No One Has Authority Over Man or Woman!

The following is educational material, read at your own risk the information may trigger an awakening or have thou question everything:

Chapter 1

It really is time for people to stop giving their authority over to other entities acting as a politician, a doctor, a lawyers/attorney, a judge or anything else such as to the idea of a Higher Being” or “Deity” outside of the self. The time has arrived to reevaluate how we have set up our experience of life and stop giving your authenticity and life experience away to your cultural and religious indoctrination.

The idea of “democracy” or “republican” the way it is set up today is part of the “slave” system, this is “mob rules” mentality. Where is the sovereignty and autonomy when we are forced to accept what the “mob” has determined?

Do we really know the world we are born into?

We cannot be free if we do not have all our faculties and the ability to think for ourselves.

To be free we also must have the ability to:

1. question everything; in other words, the ability to let go of what we have been told; the ability to accept that what we have “bought” into is a lie.

2. use common sense.

3. reason.

4. observe and to recognize what is real and what is not read.

5. align with the intelligence that created the physical body.

6. intuit our way through our experiences.

7. recognize and to read and interpret the messages the infinite awareness field-source energy-the intelligence of the cosmos puts on our path.

8. to investigate all perspectives, the ability to research with the ability to question how others have interpreted the information they have researched.

9. to let go of false identities and to let go of all labels such as being a:

(a) “Democrat” or “Republican” or “Liberal” or any other political party.

(b) “citizen”.

(c) “resident”.

(d) “taxpayer”.

(e) “subject”.

(f) ” Indian” or a “Christian” or a “Muslim” or a “Buddhist” or a “Hindu” or an “Atheist”, etc.

10. realize the words and terms written in the contract by the members of the “Legal Society” aka Lawyers/Attorneys sometimes have different meaning then the definitions we are taught in school for example the word “you” in the courtrooms of the United States is defined as “one that owes a debt to the United States” and is why ie-i have decided to begin to use the word “thou” instead of you.

11. realize that the word magician deliberately created words for the English language that sound the same yet have completely different meanings such as the words, “you” vs “ewe” and “morning” vs “mourning” etc. [What makes us their “you” or their “ewe” and how do we stop acting like a “you” or an “ewe”?]

(a) realize every word that the Phony Phoenicians created with their phony phonetics and phonics is a word spell and is why they call it “spelling”, they have slowly over time used language to manipulate us and have us incriminate ourselves in and out of courthouse.


Secret Spells of the English Language

(b) realize that we are either casting spell and cursing ourselves and each other or we are speaking in a way to set ourselves free, it is only in self-awareness that we can choose to do the later; once the trick is known the magician loses his/her magick.

(c) look up the etymology of a word or term and know when the etymology of the word or term has been manipulated to fit a specific scenario and/or agenda. (We are taught language and given specific definitions but not the etymology of language. When will we question who came up with this language and for what purpose, see video below).

12.. open to allow for the natural ability of telepathy.

13. come to terms with the abuse we have inflicted on ourselves and each other as a result of our lack of awareness and lack of spiritual insight and foresight.

14. fully comprehend the Law of One, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Protection and the Law of Reflection with the ability to recognize the interferences patterns and the distortions in our interpretations regarding our own behavior and that of others.

(a) know that the subconscious mind is a trickster, when we are made self-aware, we can come to realize/recognize what is programmed into our subconscious mind; sickness or disease can be seen as a mind not at ease, see the memes below:

For me am still becoming more aware as it is my desire to speak only of what ie-I want to experience void of any and all limitations!!

(b) know that the subconscious mind actually does not know what is real and what is not real and is why when we “dream” the body has the same reaction and anxiety as if what is experienced is real

(c) know that there are people that can astral project and can traverse dimensional realms also known as “time and space”, ie-I know this for a fact as it has happened on a number of occasions. (Once around 2013 two men came to my room in their astral body and tried to move my assemblage point this pulled me into conscious awareness and ie-i told them to leave and never come back. Another time was during the Canadian political elections back when Steven Harper was Prime Minister. There was a man seen as a dignitary visiting from the UK and he invaded my dream space. Back then ie-I had the ability to cognitive dream and all ie-I did was turn up the luminous body and send him the frequency of love and he turned and fled. Thirdly, have woken up with scratches down my back with no remembrance of how they got there and have heard of this happening to other people. It is up to us to realize that our dreams can be manipulated, and it is up to us to not allow it. Our “free will” is hijacked in these situations).

