What Does Being Awake Mean To You?

The following blog post started out as a comment on a Facebook post:


The post was very useful and ie-i had a huge break through.

With this refreshed awareness ie-I will from now on be diligent in how ie-I respond or make comments so that they do not “come off” as “pushing back”, it is not in my best interest to get into a tug of war with people as it brings me out of the heart and into the mental.

Getting back to my response the comment that inspired this post, this is the comment ie-I made regarding “Jesus dying for our sin”.

Not quite sure people have the spiritual insight to actually read what ie-I was revealing: sin is a mistake in perception, sin is a mistake in identity. And if he died for our sins then why are there so many that still have a mistake in perception of who and what they are as the source of their own creation? Why have we allowed others to tell us who and what we are by giving us labels when we come into this world?

“sophia-taniah shackelford-borgeson maybe so u can Wake Up. To who u truly are here in this world 🌎” sarah conner

Of which ie-I replied: sarah conner ie-I actually know who ie-I am being in the world. How about you? When people say “i woke” what are they actually saying?

Have you wondered what we are waking up to?

It appears being awake is different for each of us depending on our spiritual insight that comes with spiritual awakening.

Do you think informing people of what they are participating in is “pushing back”?

Do you believe that lying to people and going along with fake religions and getting people to believe in a higher power outside of themselves is assisting in waking people up to who they are?

Having the experiences that ie-I did and now knowing what ie-I know ie-I can honestly say ie-I would have preferred if my mother and father would have had the spiritual awareness to support the natural intelligence ie-I was born with.

Do you believe going along with the delusion and supporting the “trafficking of man and animal is waking people up to who they are?

Do you believe “charging” people and making merchandise of our fellow man is assisting in showing me who ie-I truly am in this world?

Do you believe registering our new born baby at birth and giving them an identity is assisting them in empowering themselves to who they truly are in the world?

Do you believe enticing the new mother and father into applying for a “Birth Certificate” while secretly calling it a “revenue receipt ” made out to the all caps “Legal Name” aka “Legal Person” is empowering the baby to who they are in this world?

Am still waiting for some one to explain the magick behind how the creators of this “Birth Certificate” can make a security but we cannot.

Am still trying to figure out how it is they can make an account called the “CUSIP” account and all the government players and law enforcement officers know about it and are enriching themselves from this account.

It would have been beneficial if the teachers would have encouraged me to learn the etymology of the words ie-I use to communicate instead of enticing me to use words in such a way that ie-I was incriminating myself in and out of the court room.

ie-I would have been very appreciative if someone would have taught me about “legal ease” and how to read service agreements in school.

ie-I would not have applied for a social security number/social insurance number or drivers license as ie-I do not qualify for either one. It would have been beneficial if someone would have informed me that doing so ie-I was applying to have this “Legal Name” converted from the “private” to the “public” . And in doing gave the “go ahead” for the law enforcers to write securities from is and rob the account associated to the all caps name.

It would have been beneficial if the people of the world ie-I was born into would have known to tell me not to apply for a bank account but instead would have known about the “Legal Name” and would have instructed me how to access this CUSIP account created as a result of me coming into the world so that ie-I could go Treasure Direct.

It was disturbing to realize that ie-i had been enticed to commit fraud when ie-I applied for a bank account and doing so magically converted me into a debtor. What gives the banksters the power and authority to grant him/herself the ability to rob my estate?

ie-I would have been happy for someone to take my hand and tell me not to go into the “Medical Industry” because ie-I will be recruited as a “cult member’” and unwittingly be participating in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice going to work and fulfilling my duties as a “health care provider”.

It is unclear why people continue to participate in the delusion once it is revealed. Why would we assume a fictitious entity and “play” a part and in a false construct instead of being authentic?

What will it take for people to be honest with themselves and take off the mask?

Do they realize that they are not the “class of person” that can be mandated?

Why would people not want to know that the world we are born into is run by generational pedophiles that practice Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice and acknowledge that these lineages are in all walks of life?

