What Is A Deceptive Form?

For The Public Record

Far too many people have been deceived by the members of the “Law Society”. The following information was copied and pasted into this blog to give others a heads up on how to deal with the BAR Rats:

“What can I do to stop this please give me answer I can understand I mean overstand” Lee Bequette

May be an image of text that says 'IN THE ELEVENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT STATEO ISSOUR STATE OF MISSOURI, ESTEL LEE BEQUETTE. )CAUSE NO. 1711-CR03701-01 DIVISION NO. TOSUSPEND AND REVOKE DEFENDANT'S Comes now Jane Darst. Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Missouri this Court revoke defendant probation based dated 9/27/21. The State further requests immediate suspension Any additional violation reports received by this office will be forwarded. Charles County vsolation repon defendant's probation Jane Darst Jane Darst Assistant Prosecuting Attorey Missouri Bar No. 38285 Certificate Service fthe above has been mailed by first class mail, postage prepaid, on October 05, Bequette Wallace Street, Apt 2E Saint Louis, MO 63116'

Public Group:

Cap Thompkins?

Justin StantonWhat thomas Thompkins Cap Calvin said?????

Lee BequetteJustin Stanton they are trying to revoke my probation and put me in prison for 7 years

Dre VaksdalWhat did ya do bro? Did you destroy property or a person. What’s the charge??? Need more information….

Lee BequetteDre Vaksdal possession and driving while revoked

Dre VaksdalAnd they wanna , re instate 7 yrs n jail instead of a probation … that was installed by : your lawyer??? Or

Jaime Craig WilkinsonHow can the STATE OF bring a suite against an autonomous autogenous being?

Jaime Craig Wilkinson mr or mrs STATE OF MISSOURI be there to testify??

Robert Couch Mason James it’s just business…. we all know WHAT it is but it IS what it is….

Jaime Craig Wilkinson A defendant is a dead entity… tell them to look for the death certificate.

Matthew Sanchez Suspend on what grounds? And let me get this straight you want to stay on probation?

Lee BequetteMatthew Sanchez no I want them to leave me alone I didn’t hurt anyone

Matthew SanchezLee Bequette Well this letter does state they want to revoke probation but it doesn’t state why. Revoking is what you want , it’s to take away BUT the main issue is why and for what reason?

Dean PhillipsMatthew Sanchez isn’t revoking it mean they want them back in a cage?

Matthew SanchezDean Phillips it depends, this letter is vague ONLY he knows why which I asked and he is not answering the question but evading it.For example you and revoke your signature OR better yet revoke your plea …I have (when I didn’t know any better) revoked pleas that I made that they were setting me up.It’s tricks of the trade! · Dean PhillipsMatthew Sanchez oh I know it’s tricky. They are after me now in a big way. Ugh

Matthew SanchezDean Phillips state ?

Lee BequetteMatthew Sanchez my original charges were driving while we vote in possession I did a year for driving on revoked and they gave me 7 years back up for possession since when probation I got pulled over for driving while you vote and went to jail that’s why they want to give me the seven years

Dean PhillipsMatthew Sanchez WA. Why?

Matthew Sanchez Dean Phillips Because everyone who know what’s going on in these this corrupted process is getting attacked by these mobsters aka banksters. They have to follow federal regulations aka u.s.c. And some c.f.r. Not all of the CFR….but you know what to do already you pretty much grounded

Dean Phillips Matthew Sanchez knowing is one thing. How to deal with those who have shackles and cages and don’t follow their own rules though has been difficult. Almost died once during this debacle and they are still threatening and coming after me. So you know of others being attacked?

