What You Are Seeking Is Seeking

Below you will find some Facts of Life! Are you spiritually, emotionally, and mentally prepared to realize that you have been lied to about everything? Those that believe they know the truth are themselves indoctrinated, slaves to the “False Light” Matrix.

Waking-up requires intestinal fortitude. There has been a shadow cast over our faculties by people that use occult laws and practice witchcraft. They are masters in neurolinguistic programming., invocation and incantations, and casting spells. they are master illusionist, and chronic liars. Do not fear them they are nothing without their minions.

The civilization has been finely crafted by these humanoids born to the Papal Bloodline and call themselves “The Illuminati”. The fact is there is nothing illuminated about them, they are “The Illuminazi”. They are generational pedophiles and are the ones that pushed their ideas on the minds of man, the members of this family are in all walks of life. They created the alphabet agencies designed for the indoctrinated to unwittingly participate in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice.

The people incarnating to earth are robbed of their identity and given false prophesies, we are misinformed and uneducated taught language to incriminate ourselves in and out of court. We are the beneficiaries of life, and our lack of education allows them to rob us of our wealth.

They created man’s laws and are the ones that created the political system and the Judicial System. They are high level members of the “Law Society” and is why the Justis System is a for profit business. it does not take much research to realize that at least 80% of the people in prisons in the west are innocent they are jailed even though they have not committed a crime.

They created “Hollywood” which has reference to the “magic wand” like the one used in the Harry Potter series.

Below is a detailed report of the life of the actor “Nimoy” written and published to Facebook by Raven Galarza de Gold 

Nimoy and the Star Trek Cult

In the heady days immediately following the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Leonard Nimoy made a profound decision. It was 1964 and America was being torn apart. Ethnic minorities were rioting, the hippie movement had grown into a domestic terrorism threat and a newly-installed President Johnson was on the verge of committing troops to an all-out war in Southeast Asia. In the midst of all that turmoil, Nimoy made the crucial decision to enlist.

No, the “33”-year old actor had not joined our military forces fighting against communism in Vietnam. Instead, he had enlisted in a far older, far more momentous battle, one being waged for the very future of the human race. He had decided to join the cast of the new science fiction television series, Star Trek, and in doing so, finally accepted his destiny as a foot soldier for the Illuminati agenda.

It was the culmination of decades of training, and the beginning of a 50-year rise up the dark pyramid of global power.

Manchurian Candidate With Romanov Roots.

Details of Leonard Nimoy’s early childhood are necessarily vague. The media has fed us a predictable timeline of predictable life events, though his genealogy is, at best, obscure. However, it is clear that Nimoy’s March 26th birthdate does anticipate his future role in New World Order propaganda for it was on that day in 1484 that William Caxton printed the first translation of Aesop’s Fables and also, in 1830, when the Book of Mormon was published in Palmyra, New York. (Star Trek has long been accused of being a palimpsest of these two works.)

However, the most fascinating counterpoint to Nimoy’s manufactured backstory is the theory that he may have been the secret love child of playboy “Maurice de Rothschild and Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia”. Smuggled to America at an early age, he was entrusted to a nondescript family in suburban Boston, then a safe haven of New Deal liberalism despite the ravages of the Great Depression. His lineage was crucial, as we shall see, for it bound the child to the two great dynasties of hidden rule — the Romanovs and the Rothschilds. It was also a dangerous bloodline to possess, as the treachery of both families knows no bounds.

As a Rothschild, young Leonard was naturally raised as a Jew and even as a teenager, he betrayed all the trigonometric and sensual qualities of that exotic race.

At the height of the Cold War, Nimoy joined the United States Army’s Special Services Division. Ostensibly, he was stationed at Fort McPherson in Georgia, although there have been reports that he was assigned to the secret base at Dawsonville, where a nuclear plant powered some of the most cutting edge CIA/NSA experiments of the time. It shall come as no surprise to learn that Nimoy’s military records were completely lost in a “suspicious” fire in 1973, as even CENTCOM has been forced to admit.

An Illuminati Star is Born!

Nimoy spent the ensuing years in Hollywood, exploring a carefully curated series of acting roles meant to educate him in the themes of futurism and power. When Gene Roddenberry, a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason with his own ties to military intelligence, became Nimoy’s handler in the 1960s, the actor fully embraced his fated position in the New World Order disinformation machine.

Star Trek is what analysts would describe as predictive programming, i.e. a subtle way of seeding the media with clues about future events. It makes the public far more apathetic towards dangerous change. In the case of Trek, the show introduced the concept of a United Nations-style government having complete control over a multicultural society that lacked private property, elections or even genetically proper family units. Instead, we are shown a soulless empire where interspecies sexual relations are the norm and faith is derided as archaic. This is, in essence, just how the Bible describes the beginning of the End Times.

