Why Do We Argue?

A purified heart gives clarity to the mind and increases the sensitivity of the body !!

When you hear or read a word what preconceived idea do you have regarding the words you are hearing or reading?

How often do we take the time to contemplate the information extended at the moment before we make a judgment or come to a conclusion regarding the people, places, and events we are experiencing?

Are we sure we have all information available to us at every given moment prior to making an assumption or presumption regarding the interaction?

“A bird’seye view is an elevated view of an object from above, with a perspective as though the observer were a bird, often used in the making of blueprints, floor plans, and maps. It can be an aerial photograph, but also a drawing.

Are you aware of how you process information and project this information into the field, basically do you know what motivates you to think the way you think, to speak the way you speak, or why you are reacting or taking the actions you are taking”?

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bird%27s-eye_view#:~:text=A%20bird’s%2Deye%20view%20is,photograph%2C%20but%20also%20a%20drawing.

When we hold a point of view at what angle are we viewing from and drawing our conclusions from?

How are we seeing the proverbial “elephant in the room”, how are we viewing life? Do we view life from the inside looking out or from the outside looking in? Are we seeing the elephant from the front or back, or left or right, from the top vie w or the bottom view. The information we are processing regarding the elephant changes depending on what direction we are seeing. When we at a fixed point of view our opinion of what we are seeing is fixed.

Do you have the capacity to look at life from all angles prior to making a determination so that you have more information about what you are observing?

Axonometric projection.svg
See another side of Singapore in these incredible bird's eye view images -  Lonely Planet

Do you know how this human design you are experiencing through works in relationship to creation?

Do you know your reason for being?

Are you enjoying every aspect of what it means to be a sentient being?

Do you have the presence of heart and mind to fully grasp the information available in every given moment? Or are your preconceived ideas hindering the experience of the moment and hindering your ability to be in meaningful and beneficial relationships with the people you encounter?

When watching the following video, we invite you to set the intention of being fully present as the observer and open and allow yourself to fully experience the information shared:

“God Speaks To Man: The Oldest Revelation”

Even though we may believe we have all the information there is always more to know!!

“Divine am I, inside and out,
And, I make holy whatever I touch.”
– Walt Whitman

Once We Know

The Transformational

Ability of Light

and Love

We Should Make

A Concerted Effort

To Uplift Each Other!!!

Are we unwittingly being a frequency generator when we unaware of our impact of the frequency of our projections?

The world will change when we change the way we see the world!!

How You Change People

The “past” and “future “exist only as a thought in the mind! All that is truly real is this moment, this moment where your awareness resides.

The present experience is influenced and limited when we have already held ideas and concepts at a fixed point as a result of our previous spiritual, emotional, mental state and state of consciousness we are clinging to.

There is no time, space, or distance in consciousness, in other words, past, present, and the future exists here now. The question then, “how do we stop allowing the past to influence the present so that it we are no dwelling on the past allowing the limited perspective or limited point of view from impacting the present or impacting the next moment?”

Awareness is a gift you give to yourselves. When you go through life with no self-awareness you get pulled along with the wave if ignorance and the emotional and spiritual immaturity of our mothers and fathers, following blindly what you have learned from your parents, your teachers, your paster-priest…

Do you have the cognition to recognize if you are spiritually, mentally, and emotionally stunted as a result of what you have learned? Are you aware that the corruption of the emotional field interferes with your ability to process information from your field? Did you know that you are being influenced by the state of your emotional field and being influenced by the quantum entanglements as a result of what you have already experienced.?

Man has at his fingertips infinite intelligence so why would man cling to the limitation of the intellectual-carnal-conditioned mind?

Presence is the ability to fully be aligned with the moment. This task requires clearing the Subconscious Mind-the Attractor Field to be in vibrational harmonic resonance with what is relative to the Superconscious Minds-the Christ Within man.

Pain felt in the body is an indication of quantum entanglements from our experiences in life. When fully embodied in the present moment of now there is no resistance in the body, so the mind is aligned with the Unified Field-the Superconscious Mind-the Christ Within. When the Subconscious Mind-the Attractor Field is cleaned out, cleared, the heart is purified, and the 3rd eye activated the whole body is full of light and all you will see is good., there shall no longer be any attachments to unfavorable experiences. This is the state referred to as nirvana.

From this state of consciousness our point of view is much more expansive, we are operating from the awareness field the unified field that flows through all life, this is the Superconscious Mind-the Christ also known as Christ Consciousness

The following is a short parable that was inspired by a friend’s comment on one of my posts on Facebook: “What Does Awakening Look Like?”

