Working On A Document To Serve “Public Servants”!

The purpose and intended outcome(s) for serving you this notice, Claim of Dispute; Notice of Trespass;; Notice of Fraud; Notice of Dereliction of Duty with Liability with Request for Admissions; Requesting A Stay; with attached Fair Warning Notice Of Fee Schedule & Remedy is:
1. to ensure all “Public Servants”, such as Politicians, and or “Officers”/officers, and or “agents”/”Agents” that have sworn an “oath of office” or not are acting within the scope of their authority and fulfilling their duty and obligation to us “We The People”, under their job description, whom they are intended by virtue of their appointment to protect and serve; and to ensure all claimed private and or public so-called owners of businesses are adhering to the laws as they are written; to make it perfectly clear that we do not and never have given any other man, woman, non-gendered entity the ability to dictate our life experience.
2. to resolve all presumptions and assumptions held by both parties regarding the “live birth record” and subsequent creation of the all capitalized “Legal Name” aka “Legal Person”, so as to bring clarity regarding the issues pertaining to said “Legal Person” as a result of being issued the “Birth Certificate” and subsequent “Social Insurance Number” and all other accounts.
(2)(a) to know the intention and purpose of creating the “Legal Person” and all subsequent accounts.
(2)(b) to ensure that the creation of these account is for our benefit.
(2)(c) to ensuring privacy of the “Legal Name” aka “Legal Person” is strictly enforced so that there is no further trespass such as a raping of the estate and or diminishing of the spirit resulting in unsatisfactory life experience.
3. to resolve all controversy and or misunderstanding by bringing clarity to that which is unclear so as to ensure everyone has the opportunity to experience their reason for being and have fulfillment during the experience of life. (3)(a) to ensure that our fundamental right to not be harassed, intimidated, or harmed by those that do not know the laws that they are enforcing because they have been misinformed regarding these laws and are inadequately trained. (3)(a)(i) to ensure the “Law Enforcers” are aware of whom these Laws apply and to whom they have a legal right to order. (3)(a)(ii) to ensure the “Law Enforcers” know these laws as they are written and know their job description and the scope and limitation under which they operate.
(3)(b) it is essential that everyone has clarity with the situation and can see the facts to restore and maintain the peace by recognizing when a trespass occurs.
4. to correct any miss-classifications and all errors in the record from the beginning, to establish jurisdiction over ourselves and our experience of life whether here on Earth aka Gaia or elsewhere by way of “Due Process of Law”, so that there is an end to all usury taking place in the courts under the “Color of Office” and or the “Color of Law”.
(4)(a) to halt all extortion taking place by establishing the fact that we did not come forth to be ordered to perform without just compensation (see attached fee schedule).
5. to enact a Peace Bond and or a Protection Order to ensure that no further trespass occurs by those that are unaware and or unconscious, and or deliberately causing harm upon the spirit and or upon man’s genome.
(5)(a) to make it clear that we each have the divine right to be protected from violence and or manipulation on all dimensions of mind and matter, from mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical abuse through false doctrine, hypnosis, trauma based mind control, “false flag event(s)” [false flag does not mean an event is false it means someone was set up to be harmed or murdered for a political reason, just like 9-11], overt and or covert military operations, broadcasts via media, electronic harassment, etc..
(5)(a)(i) to verify that the will of “We the People” is not violated so as to ensure mind, spirit, body autonomy and sovereignty for each living soul.
(5)(b) to acknowledge that we know that we have been lied to and coerced into participating in fraud and we wish to be absolved of any liability so as to protect ourselves and our property that we are in use of until all wrongs have been made right and “We The People” have been made whole again.
(5)(c) in order for “We The People” to feel safe in our person, in our body, in our home, and or our effects it is imperative that all “Law Enforcement” uphold The Canadian Constitution,Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protect every individual’s right to “life liberty and security of the person, and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice”, as well as the Constitution of the Universal Postal Union.
(5)(d) to be granted “A Stay” regarding all CovID-19 measures and to be given adequate time to resolve all issues regarding this matter.
