Do You Know How To Beat The BAR?

Educational Material!

Do you know “Due Process of Law”?
Do you know how to resolve controversy using the “Private Ministerial Action Process”?

Are you interested in resolving your “Legal Issues” the right way?

To resolve the economic impact of the “modern world” it would be a good idea to realize how we got to where we are today. The following article titled “Admiralty Courts and How to defeat the Admiralty Courts, “spells” it out quite nicely:

Can Lady Liberty take off her blind fold and realize with real eyes what is happening in the BAR Courts?

Whose court room is it? What happened to “Due Process”?

Are you interested in ending the “Lawyers/Attorneys’ stranglehold on your life experience? If so then you must be willing to stop believing you know everything about how the system is run and “stop drop and roll” and get up with a fresh mind and outlook and you must be willing to take the time to check out the new information availabe to you …

Either the “Lawyers/Attorneys” are completely ignorant and incompetents’ or they are corrupt beyond reason. They are instrumental in the breach of the “private” and “public” trust.

Are you interested in how to restore the “private” and “public” trust? If so then you must realize the we are the “beneficiaries” and unfortunately those that are using the courts are doing so for their own benefit. We are being forced to take actions we were never supposed to take in order to correct the records that are in error!

Do you know the difference between “the color of law” and “due process of law”?

Do you know what the “Private Ministerial Action Process” is?

Like the rest of us the “Police”/”Policy Enforcers”/”Law Enforcers” have been duped and conditioned to break the law and it is up to us to assist them to recognize this.

The educators of these “officers” are the ones that must be held accountable for they are the ones that have breached the “private” and “public” trust. And once they are made knowing by sending them a “Notice” then they can no longer claim to be acting “in good faith”

See the source image
Do you know Reciprocity in Equity?
The constitution protects your innate, inalienable, natural born rights!

My biggest lesson that ie/I would like to share is my habit of making assumptions and assumptions regarding what ie/I had previously learned from others… it would have been more beneficial for my case to completely lift off the top of skull and empty it completely…..look at it like taking out the garbage… get rid of the stench that may be lingering from what you have previously experienced using sound therapy and come prepared to be open to listening to the wisdom of those that have been researching for years….

Asking questions in our notices is much more effective ..the founding member and moderator of the community is Malika, she is brilliant and a very efficient and effective teacher,

The other major contributors to the intellectual information is Keith who is also a very efficient and effective teacher (his YouTube channel is shared below) and he finally got through to me so that ie/I could be free from my indoctrination

Drivers license requires an oath of public office

Request For Admission

Maxim of Law: “He who does not deny, admits. [A well-known rule of pleading]”, unless expressly denied, the following stands under the penalty of perjury:      

Admit or Deny the following:….

To beat the BAR Association members at their own game you must know that they are not following “Due Process of Law” but neither are we.

If we are filing a case in court then we are misguided as we are not qualified to go to court.

Start acting like the beneficiary. It is up to us to stop acting like an agent or member of the military…

Civil= Military (have you taken an oath of office or signed up for the military?)

Stop acting in fraud!!!

Why would we access the system if we do not know how the system is running?

It is up to us to correct the record!

Yes, it is unethical and immoral and corrupt business practices to take advantage of people that are handy caped, disabled, deaf, blind, and poorly educated, and is how these people have operated for far too long.

The humanoids that set up the way we do life know how the human design words and use NLP, hypnosis on the unsuspecting populace… once we are aware of their game we can break free from the bars of our mind….

“Come out of her my people”……

It is up to us to be better people and hold them to their word…

There is an amazing and supportive group of men and woman that have come together in a community for the “common good” with the desire to be free. This community is called “The Lawful Living Community”, the website is there are a number of groups listed some are free groups these are “Public Members Groups”. Some of the groups are classes (by donation) these are “Private Members Groups”. People can join by making a donation to join a “Private Members Group” (listed below.) to the founder of the group. It is well worth the $20 US to get the life changing information shared in the “Private Members Groups”!

Join this community by going to ( membership is free) after you have registered and are on the website then go to the top of the page and click on the home icon and join the Community Group and familiarize yourself with the members.

You can reach out to members by clicking on the search bar and you should see four words across the page

  1. Groups 2. Members 3. Articles 4. Hashtags

The members use # to make it easier to find the topics they are interested in studying by putting a # in front of the key words they are searching for most of the zoom videos will have a #with the month for example #november or #November or #november2021 etc..

