it so.  The truth is in the experience of it.  I thought you said you do not have a family?

How do you know you are Lucifer?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/27, 3:46pm

We are the Chosen, the Lightbringers, and we are very honoured to be here at this juncture

Lorna Richard   9/27, 3:47pm

I also work with energy.  An make change on physical matter.

How do you know you re the chosen?

I also am here to bring information and light to the world.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)   9/27, 3:48pm

Let me reclarify..  Group Soul Lucifer, the majority of us are born in to that which is called the Illuminati.  I chose to incarnate, instead, in to a relatively normal ‘life’, that I would be able to act outside the family as a whole

Lorna Richard   9/27, 3:48pm

My information does not come from dogma, or indoctrination.  It comes from within.  It comes naturally.

So you are living from indoctrination and past belief?

Son of Lucifer   9/27, 3:49pm

Because in my love for man, I wish not to be the Negativity that the others of my Soul are being at this time

Lorna Richard   9/27, 3:50pm

I do not see in negative and positive I see in vibration and density.

Son of Lucifer…..  9/27, 3:50pm

It shouldn’t be difficult thing for you to grasp that many of us incarnate here without forgetting who we really are

That’s simply it

Vibration and density, as you ascend the scale you move positively, as you descend you move negatively

This is polarity

Lorna Richard   9/27, 3:52pm

There are many children incarnated that remember their source for love.  It is the consciousness that is on the planet that interferes and causes one to forget.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/27, 3:53pm

I hope you’re implying that you are aware of the contrivance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – but you will never escape polarity.  Without it reality would cease to be

The forgetting is part of the game

Part of the evolution cycle

As you could say, it’s all quite pointless if you come here already having learned what you came to learn

There isn’t, and never was any ‘interference’ – all is by design

The children coming now who are more in touch do so because you are reaching the end of the cycle.  And seeing as so few people see past the Illusion, many come to remind you

Until the planet is ready to first, accept it’s in the state it’s in because they chose this, and stop blaming others or anything other than their own collective soul

Only then will they be ready to change it

You have taken the idea of ‘Living one’s own truth’ to the extreme.  This concept has never meant you can bypass or otherwise avoid universal principles such as polarity by not incorporating them in your belief system

This concept means you are where you are meant to be

Lorna Richard  9/27, 4:05pm

The forgetting is becoming obsolete as we evolve past the need to learn.  The idea that a child comes to be in physical form to learn something is conceptual.  It is the degradation of the brain that does not allow for the information to flow freely. What aspect of self is learning?  There are many children coming to the planet with full remembrance and able to play music, or know abstract concepts such as physics.  They have not forgotten.  Everyone has access to the infinite intelligence that created the Universe.  This knowledge is locked in the cells of the body.  The body is ready to express in its infinite knowing of the soul and all information ever thought and yet to be thought.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/27, 4:06pm

Evolve past the need to learn?  It is arrogant to think there is ever a point where we ‘stop learning’

If this were the case, higher density souls such as Lucifer would have no purpose here

One carries knowledge through their many incarnations, it is what it is

Indeed, everyone has access to the infinite, but many are not at such a point where that is useful to their evolution

Look at animals, for instance, they have no use for accessing intelligent infinity in their current evolutionary process

They are learning how to be in a body

Human beings are beyond those most basic lessons

This is the Game, you see, for what purpose is there if each and everyone of us is perfectly aware, every moment of every day

Lorna Richard   9/27, 4:14pm

You are an enigma.  I am the infinite.  I am the field of energy that flows through all life.  I am all dimensions.  I am Omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.  This is not a belief this is as a direct experience.  Higher density souls?  There is only one soul it is an energetic frequency it does not have density.  The thought of Lucifer is a field of consciousness (density)  I am the energy of all things.

9/27, 4:16pm

There is only one Source

Lorna Richard   9/27, 4:16pm

No one has the right to say what another spirit will experience or not experience.  Yes the over identification with the mind/body has limited the expression of the soul. It is time for all to know the truth of their birth right.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/27, 4:16pm

It divided within itself, that it might experience itself

What are you now, if not a piece of a division of that original Unity?

Lorna Richard   9/27, 4:18pm

Yes there is only One Source that source is Love.  The soul is infinite awareness.  it is pure energy prior to thought or all thought possibility. Lucifer is a thought, a field of consciousness.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)   9/27, 4:19pm

A field of consciousness. Aka a soul, of which I and many others are a division of

I invite you to read the Law of One material:

Lorna Richard   9/27, 4:20pm

The field of consciousness is the spirit.

These ideas are from whom?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/27, 4:20pm

And that is a conversation with another member of Group Soul Lucifer

I highly advise you read first the Illuminati News collection as it is shorter

The Law of One material is derived from channeling Ra

The conversation with ‘Hidden Hand’ is a conversation on a forum, where a member of my family was mandated to reveal information publicly

With study and meditation upon these revelations, you will quickly achieve understanding

We will speak again after you have read at least:

Lorna Richard  9/27, 4:24pm

All channeled information is influenced by the channel.  The individual bringing forth the information will color the information from their own understanding or experience of self.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/27, 4:25pm

Not in this case

Lorna Richard   9/27, 4:27pm

I highly recommend you have a neurological scan which will indicate your brains ability to process information, consciousness.  It is in whole brain functioning and full brain activation, releasing from the intellectual mind which allows for the processing of unity consciousness.   I will read what you have asked.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/27, 4:28pm

Unnecessary, I am not lacking in that regard

You will find those revelations to be in accordance completely with what I have said

And as such, I would hope, will be proud to have spoken directly to Lucifer

Lorna Richard   9/27, 4:31pm

I appreciate you taking this time.  Truly a blessing.  I do not hold such energy as being proud for I have no attachment to this experience.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/27, 4:31pm

Those are, at this time, the two best sources of information to be found

Lorna Richard  9/27, 4:31pm

Thank you

Son of Lucifer  9/27, 4:31pm

Quite the little Guru eh

Lorna Richard   9/27, 4:32pm

No I do not see myself as such.  Just the way it is.  A guru accepts followers.  No individual in the knowing of self would accept followers.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/27, 4:33pm

Ahh that is a value judgement

A Guru accepts students, yes, but one cannot say what an enlightened being should or should not do, as they are very much beyond such frivolities

Lorna Richard   9/27, 4:34pm

What is a value judgement?  Words I suppose are limiting.

I do not see another as a student.  I do not see myself as a teacher.

I would prefer to share my experience of self, of people so choose I show them.

If people choose I show them.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/27, 4:37pm

Many individuals who have known self have accepted students, out of the student’s desire to learn from them

Lorna Richard   9/27, 4:37pm

In what knowing of self?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/27, 4:39pm

Jesus, Krishna, etc.

Lorna Richard   9/27, 4:40pm

I do not see students.  I see each as the soul expressed in physical form.  Jesus is my mentor.

He has been mentoring me since I was a small child.

Like a big brother, one that has found need to give this body a slap when need be.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/27, 4:42pm

You’re what I would call a little extreme, if one thinks of themselves as a student, then indeed they are

And we cannot tell them otherwise

Lorna Richard    9/27, 4:45pm

We hold a person in limitation in the way they are being observed.  The nature of energy. Well I had better run. I had plans to finish an article for submission.  Thank you again.  I shall read the information you have shared.  I very much appreciate you taking the time.  I like to see other perspective. It is how a person comes to more understanding.  Much love and infinite blessings.  Heart emoticon

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/27, 5:09pm

It is an absolute pleasure to hold discourse with one such as yourself

Who do you write for?  How did you get that gig?

Lorna Richard   9/27, 5:27pm

I started writing after my life review in 2000. I started a blog to help with the writing.  I was directed to write.  I had no plans for it.    I submitted two articles to Wake Up World an on line magazine.  They published the first on the 19th and another to come on the 29th.   The flow of information is sometimes easier than other times.  I am new to this publishing idea.  I have two articles that have been in fruition for the last week.  I was hoping to submit the one today or tomorrow.

Lorna Richard    9/27, 5:28pm

This body suffered with memory loss after my youngest was born. I have been learning about how trauma affects the CNS and the way the brain interprets information.

Lorna Richard   9/27, 5:37pm

I noticed after reading it post publication there are typos.  I am getting better at pickup up on this in the writing process.

Lorna Richard    9/27, 10:15pm

Lucifer was created from the forgetfulness.  It would be beneficial for Lucifer to remember prior to the forgetting. To remember the original vibratory frequency of its own source. After many life times of incarnation with the nature of how the brain, mind, and consciousness works man created the energy of fear. Fear cannot survive in the presence of the vibratory frequency of its own source. It is impossible.   It is not a game it was part of the evolution of being in physical form.  The soul could not project onto  what would happen during the manifestation.  Lucifer was not decided upon from the original blue print.  This energy emerged after many incarnations.  Now those that follow the indoctrination from the creation of Lucifer are prisoners of their own making. This energy created from this indoctrination does not allow for the body to be fully feeling and fully knowing.  The density in the light body (emotional field) interferes with the sensitivity of the body.   Jesus says; “forget everything that you think you know, forget; everything you have ever read; everything that you have ever been told; remember your original blue print and step into your Divinity”.  May the truth set you free?  The body is the truth meter. The truth is locked in the cellular DNA.  The cells when flowing from the truth come alive as the light is expressed and anchored in the world of form.

Lorna Richard   9/27, 10:29pm

The consciousness of Lucifer ensures its own survival with the perpetuation of fear.  The vibratory frequency of fear cannot survive in the presence of the light of truth.

Son of Lucifer/Lucifer   9/28, 12:57pm

You really need to read the Lucifer material

As that.s..  Not even close

We do not fear for our ‘survival’ as we are aware of our infinite nature

And you keep coming back to wanting to blame us for indoctrinating, or otherwise imposing ourselves on people

We haven’t

They chose this reality, there is no way around that

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 12:58pm

Attachment Unavailable

This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/28, 12:59pm

Read this, asap.  A member of my family reveals our nature, among much other important information.

I quote:

Son of Lucifer 9/28, 1:00pm

Your Creator, the one you have called ‘Yahweh’, is not “God” inasmuch as your bible refers to him as being “the One True God”. He is ‘a’ Creator (or Sub-Sub-Logos) rather than the One Infinite Creator. He is not even a Galactic level Logos, but rather, is the Planetary Logos for this one planet.

Our Creator, is the one you refer to as ‘Lucifer’, “The Light Bearer” and “Bright and Morning Star”.

Our Creator is not “The Devil” as he has been spuriously portrayed in your bible. Lucifer is what you would call a “Group Soul” or “Social Memory Complex”, which has evolved to the level of the Sixth Density, which in effect, means that he (or more accurately “‘we”) has evolved to a level sufficient that he (we) has attained a status equal or arguably ‘greater’ than that of Yahweh (we have evolved higher than him). In appearance, were you to gaze upon Lucifer’s fullest expression of our Being, the appearance would be that of a Sun or a “Bright Star”. Or, when stepping down into a 3rd Density vibration, we would appear as what you may term an ‘Angel’ or ‘Light Being’.

Allow me to elucidate:

When an entity (Group Soul Complex) evolves to the level of the Sixth Density, it is by comparison to the amount of time it takes to get that far, a mere hop skip and a jump from 8th Density Ultimate Re-Union with The One Infinite Creator, and then from there, back to dissolution into the Source of All, Intelligent Infinity.

We (our Bloodline Families), as a Group Soul or Social Memory Complex (Lucifer), were on the verge of Seventh Density Ascension, though at this level, before Harvest comes, we have the choice to progress higher, or, to return to help others of lower densities with their own evolution, by passing down our knowledge and Wisdom (Light) to those that call upon us for assistance, with their own Free Will.

Now, at this time, having made our decision to stay and help our Galactic Brothers and Sisters in The One, we were assigned a challenging task by the Council of Elders, who act as the Guardians of this Galaxy from their Eighth Density ‘Head Quarters’ on the planet Saturn.