Matthew Sanchez Lee Bequette charge is driving while you vote in possession? Never heard of that one before.(This is the problem since you already pleaded; which is agreeing to the contract this is where they got you.) probation is their assets protection and liability enforcer) put i. A “Counter Claim” & “Challenge probation on the grounds of Excessive Extreme Punishment”, target the integrity of the probation officer and for “Vexing” you which caused you to mess up. And looking onto that line. (To much to write) but do NOT make you document to long they will not take the time to read it. When you go to court speak what’s on your document and move the court to dismiss, expunge, vacate on the grounds because probation is intentionally causing harm harassing and breach of duties for abuse of power through wanting to weaponize the court in their favor against you. Then state you believe the adjudicator is fair (gas his/her head little) and if your honor order this this will cause a hinderance and would be “Expatriate” look up those word I put in ( “ ) follow the trail to build your defense.Be warned IF you go the other route they can hit you with “Fraudulent Claim” ..Since you agreed to the contract and if you start to do all that, “ who is the holder of the name stuff” it will put you in a deeper hole and they will get mad and sentence you. It happen to me and you need to know what’s going on to dig your self out and it will take a few years while they corruptly try to fix their record and these type of challenges needs to be in the beginning when they first filed against you. (To much to explain)Im trying to show a safer route because you in already….to much to explain…Take what every is saying for next time it good.

Matthew Sanchez Dean Phillips yes, and remember I’m one of them. I hear you, do what I did file a Writ of Mandamus into the high court of your choosing to enforce a order of protection.

Dean Phillips Matthew Sanchez interesting you say that. Filed a federal suit against these guys already. Told feds I needed protection, injunction actually, to stop them from coming after me. Feds said no that it wouldn’t be equitable. Then got arrested, almost died, then kicked out after being forced to sign a bond. By time I got out I had missed time on responding in fed case so they dismissed. The very reason I told feds I needed the injunction. What a shit show!!

Matthew Sanchez Dean Phillips inferior fed jurisdiction can not persecute under Article III §IIONLY U.S. fed Appeals and U.S. Supreme can do that.I can’t really tell you much until I read what you wrote.But something that you stated invoke equity so that admittance was stated on their behalf to invoke equity and this is why I been saying equity ONLY operate under presumption of law not under facts of Law.All equity courts operate under the literature of the rule of law. Which allows the adjudicator to operate under their Owen discretion.Please read carefully what I just wrote for understanding

Dean Phillips Matthew Sanchez I don’t understand much of what you wrote. This isn’t the best way to communicate such things anyway. Appreciate you trying to help though.Even have a letter from head prosecutor stating he, nor anyone in his office, will be responding to interrogatories or requests for admissions. Blatant denial of due process.

Matthew Sanchez Dean Phillips your right this isn’t a way to communicate. They do not have a right to responded but your can force them to responses by using their own construct against them. I have done this in fact they called for a meeting of the minds in one case I’m dealing with now. And since the adjudicator called the meeting of the minds that’s a attempt to offer something. Dean PhillipsMatthew Sanchez oh they have made offers. I just don’t see the benefit of agreeing to be a felon. But I must be odd that way🤪

Matthew Sanchez Dean Phillips state can not prosecute on a federal level !

Matthew Sanchez I could help give a better answer but he needs to come out upfront Jaime Craig WilkinsonTheir juris-dication is over contracts. Where is the valid contract. If criminal where is the verified complaint by a victim or first hand witness?
The comment Jaime Craig Wilkinson is replying to has been deleted.Jaime Craig WilkinsonRobert Couch is it valid the contract? I think not
The comment Jaime Craig Wilkinson is replying to has been deleted.Jaime Craig WilkinsonRobert Couch fraud can always be challenged
The comment Robert Couch is replying to has been deleted.Robert CouchDepends. We haven’t seen the original contract yet have we?

Erica Weltz Robert Couch a contract??between two living men/women with two wet ink signatures???? and full disclosure about the terms of agreement? a meeting of the minds…and consideration…do you think there is such a thing?

Lee Bequette Robert Couch no but how do I get them to listen to that

Dre Vaksdal I do not consent, I do not consent, I do not consent. Stand on that and object to everything… saying again, I do not consent, I do not consent, I do not consent.