Join the fun by going to and become a member

If you are having issues with the “Law Society” we suggest starting with the “Beat The Bar” class make a donation and contact Malika and ask her to enroll you in this class

Then take the class titled, “Private Ministerial Action Process” so that you are prepared and fully comprehend the process you will be taking action on,

To fully comprehend the fact that you can mail your “Notices” for free you will want to the class titled “Franken Mail”

If you are interested in beginning to open your mind with the desire to break free from teh “programming” then you will want to take the class titled “Name Calling.

If you are having issues with CPS then you will want to take the class titled “Cancel CPS”

If you are having issues feeding your family then you will want to take the class tilted “Feed The Fam”

If you are having issues with people approaching you regarding the CovID-19 measures then you will want to take the class titled “Mash a Maskhole”

If you are facing “eviction” or just tired of paying rent and having issues with the “Land Lord” or if you would like to be free of paying a mortgage they you will want to take the class titled “Mortgage Free”.

Supplemental classes to the “Mortgage Free” class is “House Notes Rental Leases”

It is recommended that everyone take the class titled “Money Talk”, this is an enlightening class filled with extremely valuable information

If you are interested in learning how to stop paying income tax it is recommended that everyone take the ” Taxes Property and Income”

Supplemental class to the “tax free “class is the class titled ” BC & SSN”

If you can grasp the concept that we are not qualitied to get a “Drivers License” and do not need to “Register” our car/automated covered wage and find yourself with traffic tickets then you will be interested in the information shared in the class titled “Traffic Blockin”.

“The Police Officer swears by Oath to uphold the United States Constitution as an Officer
Of Law. Supreme Court Decisions are Considered the Law of the Land In Regards to
Constitutionally Protected Rights, and they cannot be interpreted, or re-interpreted, as they are
‘stare decisis’ (already reviewed and clearly described as Law).
There is no such thing as “FAILURE TO IDENTIFY”
Kolender v. Lawson (461 U.S. 352, 1983) in which the United States Supreme Court ruled that a
police officer could not arrest a citizen merely for refusing to present identification”. Joshua Gutierrez

May be an image of text

if one is involved in corpus delecti and/or named in an investigation (crime), that is grounds for ID and arrest.

(traffic infractions are not crimes) The Police Officer are taught just enough to be blind to the fact they are acting under the “color of law”.. they are either blind to the laws or they know and are willfully committing crimes by practicing law on the side of the road and forging securities…

No photo description available.
Those men and women acting as “officers of the court” when acting outside of their “job description” are not covered by their insurance! It is the Commissioner that is responsible for training and educating the new recruits to the laws as they are written and to ensure proper protocols and policies are put into place to ensure the safety of all people.

Is the Legislative Branch creating laws that are instructed by the people for the people or are they making laws for their own person gain? The power of congress comes from the people and it is up to us to come together for the common good of the people.

The following video is for educational purpose: so that we all come to know who holds the actual power:

“Rules of Statutory Construction require the same or similar form as a contract when written. The statute must contain full information to give the reader knowledge about what he can expect within the context of the law. The context must contain notice and fair warning so that the reader may know what conduct is prohibited so he can refrain from it as a right to avoid liability”

Beat traffic tickets

29 U.S. Code § 152 - Definitions

(6)The term “commerce” means trade, traffic, commerce, transportation, or 👉communication👈 among the several States, or between the District of Columbia or any Territory of the United States and any State or other Territory, or between any foreign country and any State, Territory, or the District of Columbia, or within the District of Columbia or any Territory, or between points in the same State but through any other State or any Territory or the District of Columbia or any foreign country

Notice of Fee Schedule and Remedy for personal protection from Federal/State/County/City/Municipal/Corporation employees is just per Trezevant v. City of Tampa,741 F.2d 336 (11th Cir. 1984) Motorist was illegally held for 23 minutes on a traffic charge and was awarded $25,000 in damages. This sets the foundation for $1,086.00 per minute, $65,160.00 per hour or $l,563,840.00 per day. When an individual is detained without a signed lawful 4th amendment warrant and without having committed a crime (Traffic infractions are NOT crimes.), the detention is a false arrest and unlawful imprisonment.

If you are tired of paying “Utilities” then you will want to join this group.

If you are interested in hearing about real people that have learning this information and have implemented it and having success in life.

If you are having legal issues and need support there are zoom meetings every Tuesday and Thursday from noon till ? (it is scheduled for 2 hours yet depending on the number of people on the call and the issues being discussed the call has been known to last for 4 hours or more….. Malika is an amazing researcher and very thorough with a heart of gold

Zoom call in number is 838 217 447

The Zoom calls are recorded and uploaded to the site…Malika is very efficient at getting the videos posted and most of the time the chat messages made by the participants are included

Be the change you wish to see in the world.. take right action!!!

