Daily Light Body Activation for Allegedly March 3, 2022

If you have read the introduction in order to get the most out of the “Light Code” for “Light Body” and “DNA” Decoding and Activation in a previous article skip down to the “light code” soften and open, your energy field and settle into to allowing the “light code” to work it’s magick….

The “Light Code” is created by Orason a wonderful and dedicated soul brother. The “Light Code” is designed to support people in clearing a Heart Block if still present so that they can received and transmit from the “Purified Love” of their “Soul” and fully and completely activate their “Light Body” and unlock and activate their “DNA”.

Those that have already begun clearing or that have already cleared their heart block and are restoring or that have restored harmony to their emotional body have come to realize what a wonderful shift it is to be operating from their heart rather then strictly from the Mental Program.

Have you had a 3rd eye awakening and/or activated your their “Light Body” and begun unlocking your dormant DNA? If so, you will feel profound shifts. For those still chipping away at the dense thought forms blocking your hearts knowing know that these thought forms are acting like interference patterns to feeling and knowing your bodies unlimited potential. Set the energetic intension to be aware of the interference patters and open to allow the “Light Codes” to do what it is designed to do and know that they are working regardless if you can feel, and/or see them working or not.

These transmissions of love frequency will support people doing “shadow work”, supporting those that have stepped into being consciously aware of the thoughts that are anchoring their energy to experiences that are not serving their highest and best good. Looking into the depths of our traumas as the observer with compassion and love as the higher self is the path to freedom.

To get the most out of these light codes it is best to take a few minutes to check in with yourself. Set the energetic intention to come back to yourself, using Torus Breathing set the intention of breathing yourself fully into the body and into the ever present eternal moment of now. Soften your gaze and intend to open up to receive this energy upgrade. You can make a gesture of putting your hands out with palms up and intend to pull the energy with the breath into the body. Become the observer as you witness the shifts happening at the deepest level of your beingness.

You can make a gesture of putting your hand out with palms up and intend to activate Torus Breathing as you pull the energy with the breath into the body from the inside out and the out side in.

Set the energetic intention to shift your perspective as the observer as you witness the shifts happening at the deepest level of your beingness.

Once the energy has settled, shift your focus and intend to receive the light code from within. With the image in your minds eye close your eyes and drop into yourself to the depths of the core of your being and drop into the source of creation.

Set the intention to drop your awareness into the zero-point field (the launching pad of creation) and intend to receive this “Light Code” from within. Breathe this light code frequency up into every quantum particle, molecule, cell, etc., of your physical vessel.

“This light code is a direct portal to Mother Earth’s crystal grid. Use this connection to send love, unity and harmony to places where it is needed through the crystal grid. Stay out of your mind and know that the intention is enough to send the energy to those places that needs support now. We, the Aghartians, thank you for empowering this light mission.

Blessings 💚 ‘The Arghartians’💚” orason

Image by our soul brother orason


Call up this light code to tap into your intuition. If you have a decision to make think about the question; there are always decisions to make in life and to get a clear vision of what we should be doing this is a wonderful tool.

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Below you will find pictographs by our cosmic brother Gabriel Medina (Big bang quasares andromeda dimencional)


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Below you will find the “Daily Teaching of the Masters” message by nicole gans singer:

Daily Teachings of the Masters 
Thursday, March 3, 2022 
“Deciding that you know is important.
You are not waiting to know 
you are not wanting to know
you already know. 
As you commit 
to settling in 
to this higher level of awareness
that was agreed upon
before your birth
all shall come upon you.
Decide that you know”. nicole gans singer 


If you would like to receive these daily messages in your inbox, use the link directly below the image above. Nicole provides private sessions and also holds group sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

We are moving into harmonic alignment with the truth as more people are having their 3rd eye blasted open and having the decoding and activation of their DNA and the restoration of their innate human abilities. We can never escape ourselves we face ourselves eventually. There is no distance in thought and what one experiences everyone is experiencing. Indeed, we are one.

Having gone through the polarities and ups and downs of wakening to the facts of life has been difficult because ie-I did not have the wherewithal to not get caught up in shame, blame, and guilt. Being kind to oneself is imperative at this time. Realize that the higher aspect of self is unconditional and holds all the information available in any given moment.

Realize, we are always in alignment with source, we have a distorted perception of who and what we are after eons of cultural and religious indoctrination. Holding onto a distorted perception of ourselves is keeping us from experiencing the totality of who and what we are….

ie-I am, we are, source…. the source of our own creation….the projector and the projected and the intelligent life force that animates it.

We have allowed others that wish to remain in separation consciousness to dictate our experience of life….

ie-I (we) have been made to believe that ie-I (we) are the programmed mind in expression and that the body is just a vessel…. once you have awakened you know this is not true…

The body is a prisoner to our sins (mistaken perceptions)….

ie-I am, we are, infinite intelligence and unlimited potential and the body is infinite intelligence and unlimited potential limited by our belief in the story and attachment to the programming….

It is in awareness that we can recognize where we are out of harmonic resonance with ourselves as a result of the illusion of separation….

In every given moment the “Universe” (our present moment) is giving us an opportunity to recognize ourselves by showing us the story we have running individually and collectively….

Do people believe that life will be boring if they resolve their addiction to polarized perceiving and thinking and the addiction to the “charged emotional body?”

ie-I (we) now declare my conscious and conscientious choice to break free from the limitations imposed by living from the programmed mind and make a commitment to “know thy self” so that ie-I can be of assistance to bringing heaven on earth.

ie-I (we) have decided to honor my (our) commitment to Higher Truth and have made the choice to not play in delusions and to step fully into the natural world and declare this stance now.

ie-I (we) know that when seeing the reality of things from the highest perspective of love is where ie-I (we) can make a real difference.

ie-I (we) now realize that love is the foundational intelligent energy that supports all life and has a harmonic resonant frequency and can be described as Ullu Love which has the ability to transcend and transmute all that is not of it.

ie-I (we) now make a conscious and conscientious choice to break free from the “false light matrix” keeping my psyche in victimization and the autonomic nervous system of my body and body chemistry in fight or flight and choose to make a conscious and conscientious choice to bring:

stillness to my mind

love to my heart

calm to my spirit!!!!

ie-I (we) make the commitment to have the awareness so that ie-I (we) may fulfill my(our) destiny to experiencing heaven on earth by “walking softly upon the earth and standing strongly in my knowing”. pamela-ariah [kachowski]

Now that ie-I (we) have decided nothing can break my (our) resolve to be free of sin by collapsing all conflictions and contradictory thoughts and ideas in my (our) field/mind!

It matters not what others choose to do or not do it does not change the fact that my (our) will is inviolate as ie-I am aligned with Divine Will!!

We are eternally grateful to all the people dedicated to bringing the light of truth to the people incarnating to mother earth. ie-I am (we are) receiving these transmissions with heart and mind and arms wide open. 

The purified heart gives clarity to the senses and makes sense of the senseless!

Clarity is achieved when the heart is purified!

  The only one that can diagnose the  

  purity of our heart  

   is ourselves!  

ie-I am (we are) infinite, unbounded, and limitless love

ullu love (unconditional love love love unconditional love) 

My (our) will be done on earth as it is in heaven

as ie-I (we) align with the new consciousness

 a new way of interacting with the earth

this new way of showing up

is waiting to be birthed through me (us)….

ie-I am (we are) that, ie-I am (we are)

    One Love    

    One Living Consciousness    

By the power of 3x3x3

ie-I make it so, ie-I make it so, ie-I make it so 

and so it is…


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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