(d) know that thou can show thine subconscious mind and the false ego the truth by setting the intention to do so:

in order to be given the direct experience thou must be open to the direct experience, thou must “let go” or “release” the pictures thou is holding in thine mind’s eye about who or what “God” is, and “let go” or “release” all preconceived ideas of what thou thinketh or be-lie-veth thou is and surrender to the Higher Intelligence, the Superconscious Mind, also known as “The Christ Within” to reveal it to thou.

(e) know that we are self-fulfilling professes personally and collectively what we think will rebound back to us, this is known as “karmic rebound”; all that we speak of regarding the matrix we are co-creating with each other is the result of creating from the carnal-conditioned mind and therefore is unreal, only that which is real is life. “The game of life is a game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy.” Florence Shovel Shinn author of “THE GAME OF LIFE AND HOW TO PLAY IT”.

15. to know the frequency of ULLU Love (Unconditional Love Love Unconditional Love) required the direct experience of it (Is it possible to experience Unconditional Love when operating from the “condition” mind when we are “judgmental”?).

16. be fulfilled and to be fulfilled one must know their reason for being and do it, knowing your passion and acting from it is the best way to feeling fulfilled.

17. (a) to recognize that joy is a natural state of being.

(b) we need nothing outside of us to be happy, babies that are supported and not abused are happy for no reason (restoring innocence after it has been stripped away as a result of being violated is cumbersome).

18. that all suicides are actually murder by decree.

19. what we call money is “Military Script”.

20. recognize putting a monetary value on the earth’s resources and on one’s time is fraud.

21. it is not natural to have to “pay” to experience life when it cost nothing to create life.

22. we should be in service to life, being given the privilege to “work” without having a “medical procedure” is not freedom, having to “work” or get a “job” to experience life is “slavery” it is “involuntary servitude”.

23. recognize when we are being influenced by:

(a) the wounded inner child.

(b) entity attachment also known as possession as a child ie-I had the ability to look into other dimensions or realms and see things that others apparently did not see, as a child ie-I witnessed entitles entering and exiting my father and when they entered him, he would go into a “blind rage”, and this was frightening so ie-I blocked this ability which turned into a disease diagnosed as a stigmatism when ie-I entered Grade 3. [there are others with this ability, and it is advisable for the readers of this article to self-examine, self-evaluate and/or go to a facilitator that has the ability to see and can assist in clearing the field]

(c) voice, know that hearing voices is a natural human trait which has been weaponized

(i) when they created the idea of schizophrenia so that they can drug the truly gifted man and woman. (Why do so-called Christian’s that have a carrier as a psychiatrist or a psychologist that treat people with schizophrenia with drugs does not see the irony of this when they read their “Holy Bible” believed to be book written by people that “heard the voice of God”? They are infact hypocrites).

(ii) when they created the technology to interfere with our natural human abilities, see the meme with a link below for more details:

(d) either suppressed memories or split personality disorder also known as multiple personality disorder see the link below for more as a result of either:

(i) being in a generational pedophile family that engage in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice as part of their “Religious Practice”, there are people that are breaking free and are choosing to break eons of family curses and healing the effects of cycles of abuse.

(1) these entities created and work in the entertainment industry.

(1) know that any “high-ranking” politician is a member of this lineage and trained and conditioned to cast word spells.

(ii) MK ultra-mind control, see the link below for more information:

24. ability to recognize the “false light matrix” and the “true light matrix” by allowing ourselves to have the direct experience of our light and the frequency of love; it will be beneficial for more people to realize the transcendent and transformational ability to their luminous body aligned with their core essence. (Why is it the movies we are given to watch are designed to keep the lie and have everyone believing that fighting and concurring is the way to freedom? When will movies be made that depict the truth regarding the transcendent and transformational ability of our light and the body’s innate ability to heal itself when given the right conditions).

(a) the ability to break free from conventional perception and thinking so that we can once again self-empower our body’s innate abilities. (The following video is jam packed with insights, it is an amazing interview between Elizabeth DiAlto and Anita Moorjani titled, “Anita Moorjani on Living after Dying and Lessons from the Other Side”):

25. to know that the Law of One, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Projection and Reflection is working in every moment it is up to us to know how to clear our “attractor field”, recognise thoughts or ideas that are limiting us held in the “subconscious mind’ also known as the “attractor field” and the aura and clear them;

(a) that it is up to us to clear the subconscious mind and clear what people are calling “heart walls” and realize how to speak of what we are wanting.

