Covid Measures Are Not Legal!!

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The following is an email that was sent out today with regard to being harassed by people working in businesses at Penticton, British Columbia.

What gives someone the idea that they can dictate how someone else experiences their life?

Taking it to the church!!!!

When we go out of our home we do not expect to be arrested, harassed, or molested for going out in public and is why we have sent the following email and will be sending this same email to various stores, restaurants, hospitals, clinics etc. and suggest others do this for their home town as well. When sending out your Claim of Trespass make sure you direct the instrument to a man, women, or non-gendered being and not to their fictitious station in life.

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: sophia_tania we do not use a last name <>

To: <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; PSSG.MINISTER@GOV.BC.CA <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 2021, 03:30:59 p.m. PST

Subject: Being rejected service at your restaurant!

Claim  of Trespass; 

Notice of Liability

5879 Dahoon Drive
Pensacola, FL 32526

Dear Sam -acting Chairman of the Board for Denny’s et alia (and others), 

people is inclusive to all men, women, nongendered beings of all ages

others-all people on the board of directors, and the people acting as lawyers/attorneys hired by this board, all people working for the various restaurants (managers, hosts, etc.), and all other people affiliated with supplying produce and products to the restaurant. 
We recently visited a Denny’s restaurant located at Penticton British Columbia and was confronted with hostile militants at this restaurant insisting that before entering this Denny’s restaurant we must “put on a mask” and show the receptionist our “vaccine status”. 
Being peaceful and kind ourselves we do not expect to be confronted with hostility and we do not appreciate being confronted with hostility when we enter a business. 

Maxim of Law: “He who does not deny, admits. [A well-known rule of pleading]”, unless expressly denied, the following stands under the penalty of perjury:  Admit or Deny the following where indicated by circling one or the other:

Whereas notification of liability is the first essential element of due process of law”, as silence is acquiescence under the law, silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a lawful or moral duty to speak, or where an inquiry left unanswered would be misleading, whether intentionally or not; and, Admit or Deny

Matthew 18: 15-17 A Brother who Sins
15If your brother sins against you, go and confront him privately. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over. 16Butifhe will not listen,takeoneortwoothersalong,so that‘everymattermay be establishedbythe testimonyof twoorthreewitnesses.’17If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church. And if he refuses to listen even to the church, regard him as you would a pagan or a tax collector.…

The purpose of this correspondence is to bring awareness to the facts  regarding the alleged “CovID-19 Pandemic” (evidence points to a criminal conspiracy) and we wish to alert the people doing business of their lability for breaking the laws. 
As a concerned woman, mother, and grandmother i felt that i should reach out to you and inform you that the CovID-19 so-called “vaccine” is a “bioweapon” and anyone using it or suggesting the use of it shall be charged with attempted murder, and  murderer; the dearth of innocent people shall be on your hands.

Be advised that you and everyone on your board of directors and the lawyers/attorneys setting policy for Denny’s and for those working as managers shall be held personally liable for any and all damages, harm, deaths, etc., as a result of the “Covid Measures” being imposed at your place of business (a public service), this includes yet is not limited to the people that are working for the various restaurants called “Denny’s” and also those that come to enjoy dinning at your restaurants. 
It is illegal and unlawful to insist people wear a mask. Admit or Deny
It is illegal and unlawful to ask for a “Vaccine Passport”.  Admit or Deny

No one has a right to label or categorize other people. Admit or Deny (in other words we will not be subjected to being labeled as vaccinated or unvaccinated) 
We do not need a vaccine exemption to be free to enjoy being out in the “public domain”. Admit or Deny 
We (myself and my offspring, and other family members) do not need to wear a mask because we have faith and trust in our body’s natural intelligence. 
We honor the intelligence of creation by honoring that which is created.  Admit of Deny
“Natural Immunity” is superior to “Artificial Immunity”. Admit or Deny 
Injecting poisons, foreign DNA/RNA, etc., directly into the body is not improving the health and vitality of the biochemistry of our body. Admit or deny
The people are not dying from a virus they are being murdered by being injected with the “bioweapon” called “Covid-19 vaccines” and they are being murdered at the hands of “health care providers” using other means of medial intervention.  Admit or Deny