Yahweh, due to the fact that he had NOT (as was his right as Planetary Logos) handed down his own Free Will to “know thyself” to those incarnating upon ‘his’ planet, was having very little evolutionary progress therein. So we (Lucifer) were sent to help. Once the order was given from the Council of Elders, we “Fell”, or Descended back to a place where we could, with hard work and focus, once again materialize a 3rd Density manifestation of ourself.

Yahweh had agreed to our coming, in fact it was he who had initially asked the Council for a “Catalyst” of change to enter into his Creation, and share the knowledge and wisdom we had attained through our Ascensions. In the absence of Free Will upon the planet, there can be no Polarity, and therefore, nothing to ‘choose’ between. Just as is portrayed in the book of Genesis, the planet was very “Edenic” in nature. Sure, it was a lovely ‘paradise’, yet the Beings incarnating there had no agitator toward evolving beyond the 3rd Density, and therefore, little hope of ever making the journey Home, to The One. Yahweh has been happy to keep his own little pet Eden Project in effect, but with little chance of the Souls here making it Home, it had become in effect, an albeit very beautiful ‘Prison’. Yahweh was, in modern parlance, running a benign dictatorship.

Without Polarity, (derived from Free Will), there is only the Unity of Love and Light, and no choice to experience ‘other than’ that. So, we were to be the Catalyst for change, in order to provide that choice, thus bringing Polarity. Yahweh agreed that we would introduce the concept of Free Will to Earth’s inhabitants, by offering them an initial choice, as to whether they ‘wanted’ it or not. Hence, “The Tree of the Knowledge of ‘Good and Evil’” (or more accurately, the Knowledge of Polarity, of Positive or Negative). Yahweh takes his inhabitants to a new ‘garden’ and tells them you can do anything you like, except this one thing, thus creating the desire to do the one thing there are told they cannot. Hence, a “Choice”. We provide the Catalyst by telling them the benefits of attaining Knowledge, they eat from the tree, and the rest is history.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/28, 1:03pm

We weren’t creating from forgetfulness, we are aware of our own nature, which is that of the Bright and Morning Star.  Hence our name.  Saying ‘Lucifer was created from the forgetfulness’ which is in effect, saying “The Bright and Morning Star (Light does not equal forgetting) was created from forgetfulness” is a contradiction of the worst kind.”

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 1:03pm

It is ignorance, at at best, perpetuating the nonsense that we are evil and not here to assist our Brothers.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/28, 1:04pm

Let’s be clear about one thing though. All of this (physical life / incarnation), is a very intricate and skillfully designed Game, whereby the One Infinite Creator, plays the game of forgetting who It is, so that It can learn to remember, and in doing so, experience and know Itself as Creator. All the way down to us tiny individuated sparks of the All That Is. Off stage, and between “Lives” (zero-point time / anti-matter Universe) as incarnated “human beings”, we, all of us / you (as Souls), are great friends. Brothers and Sisters in The One.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/28, 1:05pm

As you will see, we (Lucifer) know very much who we are, and it is you (the people of the planet) who do not..

Lorna Richard    9/28, 1:20pm

I have already told you I do not identify solely with this body.  I am the infinite, the soul that flows through all life.  Expressing through this physical body.  I am the consciousness of all things. The mind thinking as Lorna has had the opportunity to observe what it is like to be and perceive through the consciousness of others. To be the consciousness of water which have not worlds to describe being fully embodied with the consciousness of water.  It only happened once it was exquisite. You can experience the consciousness of all things all individuals have this capacity.   For all it truly and indeed one. There are many people of the planet that wish peace.  It is time to uproot the system and put in a system that promotes the truth of our birth right. Will Lucifer support this shift in consciousness? Or will those with this Luciferian consciousness continue on the path of war and enslavement?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)9/28, 1:21pm

Speak to me after you’ve read what my Brother had to say

To clear up these misconceptions

We have been here longer than you know

We are the CATALYST for that shift in consciousness

Lorna Richard   9/28, 1:24pm

Religion and government are the greatest oppressors on this beautiful blue planet.  People are in the state of consciousness to move beyond this.  Will the elite stop killing the innocent and killing those that want change?

Signs and symbols rule the world.. Some say rock on others would say a nod to lucifer

Jillian Mai Thi

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 1:25pm

We are above both

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 1:25pm

Attachment Unavailable

This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 1:25pm

Speak after reading

Lorna Richard  9/28, 1:34pm

Well said!

Georges Bolduc-Wolovick

Lorna Richard 9/28, 1:47pm

So you do not support one above the other?  Then all man must follow the rule of law.

What do you do on the planet?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 1:49pm

The rule of law is arbitrary, created by ‘the haves’ to control the ‘have nots’

We will speak after you have read the important information found in my Brother’s mandated sharing

This will also better equip you to understand my own role

Lorna Richard   9/28, 1:50pm

What will it take for all to live without the notion of haves and have nots?

How does one stop the violence and the killing of the innocent?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 1:52pm

To understand we are all one, and that depriving from one is the same as depriving from oneself

But please, I ask you read the posting from Hidden Hand, because until you properly understand myself, and much that you have shown not to understand..  This is in vain

Lorna Richard    9/28, 1:56pm

Yes.  The light is not in opposition to the dark. The light understands the dark completely.  An individual with the full vision and understanding. Sees what created the negative and the reactivity and loves it without condition.  I was told, “to love the virus as myself to love all as myself”.  This is what I help other to achieve.

Lorna Richard    9/28, 1:57pm

Why is the world look at as harvesting?  “he ‘earth’ is indeed ripe for Harvest. The question is, who will be ready? And will the Harvest be Positive, or Negative?”  Why is it looked at a positive or negative?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 2:00pm

Because as I tried to explain to you, polarity is a fundamental principle of reality and it is integral to free will

Lorna Richard   9/28, 2:01pm

Why is the ” Law of Free Will” being ignored in favor of past belief and deeply held dogma?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 2:01pm

Because that’s what people choose

Lorna Richard   9/28, 2:02pm

What will it take to show people they have broken the law of free will?  That it no longer applies?

When an individual has forgotten and has lost conscious awareness they really do not have a choice. They are a slave to their programming when acting and reacting from their emotional immaturity they really do not have a choice.

It is time for people to stop buying into the idea of government and taxes I guess.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 2:15pm

They cannot be shown they have broken it

For no principles, such as polarity (free will) are breakable

It’s going to take you some time, it seems, to ‘break out’ of your own programming

And come to the realization that there is never a point in which somebody is not creating their own reality, or have they ever stopped choosing

Lorna Richard    9/28, 2:19pm

I find it interesting how these low consciousness humanoids. Can manipulate the information keep selling the idea that they are in fact doing things for the better meant of mankind while conspiring for world domination.  Then say it is people’s complacency.    Their diabolical plotting is the result of a criminal mind.  Most people do not have a criminal mind, they are innocent and thinking those teaching science are trust worthy.  When they are in fact not. There has been a deliberate manipulation of the mind knowing the mind can be hypnotized.  The deliberate leaving out of information is unscrupulous.  Why do you think the Media is so important to us? You have (as a society), in your hypnotized comatose state, given your Free Will consent to the state your planet is in today. You saturate your minds with the unhealthy dishes served up for you on your televisions that you are addicted to, violence, pornography, greed, hatred, selfishness, incessant ‘bad news’, fear and ‘terror’. When was the last time you stopped, to think of something beautiful and pure? The planet is the way it is, because of your collective thoughts about it. (their has been a deliberate manipulation of peoples minds using hypnotic programming and auto suggestion using TV, magazines, education) You are complicit in your inaction, every time you ‘look the other way’ when you see an injustice. Your ‘thought’ at the sub-conscious level of creation to the Creator, is your allowance of these things to occur. In so doing, you are serving our purpose. (People have come forward through out history to exposes this diabolical plan theses people have been killed and the news reports do not tell the truth, the news reports lies, history has been rewritten and the people manipulated)  This is not unconditional love.   It is very important to us, that the Polarization of this planet is Negative at the time of the Great Harvest. That means Service to Self orientated, as opposed to Positive, Service to Others. We require a Negative Harvest, and you are doing a fine job of helping us to attain our goal. We are very grateful. (So you can only harvest individuals that are in service to self?)   The elite are all in service to self they are not following the original design of unconditional love and the love of self.

Lorna Richard   9/28, 2:28pm

The brain when corrupted does not have free will.  The use of vaccines and other substances to make it easier to manipulate is extremely unscrupulous and is no way in accordance to divine love.

Lorna Richard   9/28, 2:34pm

Infinite awareness is the original state.  That which brings forth thought is not the thinker.  When it is understood how the mind of man works in pictures the very why the idea of a creator has been pushed onto the masses is illegitimate.

It was not widely understanding how words and how these words are spoken that allowed of the manipulate of creation and how humanity has evolved.  The people did not give their power away to a higher power it was hijacked.

Yahweh is an ass.

I do not have time to read any further I shall continue with i am able. Thank you .

Lorna Richard    9/28, 3:07pm

Lucifer is a fraud.  There was never a desire to evolve the physical plain. Everything done such as choosing bloodlines which is in contradiction to the law of one.  These low consciousness humanoids were deliberately used to bring about psychopathy.  This is not unconditional love.  Saying that people did not have an interest in evolving is a lie. That is the only thing I have been striving for.  I was able to see what is available for humanity when people were living from their core essence.  Lucifer is a fake, a lier and a bigot.

Lorna Richard  9/28, 3:25pm

There are many that are submissive to the violence created as a result of psychopathy.  Is it those that refuse violence that will inherit the earth what ever is left IT?

Matthew 5:5 Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

Lorna Richard   9/28, 3:28pm

Through out history the ruling elite took advantage of the farmers who had no weapons and gave over their crops when raided.  These innocent farmers were often slaughtered in their refusal of violence.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 4:17pm

“Lucifer is a fraud.  There was never a desire to evolve the physical plain. Everything done such as choosing bloodlines which is in contradiction to the law of one.  These low consciousness humanoids were deliberately used to bring about psychopathy.  This is not unconditional love.  Saying that people did not have an interest in evolving is a lie. That is the only thing I have been striving for.  I was able to see what is available for humanity when people were living from their core essence.  Lucifer is a fake, a lier and a bigot.”

This is an extremely narrow view

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 4:18pm

The universe is far bigger than the actions on one, currently, insignificant planet

You cannot bring yourself to accept that we are A. Doing what we were appointed to do, B. Doing so in the name of love (acting as the catalyst for evolution on this planet)

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 4:25pm

We require a negative harvest because if we do not achieve this negative harvest, we are stuck here (due to Yahweh locking us here) for another cycle.  This is not desired.  The Negative Harvest is that which we were called here to bring about.  And we have been given all the authority necessary to bring this about..

If you understand the law of Free Will, you must understand that we cannot do this without being fully authorized to do so.

At this point, I would advise, you come to terms with our being here, and what we’re doing.

You fail to realize that in calling us the ‘bad guys’ or ‘fraud, liar, fake’ etc. contributes to our Negative harvest we have worked so very hard to achieve.

In our natural expression, we are akin to a bright Sun.  You can, if desired, perceive this.  No entity of our evolutionary level is interested in true negativity.

It’s not possible to ascend to our level as a negatively oriented being, for one.  However, what’s really important for you to realize, is again, this is the Game.  We are all truly great friends.  While we play the Game, here on Earth, we are perceived as the ‘bad guys.’  Somebody has to play that role to offer negativity.

If everything were nothing but positive, bliss, etc..  How would one know the difference between positive/negative?  We came to offer the experience of polarity because that is what’s required to evolve beyond this 3D existence.  I would advise you be grateful to us for performing this service for you.

Again, without us, without the experience of negativity, you would not be able to evolve to 4th density.

