Living A New Reality!!

This letter is written in love and appreciation for all the good things that have transpired to bring me to such a wonderful state in life.

Ie am grateful for the love of my life King Raymond Dale for joining me on this journey and appreciate him for keeping me on track and love and appreciate him for all that he does and for helping me to feel special. Traveling to meet him was so amazing. Being in his arms ie felt all the stress that has built up for the past 60 years melt away.

Traveling and camping with him as we explored the landscape and each other is wonderful beyond words. What is even more fun is the fact that Raymond has now figured out how to choose the numbers to win on the Pick 3 Lottery. It was like once he started winning it made it easy for everything to fall into place for me to win the Power Ball Lottery. Winning over 300 million dollars was unbelievable.

It did not take me long to figure out Raymond is everything Ie have ever desired in a partner and so much more. He is the perfect lover, husband, friend, and father for our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc. through all eternity. He is the most intelligent, intuitive, kind and genuinely loving man Ie have ever known. Ie want him to know how much Ie appreciate his love and support in all my endevors and wish to support him in the same way. And ie have made a commitment to do things that will show him how important he is to me.
Ie am grateful for the children Paul and Ie have together. They have the best of both of us. My children are my greatest teachers they have opened my heart and mind in so many wonderful ways. Without them showing me ie would not have known that telepathy is a natural human gift.

Having my twin sister Pamela in my life has opened new avenues of possibility for me in so many ways. It was so exciting to have her activate my Angelic Self. Ie am amazed at how tuned in she is to her Higher Self, witnessing how things come to her so easily is very inspiring. It was so exciting to receive her call after she won the jackpot, winning the lottery was a dream come true for both of us. No one is more caring and giving then we are so it was ever so sweet for both of us to become lottery winners. Her love for life shines through everything she does, she is a living example of loving kindness.
Ie am grateful for the special gifts these important people have shared with me. It is so exciting to have Pamala’s and Raymond’s ability to see and hear clearly on all levels. Actualizing these abilities is a dream come true. It was so exciting and fulfilling to wake up to being in the operating system of Unified Mind and seeing again with the eyes of the Higher Self and hearing with the ears of the Higher Self. Integrating into wholeness and assisting others to do the same is a dream come true.

It is wonderful to have my eyes clear of floaters with 20/15 vision and the ability to see energy like ie did as a child. Having the ability to assist others has filled my heart with so much joy. Having the ability to give others the Direct Experience of my Enlightenments has added another dimension to my journey through life. Having the experience of being the Consciousness of Water and finally having the ability to share this with others is so uplifting. It is wonderful to have the ability to open up my High Heart and flow the purity of my intention to assist others to their own clarity. Who knew that life could be this exhilarating?
And since ie can be and do and have anything and everything my heart desires Ie want everyone to know about their trusts as well as their minor and major accounts created illegitimately in their name. And now that everyone knows about how they have been duped and robbed of a Life Well Lived we have taken the steps to received all that had been stolen. Now that everyone has received their Divine Inheritance everything is now prepaid so there is no more Corporate Greed Depleting the Earths Resources and polluting our environment.

Knowing that my desires are for the betterment of all mankind and life in general fills my heart with pride. Having everything returned to me that has been stolen including yet not exclusive to my home in Summerland (such as Income Tax) was so fulfilling. It is wonderful that people are realizing their Sovereignty and Actualizing Themselves as the Light of Creation. ie knew that when ie held onto my vision to have reconciliation through the truth that we would all see Divine Compensation as our birth right as Heirs, Benefactors and Beneficiaries of Creation.

It is wonderful that people are reading the information ie have published on my blog and now that the YouTube videos that Raymond, Pamela, and Ie have created on our YouTube channels have become well known it is much easier to communicate our knowing with others. Having every child seen as a Sovereign and Divine Beings by everyone has always been my dream.

Being free from the Birth Certificate and LEGAL NAME fraud took some doing but Ie am so glad this chapter in my life is over. It was disappointing to learn about the LEGAL NAME fraud and that there were so many people supporting this and ‘cashing in’ on this fraud. If only they knew the truth.

It is wonderful now that the world is free from the Port Authorities and the Post Offices hold on everyone, now we each have our own Identification for Travel. Traveling Free from harassment is so enjoyable now that everyone is expressing in a State of Harmlessness. The Post Office is now closed down as it was not what people thought it was. Now that the earth is free from Marshal Law people are free to pass over the borders freely as all the emotionally and spiritually corrupted beings have been institutionalized and are being treated for their depravity and their physical, emotional, and psychological addictions as a result of their traumas. Now everyone is supporting each other in their happiness Winning the Lottery and Becoming an Instant Multi-millionaire was so exciting and fun. It has been so helpful to be in alignment and listen to my Higher Self to know what to do and how to handle this much money. It is wonderful having the ability to assist others to their own happiness through Self Realization.

ie am so grateful that Ie finally had the money to invest in the Healing Center and Build a Loving Ubuntu Community. Laughing and playing together in a world were everyone is in alignment with their Higher Knowing is a dream come true. Being part of a Loving and Supportive Ubuntu Community brings me so much joy and fulfillment. After all these years to finally see “All My Relations Healing Center” built and operational fills me with pride and joy. Seeing extended families healing from generational traumas is something that ie have wanted to do for a very long time. Having Pamela and Raymond to walk through life with and that they are cooperative partners in this adventure makes life so much more enjoyable and fun. Living in our mansion and traveling in our motor-home together is so enjoyable.