Why would people not want to know that these people work in City Hall and hold their “cult ring” in every major city in every colonized country?

Why would people not want to know that the people working at the DOJ are of no help as they are involved.

Do people realize that the COVID measures are another form of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice?

Goes to show us just how many people are involved in pedophile. The people that can be manipulated by the generational pedophiles and instigators of SRA known as the “Iluminazi” and creators of currency should be institutionalized and treated for their insanity.

Who in their right mind can be enticed to participate in mass genocide for the “cash”?

Perhaps it would be beneficial if people knew how their human design works and how the electromagnetic chemical biological expression called the “body of man” is the result of the state of consciousness.

Once we know the truth are we going to take the steps to do better or are we going to continue to “do business” as usual?

Personally, ie-I am not interested in voting for the slavery system and is why ie-I created my own Living Life Will-Advanced Medical Directive and Certificate of Divine Authority; Private Credentials for uninterrupted, unmolested, and free travel.

Are we really “fighting for freedom” when we continue to make merchandise of our fellow man and continue to “charge” them when we should be accessing the “money” from our CUSIP account and eliciting payment from the folks that created the “Crown”?

How many “freedom fighters” still hold government issued identification? When will we as “freedom fighters” come together on mas around the world and figure out how to gain access to the CUSIP account made out in the all caps name?

We should be coming together and figuring out how to go Treasure Direct instead of using the bank account.

How awake are we if we continue to do business as usual while our estate is being raped? The “cult” members get away with their crimes because we are allowing it and not holding them accountable while making each other pay for our services. Is this how you see the “New World”? The following information came to me in an email today and is relevant to the theme of this article and is why ie-I have decided to include it. We have all been victimized by these people that deliberately use violence and have chosen to sexploit children. It up to us to end the villain-victim-hero (savior) mentality, we do this by moving back to the heart and aligning with the souls knowing. A problem can only be solved when we know what the problem is. Once we know the problem we can not fix it with the same mental and emotional state and state of consciousness that created the problem.

What are we saying to the victims of SRA when we allow the perpetrators to remain in office or at the pulpit?

What are we saying about ourselves if we continue to go to the movies, vote in elections, and continue to “do business as usual” when we know the truth?

“Who’s Protecting Pedophiles

Hi warriors for children,

I hope you are all wonderful!

I caught up with Adrian D’amico recently to talk about the protection of pedophiles in Australia.

The silencing of survivors of child abuse must end. As must the weak decisions of our courts against perpetrators. Right here in Australia there is a 1% conviction rate on rape charges. So many rapes, but no rapists!

40 % of the few that are convicted of these horrific crimes against children never do a single day in prison.

Enough is enough!’

read more using this link:

If interested in why we have the COVID mandates and the “culling” of man use this link:

We can be well-meaning yet unaware that we are being used as a frequency generator to feed that which we are not wanting.

It is time for us to acknowledge that Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice is prolific in all aspects of our way of life, we have been unwittingly recruited to participate and subject ourselves to satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice daily.

Working in a hospital we are participating in satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice.

Registering our babies under the Department of Health and Welfare is registering them as a “test subject” and handing them over as a slave to the system and the people in the military believe they have the right to use them in their covert and overt military experiments.

The horrors of war (rape, torture, murder) is ritualistic abuse and sacrifice by the bankers that fund both sides of every war.

The CovID measures are satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice.

Going to church and drinking wine (the Blood of Jesus) and eating a wafer (Body of Jesus) represents cannibalisms and is a satanic practice.

The Christ is a state of being not the being:

Do you really want to end the charade and stop experiencing a world of delusion?

Are we really awake if we are still making merchandise of your fellow man?

Do we have the awareness to recognize when we are “charging” the moment?

Todays frequency transmission is for restoring to harmony and balance:

It is up to us if we are going to remain in harmony and balance while we take steps to clean up this world:

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