How To Rise!!


We have been robbed of a life well-lived for eons. Now is the time to rise up and take nonviolent steps towards a sustainable world. The truth is simple. Most people will recognize the truth when they see it as most people are intelligent beings. It is the nature of evil to create artificial complex ideas to hide or obfuscate the freedom it destroys.

ie/I have been told, “Lorna you must be in the world and not of it.”  It was an inquirey that ie/I did not take lightly,  asking myself, “what does this mean really?” “How do ie/I be in the world and not of it?” It did not make any sense to me.  Unless we are not affiliated with any country we are of this world. ie/I say it is time to, “not be of this world”!!

We have been cast out to sea in an ocean of lies for long enough. This hierarchical structure that we have been ‘cast into’ and ‘subjected’ to is not natural.  It is the foundation for ‘unworthiness’.  We are neither worthy nor not worthy of ‘having it all’’. “Having it all” is our birthright!

Below are instructions on how to be in this world and not of it!! While taking these steps to remember to do it joyfully and with great enthusiasm and zest for life!!  Always raise the frequency of your thoughts to match unconditional love.  Tune your heart and mind to listen to your inner guidance always!!

Those that have put themselves above others by giving themselves titles, they do not deserve, are dysfunctional in their thinking and perceiving. We are not meant to be ‘ruled over’, our labours are not meant to benefit the ‘ruling class’.

We have been systematically programmed to give our authority away to a ‘higher power’. There is nothing outside of ourselves that has any power over us when we know the true power of love.  The ‘power of true love’ can cast out fear, doubt, worry, anger, resentment, etc.

Violence is not our natural state. Anger, fear, resentment, jealousy,  shame, blame, guilt, and all the other so-called lower dimensional emotions are out of resonance with the frequency of our ‘Higher Self’ which vibrates to Unconditional Love. Nonphysical Light Being existing in the higher dimensional realm cannot assist us as when they drop their frequency they drop their consciousness.  We must raise our frequency high enough to meet their frequency so that they cal assist us to go even higher.

It is in our love that we are taking these steps and claiming our birthright as benefactors, beneficiaries, and heirs of Creation.


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Maggie Slessor posted the following on Facebook on October 24, at 3:30 pm. 

This is not my photo (copied) but dare to dare, to use it today!

What if I said there will be No nations or separation one day – there will be no passports visas or flags to divide us when we realize we are One Big Human Family ?????¬タヘ?¬タヘ???¬タヘ?¬タヘ?¬タヘ??¬タヘ♀️?¬タヘ❤️‍?¬タヘ????(apologies to indigenous & Indian friends… Facebook has no darker skins peoples icon choice YET!) We will be a ”Global Citizen” living in pure Sustainability Co-operative & a Collaborative future will you believe me? (Even Boundaries is separation stopping your soul growth) & anyone who believes there’s too many of us on earth ? pleeaasee ?”

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“How to Rise #10

“Return THEIR Birth Certificate/Social Security IDs”

As they begin to roll their next levelling up of their one-world police state with the ID Chips, it could not be more important that everyone, at once, place theirs and their children’s birth certificates and social security cards inside an envelope, no return address attached, and mail them either to the White House, federal reserve, the UN, each country’s government body that has declared your life as theirs or,

the whole world can simply mail the letter, one statement clearly written on one single piece of paper stating firmly: “I/WE do NOT consent now and ever.” That’s it. If the majority by even one person did this on one single day, this would change EVERYTHING!!!

Your birth certificate has sold you into a lifetime of slavery. Once the document was issued and your parents signed it, you became a commodity. You can be bought. Sold. You have a monetary value of a bit over $700 thousand dollars to the ca’baal. You can be traded on the market for any price up to that value.

Your social security number is the same like the number that was tattooed on the Jewish peoples arms in WW2. It is your enslavement to a life of taxation. You are “owned” and you must pay taxes on EVERYTHING you acquire, all that you “own”, paying for government systems like roads and schools that they milk us for whether we have children or drive or not.

THEY (these documents) say, YOU … ARE … OWNED! No one asked you if you consented. No one asked you your chosen name that you chose for yourself nor if you wanted and agreed to be enslaved. Your parents and mine along with their parents and theirs back to 1935 have thought it was a positive, necessary thing to do. Created and directed by a government that they and we trusted, we were all served up and also served our own babes to this malevolent system by complete ignorance and lack of awareness.

