Public Notice: Covid-19 Measures are illegal!!!

Justice Shall Be Served!!
Law and justice concept – Themis statue, judge hammer and books. Courtroom.

Public Notice!!

Message sent to fact checker Iria Carballo-Carbajal

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Name: sophia-taniah



Dear Iria Carballo-CarbajalScience Editor, Health Feedback [Facebook]

Can you fact check this against the information you have already published regarding the coronavirus and the use of the CovID-19 measures including yet not limited to the injectable bio-weapon coined CovID-19?

Do you know that the people at the FDA, CDC, WHO and various politicians and Law Enforcement are under investigation?Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in Its History, ”Pfizer to Pay $2.3 Billion for Fraudulent Marketing”…/justice-department-announces

When there are in fact errors in what has been recorded in your system do you redact the incorrect data elements and apologize for the inaccuracies as a result of your own prejudices?When one is found to be negligent regarding the information they are providing for the public interest and if this information leads to harm or death can the provider of said information be charged with “Criminal Negligence” if they have been informed of the errors in their reporting?

without recourse, with prejudice,


What will it take for people to recognise their insanity?

Odd that so many go about their life and ignore that the body of man has been targeted by those that are clinically insane for decades.

“If there is a Genetic Bioweapons Act means that there is a Genetic Bioweapons Industry” Dr. Michael McDowell
Dr. Michael McDowell, Rapha Revival Ministries
• the genetics bioweapons industry backdrop
• SARS-CoV-2 design and function
• follow science or money
• the global and local trends

Does anyone get what this is saying?

DHHS is an “in rem” action against rights of the natural mom and dad when it’s only for foster parents whose rights were assigned by the agency.>>

Quasi : Latin for “as if.” Commonly used as a prefix to show that one thing resembles, but is not actually, another thing. For example, a quasi-contract resembles, but is not actually, a contract. quasi

Whereas “ Quasi Judicial” Definition at quasi juducual :

1) A proceeding conducted by an administrative or executive official that is similar to a court proceeding…
2) A judicial act performed by an official who is either not a judge or not acting in his or her capacity as a judge.

Quasi Contract quasicontract
An obligation imposed by law to prevent unjust enrichment. Also called a contract implied in law or a constructive contract, a quasi contract may be presumed by a court in the absence of a true contract, but not where a contract—either express or implied in fact—covering the same subject matter already exists.

Because a quasi contract is not a true contract, mutual assent is not necessary, and a court may impose an obligation without regard to the intent of the parties. When a party sues for damages under a quasi-contract, the remedy is typically restitution or recovery under a theory of quantum meruit. Liability is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Quantum Meruit:
Latin for “as much as he has deserved.” An equitable remedy that provides restitution for unjust enrichment. Damages awarded in an amount considered reasonable to compensate a person who has provided services in a quasi-contractual relationship. See Quasi contract (or quasi-contract).

A claim in quantum meruit is usually an action to recover the reasonable value of services rendered by one party to another.

Rule E. Actions in Rem and Quasi In Rem: General Provisions quasi in rem
(1) Applicability. Except as otherwise provided, this rule applies to actions in personam with process of maritime attachment and garnishment, actions in rem, and petitory, possessory, and partition actions, supplementing Rules B, C, and D.

(2) Complaint; Security.
(a) Complaint. In actions to which this rule is applicable the complaint shall state the circumstances from which the claim arises with such particularity that the defendant or claimant will be able, without moving for a more definite statement, to commence an investigation of the facts and to frame a responsive pleading.

(b) Security for Costs. Subject to the provisions of Rule 54(d) and of relevant statutes, the court may, on the filing of the complaint or on the appearance of any defendant, claimant, or any other party, or at any later time, require the plaintiff, defendant, claimant, or other party to give security, or additional security, in such sum as the court shall direct to pay all costs and expenses that shall be awarded against the party by any interlocutory order or by the final judgment, or on appeal by any appellate court.

(3) Process.
(a) In admiralty and maritime proceedings process in rem or of maritime attachment and garnishment may be served only within the district.

§ 47–2201. Definitions. (d) “ In the District” and “within the District” mean within the exterior limits of the District of Columbia and include all territory within such limits owned by the United States of America.

For years lawyers have been suiting as a result of vaccine injury. What kind of a society would allow baby’s, children, and adults to be killed using vaccines for over a 100 year and nothing is done to end murder by way of “medial murder”?

There are Doctors have known that vaccines have harmed and killed people since vaccines were invented what has been in our psyche that would ignore this fact. The creation of “Vaccine Courts” is proof that people have been harmed and murdered by the Pharmaceutical industry in cahoots with the Medical Industry.

We should be asking “how did we became “lab rats” or labelled as a “test subject” to be used by the scientists involved in “biological warfare” against mankind under the Department of Health and Welfare?”



David Martin’s shattering indictment of the COVID criminals


David Martin Explains Why Forced Vaccinations Are ILLEGAL Under TWO Existing U.S. Laws!

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