What Will It Take To See What Is Happening Right In Front Of Us?

We Have No Right To Force Our Children!!

The following is an email that we shall be sending out tonight being July 20, 2021

Good day,

Are there unbiased investigative reporters?

Can you tell me why vaccine sights are still operational when the “Health Authorities” have been notified that the vaccines are found to be detrimental to our bodies physiology and killing people?

The vaccine manufacturers and people in the “health care industry” have known all along that vaccines are detrimental to the bodies physiology and yet they have been left to continue their “campaign of terror”?

The same thing that is happening with this “False Flag” event called, “Corona-virus Pandemic” si what happened in 1976 with the “Swine Flu Pandemic”. Now 45 years later we are still living through the lie “vaccines are safe and effective”. By the way “False Flag” does not mean an event is false it means people were set up to be harmed and killed for a political reason, just like 9-11

Mike Wallace published a 16 minute documentary yet no one did anything about the “lies being told to the public” and have still not done anything to put an end to the misinformation campaign

Odd really that we would ignore the fact that the people at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.) are the ones behind creating disease and endorsed by the me and women acting as “politicians”. Why would we only file law suits and not see that these people are insane and are still getting away with their crimes because they also created the “Legal Society” and control the courts?

So many people have known that there has been a plan to murder people and cause food shortages around the world and yet we all sat back and allowed it to happen. Odd really that we would participate in this.

Can people see the real problem is with the Department of Justice and the “Legal Name Fraud” that is driving these corrupt courts?

Now, we are seeing the actual “Pandemic” deliberately manufactured as a result of the mandates pushed upon the unsuspecting men and women of this world by the men and women acting as their “Public Health Officials” and other  Government Actors and their “Law Enforcers” (corporate policy enforcers/tax collectors)

When will we stop lying to ourselves and each other? 

What exactly will it take for us to take pause and grow up emotionally and spiritually?

Will you keep voting, running your business as usual, will you keep collecting, paying, and filing taxes in the aftermath of what they have planned? Will you begin to look at fixing the cause of the problem if a vaccine injury happens to someone close to you? 

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”

Source: Georgia Guidestones – Wikipedia

Do you think your name is on this list of survivors?

The people that are going along with this are spiritually bereft, and mentally deranged, they  know not what they are doing? And they have no right to interfere with others desire to reach their full potential in a non violent world…..

Have a look at the following video and ask yourself, “what would you do if this is the face of your child or your brother or your sister or your  mother or your father”?

Note: be prepared, watching the following video titled “Just a few questions…” is very disturbing for someone that still has a heart!

It is odd even after waking up we keep doing the same thing and expecting different results…

What will it take for people to wake up to what is really going on? 

What is keeping people from realizing that the same people that created the “crown” own the businesses on both sides of the border? And the folks that  actually run Canada are the “Lawyers” and “Attorneys” that control “big business” and that created the Uniform Commercial Codes

As long as we allow the people that created the “Georgia Goldstones” and that created the “Crown” to rape, sodomize, and kill us and our fellow man we are indoctrinated… if we are willing to go to work use their money (commit fraud) and pay taxes we are the problem…

Here in so-called “Canada” the people have received an invitation in the mail from Bonnie Henry the acting “Public Health Officer” in the letter it says, “Interior Health staff are saving a vaccine for you” (this invitation is published on our website along with other Notices). It would be beneficial if the people were actually informed regarding what this highly invasive technology called, “a vaccine” does to the physiology of the body. Unfortunately, the people in “Mainstream Media” seem to be content and are going along with the plan to make man extinct and destroying the “natural world” in the campaign of miss-information concerning the “Plandemic”. 

Is it against the law to misinform and entice someone to do something that will ultimately destroy their quality of life or end their experience of life prematurely?

It would be beneficial if the people involved in this “illegal experiment” being the people that work for the “Public Health Agency” were held accountable as they believe themselves to be immune from murdering people. Every “Health Care” worker, “every “Waitress/Waiter”, every “Grocery Clerk”, every “Factory Worker”, every man and women that has the eyes to see and the mental capacity to be rational must serve the Administration for the company that they work for and the people in the Government with Notice of Liability “You are now knowing that you are involved in the agenda to sterilize man’s genome and an accessory to mass murder”!! Ask them straight out “are you planning to do my body harm or want to kill me”?

