Join 1 Million V-star Children Meditating For Peace!!!!

Our body is a frequency receiver, generator, and transmitter.

That which plagues the earth cannot be killed, the lower density interdimension entities (malificent beings) hung up on anger, fear, and raging on life can traverse time and space. They are a menace to themselves and to the rest of us. “They know not what they do”. It is up to us to lift all to the light of absolute truth: all are in the one and the one is in the all!!!

Lets join 1 million v-star children everyday by sending out the thoughts that bring balance and harmony and lets generate and transmit the frequency of love to our-self and to each other with the intention of restoring balance and harmony to trigger the Ascension of the Light Body/Spirit.

We can be of service to humanity by taking time everyday to focus on our intention to transcend and transmute the thoughts and thought forms that are not serving our highest and best good. Can we come together in a global meditation every day at 11am and 11pm pst?

Past, present, future exist in this moment in consciousness. It has been scientifically proven that meditation has a direct effect on bringing coherence to chaotic energy. ie/I actually experienced this when ie/I spent a few days at a monastery. ie/i was telepathic and could here people thinking in the room next to me while being in a state of stillness. It was a very beneficial silent retreat and ie/I highly recommend people take time to do a 3 to 10 day silent retreat focusing on clearing our mental clutter and setting the intention of integrating fractured aspects of the spirit as a result of traumatic events. We do this by releasing the thoughts surrounding the event and by harmonizing the energy back to love by seeing the events from the highest perspective of love.

The greatest gift for my awakening was having a Life Review which gave me the opportunity to see everything from the Higher Self’s perspective.

Unity Consciousness awaits!!

Know that one day every child with wake up to a world in love with itself. ie/i saw it so it already exists all we have to do is align our selves with it.

This phenomenal video was filmed in Thailand on December 11, 2010 it is less then 5 minutes in duration. Will you help me by sharing this extraordinary event so it goes around the world so that the message and the frequancy permeates the hearts and minds of everyone on and off the planet?

Seeing this has me wondering why Christians do not know that the Jesus they call, “God” taught about going within yet very few know the benefits of meditation!

When so called, “Christians” read Luke 17:20-22 why are they blind to the fact that the kingdom can only be found by going within through quietening the mind and opening the high heart!!

20 ¶ [a]And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them, and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with [b]observation. 21 Neither shall men say, Lo here, or lo there: for behold, the kingdom of God is [c]within you. 22 [d]And he said unto the disciples, the days will come, when ye shall desire to see [e]one of the days of the Son of man, and ye shall not see it.

“The most recent in a series of studies spanning decades suggests again that a sufficiently large group practising an advanced program of Transcendental Meditation, the TM-Sidhi program, is associated with decreased social violence. … The drop in the violent crime rate was 18.5% (4.6% per year).April 14, 2016” .


Having this awareness if everyone that would like to assist humanity can do so by setting the intention of going into a meditative state, once you are centred and have filled the room around you with your light from within, remember a time in your life that you felt immense joy and love and if you have already had a 3rd eye or heart awakening bring this frequency up through the body to be anchored onto this earth plain and transmitted out into the cosmos. Please play this video with the intention of being present with these 1 million v-star children there in that moment focusing inward.

After the video is over please take 5 additional minutes to focus on everyone in the world moving into heart/mind coherence and opening their high heart to allow for the Ascension of the Light Body/Spirit!!! This will take only 10 minutes morning and evening.

It seems odd to me that everyone knows about 9-11 yet very few know about this gathering for peace.

The “War Mongers” that bow down to their “God’s of War” are trying to erase this event from our history!!

“Something very wrong is happening in Thailand. Watch this video, share it and create international awareness of what is happening in Thailand. A monk more than any other, has spent resources and energy to promote peace, coexistence and education for people. This video shows how Luang Phaw Dhammajayo year after year have collected 1 million school children so they could learn how to achieve inner peace. Watch this short video and ask yourself, “Is that what the junta is afraid of?” and “Is this this a thread two national security”?”
Help! save the one million children meditating legend

Can you assist me in sharing this meditation with the world?

Can you assist me in sharing this meditation with the world?

V star day lets come together everyday with the intension of manifesting peace for the world by joining 1 million children singing lets change the world.

Now this is an amazing and very special event full of beauty and full of love .

This is an insperation for us all to see!!


Please share this far and wide!!!!

My love and light onto you!!!!

Goddess Queen Sophia

Born Lorna lynne of the family Borgeson

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