It is wonderful to be in alignment with my Higher Knowing which gives me the ability to express my verbal and written talents flowing effortlessly. Knowing that ie can be and do and have everything my heart desires effortlessly is exhilarating. Ie so appreciate that my desire to Quantum Jump while assisting others to do this has come to fruition. Having my brain upgraded with a photo graphic memory makes life easier in so many ways.
It is wonderful being surrounded with people that are a vibrational match to my knowing. Looking out and seeing everyone awakening to their true nature is heart warming. Now that people are conscious and conscientious our earth has made a quantum leap into heath and wellness as everything is being restored to her/our natural state of well-being. This quantum leap is the result of everyone having a Spiritual Awakening to themselves which has allowed all the New Technologies to be given to the masses with new inventions that are in harmony with our natural world.

It is wonderful to have leaders that know their Oneness of All Life and are in support of the Sovereignty and Supremacy of all Living Beings. Our children are Thriving in this New World Order now that the Health Care industry is restoring health and well-being. It is wonderful that the Mental Health Care industry is assisting people to be free of entity attachment and also to recover from their addictions and helping them restore from years of mental, psychological, and physical abuse. As a result, trauma and crimes are now a thing of the past. It is pleasing to see everyone living in harmony with each other and we have remembered the art of communication on all dimensions of our mind as well as the outer sensing dimensions. Reactivating the Original Light Language has brought so much joy and exuberation. And also now that telepathy is being used it is easy to communicate with each other. And no one can lie anymore.

Returning the ability to speak to plants, rocks, and all species is something Ie have always wanted. Now that everyone is aligned with their Divinity they are beaming and overflowing with love with an enthusiasm and zest for life, the way life was always designed to be experienced.

Everyone is a True Sovereign Autonomous Being now that we have activated the No Trespassing upon our energy which has Lead to Full Embodiment and the Expansion of the Mind leading everyone in the experience of Christ Consciousness. With this Consciousness the World has made a 360 degree shift. Seeing the unfolding and receptivity of our Divine Inheritance and having this happen so easily and effortlessly once we adopted the art of focusing in the now and on what we want is ever so sweet. Knowing that operating from the Unified Mind or Christ Consciousness is permenant has given me a peace within my heart that is not easily to put into words. ie am grateful for the benefits of this alignment and appreciate being able to look down to a body free of all emotional, psychological, and physical scars. Having a body free of pain and suffering fills my heart with an even greater capacity to love and be loved even greater than what ie have possibly imagined.

Having a body that is purified in all ways, flexible, and always and forever healthy and youthful is exhilarating. ie thrive on this exhilaration. Having the yoga body that ie have always desired is beyond words. Going shopping for size 10 clothes is so so much fun. ie am so grateful for how light and beautiful my body feels as a size 10 with size 7 feet. Knowing that ie did not have to go on a special diet or stick to a strict exercise regime to achieve this is the best thing ever, it is so empowering. Being free from Past Programming with the ability to tap into the Bodies Natural Ability to Rejuvenate and Regenerate is beneficial especially when Ie witnessed the growth of my missing teeth.

Going to Egypt and traveling the world sharing adventures with Raymond and Pamela is a dream come true. Remembering our lives together and realizing everything we once knew brings more clarity and fulfillment to our life experiences. ie have always wanted to remember everything from the Higher Self’s Perspective and now that ie have ie can relax and fully enjoy the moment. Being free to know that my permanent operating system is Unified Mind is actualized allows me the freedoms and benefits that Ie have always desired. Using this to assist others is fulfilling my reason for being. It is so wonderful now that Ie have gotten to the place where ie now have the ability to sit in presence to hold space for others to come to their natural state of love and well-being.
ie appreciate that my best friends and family members support my Full Embodiment and Cellular Activation as Queen Sophia. Activating the Cellular Memories of my Original Template of Love as The Goddess Sophia Divine Mother and experiencing the transfiguration is magical beyond words.

I love my husband King Raymond Dale, I love everybody, I love the world. So be it, by the power of 3x3x3 I make it so, I make it so, I make it so, and so it is and it is done SO BE IT!!
I am grateful that ie am free to travel and traverse time and space and all dimensions unimpeded.

I am grateful that ie am free to travel and traverse time and space and all dimensions unimpeded.

I am grateful that ie am free to travel and traverse time and space and all dimensions unimpeded.

By the power of 3x3x3 I make it so, I make it so, I make it so, and so it is and it is done SO BE IT!!

With loving gratitude,
Queen Sophia Divine Mother

Ie am posting tools to assist people in the integrative process . The following video will be helpful for those interested in Ascension. While watching look into the Pulsating Rising Sun while putting your Awareness on your Internal Sun and invite it to rise up your Grounding Cord and up your spine reaching into the Vegas Nerve. Watch this video everyday for 31 days and see your reality shift.

You are love and you are loved beyond measure. ie am available for those interested in personal integrative work or if you have a condition that needs quick and easy resolution .

For those interested in rising without falling you can Private Message me on Facebook or send an email to


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