When Will We See An End To The Insanity?

The inspiration for the following blog came to me when Ie read Walid a. Malek`s post on the Facebook page Prepare For Change Facebook page:

A recent United Nation Human Rights Council report has exposed the United States, United Kingdom, and France’s role in the destruction of Yemen, prompting conversations about the accountability of those responsible for the carnage. Renowned activist, press freedom advocate, and Nobel Laureate Tawakul Karman once told the Yemen Times that “a day will come when all human rights violators pay for what they did to Yemen.” This statement was made years before the US, UK, and France enabled a Saudi-led coalition to ravage Yemen’s entire civilian population through a host of criminal actions.

Is it possible to restore the innocence lost as a result of the horrors of war?

We must look at our contribution to the situation facing the so called ‘citizens’ of the world! It is our ignorance, apathy, and inability to be honest with our-self that keeps the war machine running!

Are you one of them?

Are you one of the people that have sold your humanity for a paycheck?

Do you know your tax-dollars are funding the war-machine?

Thank you Jerry Wizman for all that you are doing to bringing awareness to what is happening behind the scenes!! It is imperative that we see the driving force for the insanity happening around the world.

Freemasons Royal Ritual. Who is their Grand Master?

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Do you agree that we have been under mind manipulation for far too long? it really is time to wake up out of our slumber. Now would be a good time to begin to take corrective action!!

We are already under a New World Order and a One World Religion, it is called “Global Corporate Control”. We have been cast out to sea in an ocean of lies. It is up to us to cast out the life preservers to save our-self and each other.

We are all slaves to the way of life that we have been slowly conditioned to accept.  The corruption of our natural ‘state’ has been happening for eons.  It is difficult to accept that this has been ‘permitted’ to happen. The television has been an incredibly effective tool to slowly get us used to certain conditions. It is unfortunate that there have been so many in the media that have been willing to lie to the public for their paycheck.

Putting a monetary value on the earths resources and on our time has corrupted our morality and our sensibility. Sustaining our way of life has devalued life itself.

Everyone is under mind control as everyone is ‘programmed’ to the ‘state’, to ‘things’, and ruled by the Draconian Unholy Roman Courts!

The following video published by David Icke on July 23, 2011 exposes the illegitimacy of the so called Royal Family.

It is disturbing that there are so many people that know this has been happening right under our noses and nothing has been done to institutionalize these people and treat them for their insanity. Where did this oligarchy system get its start in the first place?

“So, the manipulation of the financial markets is just another example from the last century, hum, is very much going on till this day And It’s manipulating your life. what your money will buy, and indeed if you have any money at all.

And Ie will just finish at this location in this area by focusing yet again on the Mansion House. Arizona Wilder, hum the subject of this video, hum conducted Satanic Ritual at the highest. And we will come to that in detail. You will see that in the interview. But it’s very much part of these bloodlines that have increasingly controlled the planet over the past few 100- years. When you follow them through from the ancient near Middle East up into Europe where they became the European Aristocracy and the Royal Families of Europe. Or Royal Family if the truth be told because they are just the same bloodlines under different names.

Um, over to America and into the modern world one thing follows again and again human sacrifice, Satanic Ritual, blood drinking and all this stuff. And ie have talked to a number of people who have seen these rituals in the City of London who have been subjected to some of them. And the Mansion House at the center of government at the City of London is one of the key places where it goes on ah around here. When ah work is finished for the day, And Satanic Ritual is very much part of the next topic ie want to raise and talk about at a another location. And that is mind control.

A few can only control billions and the direction of their lives if they manipulate the way we think, and manipulate the way we feel. Only by doing that can they control us because there’s not enough to do it physically. And so mind control is the foundation of how it is done. And we will talk about that at the center of global mind control.and the center of the network that generates it. And that is the Tavistock Institute not far from here yet again right here in London.

Well, we are just a short drive from the City of London next to this very appropriate poster, “very bad things” and ie/I am on my way to the Tavistock Institute. Um, it is the center of Global Mind Control, the network that does the research and creates the data and advances the techniques to mind control people in many ways.