When making a donation on PayPal or Cashapp remember to include the name you use on the site along with the class or classes you are interested in attending.

Suggest starting with the “Money Talks” class the information published in this class is golden!!!!

See you on the other side of freedom!

Wishing you much success in life!!!

Focus on what your are wanting and speak of what you want!!!

Yesterday being November 3, 2021 ie/I was reminded today that we must be diligent with our thoughts, what we focus on, and to be acutely aware of how we see others, and what we are saying about others

*It is not for us to condemn those that cannot see and If an order is unjust, immoral, unethical no one has to follow it…..We have free will choice to choose to say “no”…^Do you have the ability to discern right from wrong and to recognize when an order is unjust, immoral, unethical and do you have the will and fortitude to know when to say “no”?

◄ Revelation 18:4 ►

*Babylon is Fallen…3All the nations have drunk the wine of the passion of her immorality. The kings of the earth were immoral with her, and the merchants of the earth have grown wealthy from the extravagance of her luxury.” 4Then I heard another voice from heaven say: “Come out of her, My people, so that you will not share in her sins or contract any of her plagues. 5For her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.…

*Just like Matthew, we all have the ability to say “no”….Thus, Matthew is identified with the man sitting at the tax office whom Jesus calls to follow him: “As Jesus passed on from there, he saw a man called Matthew sitting at the tax office; and he said to him, “Follow me’. And he rose and followed him” (Mt 9: 9). Mark (cf. 2: 13-17) and Luke (cf. 5: 27-30), also tell of the calling of the man sitting at the tax office, but they call him “Levi”. read more here if it pleases you……/hf_ben-xvi_aud_20060830.html

*We are our brothers’ keeper and when people are imbalanced and far removed from themselves and unable to hear their higher-self as a result of their corrupt emotional body and deeply held beliefs’ and “know not what they do”…. what can we do? love them…..

*Thus, in the figure of Matthew, the Gospels present to us a true and proper paradox: those who seem to be the farthest from holiness can even become a model of the acceptance of God’s mercy and offer a glimpse of its marvelous effects in their own lives

* it is proven when children that are constantly given negative reinforcement and told “you are stupid” etc., most often begin to believe that they are. Just as children that are supported and praised and given “positive” reinforcement will rise to the occasion. ie/I have first hand knowledge of this phenomenon growling up ie/I was severely bullied by my peers when in elementary school; they constantly would say “you are fat”, “you are ugly”, and “you are stupid” unwittingly ie/I bought the programming and grew up believing that ie/I was in fact fat, ugly, and stupid;; this is how NLP and hypnosis work….

This was revealed to me when at the age of 57 after putting on an outfit that a friend had hand painted for me my paradigm shifted and my body felt beautiful for the first time… Obviously ie/I knew that ie/I was not ugly yet deep down at some level we believe what we are told… it was quite the epiphany to have been freed from this was shocking and exhilarating for the body to actually feel beautiful. After this epiphany ie/I dug out my photo album and scanned the picture.. looking at the pictures of me in elementary school obviously ie/I was not fat, not ugly, and ie/I was not stupid (graduated high school with honor and was awarded top artist in all 3 of my senior years…. funny what we are unconsciously holding as recordings in our subconscious mind (aura) those that know us the best unconsciously read this attractor field and can trigger us the easiest (they are our greatest allies if our desire is to be free!!!* it is in our awareness that we come to the realization of the subconscious programs imprinted into our mind/electromagnetic field/aura around and through the electromagnet/biochemical expression living soul we call a man

Once we are cognizant of how the subconscious, and the electromagnetic field/mind (attractor field) work we can choose to use this knowledge to our advantage and speak of what we want.

We can benefit ourselves and each other by becoming acutely aware of our “self talk”… why would we chose to allow those pesky thoughts running in the background of our life to influence our life once we know better? Once we know better we can do better!! Will you choose to recognize the thoughts that are “unbeneficial” to influence you?

Stop giving others power over your happiness by allowing yourself to think that they can influence you?

Thoughts running in our aura act ike interferance patterns and when aware we can tap into our own subconscious programing.

It is us that can choose to purify the aura/mind , clear the mind of all detrimental programs running, restore the emotional body, and in so doing we purify our heart.

This is love in action…..