Do you really want to make a difference in your community? Talk to people, ask them questions…and we would suggest getting 12 people to go with you to your local Police Station and Sherriff’s Office and report these crimes and tell them they must arrest the people in “Health Care” and in your local and federal “Government” for instigating these crimes and willfully murdering millions of people world wide

We are being told, “Confirmed 45,000 people have died from the COVID Vaccine within 3 days and they have covered it up. Attorney Thom Renz has filed the paperwork and lawsuit and is suing the Federal Government. The cure can’t be worse than the disease”.

The following quote is very disturbing for those with discernment, “The attorney said that this information and lawsuit will not be reported by the mainstream media and will likely be censored by big tech corporations like YouTube, Facebook, and Google. Renz said that these big tech giants are “complicit in causing death”, and that he cannot wait to sue them “over and over again.””

Thomas Renz and AFLD sue the Federal Government-Vax deaths have been covered up – Freedom Of Speech (fos-sa.org)

These people that are filing law suits should wake up to the fact that we cannot make real change on the ground when we continue to file law suits against a “fiction” that only exists as a word on paper.

The people behind the “Mega Companies” also created money out of thin air they do not care about money for them it is all about destroying humanity!! 

Why are the people behind this being sued when they should be held accountable and institutionalized for their insanity?

These people that are filing law suits should wake up to the fact that we cannot make real change on the ground when we continue to file law suits against a “fiction” that only exists as a word on paper or in our imagination!

It is up to us to break free from our “programming” and realize that the “government” is a fiction… and we have not yet held the men and women making the decisions accountable… time for change… we are the problem when we are not honest with ourselves and each other, we are all involved in fraud.

There are supposedly “good lawyers” that have initiated a “world wide class action law suit” regarding the “Corona-virus Pandemic”.

How can they be “good lawyers” when they are blind to their contradictions?

A “lawyer” cannot represent a “man” and for change to happen on the ground anchored in reality there needs to be change in the court rooms…. The following link will take you to a page with the information regarding a world wide class action law suit…

My question is “why are there still vaccine sites open all over Canada giving unsuspecting men and women “the jab” when the “officials:” have been Notified that these vaccines are harming and killing people?

Tribunal Documents | True North Guardians Alliance (tngalliance.com)

Who is going to fix the damage from the vaccine once it is administered?

If the ones that are administering this destructive and deadly technology are made knowing and administers it anyway is this ad indictable offense and seen as “intent to do harm” and “murder”?

We have documented what has transpired for us over the last several months and we have filed numerous Notices with the “members” of the “Legal Society” called the “Canadian Government” and “United States Government” and have hand delivered some of these notices to the man acting as Chief of Police for the local detachment of the R.C.M.P.

We have published some of these Notices on our website, the link to the article is below for those interested in assisting in ending this assault upon man’s genome and ending the mass genocide 


If you are in the Penticton region and would like to join forces please contact me privately [edited]

The following link will take you to a video published on Facebook (you will need a Facebook account to view it)


Sending you light and love while holding you in our light and in our love; wishing you and your loved ones radiant health and wellness, wholeness and wholesomeness, may you and yours always be in joy 

What we share and the actions we take is in service to all.

It is our mission to be in service to life and am here to assist in every way possible  Presently, we are focused on taking the steps to resolve our contradictions in all areas of life and taking deliberate, conscious, and conscientious actions towards living life “lawfully”                                                                                                                   king-raymond-dale-zelan-queen-sophia-taniah

P.S. the use the word “king” and “queen” does not represent a “title” it refers to a state of being and  king-zelan born raymond-dale of the father’ house of hamblin and mother’s house of hyatt and adopted into the father’s house of shackelford- queen-sophia-taniah was born lorna lynne of the father’s house of borgeson and the mother’s house of ross we come together in holy union as one

This information is not for commercial use!

Spiritual Alchemist, Meditation Instructor, Educator/Trainer for the New Earth Shifting consciousness while waking up the Masses & Transforming lives with the ‘Freedom of Love’. Taking action towards “self empowerment” while assisting others and correcting the record…

Individual (skype) and Group Sessionssincerely your friend in law and friend for life, (this is a “public service”) 

If you are interested in learning from our mistakes and taking advantage of our epiphanies, and taking advantage of our research it is all documented in the articles published on the first 2 websites listed below \:


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