When you think about mind control you might think of the Manchurian Candidate with some robot with a gun kill, kill, kill. But mind control is much bigger then that. If you take the definition of mind control “to be manipulating the way people think and therefore behave then the question is not “how many people are mind controlled in the world it is how many people are not?” David Icke


David.Icke-Revelations.Of.A.Mother.Goddess.(The Truth About The Royals)

It is being revealed that the people put in positions of authority are hand selected for their corruptibility and their ability to be hypnotized.  It does not matter how awake you think you are you most like still do not have control of your senses and faculties. Truth be told nearly everyone incarnating to earth is under trauma based mind control.  We all hold some remanence of trauma in our energy when we incarnate unless we have Ascended the light body (spirit) which makes up the ego/personality/spirit.  Ascension is desirable as this is how we can completely transcended and transmuted our story, it is in this experience that we can choose to integrated all fractured aspects of self. We have all ‘bought’ into the reality we are born into.

Why are there so many people under social and religious indoctrination? It is disconcerting that there has been a concerted effort to interfere with mans spiritual evolution by some ‘very bad’ men in robes calling themselves Priests. What is preventing people from recognizing that they are inflicted with the psychology of belief?. The word “belief” has the word “lie” in it for a reason.

Below is a video that is quite disturbing. What is the CIA and just how far does the CIAs mind-control of the people go? Who or what is the ‘Puppet Master’?

A great magician/master illusionist can hide their trick. Once we are on to them and their tricks we can reveal the trick. Once the trick is revealed the trick looses its magic.

The individuals that are promoting the degradation of the human experience have created the Unholy Roman Draconian Courts created by the Druids to promote their madness.

The courts are councils of black magic, they are private for profit enterprises created by thieves, murders, and rapists whom care nothing about protecting life. It is unfortunate that people will not come together and end their registration as a member of this profoundly sick ‘society’. Unwittingly, we were registered into their ‘society” at birth. This registration comes with many hidden traps.

Our birth and the giving of our name is surrounded in black magic word spell. By some unseen magic they have decided to capitalize on our energy by capitalizing the letters of our name creating the LEGAL NAME fraud. It is all very insidious and quite ridiculous once you know. Then once you know you realize why so many crimes are being “permitted” against life.

Apparently, some spiritually corrupt guy in a robe claiming to be a priest in year yonder decided to create the Papal Bull. They created the idea of an estate, with a benefactor, and a beneficiary and the trust. And every one accepted this corrupt system Yet, not everyone is informed about this “hidden knowledge” of how we are “sold as stock” on the “Stock Exchange”.

How many people know about the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666?

Robert Charles Lee, Printbroker, financial printer, ex-lawyer published the following:

This answer will open the eyes of some people. If you skip it, you’ll never know exactly how you relate to yourself and to the ‘system.’ Consider this a ‘redpill’ answer in a small way.

Get some coffee … and Aspirin. Or arsenic.

First of all, Cestui Que Vie is pronounced “setticky-vee” or “settikay-vee” in true English manner.

The condensed answer

The short (and happy-sounding) explanation is in two parts:—

  1. If you haven’t noticed that you’re alive every 7 years, the government takes control of your estate as if you’re dead.
  2. You always need representation when involved in legal matters because you’re ‘dead’ in legal doctrine.

So the Act could be made into a movie called “The Legalistically Dead Island.”

The Enactment

The Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 (18 & 19 Car 2 c.11) (“CQV Act”) was enacted in Britain during the reign of King Charles II in the aftermath of the Black Plague (1665) and the Great Fires of London (1666). The Act is still in force in the UK and was most recently amended in 2010.

The original enactment was written in Latin and French and came in a preamble and four parts (I–IV). Parts I and IV of the Act are still law in the UK. Parts II and III were repealed by Statute Law Revision Act 1888 (c.3) and section 3 of the Statute Law Revision Act 1948 (c.62).

