Who Do We Know Ourselves To Be?

Breaking free from the carnal-conditioned mind!

In sharing the following conversation, it is my desire to expand our field of thought beyond what we have experienced. For me it is the way to expand the soul’s experience. Am not keen on staying in the cycle of abuse.

The post was about anger and abuse:

How often do we come to a conclusion about what we are experiencing and believe it to be true for everyone? Do the conclusions we make keep us stuck in lower states of consciousness?

Me:  ie-I see two children that have been harmed. The abuser is a victim of abuse. We are the ones that keep the cycle of abuse going by not paying attention to the system of things. After my heart and 3rd eye awaking on November 3, 2000, ie-I realized how out of touch ie-I was to the world that ie-I was co-creating. Working as a medical laboratory technologist at the time ie-I realized ie-I had a foot in two worlds and it was tearing me apart spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. My lack of self-awareness was driving the distortion field ie-I was operating from. Why do we maintain a “justice” system designed to humiliate and harm people that are spiritually, emotionally, and mentally deranged?

“Justice” is supposed to mean to bring back to wholeness.

What will it take for people to gain spiritual insight and foresight to build a better word?

Me-We all have a unique perspective of who and what we are as a result of what we have experienced. In other words, we have a unique way of interpreting what we experience and the reality we are co-creating as a result of what we believe to be true from past programming.

We have been experiencing separation consciousness for so long and expressing the emotional learned as a result of this state that we believe that anger is a natural trait.

Anger is learned and ie-I know this as a fact. At 10 when ie-I witnessed the Ascension of the light body. When the outer world vanished in the moment as ie-I took the keep dive to the core of my beingness ie-I had the realization of our multidimensional expression as all that is ever was and ever will be. My awareness went inward, and ie-I experienced myself as the observer, as the infinite field of light (all thought and all thought possibilities) and ie-I experienced myself as a light body in this field with another light body) all lower density emotions were vanquished in the presence of this core frequency, ullu love (unconditional love love love unconditional love) is pure joy in express… In a flash of insight all stories my carnal mind had manufactured as a result of the spiritual, emotional, and mental state ie-I was in where fully comprehended

When we believe that all that we are experiencing in the present state as the illusion of separation we are actually interfering with our ability to actually experience the totality of who and what we are.

Anger is created from judgment; anger is born of fear as a result of the illusion of separation and is a frequency that is out of harmonic resonance with the oversoul.

If one truly wishes to experience Ascension and full embodiment than the adept must be willing to take the steps necessary steps to move into vibrational harmonic alignment with the “higher self” aka “oversoul”:

1. set the intention of integrating the fractured aspects of self,

2. harmonize the corrupt emotional field

3. release all attachments to the carnal-conditioned mind.

What does “to be unconditionally loving look like and feel like? Have you ever wondered why we say we have a “higher self” and a “lower self” yet we are not integrated as one?

Me- The mind can only conceive that which it can perceive can your mind perceive a world free from misery where we are aligned, integrated, and the expression of pure joy? It is our destiny!!!

Friend- Sophia-Taniah Love In integrating all of who I am I accept while being in this body part of the whole experience is feeling the emotions. What you choose to do with them is what shows whether you are acting from fear or truth and love. Even Jesus utilized his anger when it was needed. I integrate my higher self and utilize my higher perspective to use my emotions to heal, move forward and live life. I take ownership that all different emotions are all part of who I am. When you become enlightened and understand these Emotions are what we experience here and not at “home” it gives you a different view and helps you work through your emotions. All our emotions serve a purpose here to guide us while we are still in these bodies. Seeing the big picture is great but just remember your emotions on this plane of existence are here for a reason. Having control over your emotions and controlling how you react to things changes your life. When you become heart centered and connected to your higher self and all of what you are it gives you a higher perspective and then you learn these Emotions are tools to move you forward in your experience.”

Me- this is your interpretation. On November 3, 2011, ie-I was led to collapse all polarities out of the mind, the aura, the multidimensional electromagnetic grid that flows around and through the body. When ie-I woke up the next morning the carnal mind-conditioned mind expanded and ie-I was operating from the Unified Mind, the consciousness of everything through all lifetimes, all dimensions, all realities. In this state there is no resistance, no resistance so there is no pain. In this state of consciousness, one is operating from the core of their being, operating from their heart’s intelligence. The emotional filed is harmonized and there is only the now… pure joy, much like seeing from the outside in and the inside looking out. Operating from consciousness is much like a dance with ourselves…. we see ourselves reflected back to ourselves as that which we are observing….

We cannot keep punishing those that are spiritually, emotionally, and mentally deranged and we should know that those that do “evil” are operating from lack. People that are depraved are victims of abuse. Their thoughts and actions are a reflection of the spiritual, emotional, and mental pain they are unable to process. These people are actually in fear. And we should realize, when we condemn others, we are actually condemning ourselves and condemning our ability to rise to our fullest potential. You do realize your maintaining the cycle of abuse when you condemn those acting from their pain body created as a result of spiritual, emotional, and mental damage?

Trauma causes spiritual, emotional, and mental dysfunction, it robs man of his/her faculties and robs man of his/her sensibilities.

The people that are abusive lack spiritual insight and foresight and lack awareness as a result of the shadow cast upon their spirit and their mind and their heart. These people are spiritually, emotionally, and mentally deranged and they need to be supported in order to restore to wholeness. This cycle of abuse is what is keeping humanity from experiencing higher states of consciousness and evolving to the fullest expression of the avatar self.