Why do we argue?

Is arguing a “point of view” a fear of being wrong? All fears are created from our mental program!! In other words, “fear is something we learn”. So why do people still believe that “fear” is the opposite of “love” when in fact fear is manufactured as the result of our experiences in life and love is the energy frequency and foundation of life? Why do people see someone presenting another point of view as argumentative? Could it be we are being conditioned to this perspective as a result of the way society is structured? The following is a short parable that was inspired by a friend’s comment on one of my posts on Facebook: “What Does Awakening Look Like?” Barry wrote, “You see things differently and have a different take on things and you argue less”.

There once was a wise man and his friends called him, “Barry”. One day Barry and his friend “Joe” were walking on the beach. They were on their way to no particular place, just enjoying the scenery and enjoying each other’s company. As they were walking Barry noticed something etched in the sand between them. Look said Barry, as he pointed to the etching in the sand, “there is a 6 etched in the sand”. He inquisitively asked, ” ie/I wonder who put it there and why they put it there”?

Joe looks down and sees this symbol etched in the sand and immediately said, “oh, no Barry you are mistaken that is not a 6 it is a 9”. The questions “who put it there” and “why did they put it there?” were quickly forgotten as the two stood arguing about what this symbol etched in the sand is.

They had been arguing all morning about what they had just witnessed. Then Barry decided it was fruitless to continue to argue and decided to take pause and in the pausing, he asked himself, “why does Joe see this etching this way?” In this asking Barry was pulled out of his body and in this state had the ability to see from the “point of view” of Joe and not only could he see “Joe’s point of view”. It was both a 6 and a 9. Not only this now Barry had the “birds-eye view”. And from this fresh and more expanded perspective, Barry realized that even the ant crawling through the etching has its own unique perspective [point of view] and experience of this symbol etched in the sand. Even the grains of sand and the sun shining upon this etching is having their own unique experience of this moment.

Then Barry wisely thought to himself, “if everything created from one source is experiencing this moment from their unique perspective ie/i wonder what it would be like to experience this moment through the consciousness, point of view, and experience of everything? And in this inquiry, Barry’s ego-mind/consciousness let go of its attachment to the intellect/it broke free from its conditioning. It let go of its programming completely, everything that Barry was programmed to believe become an instant knowing. And in this letting go the mind expanded to be in alignment with the Unified Field of All Thought and all Thought Possibilities. In this state, the ego-mind is no longer perceiving in “Separation Consciousness” it now is seeing and experiencing from the expanded point of view known as Unified Mind/Christ Consciousness.

When we hold onto an idea or a perspective we are limiting the soul’s expression! Why would we choose to hold onto an idea in our mind’s eye that might actually not be the truth? Now that we know that there are tricksters in the lower astral plane that can give us ideas that are not the truth why would continue to hold onto this limited perspective of ourselves? The “journey” is never-ending, however, our perception of the journey can be a struggle or it can be joyous. We can keep repeating the same patterns or we can choose to resolve them and end our “karmic ties” our “quantum entanglements” the choice is ours. And like my friend Trica Ferguson reminded me, “knowing how you work will bring the knowledge of how the world works…….that’s how we change the world also, by knowing thyself.“.

We can choose to take the route of self-discovery by looking inward. And even though we have an awakening to our light it is up to us to recognize the “stories” or “recordings’ we have running in our field that may be limiting our potential. And once we have taken the deep dive we then have a new launching pad for a whole new way of experiencing ourselves. As the projector and the projected when we hold onto a fixed point of view we are actually limiting our expression.

Why would we hold onto a fixed “point of view” if we know that it is limiting our expression and our experience in life? It seems odd to me that there would be some of us that think that we have reached the end of our journey once we take the deep dive and discover who we are, when in fact our journey is just now beginning!!!! The longest journey for me has been to figure out the human condition. Now that we have figure out the human condition we can enjoy the rest of the “endless” journey. It is exciting to think about the possibilities!!

“According to quantum physics a particle vibrating dur to your sound when you speak can affect a molecule inside a star at the edge of the Universe instantly. This phenomenon is knoown as quantum entanglement. The greatest illusion of this Universe is the illusion of separtion” author unknown.

Self awareness is a key to self-mastery!!!

Ask yourself, “does my body have the sensitivity to feel this entanglement and does my minds eye have the ability to perceive these “Quantum Entanglments”?

What is keeping us from knowing peace?

Know that ie/I love you very much!

A True Alchemist Converts Everything To Love!

Goddess sophia-taniah

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