Maybe we parish for lack of knowledge and we are also perishing for lack of awareness of how our condemnation is a curse…Does “God” know what “unconditional love is”? It is a love without conditions!!!! A true lover of life and someone that is in alignment with their “divinity” would have knowledge of what drives people to do what they do and not condemn them!!!!

God’s Charges Against Israel
5You will stumble by day, and the prophet will stumble with you by night; so I will destroy your mother— 6My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you as My priests. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children. 7The more they multiplied, the more they sinned against Me; they exchanged their Glory for a thing of disgrace.…

Some important links:

31 CFR § 357.13 – Obligations of the United States and the Federal Reserve Banks with respect to Book-entry Securities and security
What do you think of this idea? ‘The Bankruptcy of The United States’
the government says that nobody has to give anyone any information

42 U.S. Code § 1306 – Disclosure of information in possession of Social Security Administration or Department of Health and Human

31 U.S. Code § 3123 – Payment of obligations and interest on the public
They aren’t even supposed to be talking to you

Suggest taking the “Money Talk” class published for the Lawful Living Community members, everything is paid in faith…..

15 U.S. Code § 1692c – Communication in connection with debt
this is a code that tells them our signature holds more power than a notary

28 U.S. Code § 1746 – Unsworn declarations under penalty of per­
this shows that congress shall pay the debts

Article 1 Section 8 Clause 1 | Constitution Annotated | | Library of

El Hotepsekhemwy Pero3 minutes ago inCommunity•Edited


The Right To Practice Law

The American Bar Association (ABA), founded August 21, 1878, is a voluntary association of lawyers, and was incorporated in 1909 in the state of Illinois. The state does not accredit the law schools or hold examinations and has no control or jurisdiction over the ABA or its members. The ABA accredits all the law schools, holds their private examinations, selects the students they will accept in their organization, and issues them so-called license for a fee; but does not issue state licenses to lawyers. The Bar is the only authority that can punish or disbar a Lawyer not the state.

The ABA also selects the lawyers that they consider qualified for Judgeships and various other offices in the State. Under fiction of law only the Bar Association or their designated committees can remove any of these lawyers from public office. This is a tremendous amount of power for a private union to control and because of this unchecked power RICO run rampant throughout our government at every level, and We the People intend on extinguishing it.

The United States Constitution does not give anyone the right to a lawyer or the right to counsel, or the right to any other "hearsay substitute". The 6th Amendment is very specific, that the accused only has the right to the “assistance of counsel” and this assistance of counsel can be anyone the accused chooses without limitations.

"The term [liberty] ... denotes not merely freedom from bodily restraint but also the right of the individual to contract, to engage in any of the common occupations of life, to acquire useful knowledge, to marry, to establish a home and bring up children, to worship God according to the dictates of this own conscience...

The established doctrine is that this liberty may not be interfered with, under the guise of protecting public interest, by legislative action 1
." … "The practice of law cannot be licensed by any State 2
." … “a State cannot exclude a person from the practice of law or from any other occupation in a manner or for reasons that contravene the Due Process Clause 3
.” … "The practice of law is an occupation of common right 4
." … Therefore "there can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of his exercise of Constitutional Rights 5
."CONCLUSION: “Litigants can be assisted by unlicensed laymen during judicial proceedings 6
”…“Members of groups who are competent non-lawyers can assist other members of the group achieve the goals of the group in court without being charged with "unauthorized practice of law 7
." … “A next friend is a person who represents someone who is unable to tend to his or her own interest 8
1. Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390, 399, 400
2. Schware v. Board of Examiners, United State Reports 353 U.S. pages 238, 239
3. Schware v. Board of Bar Examiners, 353 U.S. 232 (1957)
4. Sims v. Aherns, 271 SW 720 (1925)
5. Sherar v. Cullen, 481 F. 2d 946 (1973)
6. Brotherhood of Trainmen v. Virginia ex rel. Virginia State Bar, 377 U.S. 1; v. Wainwright, 372 U.S. 335; Argersinger v.
Hamlin, Sheriff 407 U.S. 425
7. NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415); United Mineworkers of America v. Gibbs, 383 U.S. 715; and Johnson v. Avery, 89 S. Ct.
747 (1969)
8. Federal Rules of Civil Procedures, Rule 17,
(2) Without a Representative. A minor or an incompetent person who does not have a duly appointed representative may sue by a next friend or by a guardian ad litem. The court must appoint a guardian ad litem—or issue another appropriate order—to protect a minor or incompetent person who is unrepresented in an action.

How do they summons us to court without "Due Process"? 
What mistaken classification do they have us under that has permitted such gross misconduct by the "military officers" that are supposed to be "acting in good faith"?