Once you start identifying all the subliminal messages, Trek begins to look heavy-handed in its Illuminati/Satanic agenda. The captain of the ship has the name “Kirk,” which coincidentally enough means “Church” in Scottish. (As if the Freemason “Church” of atheistic militarism is meant to replace the role of a divine creator in our lives.) Kirk took over from Admiral Pike, while the real Albert Pike was actually the creator of modern New World Order theology.

The rest of the crew represents a polyglot of multicultural interbreeding, from Sulu the homosexual Asian, to Dr. McCoy, a potent early symbol of Obamacare and RFID chips. On their uniforms, these soldiers wear a not-so-subtle pentagram. Additionally, the show introduced notions of ESP, atheism, the ascension of Apple’s iPhone products (disguised as “communicators”), the hidden Reptilian, and even the NSA’s concept of Information Dominance Control. And this is meant to be the future utopia we all dream of!

When Casual Satanism Is Not Enough

Leonard Nimoy’s Spock character was the most nefarious of all these Illuminati archetypes. Spock is a Vulcan, a species where logic and reason reign over passion and faith. He is devoid of love and cannot comprehend the majesty of Divinity. Yet, his pointy ears reveal his true Mephistophelian nature and make viewers understand there is a deeper secret message here. In fact, the word Vulcan means an ancient god of fire in Roman mythology. Interestingly enough, this god Vulcan (much like Nimoy) was disowned by his real parents and cast out into the world. Some historians even believe that Vulcan is an early incarnation of Satan himself!

Finally, many have noted that Leonard Nimoy’s famous V-shaped hand gesture is little more than an inverted Illuminati pyramid, a gesture perhaps that he was challenging the hierarchy of that most ancient institution. He claimed that he came upon the signal spontaneously, yet further investigation reveals it has deep ties to the Satanic underpinnings of the letter “shin” from Hebrew Kabbalah. and was also favored by Druid Illuminati Satanist, Winston Churchill.

Spock’s message of Kabbalistic Illuminati Satanism became Leonard Nimoy’s métier for the next five decades. He extended his creative influence beyond television to films, photography, education, music and even real estate. Curiously enough, Nimoy’s accumulation of power neatly coincides with the rise of Hollywood as a global force of mind control. Along the way, newer celebrities have fallen within Spock’s Illuminati orbit, such as Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who both employ the infamous V-shaped gesture in their public pronouncements.

The Death Hoax Unmasked

With the stunning power of Hollywood and the NSA critical informational infrastructure behind him, Leonard Nimoy was likely no longer content to play foot soldier in the Illuminati army. When one studies his astrological divinations, it seems predicted that he would rise to challenge the old guard, the European leadership of bankers and kings. One could point to the death of Lou Reed or the sudden success of chemtrails as indicators that the Illuminati was suffering internal conflict as America became a new center of geopolitical strength.

Yet, how could such a high-profile figure like Leonard Nimoy seize control of the Illuminati without the paparazzi catching wind of it all?

Faking his own death seems almost predictable when one considers the options. It elevates the man to a mythical status, while subverting the genuine threat he poses to the future of our freedom. It would also be illogical not to assume that elites like Nimoy have access to medical treatments far beyond the comprehension of everyday citizens. Wouldn’t an Illuminati insider take advantage of these resources, if he was even ill in the first place?

In fact, wouldn’t it be safer to assume that Nimoy’s ties to the dark underworld of Satanism are far more likely to provide him with a lifespan beyond a normal human? It should come as no surprise that this is the very notion predicted and programmed into the Star Trek movie franchise. And yet even that theory might be a false flag, a cover up of Leonard Nimoy’s true reptilian nature, which would afford him a far longer lifespan, as so blatantly foretold in his famous catch phrase, “Live long and prosper!”

The Pope and Queen, Outmaneuvered

Just this year, two earth-shattering developments in the Illuminati pyramid of power reveal that change is happening. The Pope, whose authority was seemingly absolute, has announced he may be leaving his throne soon. Additionally, the MSM has been releasing its predictive programming of the upcoming demise of Queen Elizabeth II.

Both events would have been unthinkable a decade ago and certainly could not have happened without the permission of the Pindar, the Pinnacle of the Draco.

If anything, the aggregation of these world events and prophesied signs prove that the houses of Rothschild and Romanov may have finally been outmaneuvered… by their very own prodigal son!