Matthew Sanchez Dre Vaksdal to late for that when skmeone is on probation of Parole they agree to the contract

Robert Couch Dre Vaksdal and they will revoke, revoke, revoke…

Dre Vaksdal Stand on it…. They cannot proceed without consent… no?

Robert Couch Dre Vaksdal yes…. surely they have a million times and they shall proceed rather he cares to or not…Do you live in the States?

Dre Vaksdal Matt Possibly…. But there seems to have been an agreement on just a probationary period…. And from what I gather they are now trying to put him back into jail??? Need more details on the original nature

Dre Vaksdal Robert. … ya non military occupied zone not in the jurisdiction of the United States….

Robert Couch Dre Vaksdal 😂 All zones within North America our military occupied zones my friend let’s not plead ignorance

Cyndi Ruff Robert Couch have to be federally owned by cessation.

Dre Vaksdal Sorry. Have ya read H Gibson suits in chancery???

Robert Couch Dre Vaksdal …. it’s does not matter what truth is, it matters what is a fact. Child support is slavery (truth)You gonna pay that shit(Fact)Understand?

Dre Vaksdal Have you read “trading with the enemy act…”

Robert Couch Dre Vaksdal yes…

Dre Vaksdal If you had you wouldn’t have called me ignorant…. Fact.

Robert Couch Dre Vaksdal contracts are absolute. If he signed one he must abide by it 🤷🏻

Dre Vaksdal Sorry with all due respect…. I have knowledge you have not come across yet… fact .

Robert Couch Dre Vaksdal

Dre Vaksdal Really??? I’ve gotten out of contracts…. Was not availed of all my rights as a child and yet still a birth certificate was assigned… with mothers consent…. Which was a mistake… because all my rights were not availed …. Equity…. 20 maxims of equity… if you don’t know and understand how to apply them to yourself… you are left with only government codes and statutes…. And equity follows the law…. As well as … equity does what ought to have been done…. You lacked knowledge sorry to tell ya…

Dre Vaksdal With all respect Robert… read Henry Gibson s “ suits in chancery “. Truly will be a amazing read for you… promise. https://archive.org/details/cu31924084259872

A treatise on suits in chancery: setting forth the principles, pleadings, practice, proofs and processes of the jurisprudence of equity … : Gibson, Henry Richard, 1837-1938 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet ArchiveARCHIVE.ORGA treatise on suits in chancery: setting forth the principles, pleadings, practice, proofs and processes of the jurisprudence of equity … : Gibson, Henry Richard, 1837-1938 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet ArchiveA treatise on suits in chancery: setting forth the principles, pleadings, practice, proofs and processes of the jurisprudence of equity … : Gibson, Henry Richard, 1837-1938 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Dre Vaksdal Any property destroyed?Any body or personas destroyed?What was cause and nature for you getting this?

Calvin Law Provoke instead of revoke .Provoke them to due right(eous)

Keith Little Admin One question: Has the (O)bligor been properly identified?

Travvis Stayton Their assumption. Produce the proof under oath…..

Keith Little AdminTravvis Stayton the record MUST reflect accurately:No thing else “matters”…

Keith Little Admin Subject matter – in rem:

Keith Little Admin The record only:

Lee Bequette What does that mean I don’t understand the metaphors

Keith Little Admin ABSOLUTE^^^^^^^^^^^^

Keith Little Admin “These words are true and faithful”: “For every word of God is pure: He is a shield unto those who put their trust in Him…”

David Bell The whole document is conveyance of fraudulent grammar. Different fonts, under lining, ALL CAPITALS , DOG LATIN not English, which removes these parts from the document. All fraud. Court maxim, let he who be deceived, be deceived. You are living, they are civilly dead, they are not in charge, we the people (Crown) are!