Can you show me the contract of  me swearing my elegance to the "Flag" or to the "King" or "Queen"? 

5 U.S. Code § 706 - Scope of review
U.S. Code
To the extent necessary to decision and when presented, the reviewing court shall decide all relevant questions of law, interpret constitutional and statutory provisions, and determine the meaning or applicability of the terms of an agency action. The reviewing court shall—
(1)compel agency action unlawfully withheld or unreasonably delayed; and
(2)hold unlawful and set aside agency action, findings, and conclusions found to be—
(A)arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, or otherwise not in accordance with law;
(B)contrary to constitutional right, power, privilege, or immunity;
(C)in excess of statutory jurisdiction, authority, or limitations, or short of statutory right;
(D)without observance of procedure required by law;
(E)unsupported by substantial evidence in a case subject to sections 556 and 557 of this title or otherwise reviewed on the record of an agency hearing provided by statute; or
(F)unwarranted by the facts to the extent that the facts are subject to trial de novo by the reviewing court.
In making the foregoing determinations, the court shall review the whole record or those parts of it cited by a party, and due account shall be taken of the rule of prejudicial error.
(Pub. L. 89–554, Sept. 6, 1966, 80 Stat. 393.)

It is always good to be informed and Dr. David Marten is sharing some very vital information in unraveling the “Criminal Conspiracy” regarding CovID-19 plandemic*MTYzNzIzNTAzMS40LjEuMTYzNzIzNjMyOC4w

*Perhaps, we should all be focusing on possibilities and choose not to limit another’s potential with our own prejudices…

*self awareness is the key to self master….

*are we collectively focusing on what we are wanting?

Personally ie/I would like to find out who has claimed to be the “voluntary guardian of an incapacitated person”

El Hotepsekhemwy Pero posted in the Community

31 CFR § 360.64 - Payment or reinvestment - voluntary guardian of an incapacitated person.

(a) Payment of bonds.

(1) When an adult owner of bonds is incapable of requesting payment as a result of incapacity and there is no other person legally qualified to do so, the relative, or other person, responsible for the owner's care and support may submit an application for recognition as voluntary guardian for the purpose of redeeming the owner's bonds, if the total redemption value of all of the owner's bonds does not exceed $20,000. The bonds and application should be submitted to a designated Federal Reserve Bank or the Bureau of the Fiscal Service.

(2) The redemption value of the bonds shall be determined as of the date the bonds are received, accompanied by an appropriate request for payment. If the total redemption value exceeds $20,000, a legal representative must be appointed, as set forth in § 360.60.

(b) Reinvestment of bonds.

(1) If the bonds have matured and ceased earning interest, they may be redeemed and the proceeds reinvested in any other savings bonds available. The new bonds must be registered in the name of the incapacitated person, followed by words showing that he or she is under voluntary guardianship; for example, “John Jones 123-45-6789, under voluntary guardianship”. A living coowner or beneficiary named on the matured bonds must be designated on the new bonds, unless such person furnishes a certified statement consenting to omission of his or her name.

(2) If an amount insufficient to purchase an additional bond of any authorized denomination of savings bond remains after the reinvestment, the voluntary guardian may furnish additional funds sufficient to purchase another savings bond of the lowest available denomination. If additional funds are not furnished, the remaining amount will be paid to the voluntary guardian for the use and benefit of the incapacitated person.


31 CFR § 360.60 - Payment to representative of an estate.

(a) The representative of an estate of an owner who is a minor, an aged person, incompetent, absentee, et al., may receive payment upon request:

(1) If the registration shows the name and capacity of the representative;

(2) If the registration shows the capacity but not the name of the representative and the request is accompanied by appropriate evidence; or

(3) If the registration includes neither the name of the representative nor his or her capacity but the request is accompanied by appropriate evidence.


(1) Appropriate evidence for paragraphs (a) (2) and (3) of this section includes Fiscal Service Forms 5385 (redemption) and 5386 (reissue) completed and signed by the representative in accordance with the proper form's instructions, which are incorporated herein, or a certified copy of the letters of appointment or, if the representative is not appointed by a court, other proof of qualification.

(2) Except in the case of corporate fiduciaries, the evidence must show that the appointment is in full force and be dated not more than one year prior to the presentation of the bond for payment. The request for payment appearing on the back of a bond must be signed by the representative as such, for example, “John S. Jones, guardian (committee) of the estate of Henry W. Smith, a minor (an incompetent)”.

ie/I love this video

How You Change People!!!!

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