However, we now know, right? Once we know, we can and must decide to not consent. This is absolutely essential for our way out of this matrix for so many reasons beginning with reestablishing our own power while owning our inherent freedoms AND it also sends an exquisitely powerful message to the Universe, the Prime Ultimate Creator, the Council of Light that


We are awakening from our blindness, our deafness, our muteness and we do not nor shall we ever consent again! We now know and by Highest Source, Games Over!! We restore our every part of ourselves to our sovereign freedoms!!!

That is Spiritual Gold. It is luminosity and electrifying power!!!

It means that we are standing up to RISE UP reclaiming our freedoms, our sovereignty and our lives forward. This is an EXTREMELY vital movement to take together, unified, as one flow of bonded, collective energy. With this shift, everything will change and the dominoes will fall quite quickly.

Think of it like this:

You are only returning your chattel number that sits on your certificates of slavery. Because that is EXACTLY what the birth certificate and social security number is!

Let it go and rise in your power of freedom!” by Raven White Dove

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ie/I have begun the process of correcting the birth certificate so that ie/I can claim back the energy stolen from me as a result of their illegitimate claims resulting in the fraudulent contracting since birth.

We can use an amendment form and create an affidavit to file with Vital Statistics when ie/I send back the driver’s license, the SIN card, and the birth certificate. ie/I have decided to drop the “last” name and claiming the title. Once this affidavit is complete it will be published on my blog!

ie/I googled making amendments to the birth registration for the province ie/I was registered in at birth which is British Columbia!


Here is the form!!

Click to access vsa412b_fill.pdf


Gather original government-issued documents to support your request. Examples include:

Birth certificate

Canadian permanent resident card

Canadian citizenship papers/card

Landed immigrant papers (not acceptable if issued for travel purposes only)

Take the application form and original documents to an authorized person (i.e. notary public, lawyer, or Service BC agent.) This person will do two things for you:

Witness your signature(s) on the “Declaration” section, and then sign and stamp the form with an official stamp.

Create certified copies of each page of your document(s), and stamp and sign the copies to certify them as copies of the original documents. Vital Statistics cannot accept your evidence unless it is certified.

Include payment for the requested change, and any new certificates you order.

If you notice all forms on the web, ask for a “last name” and not a “family name” Our family name is limiting the potential of our DNA anyway!! 99% WILL FAIL THIS TEST! See How Wrong Is Your Perception | Bruce Lipton

99% WILL FAIL THIS TEST! See How Wrong Is Your Perception | Bruce Lipton

For the record:

Canada is a constitutional monarchy and run by the masonic order!! CANADA is a privately own corporation and is listed as a company on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website as CIK # 0000230098 Company name CANADA located in the state of District of Columbia

  1. As a corporation, those claiming ownership are extorting from the people working under said corporation as a result of the LEGAL NAME fraud.
  2. As a corporation contract make the Law
  3. The people are slaves to the corporation

That which they are calling Law is a policy for said Corporation

The flesh and blood men and women born of the land HAVE NOT BEEN compensated for the mineral extraction by the privately-owned corporations.


putting a monetary value on the earth’s resources is a fraud!!

Making ourselves and the earth into a resource is criminal!!! Why have we accepted the fraud in the first place?

The Great Trespass Against the Tribes of Man!!!

We have been conditioned to accept that which has been created by the foolish!!

As ie have seen with the eyes of the higher-self ie am very much aware of how we are limiting our potential as a result of that which has been perpetrated upon us. The question we should be asking, “are my thoughts my own?”

Ie have found it interesting how applications on the web and all government forms ask for a “last’ name. The last name is used to incriminate us and lock up our energy. Now when it asks for a “Last Name” Ie write, “Not Applicable”!

As the last name has been used to incriminate me and is interfering with my DNA’s infinite potential for expression Ie am choosing to drop the family name. Ie have also taken on my original name for that which Ie can remember through past life regression so that my body’s potential will align with this DNA template being that of Goddess Sophia

It is unfortunate that we have raised our children in fear as a result of forgetting who and what we truly are as the light of creation!!

Why have we accepted this great trespass done upon our hearts and minds for so long?.

Those that have been in control of the Company known as CANADA and/or THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AUSTRALIA etc. have “misappropriated” the funds.

