Restoring the Self as One Living Consciousness!

From the Lord God/Goddess of my being from the ie-I am that ie-I am from the souls wellbeing ie-I cancel, revoke, rebuke, transcending, and transmuting all curses, all spells, all black magick that ie-I might of unwittingly cast upon myself and or others as a result my lack of spiritual insight and limited awareness.

And ie-I cancel, revoke, rebuke, transcend, and transmute all curse, all spells, all black magick that others might of unwittingly and or willfully cast upon me for the same reasons, through all dimensions, all realities, through all space time and non-space time…. so be it and it is so!

May all receive an awakening to their Divina Potential

through the harmonization

of the corrupt emotional body….

May all be restored to wholeness and wholesomeness.

to the truth

of who and what they are as

Divine Love

and the

Source of Creation,

ie-I command all

that are corrupt beyond redemption

back to zero point

for the sake of the

ongoingness of life.

Through the heart of Divine Love ie-I make it SO!



my stamp of love


πŸ™‚β€ Know that ie-I love you β€πŸ™‚

β€πŸ™‚ My will be done as My Will and Divine Will are One πŸ™‚β€

πŸ™‚β€ One Love β€πŸ™‚

β€πŸ™‚ One Living Consciousness πŸ™‚β€

❀❀❀❀ 88 ❀❀❀❀

Smudging Mantra For Clearing The Atmosphere of Our Self and Each Other and Our Home and the Earth!!

Using a smudge stick of sage or sweet-grass and/or other of your favourite tree essences ie: cedar, balsam, etc.:

Prepare mentally and emotionally for this clearing method by doing a couple minute meditation. Set the energetic intention to call back to yourself all your energy signature to align with the ever present moment of now . Do this by using your favorite breath. Bring your awareness to the breath and breathe fulling into the body take a few calming breathes until you feeling your various aspects aligning and centered here now then set the energetic intention of anchoring your energies here now. Moving into a rhythmic breath now bring your awareness down to the earth with the intention of going multidimensional straight through to the zero point field. Now intentionally choose to call up the frequency of the zero point field and the purity of the Divine Heart.

State, “ie-I/We now call up purified love, ullu love (unconditional love love love unconditional love) into this ever present moment of now….

Set the intention to transcend and transmute the energies that maybe in the air, the walls, and the furniture of this home and say, “into this smoke ie-I or we (if doing in a pair or group) release to be transcended and transmuted all energy frequencies thought forms that do not serve me, my/our highest and best good or my reason for being. ie-I/We do this for myself/ourselves, this home and all homes, the earth and all that inhabit the earth. ie-I/we invoke the consciousness of all our simultaneous incarnations in all dimension on all levels of mind and matter in all universes and all timelines and non-space time into reintegration with the unified field of all consciousness here and now, as one living consciousness.

ie-I/We now choose to consciously and conscientiously cleanse and purity myself/ourselves, this home and all homes, the earth. and all thought forms, beings, situations, and energies that are no longer of service to our highest and greatest good across all planes of existence, across all universes, and across of lifetimes.

ie-I/We invite all energies, thought forms, that are not of ullu love (unconditional love love love unconditional love) to be transcended and transmuted for the highest good of all.

ie-I/ We release all lower density thought forms, all distortions, all mind control programming, slave programming, AI programming, and everything trying to interfere and keep my/us down to be released from my/our body, mind, spirit, this home, and all homes, the earth and all that inhabit the earth and choose to transcend and transmute this energy here now.

ie-I/We invite and upgrade to my/our perception of who and what we and open my mind and energy field to allow vibrational harmonic alignment with the Intelligence that created the Natural World.

ie-I/We set the energetic intension to walk with conscious awareness and with grace and with purity of thought in all matters.

We are one, we are one, we are one….

One Love!!!

One Living Consciousness

By the power of three times three times three, ie-I/We make it so, ie-I/We make it so, ie-I/We make it so and so it is and it is done…

so be it!!!

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

eternal love


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