(b) is up to us to know that the Law of Attraction is being used to perpetrate evil; it is the people that are materialists that have used it for self-gain and used it to perpetuate the system of things They are using the false matrix, the matrix of lies, and the fake financial system and the manufacturing industry for self-gain.

(c) realize that emotions and thoughts are electromagnetic.

(d) realize that self-examining, becoming aware of our thought, how we feel about what we are thinking and feeling, and observing what we dream is beneficial as it will reveal to us what is programmed into the subconscious mind; clearing the subconscious is beneficial if people wish to be free from the slavery system.

26. realize the people in our field of influence know us the best and they can read our field whether consciously or unconsciously.

(a) recognize that people are interpreting what they are seeing thought their own filters, their beliefs, and their distortions, when we go to a psychic, they are reading a potential it is up to us to realize we are source energy and that we can shift our potential at any given moment.

(b) recognize when we are making ourselves into a victim by believing someone can make us feel anything, when people say something that can either “trigger us” or “hurt” our feelings we have a story running in our field that is being verified. (After the awakening aka 3rd eye activation and heart clearing and opening that came in the form of a life review ie-I realized that everyone and every experience is an opportunity to know myself better because being fully embodied with all human potential activated was my goal. After this ie-I looked at every situation that could make feel uncomfortable was a gift to my freedom. Are we free if someone or something can make us feel bad or feel shame, blame, or guilt the lower human emotions? What does liberation and freedom look like to you? See the chart below:

27. know that religion was strategically designed to as a trap; the etymology of the word religion (n.)

“c. 1200, religioun, “state of life bound by monastic vows,” also “action or conduct indicating a belief in a divine power and reverence for and desire to please it,” from Anglo-French religiun (11c.), Old French religionrelegion “piety, devotion; religious community,” and directly from Latin religionem (nominative religio) “respect for what is sacred, reverence for the gods; conscientiousness, sense of right, moral obligation; fear of the gods; divine service, religious observance; a religion, a faith, a mode of worship, cult; sanctity, holiness,” in Late Latin “monastic life” (5c.).

This noun of action was derived by Cicero from relegere “go through again” (in reading or in thought), from re- “again” (see re-) + legere “read” (see lecture (n.)). However, popular etymology among the later ancients (Servius, Lactantius, Augustine) and the interpretation of many modern writers connects it with religare “to bind fast” (see rely), via the notion of “place an obligation on,” or “bond between humans and gods.” In that case, the re- would be intensive. Another possible origin is religiens “careful,” opposite of negligens.

In English, the meaning “particular system of faith in the worship of a divine being or beings” is by c. 1300; the sense of “recognition of and allegiance in manner of life (perceived as justly due) to a higher, unseen power or powers” is from 1530s”. Source:

The following are some questions we should be asking ourselves regarding the “culture” and “religion” we are born into:

  1. Why do we believe we should worship a Deity? (a) How did the Deity create itself and then create the cosmos?
  2. Why do people believe that we can be separate from the intelligence that created life?
  3. When we are born into a culture with traditions and perhaps strict religious practices why do we think that what we believe, and practice is more valid than what others practice?
  4. If murder is a sin and a crime and is a violation of one of “God’s Laws”, why do we wage war and murder people?

28. realize we limit ourselves when we do not fully comprehend what we are experiencing during a kundalini experience; know that there is a left-brain ascension and a right-brain ascension and depending on the purity of our heart the experiencer will have a different experience resulting in a distorted perspective of the world and of reality.

(a) if the energy centers are block it will result in an incomplete experience as the experiencer will ascend through the chakra or energy center below the blocked one.

We have been programmed what to think, how to think, and what we think about. For me to fully comprehend the reason for “my” being was to discover how the human design operates and how the world operates and to figure out the creative process.

For me to fully comprehend the reason for “my” being was to discover how the human design operates and how the world operates and to figure out the creative process.

ie-I have a memory as a very young child looking out at the world and asking, “what is this all about”? If we do not know how things operate how can we “fix” the so-called “problems”?

Why are we lied to? After the awakening aka heart opening and 3rd eye activation that came in the form of a life review on November 3, 2000, it was shocking to realize that we are lied to about everything.

Why are we taught what we are taught?