Our ‘share’ of the company has been hijacked!!!

We have been illegitimately held in a “minor account”.

The guy that created the following video is very annoying yet he does have some useful points.


Does anyone know how we can file a lawsuit against the entire world wide criminal cabal that has hijacked our experience of life?

Fraud on the Minority Law and Legal Definition

Fraud on the minority refers to an improper exercise of voting power by the majority of members of a company. It is the evidence of failure to cast votes for the benefit of the company as a whole. A majority in control of a company perpetrates a fraud on the minority. A resolution passed upon such voting is voidable. For example, a resolution for the alteration of the articles of association to allow the compulsory purchase of members’ shares.

Fraud on the minority’ means there has been some element of misappropriation of company property. [In re Tyco Int’l, Ltd., 2004 DNH 155 (D.N.H. 2004)]

Fraud on the minority permits a derivative suit when the plaintiff sufficiently pleads that a majority who are in control of a company perpetrated a fraud on the minority of the company. [Tomran, Inc. v. Passano, 159 Md. App. 706, 714 (Md. Ct. Spec. App. 2004)]

Perhaps, it is time to file a lawsuit against the (wo)man sitting in the “hot seat” of each province, state, country etc. as (s)he is the one that is going along with the trespass and endorsing through their signature the committing of said crimes.

We have been cast out to sea in an ocean of lies for long enough. This hierarchical structure that we have been ‘cast into’ and ‘subjected’ to is not natural. It is the foundation for ‘unworthiness’. We are neither worthy nor not worthy of ‘having it all’’. “Having it all” is our birth right! Those that have put themselves above others by giving themselves titles, they do not deserve, are dysfunctional in their thinking and perceiving. We are not meant to be ‘ruled over’ and for our labors to benefit the ‘ruling class’. We have been systematically programmed to give our authority away to a ‘higher power’. There is nothing outside of ourselves that has any power over us when we know the truth of our power of love. The ‘power of true love’ can cast out fear, doubt, worry, anger, resentment, etc



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Be acutely aware that many of the headlines and broadcasts by Main Stream Media are very purposeful.  We have not been guided to use our awareness successfully.  Once we are aware then we can use the power of our will to not get sucked into the drama, we can remain anchored in our love to hold space to bring the energies of these transmissions back into harmonic resonance.  Use your intuition to see through the stories and always be sure to check the validity of the story!! There have been many “False Flag” events that have influenced our perception of reality just like 9-11. “False Flag” does not mean an event is false or that it did not happen. “False Flag” means that the event was orchestrated in such a way to have people be injured or murdered for a political agenda. 

All the ‘chaos’ and ‘negativity’ being projected is being used as a distraction to keep us from exposing the truth and keeping us from taking the appropriate steps towards a sustainable world. The headlines that invoke anger, fear, resentment, etc. in the spiritually and emotionally immature act like an interference pattern restricting us from evolving to our fullest potential as fully integrated Divine Human.

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It is also said, “the truth will set up free”. Once the truth is known then we will finally be free as most people are intelligent beings and have the ability to recognize the truth when they see it!!

We are being mindfucked on the lower dimension of our mind especially the outer sensing dimensions for a reason.

STOLEN from Nathan Boyer .
I Love this. 💯💯💯🕵️

“unless you’ve got a very clear sense for what’s true and what matters and when you’re being manipulated, your conceptual framework for understanding the world is almost a matter of luck of the draw. you were born into a particular family with a particular worldview, you have a set of life experiences which shapes your ideology, and that ideology forms a perceptual filter through which you consume information. that filter dictates what your media consumption habits will look like, what you’ll take in as true, what you’ll reject as false, and what you’ll overlook or omit. you might get very lucky and coincidentally stumble into a worldview which happens to accurately reflect what’s going on in the actual world, but before long that world will change, and your habitual relationship with information will necessarily lead you and reality along diverging paths. the only variable in this process, as near as I can tell, is consciousness. individuals who have done a lot of work bringing consciousness to their mental habits and inner workings are not randomly floating about at the whims of chance in a tornado of information, but are grounded in a clear sense of which way is up. this doesn’t mean that everyone who has done a lot of inner work will necessarily share the same ideology. what it does mean is that they have a much better chance of correctly figuring out when they are being told the truth, when they are being manipulated, and whether something is ultimately good or detrimental for the path they’d like to see society walk along. in a culture that is saturated with media propaganda, this is an indispensable asset for understanding the world”.