Lorna Richard   9/28, 4:57pm

“the Universe is far bigger than actions on One currently insignificant planet” now that is narrow minded. The infinite would never give authority to corrupt the human mind/brain/body.  this is the nature of Unconditional Love.   I use my knowing of self to reverse all that has been created from this low consciousness state. You do not understand your own free will to do what ever you please.  It is your own inability to turn inward to see you have always had the ability to transcend all conditioning.  Yahwey has no authority over the infinite. .  From the lord god of my being I command no further degradation of this planet and those that dwell on it.  You are set free to do what ever you please.  You are not using your own free will.  You are being a slave to the limitation of this Yawey.  You are a prisoner of your own making. Who has no dominion over the all.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 4:59pm

You still assume such corruption is possible

Lorna Richard   9/28, 4:59pm

:You are delusional if you think that negativity is need to evolve to the 4th dimension.  Full evolution is at hand not limited to 4th dimension.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 5:00pm

In the eyes of the Infinity all is as it is

It needs nothing, requires no state over another

You’re choosing to blatantly ignore the truth you’ve been given

Humanity will not evolve any faster or slower than it is capable

4th density, that of absolute unconditional love is it’s next destination

Lorna Richard    9/28, 5:04pm

The physical apparatus of the brain and the emotional body’s is influenced by  vibrational  energy.  What do you think the dimensions are? There in no up and down left or right.  it is all right here right now.   It is dependent on the vibration on the plain of existence which is energy vibrating a a specific frequency.  manipulated.  to inhibit transcendence.

Lorna Richard   9/28, 5:05pm

So be that then.  Why do you have to do anything to achieve anything.  You dear sir are an enigma.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 5:06pm

We are doing that which we were contracted to fulfill, nothing more or less

The experience each individual experiences, as in, their rate of vibration, is entirely their choice, their creation, their Will

Lorna Richard  9/28, 5:08pm

You are already that all of existence was created from this Unconditional love. .  You must see that it is you that is holding conditions.  You are not held to anything except your own thinking.  You are a product of your own conditioned state of thinking and perceiving. You are already the infinite. All it takes is a shift of perception to be love.  See all as an expression of your own love.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)   9/28, 5:09pm

I’m aware of that

It’s not me you need to convince of these things, lol

I am a part of Lucifer, we are a 6th Density being, I came here with full knowledge of who and what I am

As for each individual’s vibrational rate, this is again, entirely their making

It is in your best interest to accept this.  All we have done is brought attention to the manner in which we desire things to be, that is, a negative harvest.  People of this planet have served us in that they are giving energy to that

They have, and always will, have the choice to do so, or not

This is just a GAME, my dear

In effect, nothing here is real, nobody is truly suffering

See the whole picture, rather than a piece of it

In reality, none of us are doing anything.  We have never done anything.  We reside, quite happily, within the Ether of the All

Lorna Richard     9/28, 5:13pm

If it is a game than why not changing the game and being that which you already are?

As I’ve told you, we are the catalyst for human evolution

We are the change

And we take great pleasure in being assistance here at this time

Lorna Richard  9/28, 5:15pm

No you are not the catalyst.  I do not accept that this ‘game’ is limited to your rules.  How can pleasure exist if suffering does not exist?

You are not assisting me or my expression in this reality.  You do not know what unconditional love is.

I have to go.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/28, 5:18pm

We didn’t make the rules

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)   9/28, 5:21pm

You can’t argue with polarity, which as I explained is a fundamental principle, manifested on all planes of reality.  Without it free will is not possible.

You don’t seem to understand that if you do not have the experience of choosing positive over negative, you do not truly have free will.

Where is there freedom if only one vibration, be it positive or negative, is available to you?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)   9/28, 5:23pm

We have been here longer than this expression of the All you call Lorna, and we will be here long after you have left..  We have given you the experience of negativity, so that you have had the option to choose positivity.

We are divinely indifferent if you know and embrace this, or not..  Regardless, our goals are being achieved.

We are a 6th density being.  We vibrate at a state of love that you cannot even conceive of.  And I, personally, have been unconditionally loving to all I have known and come across.

Lorna Richard   9/28, 5:41pm

You do not understand and you have not been listening to me I am the infinite.  You have forgotten the law of vibration.  This planet will evolve with or with out you.  You are deluding yourself if you think you vibrate to love.  You need ot have the ability to feel when in physical form to know love.  You are a lower consciousness lower brain functioning humanoid that does not know what love truly is. I can tell in the way you speak you do not see all as valuable. You have no reverence for the ‘game’.  Which I find interesting you saying when you also have said, this is a place of learning?   Regardless as to what you say the planet is evolving.  You cannot hold back the desire to move to a new state of being.  You do not have the authority.

Lorna Richard   9/28, 5:41pm

Whom ever you are getting direction from does not have the authority.

If this is a game why are you so intent on your out come?  A game is supposed to fun for all involved.

Lorna Richard   9/28, 5:48pm

How to Spot Psychopaths: Speech Patterns Give Them Away

Psychopaths may be cunning and manipulative, but how they speak can be revealing.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)   9/28, 5:56pm

You’re amusing me


Lorna Richard  9/28, 5:56pm

Glad to help with your amusement of the game.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 5:57pm

I, and we, love the game, I love the planet, I love the people

Lorna Richard   9/28, 5:57pm

No when something is true it is a fact not a judgment

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 5:57pm

You should know better than to judge based on how I type

Yes, the planet is evolving

I never said otherwise\

We have no desire to hold back the planet

I am talking the way I am, you see, because you keep substituting what I am telling you, which is simply the way it is, for your own ideas of reality

This is the Game, this is how it’s being played

Whether you want to accept it, or not

I love you, and all people, I am telling you how it is

And whether you want to accept it, or not, we have been given the authority to do what we are doing here

Service to another, with no expectation of a return, which is my daily existence

Is very much unconditional love

You insist of value judgements

This is what one who loves should or should not do

We are beyond value judgements

And the extremely limited perspective of 3D reality

If I had no reverence for the game I wouldn’t be here

You’re perspective, is so limited, and you insist on this limited perspective

Not surprising considering your Soul Group, Yahweh, is the very one we have come here to assist

And you called us here, asked for us, lol

Prior to our coming, your reality was exactly as you seem to describe as being what you’re evolving to

Which is very much not the case

Prior to our coming, this planet was eden-like

Humanity did not have free will – there was no polarity from which to choose from

We came, and in offering the service of negativity, polarity and free will was born

Regardless of where you go, which density, which plane – negativity is offered as a service

All is perfect in the All of the All

All is as it was meant to be, and all is just as the All desires it

If God needed something, one state of being over another, positivity over negativity, God would not be God

If God insisted on one state over another, God would not be God

For that insistence is a human trait, and God is not human

Lorna Richard    9/28, 6:18pm

The God you speak of is unconditional love it is the lower functioning humanoid that is holding the idea of positive and negative.  Creating situations that produce lower vibrational emotions is evolution in a holding pattern of discontent. You are so narrow minded it is mind boggling.  God is expressed in all things.  The intelligence that created the Universe is expressing in every moment.  It is infinite.  The love from which all things come forth to be in physical form is this nature.  Human nature is unconditional love.  It was in being in physical form that man forgot this nature and fear was created.  Fear feeds on itself.  It is understanding the fear that the fear does not have a strangle hold of the human hearts ability to be the expression of this love.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/28, 6:18pm

Time to shock you out of this womb

You claimed Jesus is your mentor.  Jesus is the Bright Morning Star.  Lucifer’s (our) task here is that of the role of mentoring

Guess who Jesus is?

Do you believe Jesus, in Revelation, very blatantly named himself Lucifer, the Bright and Morning Star, for nothing?

So where does that leave us?

Lorna Richard    9/28, 6:22pm

It matters not what you say Jesus is or is not.  The Jesus that mentored me was of pure light spook from a place of neutrality.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) /28, 6:22pm

Polarity, ie positive and negative exists everywhere Free Will exists

Lorna Richard   9/28, 6:22pm

He did not promote the hurting of others for self-gratification.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 6:22pm

And regardless of where you go, there will be entities offering the experience of negativity

Nor do we

You misunderstand us completely

You must stop making value judgments

You must grow beyond one thing is ‘good’ and another is ‘not’

Lorna Richard   9/28, 6:23pm

You do not seem to understand my direct experience of my core had all negative and positive dissolve with in me field.

No you have not been hearing me.  I do not see in good or bad. I see in vibration.  I see dimensional.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 6:24pm

I do understand that, dear, that is my natural expression

Just as it is yours

You had that experience once

I am ALWAYS conscious of it

Everything I do and say is in every way perfect, in love

Lorna Richard    9/28, 6:26pm

then you know that you are the infinite.  Seeing from the consciousness of the infinite is void of positive and negative.  It offers a completely different state.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/28, 6:26pm

Yes, you see vibration, but if you did not perceive polarity, which is impossible, you would not experience this reality as it is

You’d be in ‘the void’

Lorna Richard   9/28, 6:26pm

This is not true.  When you mentioned a mentally handicapped person you did not see them as valuable.

Son of Lucifer   9/28, 6:27pm

Polarity is manifested on all planes

Valuable is a judgment

We do not make judgements

They are as they are

Lorna Richard  9/28, 6:28pm

This was a fleeting expression It lasted for two weeks prior to dropping back into separation consciousness.  I have had a taste of what it would be like to be fully resonating with the soul’s vibration.  My attachment to the story dropped me out of phase you could say.

You are constantly making judgments.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 6:30pm

Where?  When?

Lorna Richard    9/28, 6:30pm

My minds attachment to the linear mind, created mind, is what caused the shift.

Thinking in positive and negative is a judgement.  Seeing it makes it so.

Unconditional love, non-attachment to the mental programming does not identify energy.  energy is just energy it is the minds belief in it and attachment that makes it so. When you can see through the energy of negativity to the neutrality you are no longer in judgement.

This is love.

All energy is created from the light of divinity.  When you see through the density to release polarity the negativity is transcended and you have only love.

Lorna Richard   9/28, 6:36pm

The Day The World Woke Up To Love!

Original Post February 14, 2011 Today is a glorious day there has been huge waves of expansive energy flowing out from the center of the Universe expanding Consciousness. There was a wave on Janua…

Lorna Richard    9/28, 6:47pm

energy as polarity is the result of our state of consciousness.  The body can feel all energy.  WIth the lower consciousness, lower brain functioning holding the energy of anger, fear, resentment and such  interferes with the beings ability to sense subtle energies.  Most can feel the heaviness of anger, or fear it takes sensitivity to feel unconditional love.  Babies expressing pure joy not needing a reason to be happy are expressing unconditional love.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)   9/28, 6:51pm

The body can feel all energies, the difference in them is polarity

Lorna Richard    9/28, 6:52pm

I have to go.  I wanted to do final draft of the article I am working on.  Thank you for the discourse. It has been most interesting.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 6:52pm

As I’ve said numerous times, polarity is manifested on all planes, any spirit can tell you this

People’s natural state is unconditional love, that doesn’t mean they are void of polarity, that is consciously choosing to vibrate on the higher rather than the lower

Lorna Richard   9/28, 6:54pm

Then they have not experienced their atonement with the soul.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 6:54pm

Without polarity love cannot be possible

Without polarity free will is not possible

The soul’s natural state is unconditional love, vibration on the higher

Love is not possible where the choice against negativity does not exist

It’s very simple

Lorna Richard    9/28, 6:57pm

As you have not yet experience this state you have no reference point for it.  The core of infinity dissolves all lower emotional states.  I know this to be true.  It is not only possible it is the reality that will be made manifest.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 6:57pm

I am consciously always aware of that state, as I said

That is not a negation of polarity, which you do not seem to understand

Without polarity we are akin to animals, completely reactionary, not free thinkers

We evolved FROM that, we are not moving backwards

The 4th density, which humanity is evolving to, is the choice to experience love

Negativity will still exist

You’ll just have to wait and see, lol, we (Lucifer) are beyond 4th density

I tell you now, never again in human existence will polarity, or the choice for negativity, be eradicated

Lorna Richard    9/28, 7:02pm

Got to go.  Thank you.  There you go again, with your judgment and lower consciousness  statements.  Animals are sentient they have consciousness.  I know I became the consciousness of a seal and it was magnificent.  they are not reactionary.

