What Happened to Grace?

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While scrolling through Facebook today it has become evident that we should all take pause and question what is motivating what we focus on, and we should be questioning everything.

What ever happened to the 4 agreements?

by  Don Miguel Ruiz

What happened to intelligence, ethics, morality, and grace?

It is up to us to realize “darkness” cannot drive out “darkness” only grace and love can put an end to that which was created from buying into fear….

“Some angelic humans fall asleep at the wheel because they focus on the outer optics before connecting with their inner selves.

Bad mistake but not irreparable.

The universe is not critical. It relies on us to recover from criticism.

To learn about grace is to learn how it works.

Understand this one and it will release your soul from all bondage, past, present and future. It is one of the most avoided and wholly misunderstood things here. It is called “grace”.

I almost feel inadequate to speak of this, not because I don’t understand it, but because it so difficult to put into words.

Most understand the meaning of grace to be unmerited favor, i.e. the cause is separated from the response. Humans have largely forgotten and don’t practice grace. We speak of someone who is graceful as being someone who is beautiful, dressed well and moves like a ballerina. That is not grace. Grace is unmerited favor.

So how does it work in the universe?

Humans have this concept of a god, or an Allah, or a Buddha that is better than them and if they comply and conform to their rules they might attain some crazy expression of higher states of consciousness they call heaven or if they don’t conform they go to an ill-defined place called hell. This is not the universe and universal laws I know.

The reason for the fall of the fallen angels was simply because they could not accept grace. They felt that they had to earn favor, and be cosmically admired that they could be just like god, and earn respect, and so they have propagated, through religion and indoctrination, this system of earning respect and favor here on earth.

Grace is anathema to the fallen beings and unless we can’t get out heads around the lies they are perpetrating here and understand that grace is a part of the universal system, we will remain under their dominion and dominance.

Slavery is part of the fallen system. If we comply, we are rewarded with carrots, like donkeys, and if we don’t we are given a “stick”.

The universe simply doesn’t work this way. It is a lie from the pit of hell.

The universe is all-forgiving. Each particle being or wave in the universe is a part of the universe, and the universe will not destroy itself. It had been at this for a long time, and it knows how it works and is supposed to work. It is only those dumb fallen ones who try to make us think otherwise.

Grace is not understood here at all because we are in a “carrot and stick” system. The possibility that we could just be, and do, and that all we desire, as we mold the experiences we wish to have, will be responded to by the universe, is almost unconscionable here. It works pretty well for me. It just depends on if you know how the universe works.

There is no “earning” in the universe, and the very notion is anathema and ludicrous to the universe. The reason we have become slaves here is because we don’t know about grace, or have learned to trust it, so we have to “earn” our way.

So how does one have an attitude of grace?

All we have to do is look around us. Does the sea have to “earn” the right to create waves? It does it naturally. Do birds have to “earn” the right to fly? They do it naturally. Do plants have to struggle to grow? No, they do it naturally. Do fish have to earn the right to swim? No, they do it naturally.

We are surrounded by grace, yet we can’t seem to figure it out for ourselves. Humans are the only species here who really struggle, and what are they doing? They are translating this struggle into destruction for those other forms around them that are natural and accept grace, unmerited favor.

Grace is an energy that supports life forms in the universe. No earning is required. We can tap into grace by making our requests known to the universe, but that is another whole topic.

Suffice it to say that being is not about earning. Grace does exist if you look around you. We just have to know how it works and let it work for you.” Colin Joe Byrne


It is up to each of us to empower ourselves to who and what we truly are. When we are being guided by the “Divine Design” (that which the natural world is made manifest) life is a flowing experience. Are we being guided to put an end to polarized and conflicting ideas in our mind/aura by the soul? These polarized and conflicting ideas are the result of operating from the conditioned, intellectual, carnal mind and allowing lower archon thought forms to influence our experience.

What do we do when we see so many people operating and creating from their carnal mind or from archon influence and not listening to their true Divine Guidance?

Why would we continue to give over our experience of life to a “higher power”? What is keeping people from looking at the history of religion and realize that it is all based in violence? When will people have the insight to recognize when they are overly attached to their religious and cultural indoctrination, they are completely disassociated with themselves and creating systems that cause confusion thus bring about more chaos? We choose to find likeminded people that are interested in moving from the program to the hearts knowing and that are ending the conflictions within themselves. We end chaos by moving into the unified mind prior to making a decision or creating any systems. We end chaos by assisting others to succeed by supporting them in the frequency of love. Are you interested in ending the perceived idea of separation from the “Higher-self” and the self that is playing in 3-d? Moving into full embodiment will happen more quickly when we help others to succeed! What we do for others we do for ourselves!

Know that Natual Law-Spiritual Law trumps all and when we are expressing through Natural Law-Spiritual Law, we will see an end to chaos as we will be listening to Divine Guidance, and we will be following our inner spiritual gps while being ever diligent and alert to external signs we take steps to effect change. The eternal and infinite, organizing, intelligent energy that creates and supports life is ever present all we have to do is align with it.

Chaos is the result of creating from our mental confusion when we are still perceiving from the illusion of separation. It is the illusion of separation that creates fear.