When we speak the truth-facts we are not condemning we are making a conscious choice to see the reality of things so that we can take septs towards actualizing change.

It will be beneficial for people to expose the fact that the people “broadcasting” their version of reality are highly organized and have been at it for 1000’s of years. They are “dark magicians” practicing witchcraft (using invocation and incantation and casting word spells for self-gain) they use NLP, CERN, Harp, false electromagnetic grids to affect the frequencies, they use symbolism, hypnosis, and NLP to exert their will. They willfully engage in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice to appease the gods they worship and gain favors from.

The CovID-19 measures put in place by them are “Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice” The controllers are themself controlled by their addiction to adrenochrome and to their addiction to the idea of having power over others.

They have been “broadcasting” their version of reality for far too long. It is up to each of us that can “see” to be just as organized by speaking only of what we want, stop focusing on the past and be present with an eye on what we are wanting.

It is up to us to be just as organized and come together in large groups making a conscious choice to be a “conscious creator”. It will be beneficial to stop creating from the carnal-conditioned mind and make a conscious choice to align with the oversoul. It will be beneficial to be speaking and chanting together in a way of what we are wanting while keeping a vision of the future you wish to experience (this is the way).You can use invocation of the zero-point field, the light field, and our love for life and use incantations in a way that is effective for the world of wonder as we come into self-empowerment, self-awareness, gain spiritual insight and foresight, raising consciousness to upgrade the operating system.

The video below will be beneficial for those people that love life and wish to be aligned with their soul’s intelligence and be the fullest expression of love that they came forth to be.

If you would like to join us in our action on the ground, use this link and read the information published in the electronic document:

❤ will you join us? ❤

❤ eternal love ❤

Jennifer Hawley Wrote:


Remember anything that you are experiencing is happening for your Highest Good. Yes, that even if it’s uncomfortable or extreme or difficult Or all of the above…That You are simply moving through your deepest fears to reach your Deepest Joy !!!

If You Let Go…YOU CAN ACTUALLY FEEEEEL IT becoming LIGHTER and Whimsical even in the Scariest Moments.

In Fact, THIS IS Where the Magic Lies… IN YOUR DEEPEST Fear…!!!!

This Year I experienced So many Intense Experiences regarding Health, Stroke like Symptoms but more severe than I could Imagine. Intense.

I’ve had to sit through each moment of facing my own Mortality.

Simply Letting Go and Remembering that I Am not The Body…I AM SOUL. It’s Beautiful 😍

When I choose to Let Go .and just Be Still. I find a Magical Shift Occurs.

I Begin to Experience A a Different Dimension.


t’s A Fluid State of Acceptance.

I Begin to See the Possibilities.

I Begin to Understand It All.

It’s Dreamlike.

I Feel my Sovereignty and The State of Oneness.


It’s So Magical and Peaceful.




In Y(our) Greatest Fear Comes Our Greatest Gift. Just Let Go. Trust. Let gooooooooooo.

Because in this Place of Letting Go…The Veil Lifts and You are In The State of Now .

The State of Truth And The State of Possibilities Beyond your Wildest Dreams !!!

For Me Im LOOKING Forward to the Next Extreme Moment because It’s My Chance to Be in This Space.


We are In the Space Always if We Stay In State of No Attachment to Outcome.

However in Those Moments of Being Pushed to Your Greatest Discomfort IS Truly Where This Shift Occurs!!!

It Gives You The Opportunity to Choose How You Will Experience It.

I Find When I Stay in Stillness. In Complete Stillness .. There is A Rush of Extreme Fear for a Moment and then Becomes Easy .


No Sensation Other Than Peace Ease And Allowance.

Alllowance with No Desired Outcome…

Just Being.

It’s A Place Of True Freedom.

This Is The Shift We’ve Been Waiting For…

It’s In the Stillness. The State of Acceptance. The NOW.

If you have ever seen the Divergent Trilogy in the Film… She faces fear after fear.

However She breaks through Each Moment by Letting Go

The Initial Fear the “What ifs ” & The How tos”

She Accepts What is in Front of Her with No Attachment to The Story.

She Finds A Way Through by Simply Letting Go , Trusting and Listening to The Voice Within.

Don’t Give Up … Give In to it…Flow Through it…Be in a state Bouyancy.

Be Still in Your Mind.

You Will Begin to Ride The Wave Of The Fluid Now

In this State YOU Will Experience Your Greatest Strengths And Gifts.

You Will Experience The Bad Ass Warrior that You Truly Are …



Facts !!!!



As there is only one power-love all people and situations are ultimately for my good. The idea of “good” vs “bad or evil” or “negative” vs “positive” are mental constructs.

What would happen if we baptized every perceived failure for success?

“Every man is the golden link in the chain of my good. For all men are God in manifestation awaiting the opportunity given by man himself to serve the Divine Plan of his life”… florence shovel shinn author of “The Game of Life and How To Play It”

Have we lost our faith in the transformational and transcendent ability of our light and love to our faith in evil?

Know that the oversoul is unaffected and unperturbed by anything it witnesses as it is ullu love (unconditional love love love unconditional love)..

How well do you know yourself?

How well do you know the oversoul?

How well do you know how we co-create reality?

“Bless your enemy and his arrows will be transmuted to blessings. This law is true of nations as well as individuals. Bless a Nation, send love and good will to every inhabitant, and it will be robbed of its power to harm. Man can only get the idea of non-resistance through spiritual understanding”.

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