Light Frequency Transmission For The Alleged Date January 12, 2020

“This light code supports the activations of the light grids of the earth. Activate with your love and diamond light these light grids that carry the higher light frequencies. Connect with these grids as much as you can and experience their qualities within yourself. Blessings 🧡Archangel Metatron🧡” Orason

Image by Orason

Image by Gabriel Medina (Big bang quasares andromeda dimencional)

Re-transmitting a message from Tuesday, February 17, 2015

You’ve got the Power.

You’ve got the Power to transmute anything unlike Love. So notice what comes up in your Life, and see it All as Good. “You mean, that challenging day when everything went awry was good?”

Indeed, because it allowed you the good fortune to use it for transmutation, for healing. That which remains unconscious will “run your life unconsciously”.

That which “comes up for healing” is literally an answer to your prayer. “Ah-ha!”. That is what the problem has been. Fantastic.

Now I can change it, transmute it, and heal it”. Do you see? You are looking at remnants of the past that are ready for releasing now.  

Indeed, it is new day dawning.

A Light-er Day.

As you claim your Power”. nicole gans singer

ie-I receive these transmissions with ullu love and am eternally grateful and appreciative of the gift of each person sharing their gifts with us all for the upliftment of humanity and the betterment of our experience of life. 

ie-I have decided to break free from the limitations imposed by living from the programmed mind and make a commitment to bring heaven on earth.

ie-I have decided to honor my commitment to Higher Truth and have made the choice to not play in delusions and to step fully into the natural world.

ie-I know that when seeing the reality of things from the highest perspective of love is where ie-I can make a difference.

May there be:

stillness to my mind

love to my heart

calm to my spirit!!!!

May ie-I at all times “walk softly upon the earth and stand strongly in my knowing”. pamela-ariah [kachowski]

Now that ie-I have decided nothing can break my resolve to collapse all conflictions and contradictory thoughts and ideas in my field/mind!

It matters not what others choose to do or not do it does not change the fact that my will is inviolate as ie-I am aligned with Divine Will!!

My will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

One Love!!!!

One Living Consciousness!!!!

By the power of 3x3x3 ie-I make it so, ie-I make it so, ie-I make it so and so it is… it is done, so be it!!!!

❤ yes ❤ 

❤ yes ❤ 

❤  yes ❤



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