Frequency Transmission For Resolving Conflict!

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A wonderful way for conflict resolution

This phenomenal picture is courtesy of Orason a channel for descending light energies to earth for helping people in the ascension process.

“When we view this Light Code as a drawing, we see two poles that are equidistant from each other with a circular road intersecting in the middle.
This Light energy means that life, learning and gaining insight is infinite and continues to flow into each other. You can also use this light code to bring harmony in conflict situations with other people. Print this light code and place a photo of yourself in one circle and the other person in the other circle, give an intention that more harmony may arise between you and the person in question. The Lightcode works as communicating vessels, so that more harmony is created”.
Blessings ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

๐Ÿ’™Mother Mary๐Ÿ’™ via orason

if you do not have a picture you can also use the name of the person or something that represents the situation…

Power to the People, United we Stand

December 28, 2017  ยท

 “The Original Spiritual Teaching of Man, Woman and Child.

The spirit soul does not die and which also during the deepest sleep, A human never sleeps, which records all thoughts and strings, consciousness spiritual development, which tell the human whether his, her thoughts are wrong, once he has learnt to pay attention to it. This spirit within the human is the bearer of the creative realm and it is typical for all humans.

It is incomprehensible that the human talks about a heavenly realm within him and does not just content himself with saying. Creating, truth , knowledge, wisdom, spirit consciousness and existence. The human yearning lies in the joy, which remains after the immortal life the lasting peace, the spiritual and Consciousness- related wealth that never fades but remains for ever.

Heaven and Earth will die but truth knowledge wisdom and spirit will never be changeable or pass.

The spirit and the consciousness are on the look out for the completeness, for harmony, for peace , realization and recognition, for knowledge, wisdom truth and beauty, for love and for the true Being, which overall are of absolute Permanence.

All together they result in that which builds the spiritual kingdom; they are all present within the creative.

They are all present in the existence, as genius of all geniality, as Melody of all Melodies as skill of all skills, as the highest creative principles, as wonder of all wonder.

In his dream the human is able to create worlds of wonder, as Creation consciously creates the worlds.

To the human this skill grows out of his own consciousness, which is in existence available within himself. He himself is the heavenly realm of the creative.That is why the terrestrial philosopher of old spoke of human as the micro cosmos within the macro cosmos, because everything that is contained within the universe is contained with in the universe is also located within the human.

The inner dimensions of the human being are endless. The reflection of Creation, The Spirit within him is the existence, which is dimension less and contains all dimensions within it and at the same time transcends all dimensions. The Spirit is wonder of all wonders, out of which all power emerges.

A wonder but means usage of the spirit power in perfection.The human however places wonder in to something, for which he lacks all possibilities of a logical explanation.

If the human is happy , then this his happiness comes from inside, because happiness is a self created state, but never is happiness a location. Joy comes fourth from the human, created by spiritual and consciousness related balance.

Therefore everything comes from with in .

Part one Billy BEAM samjaze pronounced semyossi contact Ten you tube

.As written in the book of life”

“The Law never changes.It is by understanding what we are within the forms of true Law that we are functionally subordinate to that we will begin to find a way to exist in a lawful way as a species. Every convenience of the modern world without any of the fictions or beliefs, without the suffering, violence, and inequality. It cannot be done within a system that is fundamentally unlawful in form, function, or practice.

To do what has not been done before we must think in a way we have not and subsequently, we must behave in a way we have not. Not because it is enforced from without but because it is an affect of the way we are because of the effect of what we are. Understanding what we are is a long journey for most.

Our species is The Law. The Law is Free Will. The First Protector of The Law is Freely Given Consent. The First Violation of The Law is Theft of Consent. The inherent duties of The Law are derived from either the First Protector of The Law or the First Violation of The Law, depending on whether it is your will to bring peace or to bring war into physical existence. If, as I assume, it is your will to bring peace into physical existence then your inherent duties of The Law are centred on protecting The Law, which means that you cannot steal consent from any other man or woman, you cannot allow for any other man or woman’s consent to be stolen, and you cannot allow your consent to be stolen.” Vance Adair Gawron

Infinite love


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