You are using your position as someone engaged with the public to abuse, torture, terrorize, poison, inflict pain and misery while supporting the murdering of  the people born into this world and in so doing have violated our trust,  Admit or Deny
The people have a right to spirit-mind-body autonomy and sovereignty. Admit or Deny
The people have the intrinsic right to not be subjected to custodial arrests and interrogation by the people working at your restaurants (a place of Public Service, Public Entertainment, Public Convenience, etc..) and which is subject to the laws of commerce and other laws. 
Did you know that there is a case that has been initiated in the Supreme Court of British Columbia regarding the alleged “CovID-19 Pandemic” and this bio-weapon called “Covid-19”? that is being unleashed upon unsuspecting people? Circle one yes or no 
Use the following link to access and read the filing:

Rocco Galati files Covid case against Bonnie Henry, John Horgan, Mike Farnsworth, Adrian Dix, and Others, including Trudeau/Tam – Easton Spectator
Rocco Galati files Covid case against Bonnie Henry, John Horgan, Mike Fa…Michael EastonAction4Canada and the Constitutional Rights Centre believe the government is infringing on human rights and have…
Rocco Galati files Covid case against Bonnie Henry, John Horgan, Mike Fa…Michael EastonAction4Canada and the Constitutional Rights Centre believe the government is infringing on human rights and have…

Also,  Dr. David Martins has gathered damning evidence that the “emergency” was orchestrated in order to commit genocide world wide. He has published a “Proposed Indictment”

“Every single Act, the declaration of the State of Emergency, the Emergency Use Authorization, the fraudulent face masks, the business closures, and the OSHA and CMS vaccine mandates are ALL admitted by the conspirators to be acts to coerce the population into taking a vaccine. Further, these acts disrupted the democracy of the United States of American and resulted in the violation of 18 USC § 2384. The conspirators announced it in 2015, then prepared the pathogen in 2016, and laid out the terror campaign in September 2019. And now they profit from the death of Americans”.
Use this link to access and read the “Proposed Indictment”:The-Criminal-Conspiracy-of-Coronavirus.pdf (

Also, there are 10, 000 Doctors and 1000 lawyers that have filed a court case regarding the CovID-19 fraud use this link to access and read about this enactment:  
10,000 Doctors, 1,000 Lawyers file Suit Against CDC, WHO and Davos for CV-19 Fraud: | “Global Possibilities”

Also, find below a “Cease and Desist” for all “CovID Measures” and stop the use of the CovID-19 vaccines immediately.
THIS IS LAWFUL SERVICE OF AN ORDER TO CEASE AND DESIST AND Emergency Injunction Immediately halting Any and All COVID measures as Genocidal and Crimes Against Humanity, including and not limited to: Proof of vaccination and the BC Vaccine Card, Vaccine Passports, COVID Vaccines Mandates, Contact Listing including “Social gatherings at private residences and all commercial establishments”, any and all “COVID VACCINATIONS” [GENETIC BIOWARFARE], Genocidal Technologies COVID Pandemic Measures such as COVID PCR tests, COVID Social Control methods such as masking, lockdowns, quarantines, and/or any surveillance, harassment, detention, arrests, forced confinement with vaccinated persons, or other means of preventing this individual from exercising their work and daily life functions – in your Jurisdiction as Genocide and Crimes against Humanity Under Natural Law, Common Law, Treaty Law, Articles 6 and 7 of the International Criminal Court Statute , the Nuremberg Code , the Geneva Conventions , the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples , the Final Judgment of the Natural and Common Law Tribunal for Public Health and Justice at[6]. DULY AND LAWFULLY SERVED THIS 1st day of OCTOBER 2021
Use this link to access and read the entire document using this link:bc-proof-of-vaccination-and-vaccine-card-order-to-cease-desist-covid-vaccination-genetic-biowarfare-1.pdf (

You are herby officially notified and shall be held liable for the harm, loss, misery and deaths of innocent people and their deaths shall be imprinted upon your spirit,  the people receiving the vaccine shall be absolved. their misery. is on you and on those that have used man as a “test subject” and thereby violated our right to autonomous and sovereign freedom of expression. 

As someone doing business “In the Public” you are required to respond to this email within 10 days. 

This mailing is made for the best interest of “We The People” privately and publicly.
without recourse, sincerely,
cc: this email shall be printed off and hand delivered to Brian Hunter acting chief of police (RCMP)  for the City of Penticton 

Love ya!!

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