In conclusion it must be asked, does Leonard Nimoy’s rise up the Illuminati pyramid of power represent a change in global power dynamics? Are we as a civilization moving away from finance as the primary means of population control and towards the very futurism that the character Spock embodies? The sudden ubiquity of the internet and revelations about NSA spying seem to say that Nimoy’s early gamble on technological humanism (transhumanism) has paid off. As the Federal Reserve and Rothschild banking empire fades, does a far more sinister New World Order future await us as Nimoy consolidates power and shifts civilization’s “evolution” into high gear? These are the crucial questions that anti-Illuminati activists must ask themselves as the futurism of Leonard Nimoy’s Star Trek Satanic simulacrum leaps from science fiction to fatal reality.

Raven, shared first in 2019

It is not my desire to criticize only to bring the facts to the light: The society was created by people that use ritualistic magick (invocation, incantations, and the casting of spells for their benefit) they are followers of the Jesuit mind set. Every governmental agency is designed to have us participate in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice. These people are themselves operating from their carnal-conditioned mind. They have given over their will to their addictions, mainly selfishness, greed, and in many cases adrenochrome. They have given over their energy to their “master” so they go after others to gain energy and fail to see the illusion of power.

The horrors of war (rape, torture, murder) are all satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice. Modern Medicine is more of the same, designed to dishonor the natural intelligence of the man’s body.

Money means nothing to their controller’s, these “money masters” as they know the absolute unreality of it. They create it as a means of control.

Did you know that when a man goes to rent an apartment and signs the lease it is the lease that is the money? The “Landlord” or “Leaser” is supposed to take this lease to the treasury, they are not supposed to “charge” the “Renter” or “Leasor” for the use of the apartment.

If interested in knowing more, we suggest becoming a member of the Lawful Living Community and take the “Money Talks” class and also take the “Rent Free” and the “Utilities Free” class… the classes are by donation and well worth the contribution. Go to www.lawfulliving.com

We cannot fix a problem at the same mental and emotional state and state of consciousness that created the problem. It is up to those of us that are not overcome by addictions and still have the ability to see and hear to raise above the unreality created by us when we were overcome by the carnal-conditioned mind. In the end we are all seeking love. It is up to us to recognize how we keep ourselves in the karmic loop (come back). It is up to us to release ourselves and each other from this loop of discontent.

Conscious awareness, knowledge, spiritual insight and foresight and ultimately our love for life will set us free. To love our enemies as our self. It is us that must raise the subconscious to be in harmonic resonance with the super-conscious mind the Christ Within.

It is for every man to align with the Divine Design of his life. With every situation do not criticize rather send good will to the man and/or situation and demolish all untrue records in the Subconscious Mind-the Atractor Field using invocations and incantations.

Say out loud, “ie-I cancel revoke rebuke, all curses all spells, all black magic, that ie-I might have unwittingly cast upon myself and/or others and what others might of unwittingly and or willfully cast upon me Every man, entities, situation, is a golden link in the chain of my good and is leading me to the Divine Design and the Devine Plan of My Life”.

People like Nimoy are puppets to those that control them, the controllers are themselves controlled, the deceivers are themselves deceived. They have given over their will to the entity in the lower astral plain, their God Moloch or Ba’al that grants them favors. These entities are not of the Divine as they demand some type of payment in order to grant the favor. These “magicians” invoking these entities are mesmerized by the illusion of power and driven by their insanity and in most cases their addiction to adrenochrome and strive to regain power by overpowering others.

They are blind to what they do.

The way to expose them is to clean up and clear our Subconscious Mind-the Attractor Field. it is up to us to take the steps to break free from the religious and cultural indoctrination.

When we purify our heart the entities in the lower astral plane have no influence over us.

The following information is not meant to harm, it is meant to end man’s addiction to misery, torture, and death… misery and heart ache are a side effect of the illusion of separation consciousness…

There is no grief when we are operating from the intelligence of the heart, true love never hurts.

When it comes to death and dying and grief, we are causing our own misery as a result of emotional, mental, and spiritual immaturity.

Nothing is lost in Divine Mind…

There must be a shift in the collective unconscious to shift out of cause and effect and the discontent created by being in the karmic loop. it is us that must raise our emotional, spiritual, mental state and state of consciousness to end violence.

Once we recognize the oneness of all life, we would never to anything to harm another and we will no longer have attachments to people, places, events…

“When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So, a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.” ― Jiddu Krishnamurti https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5WMzoK6IpY…

❤ the fear we learned while in physical form is what has clouded our better judgment and is not natural ❤ this fear is what cast a shadow on the light body blinding us to our light and blinded us to our brilliance ❤ we are the ones that created and feed the main “Archon” called “Yaldabaoth”, an ancient plasma grid that has kept the illusion of separation active….

Fear not evil, evil has no power over those that know the transcendent and transformational ability of their light, the Christ Within…

The man that knows the power of intention and the power of the spoken word is diligent in impressing the subconscious with good.

