Are Our Thoughts Always Ours?

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What makes us feel bad?

Raymond shared a valuable message written by Premlatha Rajkumar on Facebook and the dialogue is relevant for everyone that finds themselves in a situation that does not feel good and are looking for a remedy:

“ARE YOU WILLING TO ‘SWITCH ON’ THE LIGHT? In a dark room if you ‘switch on’ the light, the darkness disappears. In the same way when you are in the dark with low frequency thoughts of anger, guilt, shame, hatred, or fear, you can switch on the light of peace, kindness, harmony, and fun. The ‘switch’ is the willingness to drop the thoughts of low frequency and become more loving towards yourself. Know that low frequency, or darkness is created only by thoughts, you are much more powerful than your thoughts. It is possible to ‘switch on’ to thoughts of higher frequencies of love, peace, and kindness. Have you noticed that when you think about a comedy or some fun activity that you did a few weeks, months, or even years ago, immediately makes your body to smile or even laugh out loud. Also have you noticed that when you think about a tragedy that happened years ago, it makes you feel sad.Notice that your body does not know if the situation you are feeding it by thoughts happened yesterday, a year ago or eons ago. The body lives in the now moment, and it accepts obediently what you feed it. So if you feed it thoughts of love and kindness, it will respond with joy and well being. And if you choose to feed it negative, fear thoughts, it responds with sadness, anxiety and increased amount of adrenaline secretion which leads to innumerable physical discomfort and problems. The ‘switch’ is in your hands, you can either switch on the thoughts of high frequency or live in the thoughts of darkness, of low frequency. Remember the light will dissolve the darkness, it always does! The choice is yours.Blessings!” Premlatha Rajkumar

“This is SO RIGHT, Raymond Shack! Thank you for the reminder. I have often, in my work with people, told someone to “feel” how that feels in their body. When a decision is needed and there are 2 or more alternatives, think very hard about only one and see how that FEELS in the body. Does it bring tension, fear, upset or does it feel light and free. Then do the same with the alternative, and how does that feel??? What feels light and free in the body, letting the shoulders relax down, the heartrate slow (but not TOO much), etc. etc., these are the things that are “right”. Another thing I tell people when a thought is not good, ask “who does that belong to”. Often whatever “story” we are telling ourselves is from a parent, friend, teacher, lover, etc. whether past or present. Simply asking “who does that belong to” even if we cannot pinpoint who releases that thought back to where it belongs, away from us! I love that you actually THINK and FEEL for yourself!”Ashari DiMera

“I did that tonight, I began to become upset about something, and I began taking deep breaths and I slumped my shoulders down. That helps make those bad feelings melt away”. Raymond Shack

Raymond Shack Yes it does!!! And if you ask “who does that belong to?” often you will realize that this thought is not even your own but something someone planted in your head whether by intention or not! Many times you can clearly see where it came from and just send it right back there. If not, then still you are acknowledging that it is not your own real thought and letting it go back into the UNIVERSE to find it’s rightful owner. So often we are told we can’t, we aren’t, we this, we that. Seeing that these are someone else’s opinions and values not ours allows us to BE our OWN higher selves!” Ashari DiMera

For those that are interested in self mastery it is beneficial to become the witness of our thoughts. Where do these thoughts come from. Throughout our life we are given identities, labels, religions, by those that come before us. It is in our awareness that we can choose to question what we are being told and choose to look at how we have adopted these thoughts and self-sabotage ourselves by holding onto these ideas.

It was odd to be that we ignore how words are created and/or who decided what words mean. Why do we ignore the fact that the word “belief” has the word “lie” in it for a reason?

Why is it we continue to stick to a belief without any real evidence only what we have been told by our mother or father, clergy, teachers, etc.?

When will we move beyond the psychology of belief to that of knowing?

What needs to happen to move into knowledge free from past be-LIE-f?

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