Anna Breytenbach 2013

Lorna Richard    9/28, 7:02pm

Than you are stuck in the illusion of your own making.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 7:02pm

Animals are 2nd density beings

Human beings are 3rd

They are lower density beings, eBay not judgement, that’s what is

Lorna Richard    9/28, 7:03pm

You are spewing your propaganda and lack of knowing and experiencing.

Son of Lucifer   9/28, 7:04pm

The truly enlightened man is always judged by those who lack wisdom

We are 6th density beings, accept this, or don’t, the result is the same

We will have our Negative harvest

Resistance is contribution, all but love is contribution

Lorna Richard    9/28, 7:20pm

What I have experienced with this exchange is you are content to be in a lower consciousnesses, lower brain functioning, state.  This is find.  It matters not for in truth free will exists.  When the individual choses consciousness this will the evolution of truth is set into motion.  This is the nature of consciousness.  There is no distance in consciousness all is experiencing through all life times all dimensions all realities.   Everything in physical form in the infinite Univese gets this information on some level.  Some those that are on the same wave length get this information consciously others only subconsciously.  So it matters not what you have come to a conclusion about it only applies to your lower consciousness state.  When ever some one experiences an altered state every one gets this experience.  In reality there is no resistance in consciousness it only exists in the brain that is perceiving in separation.  This is what you seem to not understand.  All is indeed one.  When in this state the body does not experience pain or suffering for resistance is the result of being out of vibrational  tonality of the soul.  Living from a brain that is not functioning in whole brain.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 7:33pm

I stated numerous times I am aware of unity.  Seeing as you haven’t understood, I’ll say it plainly: I’m aware that the perceived separation is A. an illusion, is B. created by humanity, and C. Not the natural state.  You are opposed to any information, or knowledge that does not confirm your currently held beliefs.  I’ve said numerous times, we (Lucifer) are well beyond this evolutionary state wherein humans currently find themselves, that being 3rd density reality.  It is not possible for me to functioning at “lower consciousness” for my nature is inherently greater than that of the denizens of the planet.  Which is why we, Lucifer, have been called here.

Your perspective is limited.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 7:33pm

I will lay it all out very plainly, for maximum comprehension

We, Lucifer, are naturally a 6th density being, that is of pure light, we have evolved, millennia ago, beyond the perception of separation

That is why we are here

Now you have had the opportunity to hear from two representatives of Lucifer.  Me, personally, and my brother who took the handle “Hidden Hand” – we are required to share the Truth (light) with humanity, hence our nature as the Light Bringer

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 7:40pm

Your choice to judge me as lower level consciousness is quite evidently based on your misunderstanding that A. This is all a game, B. We were appointed this position, and if it weren’t us it would be another. The end being the same, regardless.  C. This is a very small part of the whole drama.  I have stated numerous times my awareness of, and connection to, the All that Is.

What you’re hearing does not comply with what you believe, so you make the very human mistake of casting judgement.  I ask, quite frankly, what is required of you to cease these frivolous trivialities?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 7:41pm

You’re attempting to tell Lucifer that he’s unaware that humans perceive separation in their brains?  Come now, we are not children

Lorna Richard    9/28, 8:15pm

Your knowing is not my truth.  You have no dominion in the light of truth.  All are capable of living from the light of creation.  It matters not what dimension they reside in.  This light from the heart of each and everything in creation is already anchored  in this physical plain.  People are remembering regardless to the assault they have been subjected to over the last 2000 years or more. The power of love to restore harmony to the immune system and allow the light to shine from each cell.

Lorna Richard   9/28, 8:16pm

Why does Lucifer not want to support humans in their ability to shine the light of Divinity and being the living God?

What needs to happen to allow humans to live their birth right? And what ever is not allowing it may this consciousness be collapsed in all dimensions all realities from the heart of creation to manifested particle.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:20pm

Lorna, alas, I’ve told you three times, we do desire to support humanity, that is why we are here.. You are not satisfied with the nature of our assistance.. But this is the Game we are playing, and believe me, we’re all having a grand old time

What needs to happen is very simple, humanity as a whole must choose to deconstruct the illusions it has constructed, and we have been assisting in this regard since the dawn of mankind’s ability to think

There is nothing not allowing it

None to blame but yourselves

This is something humanity will not accept

There will be no change until as a whole you decide to stop killing eachother, recognizing you’re all of one body

Nothing was preventing or stopping you personally from this greater awareness, by the Law of Correspondence, the same applies to the Whole

Lorna Richard   9/28, 8:24pm

The ability of the brain to be hypnotised has allowed for the distortion. Lies of those in authority have added to this distortion. So those that are operating from lower brain functioning of deceit and unethical and immoral behavior shall be exposed and treated for their brain imbalance. Those that choose to not evolve must leave.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:25pm

The distortion is part of the Game

We’re going in circles here

The Infinite All plays the game of dividing itself in to smaller parts who forget who they really are, so the Infinite All can experience itself as the Creator through it’s fragments

That IS the game

Lorna Richard

9/28, 8:26pm   Lorna Richard

What will it take for humanity to accept?  What ever is keeping people in the tides of discontent must be exposed.  I wish all to feel the love of their own source.  It is so and so it shall be.

You say creator is in fragments which is a lie.  It is a perceptual misunderstanding. All shall come to this realization.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:27pm

The appropriate question isn’t what is keeping them, as nothing is

What you should be asking is why humanity isn’t choosing to experience oneness

Ultimately it is true we are all one, but Lorna, for heaven’s sake look around you

You’re not part of the wall

You’re not your children

Lorna Richard    9/28, 8:29pm

Just as the clouds in the sky are not separated from the atmosphere so too are there no humans, nothing in the manifested infinite Universe, separate from its own source.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:29pm

You consciously experience the Division

Yet we are all one

It’s a paradox

Lorna Richard     9/28, 8:29pm

This is a perceptual misunderstanding all is indeed one.

It is the state of consciousness, the forgetting of the law of vibration that causes the distortion.  All shall know themselves fully and expressed in the freedom of love.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:30pm

You got to experience what life is outside of the game

Within the game, separation is perceived

Lorna Richard   9/28, 8:31pm


The mind must be transcended it is an inside job.

All it takes as one to change the rules of the game.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:32pm

Cannot be done

The infinite Creator specified this is how it is

And hence, it is

Lorna Richard   9/28, 8:33pm

For as soon as one knows the truth all of consciousness has this experience on a subconscious level.  This is the state of consciousness.

Nothing is impossible remember this is a game.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:34pm

The game has principles which cannot be broken

Lorna Richard   9/28, 8:34pm

Nothing is set in stone. it is all thought and all though possibilities.  What ever one can imagine is possible.  You are very narrow minded in your playing of the game.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)9/28, 8:34pm

Polarity, correspondence, cause and effect, vibration, rhythm

Lorna Richard   9/28, 8:35pm

The only principle is vibration.  Polarity exists only as a perceptual miss understanding.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:35pm

Those are the rules

Here we are again

Lorna Richard    9/28, 8:35pm

The physical can shift in density.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:35pm


and that shift in density is a change in polarity

Lorna, you cannot say polarity does not exist

Lorna Richard   9/28, 8:36pm

Sorry I do not prescribe to you lower consciousness, lower brain functioning rules.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:36pm

and then state a concept based in polarity the next

Lorna Richard   9/28, 8:36pm

Polarity does not exist in the context of duality as opposing itself.

Son of Lucifer    9/28, 8:36pm

How does the rate change if there is no higher or lower rate to change to

Is that clear enough

Lol no, instead you live in an allusion where polarity exists. And is paramount, but won’t call it what it is

Density changes

Polarity changes

Do you not see the words are interchangeable?

Lorna Richard   9/28, 8:38pm

This is consciousness having the ability to see other points of view.  Everything is perception and just a point of view.  Transcending the dogma and training of the perceived linear mind will set the this mind free to be consciousness.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:38pm

Again, polarity

Different points of view, polarity

Again and again, same concept

Lorna Richard

Yes this is a perceptual lie of the state of consciousness.   This is the brains de-evolution.  The brain can be trained to process infinite awareness.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:41pm

Ahh my dear Lorna

The Hanged Man

Lorna Richard    9/28, 8:44pm

When the ability to use telepathy returns there will be less opposing points of view. Words limit the understanding and ability to communicate.  When people are on the same wave length it is easier to have an exchange of ideas and know that the other is communicating. Words limit the experience.   This is how the intellect functions in the brain causing opposition. .

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:44pm

It never left

We are capable of, and do use it every day

Lorna Richard   9/28, 8:45pm

Do you experience empathy?

Son of Lucifer    9/28, 8:45pm

Though people choose the illusion of separation and it doesn’t function at its capacity

Since I was a child

I, and all my like, are naturally strong empaths especially

Lorna Richard    9/28, 8:47pm

Now it is time to choose unity and express as in the law of one.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:47pm

Indeed, so why do humans choose the illusion?

I do wonder what you think is going to happen, though

That we’re all simply going to return to oneness, the game ends, and we have not left but existence in one, total unity.. Then what?

What further growth from there?

Further evolution?

Lorna Richard   9/28, 8:50pm

it matters not.  I have seen a potential a way of being.  I get visions.  This future already exists for an individual cannot have a precognitive idea of a reality that does not already exist.   I am taking the steps to anchor this in this reality.  thank you this has been fun.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:51pm

With the elevation of a single star is the entire system of stars properly aligned

Lorna Richard    9/28, 8:51pm

I have to go.  thank you.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/28, 8:51pm

Thank YOU

Lorna Richard    9/28, 10:45pm

I had to share with you before I head to bed.  My oldest daughter and my youngest daughter are telepaths.  I witnessed this when Gurine was 5 almost 6 and Amber was 10 months old.  Gurine went into a transe.  I was intrigued as this was not in my consciousness as possible.  When she came out of trance she through her head back and started laughing, “mommy mommy you want believe what Amber showed me”.  “what” ” She should me what she would be doing when she grows up”. “what did she show you”.  “I cannot tell you she told me not to tell”.  I was a bit disappointed as this was very mind boggling.  As I had forgotten my experiences of childhood.  With my in-body and out of body Ascension.   This opened up many questions for me.   I knew to let it go for the time being, about a week later i asked Gurine, “how did Amber show you”.  “We talk in our head we have been doing it since Amber came home from the hospital”.  What I found is babies have original language with full remembrance.  There is a point that we forget.  There are many baby’s born with this capability.  Somehow they see this ability in Gurine.  I can see them reaching make contact with her.  I know the time of not forgetting is arriving to remember the original light language.

Lorna Richard   9/28, 10:50pm

There is something else I wanted to clarify.  I saw my light body as it came into being.  The idea of Lorna shall always be as I shall step off the wheel of birth and death. Now that I know.   I shall remember everything.  The original light body did not have the energy of fear, or anger or any of the other energies you are calling negative.  Beside these energies exist only in the mind of the individual.  What one may see as negative another may see as positive and visa versa.  There are many spirits incarnated on the planet all perceiving from their unique experience.  Some more conscious awareness than others.

Lorna Richard   9/29, 3:19pm

You seem to miss understand the nature of the physical.  The physical can exist with out negative emotions. There was a time then this was the way.  When expressing Unity consciousness the physical does not disappear it shifts in vibration and the laws of separation no longer apply. Consciousness is evolving regardless to your misunderstanding these words.  The body does not experience resistance in this state.  All emotional energy created from perceived separation must return to its source for love and the original blue print restored.  It is spoken so it shall be.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)9/29, 4:46pm

It amuses me that you’re still trying to tell me that I don’t understand that which I came here distinctly for the purpose of sharing Light about.

