Light Frequency Transmission Made Today Allegedly January 18, 2020 :)

“This Light Code supports your alignment with The Source. When you align with The Source You go beyond your ego. The Source lets you in your value. The Source sees you in your highest state of being. The Source is the same for everyone. The Source is there to let you be yourself. The Source is Love. The Source is Light. The Source IS.Blessings 💙 The Source 💙

Image by Orason

Sin is a mistake in perception, sin is a mistaken identity….

Truth be told we are always in alignment with source….

ie-I am, we are, source….

ie-I (we) have been made to believe that ie-I (we) are the programmed mind in expression and that the body is just a vessel….

The body is a prisoner to our sins (mistaken perceptions)….

ie-I am, we are, infinite intelligence and unlimited potential and the body is infinite intelligence and unlimited potential limited by our belief in the story and attachment to the programming….

It is in awareness that we can recognize where we are out of harmonic resonance with ourselves as a result of the illusion of separation….

In every given moment the “Universe”(our present moment) is giving us an opportunity to recognize ourselves by showing us the story we have running individually and collectively….

Do people believe that life will be boring if they resolve their addiction to polarized perceiving and thinking and the addiction to the “charged emotional body”?

Image by Gabriel Medina (Big bang quasares andromeda dimencional)


 Art by Ellen Vaman

Tuesday, January 18, 2022 
“To come to Christ
means to realize
that there is no separation 
between you and me,
Sananda.” nicole gans singer

The christ is a state of being

not the being!!!

ie-I (we) receive these transmissions with ullu love and am eternally grateful and appreciative of the gift of each person sharing their gifts with us all for the upliftment of humanity and the betterment of our experience of life. 

ie-I (we) now declare my conscious and conscientious choice to break free from the limitations imposed by living from the programmed mind and make a commitment to “know thy self” so that ie-I can be of assistance to bringing heaven on earth.

ie-I (we) have decided to honor my (our) commitment to Higher Truth and have made the choice to not play in delusions and to step fully into the natural world and declare this stance now.

ie-I (we) know that when seeing the reality of things from the highest perspective of love is where ie-I (we) can make a real difference.

ie-I (we) now realize that love is the foundational intelligent energy that supports all life and has a resonant frequency and can be described as Ullu Love (unconditional love love love unconditional love) and has the ability to transcend and transmute all that is not of it.

ie-I (we) now make a conscious and conscientious choice to break free from the “false light matrix” keeping my (our) psyche in victimization and my (our) body in fight or flight and choose to make a conscious and conscientious choice to bring:

stillness to my mind

love to my heart

calm to my spirit!!!!

ie-I (we) make the commitment to have the awareness so that ie-I (we) may fulfill my(our) destiny to experiencing heaven on earth by “walking softly upon the earth and standing strongly in my knowing”. pamela-ariah [kachowski]

Now that ie-I (we) have decided nothing can break my (our) resolve to be free of sin by collapsing all conflictions and contradictory thoughts and ideas in my (our) field/mind!

It matters not what others choose to do or not do it does not change the fact that my (our) will is inviolate as ie-I am aligned with Divine Will!!

My (our) will be done on earth as it is in heaven as ie-I (we) align with the new earth that is waiting to be birthed through me (us)….

ie-I am that, ie-I am

One Love!!!!

One Living Consciousness!!!!

By the power of 3x3x3 ie-I make it so, ie-I make it so, ie-I make it so and so it is… it is done, so be it!!!!

❤ yes ❤ 

❤ yes ❤ 

❤ yes ❤



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