Robert Sanchez Whatever the “state” or “federal government\corporation” creates, they control. The only difference here is that they created something based on your “energy”. You can’t “control” it, you can only claim your fair interest in it and work with “it”, your transmitting utility known as your all caps name\strawman\cestui qui vie trust.

Sophia Lorna Lynne Robert Sanchez

A spiritually evolved being does not need a “religion” or someone from the “state” to teach them what is morally and ethically correct. You have sold yourself out. A fully functional 3rd eye requires an open mind and awakened and loving heart. It is the unfettered heart that give clarity to the senses and understanding to the senseless. The all caps name is an idea that came from the unholy priests. If they had created the all caps name as a result of my energy then they would have seen the purity of my heart wt birth. The all caps name appeared on my birth certificate. Ie would not have ascended at 10 years old if my energy was combative. No ie cannot control the corrupt behavior of others. ie can control my own energy and stand firm in my knowing. My energy is not for sale.
Robert Sanchez God “awaken” America! We should not be UNITED STATES CITIZENS. We were born state Citizens in one of the states in America. There is no such thing as the USA or UNITED STATES CORPORATION, or STATE OF [*]… These are all “fictions” of Man constructed to usurp Us, the human construct of God. Don’t let them! Take yourself back and conduct yourself accordingly by loving they neighbor, thy brethren, thy self and only worship on God, not BA’AL, which is re-presented as the Roman Empire today from the Vatican, London and Washington D.C..
Sophia Lorna Lynne Robert Sanchez Please show me the contract that has me agreeing to the UCC. To be Universal would mean it requires a signature signed in full disclosure by everyone not just the leaders. A valid contract requires two signatures and must be signed in full disclosure. Not knowing is not consent.
Robert Sanchez Sophia Lorna Lynne If one wants to “share” in the creation of your ALL CAPS NAME, one must declare that they are NON-Belligerent, NON-Combative and want to “work” with the FEDERAL CORPORATION by way of their State citizenship. You are removing the FEDERAL US CITIZEN, but must claim the “state” citizen in order to Accept For Value your “state” issued Certificate of Live Birth. You are a “priority share holder” of the UNITED STATES CORP., and you simply want to leave the corporation and claim your stock options/ESOP and continue to invest WITH the CORPORATION.