The CQV Act is a prime example of legal obfuscation and legal deception. But the obfuscation and deception are necessary for the normal functioning of the legal rights of the people. It is also a prime example of supreme legal thinking from the English that many, many other countries have not been able to catch up with.

If interested to read the entire article please follow this link:


Why is it we seem to ignore the violent history of Catholicism?


Centuries later we have the Registry of Live Birth with its subsequent issuing of the Birth Certificate issued on bonded paper.

It is heart breaking to think that so many people are ‘cashing in’ in this way.

“If one wants to “share” in the creation of your all caps name, one must declare that they are Non-Belligerent, Non-Combative and want to “work” with the Federal Corporation by way of their State citizenship. You are removing the Federal United States Citizen, but must claim the “state” citizen in order to Accept For Value your “state” issued Certificate of Live Birth. You are a “priority share holder” of the United States Corp., and you simply want to leave the corporation and claim your stock options/ESOP and continue to invest with the Corporation“. Robert Sanchez

The following video is very informative:

Why are we being dictated to by the Laws created by man and not living by Natural Law? it is clear being forced to accept the laws created by the Unholy Priests have corrupted the human experience.

Jordan Maxwell – Raw & Uncut [2014 Intellihub News Exclusive]

When stepping into a court room what you really need to know is that their are a great many assumptions, presumptions, and hearsay going on.

For those that can see through the symbolism and ridiculous display, for those with fully functioning 3rd eyes with eyes to see and ears to hear it is just a room created to look like a ship or a church depending on who you ask. It is unfortunate that the unsuspecting ‘citizen’ is not privy to the word spells surrounding their registration and imprinted into this institution and the situation they find themselves. When Ie took my first step into the court room Ie realized there was more going on then what first meets the eyes.

The majority of earths inhabitants are held in the dark about the magic behind the Unholy Draconian Druidic Court System. “Why”? might you ask. For control of the hearts and minds of man of course. The dumb schmucks that have bitten the poison apple have sold themselves and the rest of us out.

Those indoctrinated into the religion known as the Temple Bar are registered members of the BAR Association. They are made to believe that it is some ‘holy temple’ which has the ability to transform our being into a dead fiction when in fact it is simply a building built on what is designated as ‘private land’. It is constructed out of bricks, wood, and other materials that hold no special powers.

Apparently, we are supposed to filed papers claiming we are alive. Ie kid you not.

The Lawyers, Judges, Court Clerks, and Bailiffs are dumber then, and as useful, as a sack of hammers without a bag of nails. Who in their right mind would buy into this tasteless and profoundly sick display?

Why is it no one has bothered to realize these courts do not support a “civilized society” and in fact have resulted in a profoundly sick bunch of programmed misfits lacking in spiritual awareness?

The men and women motivated by greed, fear, or the illusion of power that have accepted being a slave to their master are a disgrace to the human race. In giving over their sovereignty and supremacy to the Grand Master Manipulator they have robbed all of us out of a life well lived.

By perpetuating violence they are interfering with our Birth Right as benefactors, beneficiaries, and heirs of creation. They are willfully interfering with our Divine Right to express in the totality of who and what we are. Why would we set up an institution that promotes punishment for being traumatized?  The people that commit crimes are victims of the violent society we have co-created. They are emotionally and spiritually incapable of making the right decision as their brain is hardwired deliberately as a result of not being nurtured in a loving environment. It is a perpetual loop of discontent perpetuated by the`social structures` put into place. Who in their right mind would put a system into place to deliberately cause fracturing of the spirit and corrupt the emotional body? Once we know why would we not take the steps to correct the environment to ensure all children are nurtured and given the opportunity to express their infinite potential?

Image may contain: text

Why do we not have a court system that is restorative in nature?

The UCC Universal Commercial Code implies that it is universal.

Please show me the contract that has me agreeing to the UCC. To be Universal would mean it requires a signature signed in full disclosure by everyone not just the leaders. A valid contract requires two signatures and must be signed in full disclosure. Not knowing is not consent.