It has been revealed to me though observing my children and later remembering my own childhood that some of us are born with infinite intelligence intact and are born knowing our reason for being. Why are we not supported in this. Why have deliberate steps been taken to indoctrinate the infinite intelligence and our intuition out of us? Why would any intelligent being knowingly imprint their subconscious with limitations?

Why have those that know the human design used hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming to manipulate those that have no clue?

Why would so many be involved in disrespecting and corrupting the nature of creation? It makes no sense to me.

With all that ie-I know to be true through direct experience and comprehension of man’s design am not keen on using the word “school” this idea is a mental construct. The law of projection and reflection is working in every moment.

It really is time to recognize what is fiction and what is tangible. Am not keen on the “Legal Name” fraud. What is the point of being given the “Legal Person” and not told how to use it?

What is the point of creating religions that give us only some truth? The subconscious mind is a trickster, and we are unwittingly imprinting it with limitation when we have a distorted perspective of self.

From what ie-I have experienced and ascertain it would be more beneficial to not be lied to, knowing how thing operate is far more beneficial to our freedom of expression. To deliberately influence one’s expression using surgery and hormones is criminal in my eyes.

Another thing, why would we allow frequencies to be used that are detrimental to the health of the subtle body, and detrimental to the biology, physiology, and chemistry of our physical design?

Why would we keep perpetuating that which is not beneficial to full embodiment? When are we going to support each other to reach our full human potential? Have had glimpses of what is possible, and it is magnificent. Beats being subjected to insanity to covert and overt experimentation, being used in Satanic Rituals as a contributor to the adrenochrome market, and the pharmaceutical industry. Why would we subject ourselves to the horrors of war knowing we are one with everything?

It will be a good day for me when ie-I can figure out how to not make merchandise of my fellow man. People believe that freedom to work without being injected is freedom. How odd is that? When are we going to be free of the idea that we need to “work for a living” or “we need to pay to experience life on the earth that cost nothing to create”?

The “Law Enforcers” the people in the military enforcing the Uniform Commercial Code are deliberately educated poorly and trained poorly. Do they even know their job description? Does anyone know “due process of law”? Somehow through the registration process we are forced into this system.

Am ready to give up acting like a slave. It will be a good day when ie-I figures out how the fraud works so that ie-I am no longer acting in fraud and not supporting the perpetuation of violence that creates karmic rebound and creates more distortions in our expression. Murder is a capital crime yet murder by decree or murder by way of medical intervention is acceptable. Go figure. Am really tired of the word spells and spelling bs handed out by those that created it:

All the information shared below can be researched, and ie-I would suggest everyone reading this to do their own research. Question everything. Nothing of this world is as it appears.

Florence wrote, “We now know from a scientific standpoint that death could be overcome by stamping the subconscious mind with the conviction of eternal youth and eternal life. The subconscious being simply power without direction carries out orders without question. Working under the direction of the super-conscious the Christ or God within man the resurrection of the body would be accomplished. Man would no longer throw off his body in death it would be transformed into the body electric the song by Walt Witman.

Jesus christ said “be of good cheer I’ve overcome the world.” The world thought is that of sin, sickness, and death. He saw their absolute unreality and said, “sickness and sorrow shall pass away and death itself, the last enemy, be overcome.”

Jesus said, “judge not by appearances, judge righteously (right judgment) There is an occult law of indifference, Jesus Christ knows this law. He said, “nothing of these things move me, none of these things disturb me?” When the eyes are one, we see only good, we are undisturbed by evil.” end quote…

Matthew 6: 21-23

The Lamp of the Body
21For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. 22 The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good your whole body is filled with light.23But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!…”

Source: Berean Study Bible · Download

What does this mean exactly when we are perceiving life from the eyes of separation consciousness? From this state we are blinded by our pain and misery and judgments, from our cultural and religious dogma and indoctrination we are not seeing with righteousness, grace, compassion, and unconditional love. This is preventing us from being in vibrational harmonic alignment with our own source of creation. Once we let go or release the intellectual-conditioned mind and the attachment to the false ego the Subconscious Mind will expand into the Super Conscious Mind, the Christ Within. We will allow for the transfiguration into our “Avitar Self” and express our full hu-man potential.

People read the following passage yet how many have taken the steps to “do the work that “Jesus” has done or believe that they can?

John 14:11-13

The Way, the Truth, and the Life
11Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me—or at least believe on account of the works themselves. 12Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13And I will do whatever you ask in My name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.…

How many men or woman are worshipping “Jesus” that have not taken the steps to be as “The Master”?