Chaos pursues when we continue to create systems from this state of mind and state of consciousness. It is up to us to stop participating in the system concocted by people that are still operating from their programmed mind and from their indoctrination. Why would we follow someone knowing they are not aligned with Infinite Intelligence?

Are you or your loved one operating from fear or from faith? Fear is the result of operating from carnal mind and faith is seen when we are operating from our hearts knowing.

Is [name of loved or not so loved one] operating from fear or from faith? wait to receive the answer…

Matthew 17:20

“And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”

Everything is perfect and complete in Divine Mind.

The frequency of the thoughts we think the words we speak have an impact on matter:

“When man knows his own powers and the workings of his mind, his great desire is to find an easy and quick way to impress the subconscious with good” Florence Scovel Shinn

Casting the Burden Impressing the Subconscious:

◄ Revelation 21:1-2 ►

A New Heaven and a New Earth

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. 2I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.…”

“And ie-I saw a new heaven and a new Earth, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying. Neither shall be any more pain. For the former, things are passed away.” Florence Scovel Shinn

Ask yourself, “am ie-I acting from fear or faith?”

If You or a Loved One is Troubled there is a solution…

Do the following prescription:

Invoke a meditative and centered state of mind. Set the energetic intention to align with the zero-point field-the launching pad of creation the awareness field (womb of life, Mother God) along with the field of light being all though and all thought potential (the seed of life, Father God).

Now remember all the times in life that you were feeling happy, joyful, harmonious, invite this feeling to penetrate every cell, quantum and sub-quantum particle, molecules, electrons of your beingness. Invoke eternal love, and say, “ie-I invite this harmonious, joyful, and loving feeling to penetrate all cells, all quantum and sub-quantum particles, molecules, electrons, etc., of my beingness and invite the restoration to perfection.

Set the intention to integrate all aspects of self by calling forth all wounded aspects of self or call out the loved one that is sick, depressed, miserable by saying their name). “Infinite divine spirit, ie-I call forth all aspects still held in doubt, fear, etc. and now ie-I know that all is perfect in Divine Mind and that there is only completion. Therefore, (“my”) or call out the loved one that is sick, depressed, miserable “ie-I”/“jane’s” demonstration is perfect.

We ask, “is this situation, demonstration, divinely orchestrated or is it showing up as a karmic rebound?”

Why do we so easily slide into judgment of the situation instead of contemplating on what the situation is revealing?

What if every situation is offering us an opportunity to see how things actually are and not how we believe them to be?

The “higher-self” the aspect of us that is the awareness field that flows through everything, past, present, future, alternate universes etc.. has all the information regarding the situation and what brought it into manifestation. With this in mind should we then be asking, “what information is available that ie-I or jane am not aware of?

Infinite Divine Spirt ie-I call forth the recognition as to how ie-I/she attracted this situation and am wondering it this situation is for my/her highest and best good. [is it your desire to be free from that which is keeping us from acting from grace from a place of morality and ethics?]

And if this situation is not Divinely guided and if it is not for my/Her highest and best good may all thoughts, that which has been created from my/her own misguided imagining, which has created this non-beneficial situation be cast upon the superconscious mind the Christ Within. It is now made light or dissolved into its native nothingness and ie-I/jane now go/goes free from carnal mind and free from all archonic influences and the body is free to be joyful, harmonious, and loving.

There is no separation in divine mind. Therefore, ie-I/jane cannot be separated from the grace, love, and companionship which are mine/her’s by Divine Right.

Infinite Divine Spirit we call on the Law of Grace and the Law of One-the Law of Love for this situation and everyone involved in my/her life experience. We give thanks that we and everyone involved are under grace and under these laws therefore ie-I/she cannot lose my/her right to freedom, or wholeness, or wholesomeness, or lose my/her Divine Design as these are mine/her’s be Divine Right.

We put this situation and my/her life experience in the hands of Infinite Love and Wisdom for the best outcome for me/jane and everyone involved. May ie-I/jane demonstrate perfect will, perfect health, perfect home, perfect wealth, perfect finances, and perfect life expression.

We now smash and demolish by our spoken word every untrue record in our subconscious mind and that which has been put to paper they shall return to the dust heap of nothingness for they come from our own vain imaginings.

We now make a perfect record through the Christ Within for myself/jane and everyone involved in my/her life expression. Every false prophecy shall come to not. Every plan the mother and father in heaven has not planned shall be dissolved and dissipated. The Divine ideal plan now comes to pass. All beneficial thoughts and ideas of health, wealth, financial freedom, perfect expression shall come to pass.

Let the Christ Within, the Divine Infinite intelligence, have perfect expression through me/her and everyone involved now and retroactively to the beginning of the beginning.

The Divine Will be done. ie-I give thanks under the Law of Grace and by the Law of One-the Law of Love that it is already done in a perfect way, with grace, ease, and glory… my/jane’s heart and divine heart are one, my/jane’s will and divine will are one…

The video that inspired this post:

The Game of Life and How to Play It by florence scovel shinn

The Power of The Spoken Word by florence scovel shinn

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