Truth is simple, most people will recognize truth when it is pointed out as people are intelligent beings.There are three important things that witches use: fear, names, and identity.

It is the nature of evil to create artificial complex ideas, it does this to hide or obfuscate the freedom it destroys.

We have two worlds running side-by-side, these two worlds are revolving simultaneously.

We have the “fictional” or “artificial” world
We have the “actualized’ world.
We have the “fictional” or “artificial” world based in fraud, corporate fiction and corruption based in illegitimate claims and fraudulent contracting.

We have our “natural” world based in facts, quantum physics, thought creation, consciousness, Atmospheric Awareness, and the principle of oneness with knowledge of our multidimensional expression.

There are some thoughts that should never have been concocted.

Why is it no one has bothered to realize these courts do not support a “civilized society” and in fact have resulted in a profoundly sick bunch of misfits lacking in spiritual awareness? These courts are designed to corrupt our spiritual nature. So, why would we continue to support them?

The earth and the innocent people incarnating here deserve better!! We all deserve better!!!!

Why would any self respecting human being accept someone having ownership over them?

It really is time to wake up to the reality of things. Why would we allow ourselves to be made into a commercial instrument? Why would humans exploit other humans for profit? Where did this mindset come from?

The so called, “privileged” class create legislation and create what they call laws to take advantage of situations for their own personal gain with little to no regard for the life of others or for the health and well-being of the ecosystems of our natural world.

Lawyers are immune from criminal prosecution; this was revealed when the CBS 60 Minutes hidden camera recorded lawyer Marc Koplik bragging, “They don’t send the lawyers to jail because we run the country. We’re members of a privileged class in this country. We make the laws, and when we do so, we make them in a way that is advantageous to the lawyers,”

How is it the “privileged class” can get away with concocting laws to get away with their crimes?

Perhaps, it is time to weed out the “bad” apples in this “privileged class” or maybe it would be a better idea to completely do away with this “privileged class” and put them in jail for being infected with stupid!!!  Actually, perhaps it is time to retire the “privileged class” altogether.

Why is it people seem to ignore where the Laws of Man originated?  Now would be a good time to dig for the source and pull out the weeds that are chocking humanity.

Jerry Wizman published the following information October 5th on Facebook.

Vatican Dragon Babylonian Brotherhood

The serpent (Hebrew: נחש‎, nakhásh) occurs in both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. The symbol of a serpent or snake played important roles in religious and cultural life of ancient Egypt, Canaan, Mesopotamia and Greece. The serpent was a symbol of evil power and chaos from the underworld as well as a symbol of fertility, life and healing. Nachash, Hebrew for “snake”, is also associated with the divination, including the verb-form meaning to practice divination or fortune-telling. In the Hebrew Bible, Nachash occurs in the Torah to identify the serpent in Eden. Throughout the Hebrew Bible, it is also used in conjunction with saraph to describe vicious serpents in the wilderness. Tanniyn, a form of dragon-monster, also occurs throughout the Hebrew Bible. In the Book of Exodus, the staffs of Moses and Aaron are turned into serpents, a nachash for Moses, a tanniyn for Aaron. In the New Testament, the Book of Revelation makes use of ancient serpent and the Dragon several times to identify Satan or the Devil. They are everywhere hidden in plain sight…

Vatican Dragon Babylonian Brotherhood

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, meme and text

Why would we allow our living library, our natural world,  to be destroyed by the clinically insane with their transhumanism agenda? The inhabitants of earth deserve better!!!

Who is protecting these maniac?

Once we wake up to the truth we can never go back to sleep! Once Ie realized that we have been designated as a resource ie decided to stop feeding the dragon by refusing to accept the idea that Ie needed to be employed in order to live life.