Chapter 2

The writing of this chapter came about as a result of reading a message Tanya Anderson wrote on FaceBook under the group “BC Businesses against Health Pass“. Tanya Anderson is preparing her “health care” needs and that of her baby in the midst of the business coined “CoVID-19”. She wanted some advice and to vent her frustration at the situation presented to her, this message and the comments people left on the Facebook page are below:

“Has anyone had a baby recently that can tell me the protocol? I’m not vaxxed, my husband isn’t vaxxed, I know when I initially go in to have him my husband probably won’t be with me that moment, are they going to deny him entry to see his newborn baby? He will be the one bringing the car seat and baby can’t leave the hospital without it, so just wondering how it all works? I’ve been told he would get a bracelet saying he’s my support person, but again he most likely won’t be with me for the birth itself so will he still get that bracelet? So bloody sick of this BS shouldn’t even be a worry anymore ffs” . Tanya Anderson

No one has the right to tell another man or woman how to experience life. Those that believe they have “Divine Right” are delusional.

Know that yea have the final say in your health care decisions. It would be advisable to write your own “Living Life Will-Advanced Medical Directive” to serve to the Administrator of the Hospital. Also tell them separately that yea wish to have the placenta to take home with yea.

Have come by some interesting information regarding this and when we fill out the “Live Birth Registration Form” we are considered informants. After we have a baby when we leave the placenta it is regarded as “abandoned property” and is salvaged by the Doctor and Dark Priests in robs called “Judges” consider it lost at sea. The Birth Certificate is the creation of the “Legal Name’ and refers to the “Legal Person” all capitalized name, our name is just our Christian name without a “last name”. This is all attached to us under the Uniform Commercial Code, under commerce, Merchant Law, the Admiralty/Maritime Law with regard to trade and business.

We are signing contracts without being fully disclosed as to the reason and meaning of the contracts. We are given this “Legal Name” with the “Revenue Receipt” but not told how to use it or how to maneuver in the sea of commerce. They convert us as the beneficiary to life to acting as the trustee. So, those that are not trustworthy make a trust as a result of us coming to the world and then claim it for themselves. They claim us as being dead or lost at sea or some other nonsense but use our signature to gain access to the account set up in the all capitalized “Legal Name” they created. When is it going to be divulged to us how to use the system to work in our favor and not the banksters favor.

When our home was been stolen from us in 2016 ie-I called one of the Lawyers working for the Royal Bank of Canada and said, “you are all committing fraud, entrapment, and embezzlement “, The man on the other side of the phone said, “i know”! Hearing this was shocking and made me feel powerless as ie-i did not know how the system operates. ie-I reported the phone conversation to a man acting as an RCMP officer for the Summerland Detachment. He asked me “what is the man’s name?” Unfortunately, ie-i neglected to get the man’s name that was acting as a Lawyer.

Even after 7 years of research ie-I am clueless to how to be restored as the beneficiary without having to file out any of their “tax forms”. How many notices do we have to write before they give us an answer? As the beneficiary we are not supposed to have to do anything it is supposed to be done for us.

After discovering the “Legal Name”-“Legal Person” fraud and all the presumptions and assumptions by the members of the “Legal Society” regarding it we decided to take my granddaughters placenta. We, still have IT we are waiting to find permanent land to bury it while planting a fruit tree or a nut tree.

For anyone that knows energy it will be beneficial to do a healing circle with it in mind and clear any and all cording to this “property”…

Right about now we should be asking, “How do we reconcile eons of lies and deceit?”

It would serve us all to evaluate how we share information. It is up to us to recognize the power of the spoken word. The people exposing the fact that we are being manipulated using word spells should know better. It is difficult to decipher where the person that created the video below stands.

The subconscious is a sponge and people are being manipulated to believe ideas that really are just ideas, it is time for us to call it for what it is, “bullsh*t” and “utter nonsense”.

There are entities that have manipulated language from the beginning. Everything divulged in the following video reveals the total disrespect these entities have for the sanctity of life. We are source energy experiencing itself; we are the intelligence that created our bodies, yet we are allowing ourselves to be manipulated by word spells and spelling.

Contract makes the laws of man and when the elements of the contract do not exist there is no contract. Be not deceived by “bullsh*t”.

Why are we allowing ourselves to be manipulated using words on paper?