All it takes is for one to “break the mold” to show the others freedom!!

Definition of break the mold. 1 : to do something in a completely new way Voters are looking for a candidate who will break the mold and give them honest answers. 2 informal —used to describe a very unusual or admired person He was the greatest man I ever knew. They broke the mold when they made that guy.

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We have been conditioned to accept what has been created deliberately to rob us of our sensibility and reasonability. The stresses of having to make a living and the hints of this impending economic collapse are conditioning us to think we are a victim of our circumstance.  We are given the belief that we must pay in order to experience life on a planet that cost nothing to create. Why is that exactly? Why do we have to pay for the necessities of life?  Who has claimed ownership of our Earthship and, our flesh, our blood, even our soul? Why are we conditioned to believe in ownership anyway? This idea and the idea of buying and selling has corrupted our relationship with self.

These are all a hindrance and restricting us from evolving to our fullest potential as fully integrated Divine Human. The contracting we are being held to is based on illegitimate claims, it is all fraud.

It is unfortunate that we have not seen the writing on the wall, the enslavement of mankind has been in the works for a very long time. My awakening to self and self-realization has happened in stages. In 2000 ie had an awakening that came in the form of a life review that opened my eyes to the corruption of the world.  When Ie had this awakening, it was very confusing. This experience gave me a look into my own subconscious programming and ie was given the gift of seeing with the eyes of my higher self which sees in the frequency of unconditional love. Something that should have been a glorious experience turned into a nightmare as ie was able to see all the corruption in the world.

We have ignored the obvious. It was in 2000 after an awakening that came in the form of a life review that ie realized that nothing of this world is as it appears. There has been a deliberate movement to corrupt our hearts and mind. We have been slowly conditioned to accept violence and the sexual depravity of those behind the creation of the Vatican with its Jesuit Army/CIA and masonic network of imbeciles worldwide with their headquarters in Switzerland. It is unfortunate that we “the people” have not seen the writing on the wall, the enslavement of mankind has been in the works for a very long time. The courts are councils of black magic. This is a for-profit enterprise designed to rob us of our birthright as benefactors, beneficiaries, and heirs of creation. We have unwittingly accepted our registration as a merchant to profit the King!!

It was my gift to myself to be able to see all my contradictions yet on another level Ie was able to see how ie was participating in keeping the world in a lower state of consciousness. Ie awakened to my own ignorance. IGNORance =ignoring evidence. We have been keeping ourselves in a mental prison by holding fast to our point of view. Ie realized the eyes and ears are useless without an open mind and awakened and loving heart!! Ie realized that nothing and Ie mean nothing of this world is as it appears.

Now 19 years later with many more altered states of consciousness and hours and hours of research and meditation and contemplation Ie realize how easily we have been manipulated and manipulated still by those that have taken it upon themselves to corrupt the life of others.

It was devastating to realize that there are so many people that are vested and invested in the matrix of lies. Our voting is seen as our tacit consent to the situation we find ourselves in.

The courts are councils of black magic. This is a for-profit enterprise designed to rob us of our birthright as benefactors, beneficiaries, and heirs of creation. We have unwittingly accepted our registration as a merchant to profit the King!!

Below are some comments left on my posts by Charles Lee Jr.

“Banking is an illegal corporate fiction supported by the laws that flip humanity’s spiritual authority into laboring paupers with the stroke of a pen. Business a generational Temple Thief and Every Executive, Legislative and Judicial Lawyer Knows It . As Do All Judges.

Its A Horrific Disclosure Time Which Is Why Chaos Rises to Distract People’s Clarity of Mind…

But They Will All Be Exposed As Deceivers of Trust. Watch and Witness 🙏 #CapitusDeminutia” Charles Lee Jr.

Sophia Lorna Lynne “if all I knew was the peaceful serenity of the Forest, that’s enough to keep my Ego’s narcissistic lemming from walking off a waterfall which is what America’s been doing since the trail of bloody native tears…

And That’s European rule of law for dominion everywhere there’s natural and indigenous life.

Some just aren’t interested in being natural-minded enough to know it their alignment and so they must be allowed the Self-Inflicted deceptions all the way into dying out.