Lee Bequette David Bell so how do I tell them that

Mark Moen

May be an image of text that says 'Tri lateral public service of the republic Legislative branch; de jure body, ordered by masons manual, voice of the people, beneficiaries Executive branch; de facto body, ordered by the Constitution, administrative, executor Judicial Branch; referee, ordered by Am urisprudence, intermeddler, trustee Representative body Administrative body Ministerial body'

Dan Brown Looks like the motion is against the person. And it was mailed to the man! Maybe send it back saying you don’t understand legalese. Please resend in plain English?

Dan Brown Send a copy of your birth certificate. Registered mail. Stating the corporation has appeared? [personally ie/I would not do this as a corporation is a fiction (exists only on paper) and is incapable of appearing]

Dre Vaksdal That’s interesting Dan…. Have you tried this before with luck, Or did they throw something back at ya? ·Dan BrownJust ideas. Haven’t had the need as yet. Been down the rabbit hole for 14 years.

Brett Kardon Failed to properly address the person.

Keith Little Admin Indispensable party not named…

Brett Kardon Keith Little nice…even better.

Daniel Gulotta Rescind your signature to the agreement for non disclosure of the contract. Quit signing their contracts…

Lee Bequette Daniel Gulotta how do I rescind it


Lee Bequette Eddy Rhythem where do I get that I am awful at paper work I don’t know where to start

Robert Guerra Eddy Rhythem where do you get b it and where yo gile?

Sam Kelley That BAR clown prosecutor made a copy on paper of a “MOTION”, which is a piece of paper that was asking another BAR clown administrator calling himself a ‘judge”, to give that prosecutor permission to cancel the probation contract, that you apparently signed on to unknowingly, because you didn’t know what your inherent God given Rights are, and you didn’t know what “DRIVING” is as opposed to just traveling, and you didn’t know what that bullshit word spell crap called LEGALESE is, and you didn’t know how those BAR member clowns operate, with their private for profit non governmental banking and debt collecting centers which those BAR clowns call their “courts”.So guess what. Somewhere down the line, you got screwed with by some corporate morons called cops or whatever, and those corporate policy enforcing idiots who don’t have any more authority or jurisdiction than a Walmart security guard, got you to unknowingly agree or consent or “UNDERSTAND” their bullshit legalese “PRESUMPTION” of you being or representing the “PERSON” or rather the LEGAL entity on a piece of paper or plastic, that was “legally” “SUBJECT” to whatever bullshit corporate rule that those compartmentalized monkeys said that your “PERSON” violated.I know this shit is confusing at first. But it real simple once you figure out the simplicity of how those fukin psychopath BAR members roll, and what kind of idiots they hire to be their half mindless armed enforcers.So you signed one of their contracts called a “PROBATION” or whatever commercial bullshit those BAR clowns want to call it, and now one of those fukin idiots wants to cancel the contract, and make another contract for you to “UNDERSTAND”. But the fukin idiot calling herself a prosecutor, sent the bullshit copy of the “MOTION” or rather her request to the “Judge”, to you using the proper upper and lower case lettering in your name. And their stupid fukin “MOTION” has the upper case lettering of ESTEL LEE on the top of the paper. So who in the fuk is ESTEL LEE BEQUETTE, and who is Estel Lee Bequette? Like Dan Brown says, those fukin BAR member idiots want you to answer or respond for some all capital letter presumed legal entity existing on a piece of paper or plastic. But you aint that “PERSON”. And you don’t have to answer for some piece of paper. And you don’t have to contract with those fukin BAR clowns. And whatever those corporate and dim witted policy enforcing monkeys said you violated in the first place, is bullshit. Because you never were engaged in any commercial crap or getting paid to “DRIVE” or any other of their presumed bullshit, and there fore any bullshit “PROBATION” contracts that you unknowingly signed, are all fraudulent and null and void, and those clowns don’t have a fukin leg to stand on. And since that “PROBATION” contract was based on some bullshit PRESUMPTION that you were legally subject to their bullshit corporate rules when you’re not and never were legally subject to their corporate crap, then that fukin MOTION that the prosecuting retard conjured up is null and void, and fraudulent. Heck that prosecuting idiot was never there in the first place to even be involved in anything regarding you.Look here now. Any of their bullshit is fraudulent as fuk. And all they have the “authority” or Right to do like we all have, is to contract and engage in commercial activities. That’s it. That’s all those monkeys are. Contractors. And if those fukin monkeys scribble up some bullshit fraudulent contract, like some simple TRAFFIC CITATION or other corporate offer to contract, and then use that bullshit in one of their legal proceedings, then those fukin criminals commit a felony. Of course those BAR clowns are fukin felony committing criminals every day that they fuk people over for money.So the bullshit “PROBATION” contract is null and void from the get go, because you were never “DRIVING” or doing whatever other commercial activity that those fukin idiots said you were, or violating any of their corporate rules, because you’re not on their fukin corporate payroll and you aren’t their employee. And so that fukin idiot called a prosecutor is dumber than a box of fukin rocks, and can’t even represent or speak for some piece of paper called the “STATE OF MISSOURI”. None of those fukin idiots can speak for some piece of paper. And none of those fukin idiots even have any proof or evidence of you violating anything, because you are not getting a check from those retards or their private for profit registered companies or corporations. They’re all fukin stupid criminals, and they all run around “PRESUMING” or rather pretending like a bunch of retarded kids, while they squawk legalese and shuffle paper around and scribble on their paper contracts. I myself would tell’em to fuk off, or you’re gonna get the IRS on your asses for them being tax evaders. They aint even got no proof or evidence to even have any contract with you, or that “PERSON” in all capital letters called ESTEL LEE B EQUETTE. You can get with Malika or someone else in the group to give you some ideas on what to send or tell those idiots at their court if you want to. Because I don’t fuk around with those clowns. I’m not very polite with those psychopathic thieving sons of bitches at all. So you may not want to do what I do.