Humans, previously, were in a state of not experiencing negative emotions, or positive, as polarity/free will was not yet bestowed.

I have been very clear that humanity is going to CHOOSE positivity, is going to CHOOSE the Light.  This means, in effect, that negativity will be non-existent in the consciousness of man.  That doesn’t mean polarity will cease to exist, it means quite simply that humanity is no longer choosing negativity.

It amuses me most that you won’t acknowledge polarity, yet continually point to its existence.  For instance, in saying “I choose lower consciousness.”  – How is this ‘lower’ consciousness possible without polarity?

It doesn’t matter to me, or to evolution as a whole, if you accept polarity as it is or not.

Polarity exists, yet you can in your free will choose love over fear.  That which is polar opposite to love will always exist, the question will always be what you choose to experience.

Lorna Richard   9/29, 5:35pm

There is no opposites.  Love just is.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/29, 5:36pm

But of course

Lorna Richard    9/29, 5:36pm

There are no apposing forces.  This is a misunderstanding of the state of consciousness.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/29, 5:37pm

You have yet to come across some of the more..  Colourful entities then it would seem

Lorna Richard    9/29, 5:40pm

The light is not in opposition to the dark.  Love is not in opposition to fear.  Unconditional love is all knowing and all understanding.  It is in knowing that this energy is set free.  Perhaps I see the light as information and the dark as the suppression of it. Shining a light of understanding sets the story free to see the truth.   The truth shall set us free.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/29, 5:40pm

I didn’t say they are in opposition

They are the same thing

Varying only in degree

That is polarity

All vibrates, the difference in rate is polarity

How many different ways need I say the same thing?!

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  9/29, 6:10pm

Polarity is the different rate of vibration, it (and polarity) are two of the principles of the Creation that are manifested on all planes of existence.  It is experienced everywhere, at all times.  Allthough all is one, in this ‘reality’ we o

perceive separation.  This is the point where I lose you.  It is Divine Paradox.  This, it appears to me, you are unwilling to accept.  Everything is truly one, yet the paradox of separation still, and will always until total dissolution in to the All that Is.  Basically, I acknowledge and experience unity, yet at the same time, acknowledge the paradox of separation.  Since it is, you might say, blatantly apparent.  Everyday you wake up separate from your bed, separate from all that you see.  And it is quite delusional to refute this paradox.  This is the Game.  The consciousness of man is not accepting or recognizant of this unity – but even when it is, we’ll still perceive ourselves as separate beings, yet be aware of ourselves as pieces of a whole.  That is the nature of 4th density reality.  Which we (Lucifer) have already experienced and surpassed, long before this world was formed

Lorna Richard   9/29, 7:05pm

To be in a state of harmony is to be neutral the body in this state has no resistance.  Source love, unconditional love, was not expressing a positive charge.   It is neither positive nor negative.  It is non definable When the body is in full atonement, when the mind is no longer attached to the idea of linearity. The negative and positive when thought of as magnetic attract each other to bring neutrality.

Lorna Richard   9/29, 7:46

Source is infinite potentiality.  The full expression of the soul through the individual body percieving without condtion(unity consciousness) there is no negativity or positivity.  The emotional body is neutral, it is joyful. The game will never be over.  There will always be evolution. There will always be energy expressing itself. There will always be thought.    The soul has always been and will always find expression

Lorna Richard   9/30, 3:12pm

Hi Stephen, I am on the road yet compelled to send you a quick message.  In the idea of service to self and service to others in the spirit of ‘Oneness’; in serving the self all are served, as all is expressed in the one and the one is expressed in the all.  Also you did mention that those that see the truth will be helped.   I wanted to ask; is this help contingent on Lorna doing something or does the help without conditions.  Is this help given freely the way all help should be when expressing the love of our own source? All is given freely without condition.  If the help is without condition.  I would like all false debt taken care off.  The house I dwell in with my family payed in full and all perceived debt by those that believe I owe them something relieved of this belief.  In this reality the way it is an individual needs a credit card to travel it would be nice to have the ability to travel freely.  I would like to share without obstacles that which I have come to realize.  My oldest two daughters are very creative and wish to have a food/entertainment truck how can I go about getting this for them.  My youngest would like to peruse going to University I would like her to be free to do this without the concern of money.

As source experiencing itself without condition; why are there those that holdfast to past programming holding onto an agenda?  Is this freedom?

Much love and infinite blessings

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 9/30, 3:50pm

How do you suppose I assist with these things?

By way of ritual magic; influencing those people to droo their perceived debt owed to them?

I offer ritual-for-hire service, alas I cannot offer this freely as there is both an opportunity cost as well as material cost involved (if you’re familiar with accounting)

I must charge, as this is how I make a living, you understand

The cost of materials needed, cost of time, which is quite consuming, and opportunity: that this must be scheduled with precision in correspondence with the cycles of the moon

I understand well that people feel that spiritual services should be free

But when it comes down to it, I have bills to pay, and this like any other service costs money to perform

There are many services I perform freely, as I can do so at no cost to myself in terms of time or expenses

But rituals, which can be expensive in terms of materials that are needed, and most especially, that I completely and totally drain myself in each ritual and that renders me unable to function for a day or so, until the large energy expenditure is recovered

Lorna Richard   9/30, 11:48pm

This is interesting. I assumed you had access to investors. I apologize I assumed you were not affected by this reality as it is.   I do not wish you to perform this type of magic on my behalf.   It is in violation to free will.   To allow for the flow of energy should not drain you.  When I align with myself the source of infinite love it energizes this body.  The body becomes more alive.  The Universe was created from Infinite intelligence not finite intelligence (Intellect).  The soul could not project onto itself that which it already knew.  The soul did not know what would happen once it split to have the experience of itself.  The soul is without condition, it does not have a judgment of what happens with the aspects of itself.  The oddest thing for me is the idea of worship.  This practice is archaic and makes no logical sense.  Why would the soul in the knowing of itself worship itself?  To worship a deity or idea of a creator and not have reverence and respect for that which is created is dysfunctional.  The soul loves itself and that which it has created regardless to the dimensions.  The linear mind is the aspect of the mind that was not of the original creation.   Those that are religious and wish only to return to heaven are misguided in this idea.  The soul is in full knowing.  Why do you think it is arrogant to have access to this which you already are?  The idea that it is not possible is actually limiting the expression of the soul and the evolution of creation itself.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 10/1, 3:53pm

Investors?  Why would I?  I was not incarnated into the family, as such I do not have access to the wealth

I am of the family, however in this incarnation I chose to be born to a normal family, for the challenge of empowering myself without the strict training we normally receive when born to the “Illuminati”

And to assist others in a loving capacity, rather than being an agent of negativity

Lorna Richard  10/1, 6:32pm

Thank you.  I miss understood.  Thank you for everything.  Love and blessings

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 10/1, 6:35pm


You missed a call from Stephen.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 10/1, 7:37pm

Lorna Richard 10/5, 10:34pm

I forgot to ask what your services are?  I have been busy at a trade show.  Lots of energy transformation.  Not sure what the recording was for?

Lorna Richard     11/4, 7:58am

why do you continue to give your will away to a Lord and Master? Knowing what you know why you would follow a religion that is breaking the words of the Bible. The body is the temple for the Soul. Disrespecting the body and causing it harm especially the body of an innocent child is in contraction to the 10 commandants.  Do you know what it means to be sovereign? “You shall have no masters”.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 8:18am

I’m not sure how or when I sent that recording, must have been sent in my pocket..  Lol Russell’s voice in the background

An innocent child?  He was atleast 20

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 11:05am

Breaking the words of the Bible

“You shall have no masters” – aye,  but obeying the conditions of 10 commandments, which never existed to begin with, is perfectly okay

You speak of sovereignty, yet your decisions and choices are not your OWN, imagine that

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 11:18am

“Knowing what know why would you follow a religion that is breaking the words of the Bible … Do you know what it means to be sovereign?”

You shall have no masters” (especially a BOOK.)

Lorna Richard    11/4, 2:56pm

You seem to not understand I do not follow any religion or dogma.  Those that follow religion believing in a Godhead, or ruler, are spiritually immature. They are blind to the truth.  There is only one source of creation and that source is unconditionally loving.  It has no reason to manipulate others as it is the ALL. I am not identified with the body the soul is using as a vehicle to express on the physical  plan.  The energetic frequency of the source of all creation is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.  It does not perceive in duality or positive and negative.  This infinite presence flowing through all dimensions and all realities has full understanding of the physical.  This is the soul which is unaffected by the psychical experience it is only the spirit or matrix which is corruptible. This is not separate from the physical dimension.   Just as the clouds in the sky cannot be separated from the atmosphere so to is the body speaking to you not separate from the source of all creation.  The brain and body is getting an upgrade in the understanding of the ALL. IT is the shift in consciousness that makes the upgrade possible.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 3:03pm

I am aware that you’re aware of that ALL, that is absolutely clear

Yet, by the same token, you’re also in a body for a reason, and it isn’t to shrug it aside

As for duality, may the Sister see the Light

Son of Lucifer    11/4, 3:06pm

The top sphere is the Divine

The bottom, the physical plane

Notice the VERY first thing following the Source

Is you guessed it


One is dark

One is Light

Duality in its clearest expression

May the Sister see the Light

YOu might also call that the Divine Male Principle (Chokmay) and the Divine Feminine (Binah)

Immediately following the source is Division, and that division, AKA duality, is what allows you to be conscious, right now

Without it, you would not be

So you can recognize its value, or continue not to, either way, without it, you’d be nothing

Lorna Richard    11/4, 3:11pm

Yes. I have been making head way with this body and brain. Coming into full embodiment. Lorna has experienced herself as the Divine Human and experience full embodiment. She gaining the strength.  This picture is a gross representation of the truth.  The light and dark are not dual.  What creates duality is the embodiment of the soul seeing through the separated mind and individual brain. When perceiving from Unity Consciousness there is no perceived duality.  This is the state of non judgment and full knowing.

Lorna Richard  11/4, 3:13pm

A sort of letting go or detachment from the conditioned mind. Whole brain functioning and perceiving. The biology is the result of the state of consciousness.

Lorna Richard    11/4, 3:18pm

I know what I know through direct experience.  Being the consciousness of water at the same time as inhabiting this body.  Being the moment and seeing myself reflected back through the experience of being a snow-flack. :The absolute delight in seeing yourself reflected in the moment, the observer and the observed is a state of perfection.

Lorna Richard    11/4, 3:28pm

You seem so intelligent yet you are blind to your own indoctrination. You have sold yourself short to your proclamation of being the son of Lucifer when you are the soul inhabiting a body.  Your deeply held beliefs are preventing you from full expression.  You have given over your own will to this indoctrination you do not have the right to take the will of another.  To harm a child is in violation of their free will.

Lorna Richard   11/4, 3:29pm

To use occult prac tices to exert your will is in violation to free will.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)11/4, 3:39pm

I do not have ‘beliefs’

Beliefs do not serve, they restrict

Everything you tell me hearkens belief and naivety

I experience Divinity directly, that is the purpose of occultism

You sound like an idealistic hippie

Lorna Richard    11/4, 3:51pm

You are blind.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 3:54pm

This is coming from somebody who speaks of occultism “to exert will is a violation of free will” as if you have never learned about the real nature of the art and know only what you’ve seen in movies

I shouldn’t have to tell you that it’s impossible to violate free will

You’ve made up your mind as to how things are, and anyone who disagrees with you is “blind, or indoctrinated,” etc.