We really must take back our power to think. We are here to exchange energy. To exchange value for value. Tell me who decides what a man is worth. Why are those working in the service industry paid only minimum wage and their trips are still taxed yet they will pay a football player 2, 3, or 4 million dollars a year. Politicians knowing the system can hide their money in off shore accounts as seen with the releasing of the Panama Papers. Read about it by following this link:


Ie refuse to accept what has been orchestrated to control every aspect of our life experience. Their claim of ownership of the soul is unfounded. Sure, they can hire thugs to manhandle my body as ie have yet to remember how to materialize and de-materialize. Yet, now that ie have taken control of my senses and faculties Ie will never again be manipulated by fear.

There are some that are claiming “The Vatican owns our soul”. If their claim to “my” energy was true, then Ie would never have had an out of body experience at 9 years old, during this experience Ie became aware that Ie was not just this body/mind. During the out of body experience ie became the consciousness of that which ie was observing. Which showed me that Ie was also the awareness field that flows through all life. In this experience Ie witnessed myself as the thinker and the observer, it is a fact we are the thought itself. It was a very profound and mind-expanding experience. This experience gifted me with many insights.

A year later at the age of 10 Ie witnessed the Ascension of my light body and realized my multidimensional expression and realized how all energy, everything seen and unseen, is based in frequency and harmonics, lower dimensional energy created during the corruption of the emotional body cannot exist at the frequency of zero point. While in alignment with the infinite awareness field there is a flash of insight and the mind is given all information to the moment opening to expansion. When operating from the conditioned mind the conditioned mind is limited to what it has learned and is operating from belief.

Those registered as paid thugs are just a bunch of bullies, they are pirates. They have fallen pray to trauma-based mind control by their “master” whom is inflicted with a superiority complex and gets off on manipulating the hearts and minds of others. They are no longer captain and commander of their own energy.

There have been far too many that have accepted their roll as paid thugs that have fallen pray to fear and/or the illusion of power. In fact, they have given over their sovereignty and their supremacy to the “Grand Master Manipulator”.

The ability to be hypnotized and the ability for the personality to be split is a flaw in the human design. It has been our downfall. Yet, once we know our restorative nature by following the laws of creation then we can never again fall into the mental trap and false light matrix. Awareness is one of our greatest spiritual gifts, once we are aware of something, we cannot become unaware of it.

Once we know that our thoughts have been manipulated for eons why would we continue to accept the programming? Why have more people not sought spiritual liberation through self exploration to make way for self realization? Why would we continue to support the madness allowing the war machine to run forward once we know who we are?

The war machine is multifaceted. There is a physical war going on “permitting” millions of innocent “civilians” to be killed. People think it is a war for resources when in fact it is a war on mans intelligence. It is a war on the evolution of consciousness thus a war on the evolution of our DNA!

Why would we not expand our mind and think differently to create something different for ourselves? They have been living off of the fruits of our labors for far too long. We are the ones making a contribution to life. We the so called `working class` build the infrastructural to build our communities, we work in their factories, till the land and grow and harvest the food. Whereas, Politicians, Bankers, Tax Collectors, Judges, Lawyers, Court Clerks, bailiffs are all parasitic in their nature.  It maybe a tough pill to swallow the truth is the truth is the truth. They are the ones driving the war machine sucking the life out of life itself living off of the ‘laborer’. Tell me how they are contributing to the community when their position is based in fraud, embezzlement, and entrapment.

Putting a monetary value on the earths resources and on my time is fraud. Neither the earth or Ie are a resource. Only for the spiritually corrupt is anything a resource.

It is my ecclesiastical right to reject that which has been created to bind the spirit and corrupt my experience of life. Those that claim ownership are spiritually and emotionally bankrupt.

All contracts are null and void as they did not come with full disclosure. We should be coming together on mass and creating our own documents. They all should be institutionalized for their insanity and all that has been stolen returned to those who earned it through hard labor.

Do you know who you are as source energy and the creator?

We can co-create a much more cohesive experience when we speak the truth, end the violence that has been programmed into our way of life, to allow for the evolution of consciousness.  We have been lied to about the ‘true nature’ of man.  We are not hardwired for violence. This is revealed when so many ‘soldiers’ come back from war suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

We have stagnated our potential by buying into polarized thinking. It is the same reason why the political system was created the way it is. it is a perfect platform to divide and concur the masses. Once you realize that it does not matter what party is elected we are all still under “global corporate control” and registered as “the working class”.