(5)(d)(i) to be supported in applying for an Administrative Hearing without being harassed or intimidated at my home or on my private property regarding the issues mentioned herein.
6. to assist “We The People” in establishing that we have/has suffered a legal wrong due to our lack of awareness and incomprehension of the illusion as a result of being misinformed and misdirected so that we were blind to what is actually going on making us vulnerable to manipulation and coercion by those that have positioned themselves into a place of dominance.
(6)(a) to ensure the men, women, and or non-gendered entities acting on behalf of an agency that trespass and have adversely affected or aggrieved “We The People” are held accountable when they do not or are not following “Due Process of Law”.
(6)(a)(i) to ensure a judicial review of all cases for the purpose of righting wrong doing by the people operating under the Justice System.
(6)(b) to establish when a trespass occurs and an action is taken against the perpetrating agent or officer in the course of his mandated activity for a specific City Corporation in the court of said City Corporation the victim is entitled to relief, and receives just compensation for time rendered, and receives adequate care to heal the harm and injuries whether psychological, emotions, mental, and or physical so as to be made whole again. (6)(b)(i) to establish where ever an officer of an office and or agent of an agency acted or failed to act in an official capacity or under color of legal authority shall not be dismissed nor relief therein be denied on the ground that the action is taken against the City the officer is working for or that the City Corporation is an indispensable party. (6)(b)(ii) to establish where the City Corporation is named as a defendant in any such action, and a judgment or decree may be entered against the creator and maintainer of the City Corporation as per 5 USC Section 702 Right of review.
(6)(c) to ensure that Administrative Law governs the exercise of public power over government delegates. . (6)(c)(i) to ensure that those empowered by the Parliament of Canada and the Legislature of British Columbia to make decisions that affect the day-to-day life of “We The People” must do so in accordance with the “Rule of Law” and “Due Process of Law” and with full knowledge, full disclosure. This means that they must exercise their powers in accordance with the law and cannot exercise their power arbitrarily.
7. to resolve all conflations, and or conflicting, and or dogmatic beliefs and contradictory thoughts in order to establish our own spiritual authority. (7)(a) to be free to travel by way of “freedom of transit” upon the earth and to traverse time and space unimpeded without any threat of molestation, false arrests, illegal search and seizures, rape, torture, illegitimate ticketing/citation, etc. by our own constitution, ethics, and morality (harmlessness to self and harmlessness to all others).
8. to remove any and all assumptions and or presumptions that we ever assigned and or agreed to having a power of attorney and or a guardian and or a custodian over us, and or our person, and or our estate , and or our trusts, and or our effects separately and or jointly.
(8)(a) to ensure that we retain our position as the beneficiary is recognized so that we each receive benefits so that we can pass on these benefits to our rightful heirs (offspring and future generations of our DNA lineage).
9. to bring clarity to all people working for or acting on behalf of a Municipal Corporation, Provincial Corporation, State/Provincial Corporation, Federal Corporation, Government Agencies, Private Business Owners and their staff, and or any and all Court Houses, and to the creators and maintainers of said Private Corporation including yet not limited to The Queen of British Columbia Corporation, or Queen of Canada Corporation, ensure that no fraud is taking place anywhere regard aforementioned.
10. to establish who has duties and obligations to perform under their job descriptions within the scope of their authority and to determine the intent of the legislation pertaining to The Transportation Act and all other Acts.
11. to verify exactly where “We The People” gave our consent to be governed.
12. to establish who has duties and obligations to perform under their job descriptions within the scope of their authority
13. to establish the fact that we do not have to adhere to “mandates’ created by Legislators that are in contradictions to our constitution, ethics, or morality.
14. to ensure the facts are established by way of an Administrative Hearing in all cases so that there shall be no trespass upon our experience of life, so that we are not forced onto participating in something we do not want participate in and want no any part of.
15. to effect change to policy within and without government regarding established Supreme Court rulings, equal consideration of law.

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