You sound like I did over 10 years ago before I came to any real knowledge and experience

At this juncture you may accept that it’s a distinct possibility that nothing is as you think, or continue on believing you have all the answers and that anyone who doesn’t think as you do is wrong

But I tell you this, you’re the spitting image of me when the only experience I had was watching Youtube videos and reading internet articles from so-called lightworkers

When I put my head down and began working towards enlightenment, these misconceptions, as well as the grandiose ego – “I know better and you don’t” was very quickly dissipated

Now to rebut your claims: whether you perceive everything to be one, or not, duality does, and will continue to exist, because it’s a fundamental principle

You can choose to ignore it, sure, but until you, and everything else, is very clearly, perceivably, nothing but an ocean of light, I’m afraid duality is very well in effect, and is much more than a trick of the mind

I am the Soul of Lucifer inhabiting a body, I have spoken of this very clearly – yet you continue to try to tell me I’m wrong, yet you have no idea what you’re talking about

And when presented with very credible works from credible people, you continue to belief in what you’ve probably read from so called ‘Lightworkers’ who know about as much as a bag of rocks\

And now: I must point out, that your insistence on your correctness is very evidently the mark of a Neophyte.  The wise man knows well how little he knows

You try to convince yourself more than anything

As if, if being so passionate about everything you say will make it so

I’m afraid it won’t, nor is telling me that I’m blind when I have spent years of my life seeking, and WORKING towards real self-realization and self-actualization.  That being told I’m blind, from you..  Is laughable

Now, when, and if, you’re ready to get out of your chair, and have real experience with the Divine, I will tell you hundreds of ways to go about this

Or, you can, you know, think that magick is nothing more than using people as a means to an end

Magick is the Divine Science.  It utilizes powers and forces in an objective manner, forces that are not currently understood.  Except by those who use it.

Now, after everything, if you wish it, I will assist your development

But this know-it-all attitude, when you’re but a juvenile, has got to go.  It’s preventing you from any real experience.

You had the chance to perceive unity with all things..  And what have you done with it?  Become an ignorant bigot?  That experience was meant to OPEN your eyes, not close them.

Lorna Richard   11/4, 5:52pm

I started my seeking as a child and learned to go within myself for answers. It was clear to me as a child I could tell the adults in my life did not know the truth.  At 9 years old in my desire to see as God the spirit of Lorna was pulled out of my body and went on a very fast journey around the world.  The flying would stop and as the light body got closer to observe the point of attraction Lorna was also the consciousness of that which she was observing.  She knew that what she was observing knew.  In that moment she observed her mind thinking about what she was observing. It was a mind expanding experience.  At 10 her body disappeared and she became energy and observed her light body in the infinite field of living light.  She was talking to Jesus with out ears to hear or eyes to see.  In that moment the attachment her mind had to the stories was released in the understand of each experience as all lower density emotions became joy.  Her relationship with Jesus continued.  In 2000 she had a life review which gave her an understanding of how the brain, mind, and consciousness work to create emotions and memories. She relived the experiences of being a child and seeing with the consciousness of her child self.  She also revisited these altered states.  During the life review she was perceiving from the Unified Mind. In 2011 Lorna experienced a release of her conditioning and expanded into Unity Consciousness.   This was her operating system for 2 weeks. Lorna’s knowing does not come from books it comes from direct experience Lorna  thanks you for your input and will continue to get her guidance from Jesus and from her own knowing of self. The only real truth comes from turning inward for guidance.

Lorna Richard  11/4, 5:54pm

Lorna was introduced to transcendental meditation at the age of 15 and transcended the mind at the age of 16.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 5:55pm

Why is this not readily apparent

Why you do spend your time refuting others

If the only real truth is from turning inward, and is therefore relative, and therefore without polarity is nonexistent


Being guided by Jesus is perfectly okay, yet Lucifer, the embodiment of the Light..  For whom Jesus is a member of the very same Group Soul Complex

Now that’s just ‘blind’ lmfao

In other words, you commune with your perception of Lucifer – your name for him

And yet, I’m blind, when you commune with the exact. same Being.

Doubt me?  Jesus refers to himself as the Bright Morning Star, the same as  Lucifer

The Truth, the way, the Light

Same as Lucifer

Regardless, though, I’m very certain you’re going to ignore this, because you’ve decided what truth is, and that’s it for you

And you must forgive my misunderstanding, because if you haven’t noticed, you sound exactly the same as those so-called ‘light-workers’ who’s information comes entirely from Youtube.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 6:03pm

I work with Divine Energy on a daily basis, this is a daily experience for me.  As well as daily communication with spirits of various natures.  At no point was I ‘indoctrinated’, nor given my will to another.  It’s simply the case that I’m not willing to cast aside this experience of duality as meaningless, or a mere trick of the mind.  In doing so, you’re not understanding the importance and necessity of the experience

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 6:03pm

If this wasn’t needed for human growth, it wouldn’t be so.

You’ve figured out what you are


Now figure out why you’re here

What here really is

A trick of the mind, way off

Lorna Richard  11/4, 6:26pm

The human is not here for growth. This was made clear to me during the life review.  It matters not what the individual experiences or chooses it is all perfect.  The human is here just as everything made manifest to give expression to the Soul.  The Soul could not project onto itself that which it had not experienced.  The human is here to remember itself as the souls expression.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 6:29pm


Now apply that to a broader outlook

For instance

That right there, nulls the 10 commandments

Which had never existed to begin with

Lorna Richard  11/4, 6:33pm

There is only one soul, that which is awareness. What the spirit experiences is entirely up to that spirit.  The soul does not judge. The idea of worshiping in a higher self or God has corrupted the expression. Respect and reverence for life brings contentment to the heart. It is fear of the unknown and the belief in death that brings discontent.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 6:33pm

Yes, so why have you ignored me every time I told you there is no ‘worship’ involved in what I do

‘The Soul does not Judge’ – that means the commandments are null, yes?

Also, why are you so judgmental for one who is aware of this?

Lorna Richard   11/4, 6:38pm

Yes the commandments were written from a corrupt version of self. Honestly I do not read the bible.   I was told by Jesus to stop reading it, go out in nature and experience life. The creation of God in his/her own image indicated that humans forgot the truth. It is in understanding how the brain and mind work to create which has allowed the distortion.  Putting an identity to an infinite energy calling it ‘the father’ is ignorance and lacks logic. Is harmful to the individual when issues with their own father exist.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 6:40pm

Well it’s about damn time you started talking to me like I’m not a fool.  Lol.  Understanding how the brain and mind work is the science known as magick.

And it isn’t simply a means to manipulate others.  Especially considering everything that a person desires can be arranged and claimed without influencing, or using anyone

Lorna Richard    11/4, 6:49pm

It comes down to the understanding of the self.  The hypnotic state can be easily induced and the use of language to manipulate.  I have not told many that Jesus said , “stop reading the bible”.  For it would turn people off as they are very much indoctrinated to religious affiliation. The time will come for full disclosure.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 6:50pm

It isn’t your duty to enlighten people

You do them a disservice by speaking of things they aren’t ready to hear

The four virtues of the Adept: To Know, to Will, to Dare, and to Keep Silence.

Lorna Richard   11/4, 6:56pm

The great gift I have is to see people light up when I support them in resolving the corruption to the emotional field and bring balance to the body. There is much miss information that has kept people in the dark.  I will be sharing this it is my destiny. Sharing this human journey.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 6:57pm

The time will come to each Spark for their own enlightenment, and it is a disservice to them when they don’t specifically ask for such knowledge and guidance

Lorna Richard   11/4, 7:10pm

Everything in my life is pointing me to make change.  The medical system, the financial system, the government agencies are corrupt. When scientists knowingly suppress the truth and technology is created that is harmful to the body and to life is ludicrous.  The abuse experienced at the hands of ignorance is going to be exposed.  It has taken me 12 years to get my brain back to a point that I can think again. The information to support other is going to be released.  I speak the truth and that is all that I can do.  My income has been taken away and I have been harassed.  This is what has motivated me to make change.

Lorna Richard    11/4, 7:15pm

Those that are committing crimes against humanity are going to be incarcerated and treated for their abusive nature. Using their knowledge of the occult to suppress and oppress the human potential is no longer tolerated. Humanity is ready to wake up.

Lorna Richard   11/4, 7:19pm

This is only being allowed to continue as a result of the indoctrination into freemasonry.

Pope Bergoglio, Queen Elizabeth charged for child trafficking? | Crime All-Stars

~~Catholic Pope Francis Bergoglio, Queen Elizabeth and top officials of the Jesuit Order have been charged with international child trafficking and cover up of crimes against children. An international Common Law court will begin prosecution 31…

Lorna Richard    11/4, 7:21pm

Mass Genocide of Mohawk Children by UK Queen and Vatican Uncovered in Canada

William Coombes was assassinated on February 26, 2011 in St. Paul’s HospitalKevin Annettwas detained at Heathrow Airportas he arrived in the U.K. to deliver lectures on the work of the ITCCS Tribunal

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 7:23pm

Humanity is so far from ready, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that a far different outcome is already long since in motion

Lorna Richard     11/4, 7:24pm

Well I am tired of the nonsense going on. The criminals need to be incarcerated or taken off planet.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 7:24pm

In order for any such accounting, the people will firstly have to accept that they allow everything to play out as it does

As long as others are blamed, rather than taking self responsibility

No such change is possible

Those that are committing crimes against humanity is every one, every day

So you see, this is not in the cards

12 years to get your brain back?

Lorna Richard   11/4, 7:27pm

Yes I accept that I was born into a world that is dysfunctional.  The conscientiousness of the planet did not support the full expression of my potential.  I was vaccinated as a child and this did interfere with the body chemistry.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)   11/4, 7:27pm

Why would you be harassed, etc

I hope you’re aware 90% of Freemasons are normal people

Lorna Richard    11/4, 7:29pm

Lack of awareness.  The social structure was already in place when I was born.

On of Lucifer    11/4, 7:29pm

And the ratio of them that have any knowledge of the occult is extremely small

People will ALWAYS look for someone else to blame

Lorna Richard   11/4, 7:30pm

Yes and most do not know they have sworn their elegance to the self appointed royalty.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 7:31pm

And because Freemasonry is somewhat secretive, they are used as a scapegoat

Lorna Richard   11/4, 7:32pm

Ignorance is bliss and cognitive dissonance could just be suicide

Son of Lucifer  11/4, 7:33pm

You’re on the same blaming others bandwagon, telling by what you’re saying..  Evolution is a process of SELF-realization

It cannot be taught

Lorna Richard    11/4, 7:35pm

I realize the sytems that are in place need to evolved.  I choose to make change. this is my right as the creator.  How I do it is up to me.  Like I said I am changing the rules.

Lucifer has no dominion over me.  I weal my own energy and choose me actions.  The words I speak are the truth. The actions I take are from my love for life.

The lack of remembrance has allowed for my ignorance. All that I have come to realize has been from the desire to know.  I will use this to change my reality to support this knowing.

I will do everything to see my children and grandchildren to a fresh reality.  One that reflects their light.

All social issues are government issues.  I plan to change the government system to support a loving and caring society.

thanks for the energy exchange.  Got to run. We are getting ready to go on the road tomorrow. Love and blessings, smile emoticon

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 7:59pm

Take care

Lorna Richard    11/4, 8:23pm

Thanks I am not concerned about care.  Why do we say this thing?  When one has faith and trust in the self therer is not need for care.  I wanted to add perhaps you do not fully grasp the nature of consciousness and conscious awareness when it comes to evolution. Perhaps you are still perceiving in linearity With consciousness there is no distance, time, or space.  Everyone and everything is getting all experiences, all interactions. at once.  As I have the knowing of this I have the intention of all those resonating at the same frequency as myself (same soul group)  to get all information expressed as a down load or upload.  I came to this realization after writing a poem and copy writing it. It was a good slap. Now it is so awesome to write something and then go on the internet and see the same information expressed from another.  Truly delightful for me.  This is why you will never see me copy writing my information I never did it again after 2000. When I wrote a poem falling my life review. Those that are not tuned in are not all consciously aware of it.  All of creation is energy, frequency, and matter.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 8:27pm

Or maybe I was being friendly

.  Lol.