What will it take to end the cycle of abuse and for each of us to be free from eons of indoctrination by those that claimed, “Divine Right of Kings”?

What will save mankind is for there to be a shift in conscious awareness of who and what we truly are.

Am standing in anticipation for the truth to be revealed and for each of us to be honored and all needs met. My wish is for the exploitation of man to end and for there to be peace in the hearts and minds of man. 

Watch the following video with a keen ear and with awareness of your subtle energies. Watch at your own risk. Am sure they have the hertz frequencies for the sound set for damage to the subtle body.

Facebook comments left by others are below:

Elisabeth Alexis I’m in Chilliwack and had a baby last fall. They asked, but that was it. My husband stayed with me. No issues, thankfully. They said the mandates don’t apply to maternity and pediatrics.

Fir Jamie A birth plan is usually done with your doctor and covers all the “what if’s”. Start there so you know what to expect rather than FB. It is person-to-person…hence why medical info has a Protected-B security clearance. Don’t share anything unless you want to.

Sophia-Taniah Love Fir Jamie this would be wonderful advice if the Doctors were not trained by the people that own the “Pharmaceutical Industry” and are vested and invested in the “Stock Market”….

Fir Jamie this would be wonderful advice if the Doctors were not trained by the people that own the “Pharmaceutical Industry” and are vested and invested in the “Stock Market”….

Angela Christine I’m not vaccinated and neither is my husband. I had our son at Peace Arch Hospital on July 17th with no issues. Nurses were aware of our status, and treated us with nothing but the utmost kindness and respect. We were there for 4 days, and were not made to wear masks neither while I was in labour nor after the birth (just in the operating room during the emergency c-section, and when my husband left the room and was in common areas and hallways – but that’s the rule for everyone, and is not based on your vax status). If it makes a difference, I did have Midwives, not just an OB. I was informed that regardless of which hospital you’re in OR your vax status, you are allowed one care provider (IE your midwife or OBGYN) and one support person (in this case, your husband) in the hospital with you. I’m in Fraser Health jurisdiction, not sure if it’s different in other health authorities.

Leslie Anne When I had my daughter in January my husband and any immediate siblings were allowed in. All unvaccinated.

Taryn Sluggett I just had a baby in May and no issues. Husband was in OR for scheduled c section and was allowed to visit whenever. Funny thing is they made me do a Covid test the morning of surgery but not him and he tested positive the next day so most likely had Covid while in the OR. I went for an MRI a couple weeks ago and my mom came with me and although she is vaccinated they didn’t ask. I don’t think there are any restrictions anymore.

Jessica GesslI had my son last September and my hubby was with me start to finish. I didn’t wear a mask at all in the hospital either and no one harassed us. I was mentally prepared for the worst but it was all good. Talk to your OB she should be able to tell you exactly what current protocols are. No way in hell would I be giving birth without him period. And they can not deny him as far as I’m concerned.

Angela Hanhart

Have you thought of going with a mid-wife?

Linnea Pearson Fuck that… You command the place not the other way around! Straighten that crown and don’t let fear in!  This is a precious moment that noone will take away from your family 💕👨‍👩‍👦 congrats and many blessings 🙏

The following are some live videos that ie-I did on Facebook if ie-I can figure out how to download them they will be replaced:

The following video was recorded August 4, 2020:

The following video was recorded August 5, 2020:

Chapter 4

If we want more harmony, kindness, and love then it is up to each of us to surrender and allow infinite love and intelligence to work through our body.

Once we know the power of the spoken word, we should make a conscious and conscientious choice to use words wisely, when we choose to speak constructively as if it is already done, we make huge ripples upon the fabric of creation.

All is perfect in Divine Mind, and it is my desire to replenish where ie-I as the dividuated aspect of the all have diminished my ability to have spiritual insight to see from a place of conscious awareness to align with this vision of perfection.

❤ forgive me as ie-I forgive myself for all the times that ie-i was unconscious and unaware of the power of the written word

❤ forgive me as ie-I forgive myself for those times that ie-I was not loving and kind with the thoughts ie-I entertained, the words ie-I wrote, the words ie-I articulated and have spoken out loud ❤

❤ forgive me as ie-I forgive myself for the actions taken that harmed myself and /or others

❤ it is my intention in this game of life to align with the Divine Design for my life ❤ in the end we are all seeking love…  everyone will eventually come to this understanding….

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