Lee Bequette Sam Kelley thanks for helping me comprehend things

Sam Kelley Lee Bequette I try to make things simple for folks to comprehend. Because that system is designed intentionally to confuse and distract people. And since most people are not naturally deceitful or are not trained to be deceitful, like those BAR clowns and other pieces of corporate shit are, then that’s why they have such a hard time sorting through all that crap and figuring out the simplicity of how that worldly system operates.

Lee Bequette Shit I do like your style I think I comprehend it better

Dan Brown There’s no signature on this.

Lionel Peter AndrewDan Brown a corporation cannot ”sign anything”

Dan Brown The secretary?

Dan Brown Send back a motion. That you have to take a shit!

Lionel Peter Andrew THe doc-u-ment is a spell it means nothing, it isn’t english and has no closure. ASk what language is it as you only understand proper English grammar. Always ask who ever is pre-senting the doc-u-ment what is it ?? If they state it is x or y then they are guilty of passing off. Of course all of this depends on whether you SIGNED yourself into Jail in the first place !!

Lionel Peter Andrew Always be ware….. if you should open [ break the seal] on any mail ADDRESSED TO AN ALL CAPS NAME..you take the liability for the contents !! Lionel Peter AndrewEverything that comes through your letter box [ in the door] is an offer of contract if you don’t want it re-turn it to sender… always scan the envelope [ vessel] and the contents [ cargo] if you are curious enough to open it. if it has a PO Box as re-turn address this is a non-contractual venue. ·

Matthew Sanchez Lionel Peter Andrew I have broken the seal and returned to sender aka/dba a court venue! You have the right to reject , cease desist , and revoke anything! no one has to give an account to anyone !

Me: interesting video

“Audio series based on Rod Class’s Talkshoe radio series on LAW. So sit back and take in the Truth about our Legal system. Attorney admits all those in Law Enforcement and the Legal system take an oath to a secret society and go out of their way to undermine the American Public.”


We are inviting you to join a growing number of informed people that have come together to educate themselves each other by becoming a member of the Lawful Living Community @ http://www.lawfulliving.com

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