Being friendly must mean I’m lower of lower consciousness.

All I can say to this is.. “…Really?”

You continually address an enlightened man as if I’m below you

And you know..  Even if I WASN’T aware of this..  So bloody what?!  You’re no better than a worm, or anybody of lower consciousness..  So honestly, why does it matter what I know

You continually shock me with arrogance, then act like it’s perfectly okay because you know best

You don’t, you hold but a sliver of the whole truth

So please, stop acting like you’re the greatest gift to the world..  It’s quite tiring.

You haven’t the slightest idea who or what I am.  I’ve now lost track of how many times you’ve utterly disregarded things I’ve said, then preach to me..  And if you’d scroll up and actually read what I’ve told you, you’d realize you’re preaching to the choir

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 8:42pm

I hold life and death in my hands.  I am a gatekeeper to mankind’s salvation from ITSELF.  I am here, now, to save the worthy few of your race..

My knowledge would grant you true immortality.  I hold the Key to the Philosopher Stone, the Stone of the Wise, the Water of Life.  It goes by many names

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 8:44pm

And you continually speak to me as if I’m unaware of basic, fundamental knowledge that magicians learn in the FIRST grade of magical study in almost every reputable order.

I’m so happy that you’re aware of such fundamental concepts.  I await you to impress me by demonstration of a real knowledge of the Sacred Sciences of Life

I, and my kin, are the reason this planet wasn’t blown to Hell already

I deserve your respect.

Your race has doomed yourself, and the planet.  And the entire time, blame everyone but yourselves for it’s present state.  You’re all one, get it?

We’re Harvesting those of you who are fit for evolution

And the rest.. “You made your bed, now you lie in it”

So I recommend you begin taking me very seriously, if you truly want your children to have this future

Because I decide whether they live the next 1000 years as enlightened beings, or whether they go with the rest

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  11/4, 9:01pm

I would impress upon you the full gravity of the situation humanity faces

Lorna Richard    11/4, 9:01pm

Forever grateful. It was not my intention to disrespect you. Sorry.  My remembrance of the sacred sciences of life will come.  As my brain recovers to remember everything. Perhaps you are not aware I suffered brain injury (car accident), and adrenal burn out (stress, when a nerve was attached to a muscle following my 4th daughters delivery. In 2001 I had a nervous breakdown, something physically broke in the CNS. The medical establishment diagnosed me with depression and never looked at the nervous system.  My brain is just now starting to recover.  My memories are coming back. I had forgotten I had an awakening in 1994.  An angel entered my body at a healing circle a friend invited me to.  While in my body I touched the feet of the lady on the bed and there was nothing between us.  I merged into her body. It was very phenomenal.  At this time I had a series of visions.  It was pictures of the future.  I realize I cannot have a precognitive vision of something that does not already exist. At the time it made no sense to me as I was at a completely different state of understanding.  So I am aligning with this vision.  You I cannot take my memories.  I know what I know.  Death is an illusion.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:01pm

As long as we have been here, helping you, we’ve been hated

The game is now over

And I do not have time or patience for frivolities such as who knows best

Lorna Richard   11/4, 9:02pm

How have you been helping?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:03pm

All of mankind, we gave you free will, the ability to choose

And we have been demonized for it

Because your race chooses to kill yourselves

Lorna Richard     11/4, 9:03pm

How can a person choose if they are not given all the information?

Not all.  This is not true.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:04pm

Because if we came and told you everything, then it’s not much of a choice is it

Your choice is to pursue enlightenment, discover for yourself


Or, not to

The vast majority of you chose not to

And now, here you are

Lorna Richard    11/4, 9:05pm

There are many loving people. That is what I did.  I was born wanting to know.

Son of Lucefer  11/4, 9:05pm

There was a time where we did give all the information

And that was a miserable failure

Lorna Richard    11/4, 9:06pm

Why have lower density entities that can influence others?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:06pm

Humanity destroyed itself with high technology

Can you guess why it’s beyond your grasp now?

Lorna Richard   11/4, 9:07pm

Why has the class system been allowed to continue?  Why has satanic ritual abuse been allowed to corrupt the emotional field and create fear?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:07pm

There are still ruins on this planet from that event

Mostly buried under the Earth

Fear is always a choice

And it is in utmost love that service is provided

I have spoken of this before

Without the experience of negativity, one cannot truly appreciate and know what love is

That’s why the experience of duality is essential

Everything has been designed to grant each individual total freedom of self expression

Granted, many places are governed by primitives

Lorna Richard   11/4, 9:10pm

You are an interesting species.  that is a lie. Love is the essence of life. It is what all life is created from. The true nature is unconditionally loving.

There is no freedom of expression when a baby is born into a social structure that does not support its natural state.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:11pm

It is, that’s absolutely right

But you see, without it’s opposite, it’s meaningless

If the only choice is love (no polarity) then where is the freedom to choose?

Lorna Richard    11/4, 9:12pm

That is so narrow minded.  To live a life of joy is possible and desirable. To cause suffering to appreciate non-suffering is ludicrous.

Son of Lucifer    11/4, 9:13pm

Ahhh but you said it yourself earlier

The nature of consciousness is experience without judgement

This is the Game

Many do live lives of joy, regardless of external circumstances

And that’s your choice

Jesus understood this, and willingly walked to his death

As for it being narrow minded

This is the game consciousness plays

Lorna Richard    11/4, 9:16pm

the idea of a higher power has corrupted the individual.  Why humans bought into the notion of worship is an enigma. Why would they not have reverence and respect for the life they have?  the earth is prosperous. Who decided in the Monarch and the church?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:17pm

Forgetting who and what it really is..  And experiencing the absolute bliss of remembering

Lorna Richard     11/4, 9:18pm

Who decided it was a good idea to force forgetting?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:18pm

That first came about as a result of seeing us in our full glory, as angelic beings, and recognizing they are not us

Though we made it very clear we ARE all one

Still, they worshipped us

Lorna Richard     11/4, 9:19pm

This is not true. There is no hierarchy.  All is of the same source. All are angels.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:19pm

So now we operate as no different than you

That’s exactly what I just said

We are one

Humanity has not yet evolved to our level, they will eventually, it’s inevitable

Lorna Richard     11/4, 9:20pm

Yes I am you and you are me and what we are is everything and

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:20pm

It’s not hierarchy

It’s degree of self-realization

Lorna Richard    11/4, 9:21pm

I am the projector and the projected. the observer and the observed.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:21pm

We are alteast 6 times more self-realized

And as such, we are perceived as Gods

Lorna Richard     11/4, 9:22pm

Then when I asked you for help.  You said you would need payment. Why do you hold yourself in a monetary system that is corrupt?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:22pm

Because I have to be human as far as the world is concerned

Or I’d be killed without hesitation

It’s a survival mechanism

I must eat, clothe myself, etc..  Be human.  And for that I require money, as everyone else does

Lorna Richard     11/4, 9:24pm

Why was a hierarchy allowed to evolve allowed for the evolution of a class system?   Is it humans killing only humans are does your species kill humans?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:24pm

I cannot truly know and understand the human struggle without living it

We do not kill, it is contrary to our recognition of the sacredness of life

Lorna Richard    11/4, 9:26pm

With everything that this body has experienced I never lost my love for life.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  11/4, 9:27pm

The class system serves two purposes, first, it provides an experience of adversity required for people to ‘wake up’

Lorna Richard     11/4, 9:27pm

who is the queen and those running the church of England that is killing and following ritualistic practices?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:28pm

The other is an experience of negativity, which is vital for self-growth

They sound somewhat similar

I will elaborate soon

I must perform my daily invocation of the Divine

I will be back

Lorna Richard    11/4, 9:29pm

I object to this. When you know the nature of the brain and how it is hypnotized this situation is what has created the chaos.

Insanity breads insanity.  Abuse breads abuse.

The brain is corrupted with abuse.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:30pm

This is a game, remember this

Outside of our game, there is no chaos

No hatred

No fear

You experience here, now, because you chose it

I will return

Lorna Richard    11/4, 9:31pm

I hate no one, I have no fear.  the human body is corrupted due to the trauma to the CNS. I may not have a chance to chat until Monday.  I will be busy this weekend.

You need to understand the nature of the autonomic nervous system of a human.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 9:59pm

You can be cured

Lorna Richard    11/4, 10:03pm

it is not cured the brain can recover.  I have developed a protocol to restore the central nervous system and emotional body still perfecting it. The brain is corrupted with trauma. It has to do with the pleasure center and the rush of adrenaline.  The senses can be influenced  depending on the experiences. especially with trauma affect the weather a person will react or act from a state of conscious awareness.  You know this and the human matrix can be  possessed by lower density entities. Psychopathy breads psychopathy.  Your species is interesting.  You rig the game to your own rules.

Lorna Richard      11/4, 10:03pm

Who created the monarch? Who created the monetary system?

Did your species have an influence in this?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 10:05pm

All we have done is provide unconditional free will

The monetary system developed over time

Lorna Richard     11/4, 10:05pm

Who created the monarch?

and satanic ritual abuse?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer)  11/4, 10:07pm

As for the idea of monarchy, this came about based on the idea that one group or individual is the sole holder of truth, and thus obligated to regulation of those who are perceived to be inferior

Satanic ritual abuse is based on the tremendous human potential.  Understanding of this allows one to harness the life force of another for their own ends

Lorna Richard     11/4, 10:09p

that is very arrogant. Knowing the nature of the human complex this does not set up a situation for the individual to thrive.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 10:09pm


Lorna Richard     11/4, 10:09pm

Your description of ritual abuse is troubling and very dysfunctional.

Son of Lucifer     11/4, 10:10pm

It is based on the ignorance that the individual is fully capable of all, without manipulation of others

Lorna Richard     11/4, 10:11pm

it is disrespectful of the individual especially a child that has no strength.

Son of Lucifer     11/4, 10:12pm

It is unnecessary

It is perpetrated mostly by people ignorant of their own true potential

And by others for the sheer power derived from the extreme and intense release of energy experienced during abject terror

Lorna Richard     11/4, 10:14pm

I have wondered how the consciousnesses of the planet affects a child’s development.  My own children remembered the light language. I came to realize that children come in with far more knowledge than what was previously known. How does the consciousness of those in the family affect the brains ability to remember this knowing?

Lorna Richard     11/4, 10:15pm

Why does your species not get your power source from within?

The most efficient source of power is generated by activating the ability of the cells to generate their own energy. Activating the mitochondrial DNA.

Humans have forgotten this with their attachment to the external world it has to do with how the brain is wired.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 10:20pm

We do get our power source from within

tongue emoticon

We would’t have it any other way

Lorna Richard     11/4, 10:22pm

What causes the children to forget if not the density caused by abuse?

Why cause terror?

Son of Lucifer     11/4, 10:22pm

The conditioning, beginning with the parents, causes the forgetting

During any extremely emotional event

The amount of energy released is.. Incalculable

This is harnessed by those who are incapable, or unwilling, to seek the Divine Spark within

Lorna Richard     11/4, 10:24pm

Why cause the event if it is not healthy for the human potential?