Nature’s not an economic acquisition and warfare dominion kinda provision.

She’s Easily Much More Golden To The Child’s Mind’s Eye But We’ve Obediently Denied The Children and Ourselves THAT TRUTH. #OneSpiritLife” Charles Lee Jr.

Sophia Lorna Lynne humility” is the human design that recognizes a fellow soul, a fellow spirit and a fellow child… Fear is not a human design but conditioned obedience to the Rule of law that Molests humility… That’s White Dominion Everywhere The Rule of Law Has Become Unnatural.. We’re Not Designed for Wages, Warfare or Fear… Somebody’s Lying. #HypocrisyNews” Charles Lee Jr.

My question is, “why are we not looking for solutions to expose the LEGAL NAME fraud and the fact that people are ‘cashing in’ on our estate and benefiting from their knowledge of the trusts and bonds created in our name?”

We have through our ignorance allowed ourselves to become a registered slave to this unholy society. They have been very diligent in their quest to control the hearts and minds of the Tribes of Man. For eons, they have laid down their well-orchestrated spider web to catch us and lock our energy up while limiting the infinite potential of our body’s expression.

It is unclear why we have ignored the truth and allowed ourselves to be guided to act outside of our true nature.  It is both a curse and a gift of our own subconscious. It can hide from us the memories of deep trauma to protect itself. It will even create a completely different personality to overcome the trauma. More on this later.

A great Illusionist/Grand Master Magician can hide his/her’s trick. Once the magician is recognized and the trick revealed they both lose their magic.

Why have we ignored the fact that ‘The America’s’ were established on the enslavement and indoctrination of the peoples that were living on the land prior to the Europeans showing up? Why have we ignored the fact that these so-called “countries were colonized by the Masons that have infiltrated every culture and brought with them the Unholy Black Magic Dragon Courts with their Laws namely the Law of Money and the Law pertaining to the Merchants that have corrupted the hearts and minds of man?

As the world is controlled by the Mason’s with their headquarters in Switzerland how do we find out whom the ”Most Worshipful Grand Masters” for each Company is? Like the province of British Columbia, or the State of Utah, or the Company known as CANADA or The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, etc.?

Is it the Grand Master of the Lodge that is in charge of these funds?

We can find the Grand Master of each state and for each province on the web by typing “The Most Worshipful Grand Master [then] (state name)”. Perhaps the “Most Worshipful Grand Master” for the USA is the President!!

Who is it that the “Most Worshipful Masters” bow to? Who is the Deity that so many working in the Unholy Babylonian Dragon Courts and the Vatican worship? This individual is the one controlling the courts and has affected the fate of all of us for so long as so many have willfully given over their will and squandered their supremacy to him. They have become a liability to our true nature which has impeded the health and well-being of our earthly life.

To find out the head of the province or state type in the search bar: “The most Worshipful Grand Master [then type] the (province/state)” [you are interested in].

The following link came up when ie did a search for the province of Ontario:

It is unclear why so many indoctrinated into the Unholy BAR SOCIETY have lost all sensibility!

Most of us do not have a diabolical mind, our actions are not motivated to ruin another’s experience of life. Some of us actually realize, “what we do to another we ultimately are doing to our self”!!

History has proven that we cannot trust the narcissistic psychopath, those individuals motivated by jealousy, greed, fear, anger, resentment, etc. are not in their heart space. Their habits and addictions have robbed them of all sensibility and voided out any remanence of ethics and morality.

They are brainwashed idiots!!    Just because they have given over their sovereignty and supremacy to their “master” does not mean they have the right to rob me or anyone of ours.

Are you one of them?

Vatican 3

Inside The Freemasons’ Oldest Grand Lodge

Those that are signed up as members of these “Secret Societies” have been given the inside scoop and are ‘cashing in’ on what they know!

Why are there so many people able to ‘cashing in’ on the system while ignoring the consequence of what they are allowing?!!

Please read more here:


It is important that we let go of everything we think we know to break free from the habit of BEING us!!

We should be getting out of the idea of learning…we are here to share in each other’s experience. We come into the world as infinite intelligence, source energy, to experience life.

Are we really here to learn a lesson?  This idea has limited our experience of life. Now is the time to let go of the program to awaken the body’s infinite potentiality. The idea that we must learn from the external world is limiting our expression.