Even though we have been cast out to sea in an ocean of lies there is nothing stopping us from sending ourselves life preservers by having the intestinal fortitude to acknowledging the lie we have been living. Once we know the deception it is up to us to come together on mass and correct our status and standing.

It is unclear why once we have an awakening experience we think that we have “figured” everything out. This is why not all activated 3rd eyes are created equal.

To have a fully functioning “3rd eye” you must have an awakened heart. An awakened heart brings clarity to the senses and understanding to the senseless. After my awakening in 2000 which came in the form of a life review. ie/I realized that the eyes and ears are useless without at open mind and loving heart. Then in 2011 when ie/I dropped my attachment to my conditioned mind and my mind expanded into the Unified Field eye realized we have done ourselves a great disservice while inhibiting our souls infinite potential for expression by holding onto our point of view.

If all that you have ever done was to see reality through the eyes of duality and think this is the only way then you are doing yourself a great disservice. If you have lived your entire life in the Amazon Rain-forest and someone spoke of a land of ice and snow and you said, “ie/I don’t believe it” and you never travel to this land for what ever reason then what adventures are you missing out on? Why would we choose to lose out on the direct experience of “snow” and what this experience offers? If we think that dualistic thinking and perceiving is the only way we are limiting our infinite potential.

Why are we not looking at the world in alignment with source? In this alignment everything is brighter, and we are able to see so much more with these eyes while expressing in our physical body.

Why would we not want to have this alignment? If we accept their ways, we compromise our integrity. Why did we not take the steps toward designing an infrastructure that we could all engage with that was honourable?

But people “believe” there is no other way and so they don’t look for another way? It’s like saying you’re too old to take up dancing – you just don’t go there if you think there is no other way. What would it take to inspire people to their birth right so that they are willing to seek full alignment so that they will have the direct experience of their “Christ State”?

“With the last upgrades received, now you can choose when to make the Light Body vibrating faster in the physical, the extreme sensation of pleasure that gives this vibration is directly related to the level of integration reached.

The More you feel the Ecstasy, the more the Integration has been achieved.

You are acting as a conduit for the Source to distribute the new codes through your biological system and the pleasure/ecstasy is the consequence and the reward at the same time of your hard job.

Please be aware of the energetic dynamic occurring within your personal daily life, observing with detachment all the events and situations of old timelines collapsing and all new patterns of empowerment arising along the new ones.

The split of frequencies that create the split of timelines is being pushed forward by the Adamantine Oarticles of Divine Light, which has been programmed for a specific divine blueprint.

When you access that living light, you must activate it with your loving intention, and program it with the desires of your Soul, which are always in harmony with your Sacred Blueprint”. Marcho Lopor

For the record Ie would like it to be known that my ecclesiastical right for self determination is being infringed upon as a result of the ignorance and the emotional and spiritual immaturity of others that have forgotten who and what they are and are not fulfilling their reason for being.

Below are more videos revealing just how far the people behind the Vatican have gone to control our experience of life.

Still don’t believe man can help manipulate and control the weather? Earthquake? Mind Control? Weather weapon? Floods? Droughts? Andre Byrd

Alex Jones & Joe Rogan Cell Phone Cell Tower 5G Mind Control Hybrids Blowing open The Dome
The Mind Control Facility
How far does the CIAs mind-control of the people goes
Mind control by cell phone
How far does the CIAs mind-control of the people goes

Please read the information Ie have published on these blog post:





“May life be filled with the joy, glory, and passion of you being uniquely you as your multidimensional expression of the all that is, ever was, and ever will be”.  In other words, “wishing you a life of joy, wonder, and amazement that comes when in alignment with your true self”.

Sending you light and love while simultaneously holding you in my light and in my love.


born Lorna Lynne of the family Borgeson

and named in a Sacred Water Ceremony with Chief White Buffalo as “The One That Flows With The River”

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