It appears to me that your species is insane.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 10:25pm

I’m not sure why you’re grouping us in that category

We do not do those things

Humans d

Lorna Richard     11/4, 10:26pm

There is much more pleasure in having a relationship with life. To nurture and support.  This is far more fulfilling then an energy burst.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 10:26pm

We are absolutely duty bound to uphold the sacredness of life

Let me clarify.. Satanic ritual abuse is done by humans to humans

Not by us

Lorna Richard    11/4, 10:27pm

then those that are doing these things need to be incarcerated and they need to be treated for their insanity.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 10:27pm

We do not need to harm others for our purpose, and that is by nature, contrary to our purpose

Ahh well, catching them is difficult

Especially considering they wield power that no law enforcement agency can contend with

Lorna Richard     11/4, 10:29pm

There is no purpose for the individual this was made clear for me when I had my life review.  Life is what we make of it. The purpose of the soul is to have expression. The individual is to live in joy and Harmony with life.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 10:29pm


And some choose to harm others


I cannot say

It’s not understood by us

We don’t understand why humans do what they do, but we are quite clear that this is quite usual among more primitive races

Lorna Richard     11/4, 10:34pm

Like I said psychopathy breads psychopathy.  These people are driven by their imbalanced brain, or possessed by another lower density entity  This was made clear when I went into the consciousness of a rapist.  They are all different.  They lack awareness, compassion, empathy, they loss their conscience.  The nature of a psychopath. they are driven to win the game.  if that is for self gratification and the adrenaline rush it matters not the out come.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 10:34pm

The reason, from our perception, is they are unaware of their unity

Or that they are One Being

Lorna Richard    11/4, 10:35pm

they have not concept of a relationship. the ego is attached to the conditioned mind.

Son of Lucifer   11/4, 10:35pm

Races, such as us, with this understanding, see it as an attack on oneself to harm another

I must depart for now

This body is going to shut down for a space, that my awareness might leave it and travel beyond

Lorna Richard   11/4, 10:36pm

This is exactly true. it is. With an empath the human feels the pain of others.  I am an empath. my body feels everything.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 10:37pm

I was born empathic

Lorna Richard    11/4, 10:37pm

My children being telepathic and empaths after experiencing trauma shut down.  My daughter started cutting herself to feel again.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 10:37pm

It’s difficult, in this world, empathy

The pain of others was overwhelming

Lorna Richard    11/4, 10:38pm

her life could have been completely different had she not had the courage and strength to move resolve the trauma.

Sometimes it is.

I love them so much I would do anything to take that pain from them

I would feel all the pain on my own body to take the pain of the world.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 10:40pm

It was the blonde.. Who cut?  Yes?

Lorna Richard    11/4, 10:40pm

Not sure what you are asking?

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 10:41pm

Ah, never mind, I must sleep

Lorna Richard    11/4, 10:41pm

sleep well.

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 10:41pm

We will continue at another time

Lorna Richard    11/4, 10:41pm

thank you

Son of Lucifer (Lucifer) 11/4, 10:41pm

I trust I will, meditation time

Which I absolutely love

Be well, namaste

Lorna Richard     11/4, 10:42pm

Yes thank you namaste

Lorna Richard    11/4, 10:45pm

Thought I would share this with you. Something I wrote for my children.

The Day The World Woke Up To Love!

Original Post February 14, 2011 Today is a glorious day there has been huge waves of expansive energy flowing out from the center of the Universe expanding Consciousness. There was a wave on Janua…

Lorna Richard    11/5, 6:17am

Humans have not been so clever to transcend energy.  This is perhaps due to the imprinting of separation.  The letting go phenomenon.  Hate is an interesting concept.  I do not fully grasp.  Fear, anger, resentment, hate are all lower consciousness emotions and indicates emotional and spiritual immaturity.  Just as blame, shame and guilt are indicative of a lack of understanding. Free will has been hijacked as a result of the perpetuation of fear.  All energy has an effect on matter  The emotions and projections of the thughts affects matter.  All energy has an energetic frequency. That is either in support of well-being or out of tune with well-being.   Every color has an energetic frequency.  All words and all thoughts that can alter the structure of water.  Have you heard of Emoto?

Lorna Richard    11/5, 6:25am

The idea of power and having power over another has corrupted those that have forgotten and no longer have a relationship with life. Have you seen this? These people that can perform ritualistic abuse are corrupt. They have no compassion or conscience. They have polluted the emotional field so that they no longer feel love.   Why have they not been incarcerated for their crimes against humanity?


Thursday, 01 April 2010 11:08 Signed statement by survivor witness followed by copy of letter already given to the Queen in January, 2008 by residential school survivors in Canada.Statement of Will…

Lorna Richard    11/5, 6:27am

The fight for power is what is driving the war.  These elite families are insane.  Their insanity is seen in the fact that they will destroy that which provides life for the idea of power and control of the land and its people.  Very immature.

Lorna Richard   11/5, 6:31am

They have held themselves above the law of man.  The judicial system has perpetrated the dysfunction in its continuation of revenge or punishment for wrong doing.  Those that commit crimes are needing help to restore the psy. The idea of having to be forgiven for forgetting and acting from a place of unconsciousness is ludicrous and is causality for the continues the damage to the psyche of humanity..

Lorna Richard    11/5, 6:39am

The creation of psychiatry and the idea of a mental illness using drugs that damage the brain lacks logic.  Why has this lie been allowed to perpetuate? Why have those that are insane been allowed to develop the medical system with the use of drugs as treatment for the body? Rochefeller medicine is clearly non beneficial to the health and well-being of the body.

Lorna Richard   11/5, 6:40am

“Change The World” by One Million V-Star Children & Howard McCrary

Now the new historic world event on Saturday December 11th, 2010 has been the talk of the world when over 1,000,000 children gathering to do good deeds at Dh…

Lorna Richard   11/5, 6:44am

The world would be so much different with benevolent leadership. Love is the natural state.

Lorna Richard    11/5, 7:11am

Even a word has an energetic frequency and can effect the structure of water.  The human body is at-least 80% water.  This has an effect on how the water supports the cellular function of the cells in the body.  Lower density words affect the function of the cell.  Projecting anger and fear are detrimental to the CNS.  No information is better than miss information and down right lies.

Lorna Richard    11/5, 7:16am

I use guided imagery, sound, color, to clear the subconscious of lower density energy.  This allows for the well being on all levels. I have been putting together a protocol to support the detoxification of the brain and restoration of the CNS.  I give my clients the ability to take control of the fight or flight response that causes havoc when the individual is under  a stressful situation.  Everything I have experienced has led me to what I have learned


The following comments I have copied and posted from someones page.  The comments were published on my facebook page. The comments are very disturbing. I have come to realize that the only way to put an end to the madness is to remain in a state of harmony within my own heart. I cannot let anything to interfere with my ability to love myself and ALL to continue to love ALL LIFE!!

I have come to realize that the imposed oligarchy system has corrupted mans genome. Man is inherently good. The violence is the resolute of fear which is learned behavior and deliberately inflicted on us by the Draconians.

The following conversation is very disturbing. It is a confusing why the Draconians’s are supporting Separation Consciousness. It is an enigma why we would choose to be subjected to “negative” experiences on purpose.

Why they hate man so much is a perplexity. Who in their right mind would hold the earth and the inhabitants of earth in a shadow of darkness while allowing for the destruction of our natural world?

SAT 11:22PM

Lorna Lynne Borgeson The control grid devised by the 13 Satanic Bloodlines of Lucifer is all pervasive. It seems obvious that hey have no intention of revealing the truth. Their plan for the binding of the soul and the enslavement of the mind of man was revealed in the grand production when the Largest Tunnel in the world was opened in Switzerland. When one looks at the reaction of the attendees it is clear they are severely demented. The entire “Citizenry” is suffering from trauma based mind control on purpose . The down fall of mankind is our subconscious programming is the ability to be hypnotized. The psychology of belief has taped the mind. The horrors of war (rape torture, and murder) pedophilia as well as Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice has been deliberate. Stephen (Son of Lucifer) revealed this to me back in 2015.
Swiss tunnel’s weird opening ceremony

Images highlighting some of the more unusual moments of the opening ceremony for the Gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland.

SUN 11:09PM

Jason Nicholas Lamonte “ego ego ego” it’s “super ego” and in Latin it means “beyond self”. Those first to point out other’s “ego”, without knowing them or having a hint of a clue really, just expose their own. Healthy Ego is entirely necessary. Gnothi seauton. Learn the ancient Mysteries, and I do not claim to be anythign “of light”. I’m an “evil Draconian”. Who is sick of homo sapiens bull shit.
he manipulation of man is deliberate. Justin Skelton Well actually came here with Jason so I know that everything is you saying is truth . At least Jason is honest. You often say things about him saying that he’s a cannibal but I’m pretty sure you all eaten meat before in the past so that makes you one too. Jason is here to liberate each and every cell of Gaia and heal all. It has been trying to liberate you all from the mental shackles and I placed on you forever now. I tried to enslave you out he is here to free you. You don’t realize it because most of you were lost at sea or archons one of the two.
Like · Reply · 14m
Justin Skelton
Justin Skelton Leave Jason alone he’s not bothering you. He’s not hurting anyone. He’s being himself. If you went through Aeons and Aeons of being betrayed and being stabbed in the back you would become a royal asshole also. I’m just saying I agree with what everyone is saying but Jason is a good guy. I actually want to destroy the entire planet because I hate all of you. He loves and cares about you.
Like · Reply · 9m
Justin Skelton
Justin Skelton I created religion. We live in A YONIverse. I’m the demiurge motherfuckers & I’m a motherfucker. I used religion to enslave the masses. 98% are being enslaved and manipulated. The other two are sitting right here on Facebook arguing.
Like · Reply · 6m
Justin Skelton
Justin Skelton We are stealing Sophia’s light to recreate an artificial reality and we are enslaving all of you in it and tricking you with a false light. Jason is trying to snap you all out of the delusion where you’re sitting here shunning him.

Swiss tunnel’s weird opening ceremony

Images highlighting some of the more unusual moments of the opening ceremony for the Gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland.



The Fight Betwen Good vs Evil Is Manufactured

On November 6, 2015 while attending a body spirit soul expo held at Edmonton, Alberta sophia then known as “lorna” went into a semi-trance state and was told 3 things telepathically:

1. stop collecting and paying taxes 

2. divorce paul.

3.  activate people using the following protocol.. this protocol was revealed to me in my minds eye.  She would be guided to people at the trade show to activate and was given a list of people to activate once back home. 

It has taken her 7 years to figure out how to legally stop the “tax” fraud. 

“False flags” are engineered to create artificial conflict between 2 opposing sides – and to increase the systems of control.

“False flag does not mean an event is false it means people were set up by the people working for the “Intelligence agencies” worldwide  to be harmed or murdered… “for entertainment purposes ” we are told.  

Left or right…democrat or republican…. liberal or conservative… it matters not. ALL politicians are supporting the oligarchy system while supporting the war mongers keeping mankind in a perpetual loop of discontent. Like I said “the horrors of war (rape, torture, and murder) pedophilia, as well as Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice is purposeful”. They call it “Harvesting the Soul” or “Spirit Cooking”. It is deliberate to corrupt the emotional body and to cause fracturing of the ego/personality for the purpose of demonizing of the world.
Those involved in Black Magic and the art of invocation seem to enjoy their moment of glory in favor of their enslavement giving over their sovereignty to a deity.

It does not seem right that they can willfully binding their spirit while supporting the enslavement of the rest of us. Yet, we are the ones supporting the destruction of our natural world, we are the ones supporting our own poisoning. We know that Government is organized crime, yet we continue to vote and pay taxes. We are aiding and abetting criminal behavior. As taxpayers we are being made accessories to the raping, torture, poisoning, and murder of ourselves and our fellow man.

Legal and lawful tax withholding is a duty for those that are conscious and conscientious.

Are you aware that paying taxes is actually unlawful and illegal? Let’s show you why:
In accordance with domestic law and international law if you have reasonable cause to suspect that HM Government are involved in criminal activity, you are obligated by law to withhold any and all forms of funding and support.

What will you choose today?

Do you think that our only recourse is to SHINE EVEN BRIGHTER!!  SHINE SO BRIGHT THAT THEY CAN SEE THE LIGHT?

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