The Law of Non-Resistance: Resist not evil, be not overcome of evil. Overcome evil with good! Every man, every entity, every situation is a golden link in the chain of my good here to assist me to fulfill the Devine Design, the Devine Plan for my life.

The purified heart, with the activated thymus gland (seat of the soul) and activated 3rd eye will see the gate open and shall see freedom from the mental prison and the “false light” matrix.

As we let go of the carnal-conditioned mind, the reasoning mind, we are on board with the higher intelligence and have the ability to intuit our way through situations we find ourselves in.

The high heart-the thymus gland is activated, the heart is purified, and the 3rd eye fully activated… the gate is now open…..

There is only love, all else has been created by man’s own vain imaginings

It is about to get really real for you my dear… hold onto your hat Dorothy you aren’t in Kansas anymore….Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

You now know that you are love and loved beyond measure… there is nothing that you can say or do that would interfere with the love that I have for you, interfere with the love you have for yourself.

Your gift is fully activated and you’re now sharing this gift that only you have with the world.

Go forth and sin no more, end all forms of violence

Man is a multidimensional being, the projector and the projected and the source of life.

Torus Flow

Torus Breath Activation-breathing to clear the Subconscious Mind-the Attractor Field also called “the aura” until it is cleaned out or cleared of all that has been cast upon it when we bought into fear. The Subconscious Mind-Attractor Field is simply power without proper direction. As we breath out we breath in and as we breath in we breath out… breathing from center to the center as a flowing experience…

And God said:

Dearest (put your name here),

Self-awareness is a gift you give to yourself. Are you aware of the thoughts you are casting from the carnal-conditioned mind-the reasoning mind?

I cannot take you off the wheel of karmic rebound (come back) to be free from the cycle of self-abuse, this is something you must do for yourself. Do you see how you have asked to have the way forward to be difficult? Is this really what you are wanting, or do you wish for more ease, grace, joy, and glory?

You are living in a “yes” body and living in a “yes” universe. Your Subconscious Mind-Your Attractor Field is non-discriminatory. It simply replies, “your wish is my command”.

I suggest going over what you write and what you articulate and really question if the thoughts you think and the words you write are what you truly desire. Are you clear in your intention? Read the affirmations you have cast for your life experience. With each statement that you think, write, and/or speak out-load write the word “yes” after it… this is what you are attracting to you for your experience.

The Subconscious Mind-the Attractor Field that flows through and around the body is simply power without proper direction.

The man that knows the power of intention and the power of the spoken word is diligent in impressing the subconscious with good. Your strength is in knowing the power of the spoken word. Ask yourself “have ie-I been asking for that which ie-I am wanting? Mark 11:24 – “Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them…”

The Law of Non-Resistance: Resist not evil, be not overcome of evil. Overcome evil with good! Say “every man, every entity, every situation is a golden link in the chain of my good here to assist me to fulfill the Divine Design, the Divine Plan for my life. The “negative emotions” you are expressing can be freed by loving the abused child and sending good will to the abuser and flooding the experiences with your love. “Then Jesus said, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon. Let Me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.” Cast all burdens held in the Subconscious Mind-the Attractor Field onto the Superconscious Mind-the Christ Within and go free. to be joyful, harmonious, and loving.

The more aware you become the more conscious and conscientious you become. Now that you have made the conscious and conscientious choice to be aware of the what you are asking for and are making a concerted effort to clear the Subconscious Mind-the Attractor Field you restore your ability to see and hear clearly and your senses are fully activated.

Your Subconscious Mind-the Attractor Field in in vibrational harmonic resonance with the Super-conscious Mind-the Christ Within and your spirit, mind, and the biology and chemistry of your body is free to be joyful, harmonious, and loving expressing in youthfulness, vitality, radiant health and wellness, and financial freedom.

Now that you know the power of the spoken word and are aware of the word spells you have been casting, we trust that you will be diligent with the thoughts you think and that you will speak in a way of what you are wanting, you are now a that these word spells wisely.

You are now flowing with the light (knowledge) and the frequency of love of your source within.

The Subconscious Mind-the Attractor Field is brought on-line with the Superconscious Mind-The Christ Within…

There is only love, all else has been created by man’s own vain imaginings

It is about to get really real for you my dear… hold onto your hat Dorothy you aren’t in Kansas anymore….Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

You now know that you are love and loved beyond measure… there is nothing that you can say or do that would interfere with the love that I have for you, interfere with the love you have for yourself.

Your gift is fully activated and you’re now sharing this gift that only you have with the world.

Go forth and sin no more,

❤ financial freedom ❤

❤ eternal love heart ❤

❤ eternal youth ❤

❤ eternal life ❤

 ❤ is yours now ❤

❤ my love onto you ❤

❤ God is both the giver of life and the receiver of life ❤

❤ there is no separation ❤

❤ all is one ❤

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