If all that you have ever done was to see reality through the eyes of duality and think this is the only way then you are doing yourself a great disservice. If you have lived your entire life in the Amazon Rain-forest and someone spoke of a land of ice and snow and you said, “Ie don’t believe it” and you never travel to this land for whatever reason then what adventures are you missing out on? Why would we choose to lose out on the direct experience of “snow” and what this experience offers? If we think that dualistic thinking and perceiving is the only way, then we are limiting our infinite potential.

Why are we not looking at the world in alignment with source? In this alignment, everything is brighter, and we are able to see so much more with these eyes while expressing in our physical body.

Why would we not want to have this alignment? If we accept their ways, we compromise our integrity. Why did we not take the steps toward designing an infrastructure that we could all engage with that was honorable?

But people “believe” there is no other way and so they don’t look for another way? It’s like saying you’re too old to take up dancing – you just don’t go there if you think there is no other way. What would it take to inspire people to their birthright so that they are willing to seek full alignment so that they will have the direct experience of their “Christ State”?

Once we know that we are the projector and the projected and at another dimension the observer of it ALL then we can use this awareness to our advantage. Have you ever seen the double-slit experiment? The wave turns into conscious particles once observed. It is up to each of us to integrate that which is out of resonance with our core frequency and focus on what we want. Our body is the focal point of awareness through which source experiences itself. We have limited our own body’s DNA by holding onto a limited perspective of our-self.

If someone has never had the chance to experience or become aware of the experience of expanding their mind they limit their potential as a result of their ‘narrow-minded point of view’.  Everyone has experienced those ah-ha moments when we come to universal truth and our mind expands. In this poof of insight, our mind is expanding and our point of view shifts as we expand our belief about who we are.  Now imagine what it would be like to let go of all your beliefs and completely release your minds attachment to its conditioning so that your mind becomes integrated with the unified field, then they have no perception of it. Ie realized this in 2000 after my awakening that gave me a look into my own subconscious programming and Ie realized that the eyes and ears are useless without an open mind and awakened and loving heart. Holding onto a point of view has limited our experience in physical form. We are in-fact all energy, all that is, ever was, and ever will be.

There are no “higher races”, we are that!! Why have we not made a deliberate and conscious and conscientious choice to expand our point of view so that we can raise the body’s frequency for the purpose of activating its DNA?


Ie woke up this morning with the idea that words and our thoughts are magic. They can enhance our experience of life, or they can diminish our experience of life.

We are the ones giving meaning to life. It does not matter what anyone else is thinking or believing. It only matters what Ie think, believe and ultimately know to be true for me.

In other words, words are just words and have no meaning or significance unless we believe it A shirt is just a shirt, a collar is just a collar, a day of the week is just a day of the week (it matters not what significance has been put upon these days in years yonder, no thought or word can bind our energy. It is all a magic trick.

From the Lord God/Goddess of my being from the I’am that I’am from the souls’ well-being from the purity of my heart Ie cancel, revoke, rebuke, transcend and transmute all curses all spells all black magic that Ie might have unwillingly cast upon myself and others today. And through all dimensions all realities all space-time and non-space time. Ie null and make void all word spells meant to cast a shadow of doubt upon my experience of life. Anything that has kept me from fully being the joy that I’am is now and for eternity hereby null and void.

By the power of 3x3x3 Ie make it so, ie make it so, ie make it so and so it is done, so be it!!

“The poem of this video was written on May Day (May 1st), 2019. I start thinking about possible implications of say “Have a nice day” to someone. What does it mean? The poem is the result. Photographs are originals, taken here in Seattle. This spring we have had an abundance of dandelions, many seeding early. The dandelion is considered a weed, but looked at carefully they are strikingly, even mystically, beautiful, especially in the seeding stage. Sweet music here too from Secret Garden. Launching on Mother’s Day! The message of this poem/video needs to be heard. Please view and share often.

A day without hatred or fear
a day without prejudice, suspicion
or persecution
a day without being lied to
being swindled
or mislead
a day without bullying, without
abuse, violation
violence or murderous terror
without the trauma of affliction
without humiliation
and without a loss of love.

A day so natural that
the sun rises in the east
over the Cascades
and sets in the west
beyond the Olympics;
the moon appears
in the company of stars or
smiles demurely
between rain-laden clouds.

A day of freedom from want
when abundance is shared and
we and those around us
are not addicted or wasted, hopeless
or enraged against any living being.
A day of freedom of conscience
when respect and human decency
shape our social contract.

A good day, yes,
followed by a good night
peaceful and safe to rest with-
out nightmares psychological
in the convoluted and infected
knots of memory
or politically
in the convulsive and
deadlocked polarities of distrust.

A day when together
none of us
is being consumed by shadows
no one of us
devoured by ignorance.
But a good day for the having
when we talk openly, face
to face with people who are
welcome and esteemed: in the
ordinary of mutual recognition
in the democracy of existence
and the common good of a
shared and common day.
A holiday!

Ripe for the prosperity of appreciation
for joyous repentance
overcoming history and
the wrong culture of denial
in solidarity, in plain simplicity
simply a good day for being here.

As we say:
A good day to be alive”. by David Sparenberg

It is up to us to take the steps and welcome in a ‘New World’ a “new way of showing up in this world’ is our path to ‘sovereignty’ and ‘freedom’!

Out with the old way of thinking and perceiving and in with the new!!


Image may contain: text

Let it be known that ie Sophia born in the town of Burns Lake as Lorna Lynne through the womb of my Earthly Mother Donna Elizabeth of the House of Ross on July 29, 1959 and Fathered by Carl Dorel of the House of Borgeson Declare Myself and My Greater Body The Earth Free.
There is No Authority on Earth who can Rightfully Govern My Life Except My Own. There will be no acceptance by me of any presumption or assumptions of my status, standing, and/or jurisdiction. As above all ie hereby retain my “Right of Self Determination” and the “Right of Every Other Being” in the name of the Holy Spirit!
By The Power Vested In Me By The Power of The Holy Spirit: :
Do So Decree
Everyone has a Fundamental Rite (Right) to reject the “Artificial Cast System”, this System has diminished the Human Experience.
By Divine Right each of us shall be given the opportunity to Restore To Christ Consciousness also known as Unified Mind giving everyone the ability to evolve as a Divine Human.
All Corrupt Babylonian Dragon Roman Courts operating in Black Magic Word Spells are hereby null and void.
Each of us has a fundamental rite (right) not to engage in Black Magic.
Everyone involved in with the Crown practicing Black Magic are hereby put into a Spiritual Court of Equity.
Let it be known that ie do not consent to anything that has been Created In Deception and hereby reject all that is not founded in the Nature of Things including anything that is Artificial as in Artificial Concepts.
Let it be known that all that has been stolen, squandered, and given away is restored.
ie hereby restore my Biological Property and that of my Mothers and Fathers through his mother Gurine of the House of Hermenson.
Let it be known by the Power Vested In Me by the Holy Spirit ie restore ALL biological property of ALL Grandmothers before me to the very beginning of time that has been claimed illegitimately through Word Magic. In so doing ie call back the Earth Mother in alignment with the Spirit of Life restoring Natural Law the Law of One=The Law of Love!!!!
To the Dark Occultists know that we have no Contracted Agreement. And that there is No Tacit Agreement of me and/or any Tacit Agreement of anyone Born to the Land Known as Earth to being a Citizen, Person, Resident, and/or Subject.
ie and every spiritually, emotionally, and mentally mature being have/has a rite (right) to express in Natural Law.
Natural Law: Each of us can move around the surface of the earth so long as we cause no harm, loss, and/or injury to another Living Spirit, and that we conduct no fraud in our transactions.
When all Living Beings live simply in Accordance to Natural Law we will be experiencing Paradise on Earth.
By the Power Vested In Me by the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of The Waterfall ie Decree and Make Purified and Sanctified Our Holy and Sacred Mother Earth.
By the Power of 3x3x3x
ie make this so
ie make this so
ie make this so
and so it is, it is done, So Be IT!!!.


“May life be filled with the joy, glory, and passion of you being uniquely you as your multidimensional expression of the all that is, ever was, and ever will be”.  In other words, “wishing you a life of joy, wonder, and amazement that comes when in alignment with your true self”.

Sending you My Light and My Love while simultaneously holding you in My Light and in My Love.

Queen Sophia Divine Mother
born Redeemer Lorna Lynne of the family Borgeson
also, known as “The One That Flows With The River”.

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